Remembering Regis Philbin

Talk show host Regis Philbin, who held the Guinness World Record for most hours on TV, died Friday, July 24 at the age of 88. "Sunday Morning" takes a look back at a perennially winning television personality.

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81 comentarios:

uknow who
uknow who:
It's just so strange that he and Kelly barely talked to each other behind the scenes yet you couldn't tell it when the camera started rolling.
Jenny G
Jenny G:
RIP Regis. He was a legend and will be missed greatly.
Patricia Morgan
Patricia Morgan:
Thank you, Regis, for so much enjoyment over so many years. May you rest in peace, and keep them laughing in heaven.
carolyn thompson
carolyn thompson:
For years I loved watching Regis and Kathie Lee with a cup of coffee. Regis was a generous and kind person and truly enjoyable to watch. I'm sure he received a huge welcome in heaven from his friends like Don Rickles and other greats who have gone before us. Rest in peace, Regis. 🕊️🕊️🕊️
Annette Koch
Annette Koch:
Regis, you were professional but oh so funny. You will be missed.
Kiia bath & body
Kiia bath & body:
I always loved his sense of humor.
i blocked ads watching this video.
i blocked ads watching this video.:
One of the VERY few celebrities I actually knew and sad to hear about his passing.
Armando Lemus
Armando Lemus:
Jesus needed a angel REST EASY
Yeah I will miss you we all will miss you
Chris Finch
Chris Finch:
I loved Regis Philbin as if he was my uncle, when it came to Daytime TV with Kathie Lee and Kelly, as well as wife Joy, and also hosting “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” during primetime. It came as such a shock to me. Nothing will ever be the same without the man himself. Thanks for all the laughs, the love, the hours, and the moments we shared together. Farewell and rest easy, Reegemaster.
Jolyette Frye
Jolyette Frye:
He had so much personality. 😀 It seems like he was around 4 ever. I hope his final transition was peaceful.👤☁
Susan Behring
Susan Behring:
RIP! One of a kind.
Linda Madden
Linda Madden:
He was so funny. A cutie. RIP🙏🏻
“Well how do you follow that?” Indeed, Regis, indeed. You lived the greatest of great lives. Hope you’re continuing that great life in a higher place. 🙏💗
Dang, I hope I look that good when I'm 88.
Everett Glover
Everett Glover:
He will be missed... forever.
Nancy Kahn
Nancy Kahn:
He will be missed...
Tina Rice
Tina Rice:
I always loved watching Regis on the morning show. He kept me laughing. Rest In Peace, Reege!!! He's now making them laugh up in Heaven!
justin juerakhan
justin juerakhan:
From New York everybody good night and goodbye
Rest In Peace, Mr. Philbin. Keep Smiling up there in Heaven.
David Hopper
David Hopper:
I love that man. Funniest guy ever. RIP REGIS
Ronnie Alvarez
Ronnie Alvarez:
I remember the ending sound of how wants to be a millionaire
That’s What I said
That’s What I said:
Loved him.
BobbyD Productions
BobbyD Productions:
Rest In Peace, Regis Philbin! I am enjoyed watching you on TV! Btw, I liked you better than Kelly, lol!
Grigor B. 2
Grigor B. 2:
R.I.P Regis Philbin You Will Always Be My Favorite Game Show Host.
Lucas Han
Lucas Han:
I remember him being the host of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” game show I watched when I was little after watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. He’s a great man, and I’m really going to miss him
Larry Southern
Larry Southern:
RIP...Deepest Condolences to the family....Regis you made us laugh...Godspeed!!!
Minda Kahn
Minda Kahn:
You forget that he was an entertainer too. Love to Joy and his daughters.
A nice guy, may his memory be a blessing.
Hidden Sharingan
Hidden Sharingan:
Love and prayers to his family. He and Kathie we're my coffee morning routine. I loved how they're crazy bantering always involved their families. I somehow felt a part of that as my little family was just starting.
Affordable Escapes Travel
Affordable Escapes Travel:
The One! The Only! St Regis! I was in my 20s when i saw the 1st show. From there it just sky rocketed! I NEVER missed a show- no matter where i waz! EVER! These 2 had an UNdeniable CHEMISTRY that will never be duplicated. They made Morning TV history! It was never the same when KL left! AND certainly not when Reeg Left. I QUIT! Much 💔 to Joy. Rest Easy Reeg i will MISS YOU
Tommy Hewitt
Tommy Hewitt:
That’s a tribute you get to a man who has the most hours on television no mention of his family . the show is an hour and half and u spare a whole minute and 49 seconds that’s disgraceful
Michael Magpatoc
Michael Magpatoc:
Brett Manning
Brett Manning:
Love you Regis, you sir are a legend and will be missed by many
It's the end of an era.
Rest in peace, dear Regis.
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer:
They'll never be another like him.
Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker:
I loved watching Regis & Kathie Lee the most.
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones:
Class act! I ALWAYS enjoyed watching this guy!!
A lot of mornings spent drinking coffee with Regis and having a laugh. 4 of those years was with my dad before he passed. Thanks for the memories.
I recall in an episode of Regis & Kathie Lee where he spoke of his experience guest-starring on a prime-time TV drama, playing a character not far removed from himself. The biggest challenge he had during the filming of that TV show was following a script; as he was so accustomed to his extemporaneous style while performing in-front of the camera . . . he admitted it made for a real struggle when he had to memorize his lines for that TV show.
Brenda Visconti
Brenda Visconti:
Rest in peace Sir Regis..we shall miss you..truly..😘
Jill Ferns
Jill Ferns:
I loved his show he will be missed
Chris Finch
Chris Finch:
I loved Regis Philbin as if he was my uncle, when it came to Daytime TV with Kathie Lee and Kelly, as well as wife Joy, and also hosting “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” during primetime. It came as such a shock to me. Nothing will ever be the same without the man himself. Thanks for all the laughs, the love, the hours, and the moments we shared together. Farewell and rest easy, Reegemaster.
T H:
You will be greatly missed. One of America's most beloved talk show hosts. RIP 🙏
Jamahri Pope
Jamahri Pope:
Couldn't get no more of the adrenochrome I bet 🤷‍♂️
Funniest skit I saw was when Regis fell down into a NY street open sewer manhole.. A huge NY rat stood in equal height to him down there. Both knew immediately what to do as New Yorkers. They bear grabbed each other in a fight. I am from Florida. Gives me pause to visit yall up there. LOL
Regis was a national treasure
bill tribble
bill tribble:
Rip condolences to family. Never was a
favorite . he seemed
too girly acting& silly.
Dee TN gator
Dee TN gator:
My he Rest Easy
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas:
He will be missed.
I always loved Regis....he always seemed so upbeat and full of energy and aways the greatest sense of humor....also one of the greatest heads of hair and so handsome and debonair!!🤩
Joe Kirk
Joe Kirk:
Lengend will be missed
Orion 911
Orion 911:
Regis died I did not know that! We are all going that way!
ivette k
ivette k:
Rip Regis Philbin
Justice Jakober
Justice Jakober:
Regis Philbin 1931-2020
Sandra Tessem
Sandra Tessem:
RIP Regis. One of kind
Charles allen jr
Charles allen jr:
Regis was a true TV LEGEND. I grew up watching him in the mornings. It feels like losing a family member. Regis is like that grumpy uncle that every family has. (I mean that in the nicest way possible) R.I.P. to a legend. You will be missed
I miss Philbin on Disney shows.
Simple Stefanny
Simple Stefanny:
Paul LaRue
Paul LaRue:
Regis Philbin was a good host.
Roy Martin
Roy Martin:
R.I.P. Regis
Carrie Leslie
Carrie Leslie:
Poker Face
Poker Face:
Reege! A sign of true genius is someone who could make Kathie Lee Gifford palatable. He was the best at what he did and will truly be missed. R.I.P.
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews:
Its sad news Regis passed away
Debra Jenkins
Debra Jenkins:
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays:
Though not a native, Regis was a true New Yorker.
Ronnie Alvarez
Ronnie Alvarez:
How wants to be a millionaire it's fun to watch now it's fading
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez:
Rip Regis Philbin prayers for the family 👪 🙏 ❤ 💙 😢 💔
J.R. Zbornak
J.R. Zbornak:
They just don't make them like Regis anymore. RIP.
Tim Vaughan
Tim Vaughan:
I have been a Regis fan since his days at KABC-TV on AM Los Angeles and as the evening news entertainment reporter. A star and an everyman. "Fair winds and following seas," from one shipmate to another, Regis.
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
R.I.P 🙏Regis the host of who wants to be a millionaire? Why die so soon?
Am rose
Am rose:
Wonder if he and kelly sort of back on speaking terms before he passed cause she did not stay in contact much with him after he left the show. Well she said some nice words about him.
Terry Wix
Terry Wix:
elroy the great
elroy the great:
I love he supported Trump too.
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(Matthew 28 : 20; Psalm 139 : 1-4)
Frank Winkhorst
Frank Winkhorst:
Remembering Regis Philbin? I have been trying to _forget_ Regis Philbin for years now.
Sheri Stapleton
Sheri Stapleton:
Regis was a good man. But do your rabbit hole work and learn about adrenchrome. It is a drug the Hollywood elite use. It is gotten from torturing young children. The world is ruled by pedophiles and psychopaths. Watch youtube Fall of the Cabal parts 1-10 your tube. Be open.
Brandon Bauer
Brandon Bauer:
Well this sucks
A true hack. Boring over publicised blabbermouth. A joke.
dumb boyiam
dumb boyiam:
This was reported in the wake of the Regis Philbin appearance as a contestant on the July 24, 2020 episode of Celebrity Bucket Kickers.
Maria Lozada
Maria Lozada:
Rest in Peace Regis. Loved your show with Kathy Lee. The current show should be cancelled.
Strengh and comfort to the family.
Suzie Paris
Suzie Paris:
Bet he was tuff to work with