REPORT: Liverpool Confirm European Super League Place | What Jurgen Klopp Said About Plans

Liverpool have confirmed they have signed up for the controversial new European Super League.

The Reds are one of six Premier League clubs named among the 12 founding members of the proposed competition along with Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

The other clubs are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Paul Wheelock brings you the full story.

Written and narrated by Paul Wheelock
Produced by Kai Delaney


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79 comentarios:

Bupe Kunda
Bupe Kunda:
Imagine rebuilding our trust in our fans for decades just to demolish it in less than a year
Rob Syer Gaming
Rob Syer Gaming:
Dissapointed in us, wouldn't blame klopp for walking after this.
RightAbout MostThings
RightAbout MostThings:
Today, after 39 years..I am no longer a liverpool supporter. You decided to walk away. I decided LFC can walk alone in their greed
Aritra sarkar
Aritra sarkar:
Is this the club Gerrard stayed for all his footballing career, that how you repay loyalty??
Karim Saad
Karim Saad:
Imagine being Virgil Van Dijk raring to come back from injury, and then this shit happens..
eddy green
eddy green:
The fans will never walk alone
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22:
I am sure Klopp livid wouldn't be surprised the Press officer will shut down any questions regarding this in the press conferences
So we forget about Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly and Kenny Dalglish all those trophy’s all those players all those managers all those matches and all those fans just get forgotten
J C:
Have always solidly believed that our great club would always do what's right in situations like this, no matter how many other clubs around us did the opposite. It upsets me massively to see that is not the case this time, would not blame Jürgen if he had second thoughts about his future with us.
fans wont ever walk alone but fsg did remember WE'LL GET OUT AT THE END OF THE STORM
“We have joined Europe’s leading clubs” - the arrogance in that statement
As a wise ivoryian once said it's a f###### disgrace
Niihelos Che
Niihelos Che:
This happen when we almost gonna level back with ManU.. on the most english league titles records...
Ragevben 98
Ragevben 98:
All of this is making nike ashley look like a good owner
wont ever blame nobody for walking on this
Mas A
Mas A:
Has anyone seen what the European super league trophy looks like? It's a joke 😂😂😂
Lets give players and managers a chance to take sides. It’s all about the owners for now
Finn Redmond
Finn Redmond:
Lfc could become London football club if things continue to go the American route
0-0 O_O
0-0 O_O:
I know klopp and all the players are probably distraught by this decision and i hope that he and the players leave the club for the betterment of their futures in the football world
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat:
Liverpool was known for loyalty and their belief in football not money and brands.
David De Haas
David De Haas:
Dont like the idea but it is what it is.....
Breaking News:
Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Tottenham too
john jones
john jones:
i,m not a liverpool fan,but i know one thing,liverpool people don,t put up with crap,if its the government or the police,they resist. please don,t change your character now.please fight , its your club, it,s our football,not a bunch of billionaires and an american bank, jp morgan.liverpool fans all over the world,and manchester fans.lets fight for our football,its ours
Respect to Bayern Munich to not join this disgrace. At least one of the big clubs that values the true heart and soul of football
I can’t believe this Liverpool has made a bad decision
Givemore Sichakal
Givemore Sichakal:
I really wanted to play for this club one day but I thinking about it ,don't go
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
We want our Liverpool back away from greedy people.
Ishayat Ishty
Ishayat Ishty:
Now liverpool will walk alone
If LFC go into this league the words “ We are Liverpool. This means more” is meaningless!!!
LISTEN TO US,,,,,,,,,,
Jack Mcfakie
Jack Mcfakie:
The European Super League: "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Stephen J. Wright
Stephen J. Wright:
klopp walks and who can blame him, He is a fan of football. Fans should own 51% of all clubs. Back to rugby:)
Mika Lintula
Mika Lintula:
Club owners show pure selfishness and greed. They make me feel sick.
Danny D
Danny D:
So, not need to fight for top 4 la, just finish outside top 15 would do.
Philippe E
Philippe E:
A remake of "Dirty dozen"??
Face Of Regret
Face Of Regret:
Why do we need another league I like the way it is....
Maubray Mzoma
Maubray Mzoma:
What is this?? Do we really need another league?
Christian Moss
Christian Moss:
To be honest they don't care what the average fan thinks, I'm a leeds fan. Neville, summed it up. They want there on way of income privatising football, rich get richer poor get poorer, majority of all fans will be bitterly disappointed with this. ruining football.
Dexter Robinson
Dexter Robinson:
Do you know what the big problem is here. Not the super league but the fact that football has got to big money wise. It’s time to rescue it. It’s disgusting. Football needs a regression go back to a top two format champions league ends and it’s a straight knockout comp some with the uefa and stop playing FA cup semi finals at Wembley. This football capitalism needs to stop. I could go on about how football has sold out to this American capitalist ideal the ESL is a prime example and is wrong. I’m in tears this morning I’m gutted
Piki pvp
Piki pvp:
the heart of Liverpool are theyre fans but now fans are gone from Liverpool not players fault or klopps fault #fsgout
Muhammad Shafiq
Muhammad Shafiq:
So it's all about money 😔😔
Виктор Иванов
Виктор Иванов:
Hazem gaming
Hazem gaming:
My Edition
My Edition:
Liverpool please make the right decision we are not greedy people 😞
lemon tree
lemon tree:
Boycott all games, all merchandise, all sports channels
My 45 years as a fan will be over if we do this obscenity 😡🤮🤑
trung nguyen
trung nguyen:
Those 12 clubs is whose has payed most of the wages for players in world football. They are the one who actually pay for other clubs too . So when they player get injured, who gonna pay for them ? When their player go to international team and get injured, who gonna pay for them ? During the time of World Cup and Euro , the wages of players are still payed by the clubs but the money goes all into Uefa and fifa pocket . Who has responsibility for 1,2 billion euro they have lost in last 1 year ? I don't like the idea of Super league but UEFA and Fifa are corrupted and they need to change too . This is the Push could make them change
Ian Swan
Ian Swan:
What are players thoughts and the players union, what are they doing about this.without players they wont have a league.
Samuel Legesse
Samuel Legesse:
You can conclude that as much as we spend our spare time watching football they dont even care about us(the fans ) who love this beautiful game they just care for their money wake up people these footballers and coaches earn what they dont deserve medical doctors who really love us fall down and sleep on cold floors during this pandemic deserve this money what did messi do for u?? Wat did ronaldo do for you..? They get their money for kicking a ball and live in a mason they live this life with our money wake up people
get set go
get set go:
I can't see this 💔. Not supporting lfc 💔 .
These ESL Super League owners own 100% of the clubs ...They could name change and move Stadiums if they wanted ...5 of these ESL Super League Teams are in Champions League and Europa League Semi Final ..Imagine UEFA Refuse to have match officials for them games
UEFA will soone bought off😐
Zayd Shamtally
Zayd Shamtally:
Will this decision be cancelled later?🤔
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22:
More Plastic fans
It's a complete disaster, a total travesty, and an absolute embarrassment to everything we hold dear and close to our hearts.. football will never be the same anymore.. it is a shadow of its former self..
David Bates
David Bates:
Rip football
M P:
I'm sure there was unrest and fear when the premier League was formed and when European compatitions started.
I am supporting Liverpool for like more than 20 years and some fans like, oooh, I am not supporting Liverpool anymore but probably are kids in the kindergarten. I do not think this american something who owns the club will make a such a crappy decision. Knowing the risks and all boycotts, I am sure that he will be ashamed of this crappy decision. Liverpool is multi billion club, he wants probably trillion or what?
Levi Kocsis
Levi Kocsis:
I have to wommit😠😧😭😭😭😭
Ally Mc music
Ally Mc music:
Sham disgusting don't buy nothing from that club anymore finished even if they turn around which they will haha bread and circus
Givemore Sichakal
Givemore Sichakal:
Don't go to super league
Noor Shah
Noor Shah:
What a disgrace! This will be the death of Lfc.
Arjun adithya
Arjun adithya:
I beg you Liverpool pls come out of European super league
It looks like the same filosiphy as speed cameras,,,,ITS NOT ABOUT MONEY ITS ABOUT THE(safety)FOOTBALL,,,,,,,yeah right,,,,,,,
Biased Refs,VAR,Money have destroyed this beautiful game
Rick White
Rick White:
This is not the great game 👀no more 😕YNWA
Greg Nicholl
Greg Nicholl:
It’s a disgrace.Farewell my beautiful LFC.60 years of my life stolen by greedy owners and tv companies.Do not attend these games.Klopp to follow Morhinio.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Teidor Halari Blah
Teidor Halari Blah:
Just think about it, if we did not join and the superleague went ahead, we would miss out on the financial side. We wound not be able to compete with them anymore. Regardless of talks about tradition and stuff, if this goes thru we would miss out. So it is the right decision from liverpool to join. If it does not work out we hav nothing to lose.
Kingsley Ihiama
Kingsley Ihiama:
I really don't see why people are against it...since the domestic/champions league competitions would still continue.. (or wouldn't these 12 clubs not participate in CL anymore?) Isn't it kinda similar to the EUROS and the European League of Nations competition?? (I still don't get why the latter was created) My only worry however is, it would put alot of pressure on the players of the participating they would be playing more games per week but It would create more advantage in the domestic competitions for other teams to win their local trophies. But it makes no sense in the fact that, the same teams would be playing the CL.
In the end, l don't think it's needed.
Craig Hepburn
Craig Hepburn:
Deceitful !
Lionel Murugan
Lionel Murugan:
More disappointment
Football is dead
Darrensamuel Hiley
Darrensamuel Hiley:
A money grabbing ....a disgrace
Up Your Game
Up Your Game:
I welcome it! Football was already dead! Var did that. Also people quickly forget how fn corrupt the FA, FIFA, UEFA are! If clubs dont stand up to it, then who?
trung nguyen
trung nguyen:
I don't understand why people angry with this 😗 .
Angelo Mathews
Angelo Mathews:
I love this concept man as it would revolutionize football and become the no.1 sport in the whole world. I am from a country where football is dominant but people really don't know about the domestic leagues...I am sure this new Super League would make football more pouplar in the whole world.

We could see a lot of interesting matches if all the big teams play their own league containing only the champions; that would be a better way to decide the real champions of europe.

Tbh football is getting very boring because of these domestic leagues, most people only watch champions you really love to watch ligue1, bundesliga?...I know it would harm domestic leagues but for the sake of football, it should be done and it would be done someday to make football more popular globally (people outside europe gets confused with all these domestic leagues, europea league, champions league; that's also a reason people don't watch football much as it should be).
hitnail halfway
hitnail halfway:
I want someone to give legitimate reasons as to why ESL is a bad idea.
So far I've found zero.
Michael Hodgson
Michael Hodgson:
Dont know why you're all crying. Prem doesn't need to change. Super league way better than CL. Which only gets interesting at quater finals! This chat about money is hypocritical. Look at Newcastle fans all they want is money spent!