Replay: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges In Murder Of George Floyd | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the jury has reached a verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is charged in the May 25, 2020, death of George Floyd. Warning: This stream may include images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing.

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Jury Reaches Verdict In Derek Chauvin's Trial On George Floyd's Death | NBC News

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100+ comentarios:

WiRoHat -
WiRoHat -:
It doesn’t matter if Floyd “died of drug use”, Chauvin was literally KNEELING with his ENTIRE WEIGHT on his neck for 9 minutes. Please tell me how that would not AT LEAST seriously have injured someone?
Billy W.A.E.
Billy W.A.E.:
I laughed when I read a article yesterday about O.J. Simpson putting in his 2 cents. I said yep, it takes a murderer to know one.
I have a feeling that Chauvin's prison mates won't be very kind to him.
Taking into account his background: back in 2017 holding a teenage boy, age 14, down to the ground for 17 minutes untill blood came out of the ears of the boy and he passed out. Also hitting him several times with a flashlight when the boy didn't react within 3 seconds.....Taking into account his background, 18 other complaints.
Not sure what’s worse: going to prison, or everybody watching me go to prison.
Derek Wildstar
Derek Wildstar:
alexandra störbrauck
alexandra störbrauck:
It was a long, rocky and hurtful way from Emmitt Till to George Floyd, but finally it's heading in the right direction. I hope one day it wont be necessary anymore, that the law has to step in, when it comes to equality or skin colour, bc it's actually the simplest thing on earth. RiP George, my heart goes out to your family, you have someone much greater who takes care of you now.
Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer:
He's gonna have to change his last name to Shove-in.
Susan Diane Howell
Susan Diane Howell:
1st Degree – Premeditated, organized, planned prior with intent, deliberate.

2nd Degree – In the moment, act of passion, unpremeditated, with intent.

3rd Degree – Unintentional, resulting out of an illegal act or base negligence. Includes manslaughter.
Honestly, more than anything, I want to know what was going through his mind as he did the deed.
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan:
56:20 💀💀
برا ءة
برا ءة:
برا ءة
برا ءة:
They cut his reaction at 58:00 he turns his head to look at the jury but then they replay the shot of his head in the previous position. He is not looking in the same direction. The cut returns at 58:57 as you can see the man's hand was down and is then at the laptop. Curious why they did this.
On the side of right Why aren’t you?
On the side of right Why aren’t you?:
Call me a Pollyana, but I always try to see the positive in situations that seem to have a negative. Yes, Chauvin may going to be locked up for a long time-dayum long, but that’s another story. The bright side? He will no longer have to pay union dues🕺🕺🕺
Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams:
Maximum punishment for each count in state of Minnesota

2nd degree murder : 40 years maximum
3rd degree murder : 25 years maximum
2nd degree manslaughter : 10 years maximum with $20,000 fine
anthony esparsen
anthony esparsen:
The police department he worked for just had him resign from the Department after shooting a guy in a bar
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk:
As a wise man once said "Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes
Johanna D. Wilson
Johanna D. Wilson:
Bree, I love you! 🙏🏽🙌🏾
And I wonder if they'll laugh when I'm dead?
Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight?
Why am I trying to see, when there ain't nothing in sight?
Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try?
Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?
Lego Man
Lego Man:
Actually drugs in the body of George Floyd where a main progressor in his death.
Putra Adnyana MTB F
Putra Adnyana MTB F:
Jay R
Jay R:
Does anyone know where the original video showing of the entire nine minutes which is uncut as I have looked several times and cannot locate the original video anywhere or any video that is long enough to fully determine the sequence of events. The videos that are shown seem to all be edited! - Information as to where the original could be viewed would be greatly appreciated!
Lesson of the story: Great power comes with great responsibility.

It means that a badge or authority comes with responsibilities too.
King Ramboy Corre
King Ramboy Corre:
Parang NBI ng philippines
On the side of right Why aren’t you?
On the side of right Why aren’t you?: more free donuts for you!!!!
Jen Jen Wisdom
Jen Jen Wisdom:
Well most of the public believe justice will be served. Yet likely he’s about to board a jet and soon change his identity and no emotions; told me plenty.
Your Father
Your Father:
chip. EXE
chip. EXE:
Me watching from australia😀
Gorey Bits
Gorey Bits:
Now that is accountability. Derek deserves to feel the consequences of his actions. Looking forward to the conviction.
VeeZie NhamoRuhwande
VeeZie NhamoRuhwande:
George Floyd
George Floyd:
Smoking dat pack
J po
J po:
I love the look of confusion in his eyes...looks like the court/ system turned on him..LOVE IT...made it my Screensaver.
Richard Adams
Richard Adams:
He tortured that man in front of the World it be hard to find 12 people together that doesn't have any personal feelings about it before the trial weather it's wearing a t shirt are marching every one seen what happened
The 2 times Derek had to stand, he immediately put his hands behind his back before the bailiff even walked over. He knew his butt was going bye bye before he heard the verdict.
Diana Scrimger
Diana Scrimger:
Wonder why he did not call in sick and even worked that day in 2020
Gary Remillard
Gary Remillard:
If that video wasn't brought to the Minneapolis police chiefs attention Derek Chauvin would have been acquitted he would have gotten his job back with back pay dating back to may of last year. Hats off to darnella Frazier for going forward and doing the right thing
anthony esparsen
anthony esparsen:
My older brother was the head of the Corvette club in Albuquerque, NM where he sold and supplied kilos of cocaine while working law enforcement 👌
Clove Coast
Clove Coast:
The judge was definitely hiding a smile
Hydroponics Universe
Hydroponics Universe:
So this is the end no more problems. WAIT A MINUTE! HERE WE GO AGAIN.!!
Tony Beck
Tony Beck:
Considering he knew Floyd and George was placed into a police car, why was he then removed. What was the officers waiting for, and what happened to the others in Floyd’s car ?
Puente Corto
Puente Corto:
no CHANCES For Mr.Chauvin.
The defense lawyers and juror are all scared for revenge.
On the side of right Why aren’t you?
On the side of right Why aren’t you?:
Chauvin.....your union dues at work lol lol
Droppda Opps
Droppda Opps:
Where I’m from so many people got shot and killed because of this cop decisions the world was going crazy for this I seen people get shot infront of me
Chris Lawson
Chris Lawson:
He was nust another # 😂😂 keep seeing them lately
FHL Poetry
FHL Poetry:
Someone said this and it’s so true.. we would all be saying straight away.. yes this is murder ( if he had used his arms and put them around his neck) it’s no different.. when the ambulance turned up he carried on with his knee on his neck.. why didn’t they get him on the floor ect and cuff him and then surely there was no reason to do what he did? Regard it caused his death and was just plain wrong...
Daily Happenings
Daily Happenings:
Seriously if we didnt have those bystanders document everything... they sure would have said George died of an overdose and would have shoved it aside!! MN America need reform!
Omen Nemo
Omen Nemo:
I bet the government is going to make some kind of law on videoing during an arrest.
Linda Gray
Linda Gray:
This 'report" (comment) just shows that the media is just taught to talk to fill air now, although the guy got interesting when he was allowed to just get on with it.
Lenny's home electronics
Lenny's home electronics:
Chauvin should have taken off while he had a chance now he's a gonna be a target of other inmates for rest of his life
Diana Scrimger
Diana Scrimger:
We member when the old days meant mary tyler moore at wjm located in minneapolis! How times have changed!
I can't believe it took almost a year for them to realize you can't accidentally stand on someone's neck for 7 minutes
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser:
Did I hear it'll take 8 weeks for sentencing? Dang that's a while away. I wonder if this will get overturned.... I see a lot of chaos coming if that happens 😅
Rapmagic Deleon
Rapmagic Deleon:
I wrote Derek a song to remind him of what he's done. It's on my channel
Pål Henrik Velde
Pål Henrik Velde:
This guy aint gonna have no fun in jail he better join the aryan brotherhood asap lol
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan:
White scape goat!
56:34 is when the reading of the verdict begins
Matthew Sala
Matthew Sala:
Next is to target inner city schools that have rooms to lock kids up in and wavers for parents to sign which allocates similar tactics as that officer did. #KEC #GR #MI #ICOULDNTBREATHE
1:00:40 mama cry starts playing
itsMageSonic 15
itsMageSonic 15:
Dylan Almendarez
Dylan Almendarez:
Some Relativley Uninteresting Seal To Listen Too
Some Relativley Uninteresting Seal To Listen Too:
I looked up a meme of a political dude talking about his mother, why did this appear?
Mystic Artist
Mystic Artist:
Why do the reporters speak all wound up like most are using coke?? Geez it is exhausting
There won’t be a retrial what’s why defense attorney is “asking” and the answer will most likely be “no”
dandan Regesto
dandan Regesto:
It took 56 years and the smartphone to set accountability for law enforcement actions.If it carries CHANGES is a "man on the moon "moment.If we get cosmetics changes WE ARE ALL IN TROUBLE.
Kid Vegas
Kid Vegas:
I typed: RT news Derek Chauvin and this video comes first, it always is NBC, now am curious why are they doing this ,
I don't want to see NBC, I even blocked the channel and stills comes on for any search and as suggestions
Chauvin pack 🚬
Jalen King
Jalen King:
Don’t drop the soap Derek!
j borrego
j borrego:
I’m going to guess that threes Jerry 19 a reason to appeal
Lil ray
Lil ray:
"And Still I Rise" -Maya Angelou
Interpretation of his reaction “ oh god will I be bunking with big Ray Ray or lil Wayne”...
Tlake Timberlake
Tlake Timberlake:
I really like their names
Kloe Adegoke
Kloe Adegoke:
Thank goodness there have been video evidence. Well done bystanders, for recording this gruesome murder. You have played a significant role in delivering this justice.
3:23:14 for the verdict
Michelle Danelle Sebly
Michelle Danelle Sebly:
Finally, some justice
Justice for Tara Reede
the investigation was unessarry but they don't even try it with real problems
Vanessa Choumii
Vanessa Choumii:
One thing is sure, he won't do a day in prison. He knows the system will work for him. Its just a Mascarade. Today was just to avoid chaos
Jul Starfall
Jul Starfall:
Derek Chauvin : Scapegoat
David M
David M:
The police are like WAIT!!! We did an internal investigation and didn't find any misconduct
Dee Jones
Dee Jones:
How can you compare justice & Death¿
stressed out asmr
stressed out asmr:
I keep replaying his face when he heard the verdict
justice aint blind anymore.
Woody Allen
Woody Allen:
OJ Simpson: When the verdict was being read, my heart literally almost stopped.
I thought I was gonna die. Thank god my doctor, many years back, told me to drink more red wine. My heart is strong now and my doctors tell me I have so many years of living left to do. Wait..... what was I talking about again??
I will hear his words in jail ''I can't brise" son of a
Eat myshorts
Eat myshorts:
Our schools also have to reform inCluding the private ones, They need doversity, be taught love, unity, helping one another, there is jist too much hate and derision.
Alison G
Alison G:
This is the best court video I have EVER seen, it’s incredibly satisfying seeing this guy get locked away
You have to be able to breathe in order to say “I can’t breathe”.
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown:
This guy has ICe thru his veins.😳
Julien Diaz
Julien Diaz:
that Derek chauvin pack hittin
Nicholas Yin-Dolvig
Nicholas Yin-Dolvig:
Rudy Murga
Rudy Murga:
You could see it in his face that he enjoyed having his knee on his victim.
dj Curiosity
dj Curiosity:
We all are Derek chauvin by police Twitter...
The bodycam footage shows his knee was in his shoulder.. not neck. He deserves some of the charges but murder? Based on that new footage I just can’t see this as the justice system working how it should.
Avery's up next
Avery's up next:
The 4.3k dislike people are the ones who has no life and they think he didn’t do anything