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Today, November 25, 2020 it was announced that world famous soccer player Diego Maradona died. The football world is mourning his death en masse. The Argentine Football Association expresses its deepest sorrow through chairman Claudio Tapia. "He will remain in our hearts forever," writes the union about Maradona, who led his country to the world title in 1986.

On 19 April 1989 the song 'Live Is Life' was played by Austrian band Opus during the warming up in Munich before the UEFA Cup semi-final return between FC Bayern Munich and S.S.C. Napoli. Napoli soccer player Diego Maradona did a 'keepie uppie’ exhibition while the song was heard on the stadium's loudspeakers. This has become a classic among football fans."Live Is Life" is a song recorded by Austrian group Opus in 1984. It became a European number-one hit in the spring and summer of 1985.

The single also reached the top position in Canada and was a top 40 hit in the US in 1986.
In the Netherlands it reached #3 in april 1985 especially due to the fact that it was hugely popular in the après-ski pubs in Austria visited by wintersporters.

It was covered by many artists throughout the years and became a huge hit again in 1989.

The song is also known as ‘Life Is Life’.
The band was in Holland on 18 March 1985 to record this early original version exclusively for Toppop TV!

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Broadcast date: 1985-03-18

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Silver Sky
Silver Sky:
How many of you are listening to this song to remember Diego ?
El Argentino
El Argentino:
El himno de Diego, eterno nuestro 10 🇦🇷❤️🏆
y z
y z:
Hermosa cancion life is life que era la cancion con que entrenaba el mejor jugador argentino diego armando maradona en paz descanse que dios lo te nga en su gloria
Hasan Berkan Arslan
Hasan Berkan Arslan:
R.I.P. Diego Maradona...
Maria Cândida
Maria Cândida:
adios "El Pibe de Oro"
Cristian Castro
Cristian Castro:
Ya te extraño D10S 💙💛💙🌎⚽️🙌🪁barrilete cósmico 1️⃣0️⃣♾
tedy garzanti
tedy garzanti:
The favorite song of the GRANDISSIMO DIEGO MARADONA, the greatest among greats elevated today to the Greater Pantheon of the GODS OF OLYMPUS OF WORLD FOOTBALL, a whole people mourns you. You will always be .... "THE HERO". HONOR and GLORY to the CHAMPION of Champions.
Lisandro Ramos Costa Alvarez
Lisandro Ramos Costa Alvarez:
Volá bien alto Barrilete Cósmico! QEPD
juan molina
juan molina:
DIEGO (en mayúsculas a propósito) fuiste y sos el futbol. Desde un entrenamiento con tu ritmo corporal hasta el gol con innumerables camisetas persiguiéndote. Es hora de descansar hermano. Ya diste todo.
Jane O'keeffe
Jane O'keeffe:
Rest in peace Maradona thank you for the memories 🙏⚽
Marita S
Marita S:
esta cancion la escuchaba mucho en mi infancia, porque estaba de moda. no sabia su nombre ni que banda la cantaba. Gracias a D10S supe el nombre de la canción.
#DiegoEterno #QueLaLuzEternaIlumineTuAlmaDiegoQuerido
This is going down as one of my favorites !! RIP DIEGO !
Diego Alberto
Diego Alberto:
Diego Armando Maradona forever. Villa fiorito Lomas de Zamora Buenos Aires Argentina
Armando Builds
Armando Builds:
GRANDE MARADÓ, el enamorado de la pelota!
Adilson Oliveira
Adilson Oliveira:
JuSe Ramos
JuSe Ramos:
Diego used to do his training listening to this Amazing Anthem...he liked this song so much that he even added to the list of songs on his wedding day
Chiko Sulthan Qodria
Chiko Sulthan Qodria:
Rip hand of god
Great song never heard it before ..........Great anthem for Diego Maradona .....RIP
Great song never heard it before ..........Great anthem for Diego Maradona .....RIP
santi novo
santi novo:
Thanks D1EG⚽️. Live is life.
Hugo Torres
Hugo Torres:
Que temasooo buenisimo.!!!!
No me canso de escuchar q tema para no olvidar nunca👍
Jimi Seymour
Jimi Seymour:
This song could be the anthem for life, very catchy & lively & 80s
sebastian pavon
sebastian pavon:
Eterno Diego Armando Maradona
The 80’s had the BEST music EVER
Mikey Bule
Mikey Bule:
Diego "GOD" Maradona. Rest Easy Champion.
Edson Jhadid Vazquez Benitez
Edson Jhadid Vazquez Benitez:
Hermoso pensar que a muchos nos toco ver o escuchar de MARADONA que solo existe uno cada cien o mas años, y que triste saber que a las nuevas generaciones ya no les tocara ver algo asi
Te amo D10S
Louis Micallef
Louis Micallef:
They will talk of him for years and years. R.I.P. GOAT
great stuff, had we dancin round my bedroom :)
wow beautiful video with this song and Maradona while he was warming up doing the best skills with the soccer ball thank you Diego Maradona you will going to live forever in our hearts
Nick Sanchez
Nick Sanchez:
Wait how can they upload a vid with: Rip maradona in the title 2 years ago?
Pierrices do Jean
Pierrices do Jean:
elBARTO art
elBARTO art:
Q.E.P.D D10S D1EG0
God Bless you Diego.
Queiroz Segsing
Queiroz Segsing:
As pessoas deixam uma grande saudades quando partem,um grande ídolo par os seus compatriotas,ele marcou seus passos no gramado como NINGUÉM,para sempre MARADONA. Silvana
Erick Calmet
Erick Calmet:
playback is life, nana na nana...
José Augusto dos Santos
José Augusto dos Santos:
Araptor 350
Araptor 350:
Why does it says it was uploaded 2 years ago?
YouTube Met de Halfjes
YouTube Met de Halfjes:
“Wir sind underground’ 😉
Awesome Welles
Awesome Welles:
Yeah! Good memories!
Gonzalo Sotelo
Gonzalo Sotelo:
Leonardo Gutierrez
Leonardo Gutierrez:
0:35 dame una papa lays
Ernesto Farfan
Ernesto Farfan:
Maradona the best player of all time 🇦🇷🇦🇷
F F:
Curva A presente....grazie Diego
carlitos jiron
carlitos jiron:
Joost Timmenga
Joost Timmenga:
Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy:
R.I.P Diego Maradona, the greatest of all time, Diego is eternal xxx.
Обожаю эту песню!!
Markooss anndress
Markooss anndress:
Esta cancion te levanta el animo
roberto porcel
roberto porcel:
great song  beautiful
María Raquel Ontivero
María Raquel Ontivero:
ElvirA Riccardo
ElvirA Riccardo:
R.I.P 🌹🌹🌹🌹
Mikk Lüftumie
Mikk Lüftumie:
Diego was a simple man who just liked to live life. This was his song
Shane McNamara
Shane McNamara:
Think d'unbelievables (pat shortt and john kenny) would do a great version of this song!!
1:14 Who else here because this spot 1:14 song in Windex commercial ❓🙌🏼
Melody Cabral
Melody Cabral:
Stella Torres
Stella Torres:
Grande grupo Austriaco Opus 🤗😍
rodrigo arias
rodrigo arias:
"R. I. P diego " dice pero se dieron cuenta que lo subio hace 2 años?
Erick Ortiz Cortes
Erick Ortiz Cortes:
Tema Maradoniano. Descanza en paz D10S
raul ali
raul ali:
The best player ever ..took a 3rd world country to win the cup....the skills the moves both feet...n the hands..truly the best
Sa tu polacy ?
Delta Vox
Delta Vox:
laibach brought me here
Christian Pmba
Christian Pmba:
An anthem from the 80's... 11/10
Gerard Fitzgerald
Gerard Fitzgerald:
Great memories of Diego and the 80s
Oscar Abrahan
Oscar Abrahan:
Na.na.na Diego diego diego👍
Franco Galletti
Franco Galletti:
Ma questo video è stato fatto nel 2018 e Maradona è morto nel 2020 e nel titolo ci è scritto rip Maradona
Artesanias Otis Mitú Vaupés
Artesanias Otis Mitú Vaupés:
Mi canción 😍👍🤩👌
Fabiano Alves
Fabiano Alves:
Maradona's favourite song...
Juan jose Martines
Juan jose Martines:
Que manera de cagarle a la canción,
Felix Philippczyk
Felix Philippczyk:
Eines Tages möchte ich mit dir im Himmel Fußball spielen, Diego.
Ede Burg
Ede Burg:
Ed Sousa
Ed Sousa:
Caspalov Rico
Caspalov Rico:
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diego Medina
Diego Medina:
Clásicaso de los '80
Juan Darthes
Juan Darthes:
Un visionario el que le puso el titulo al video...
If you listen this in 2020 you are a zsombeyfan or a god or two in one
simon p
simon p:
He good singer and tall
Ch. Gb
Ch. Gb:
Henrik Bartelds
Henrik Bartelds:
Walter999TM ITA
Walter999TM ITA:
Maradona the best
Haidar Almansour
Haidar Almansour:
🌷🌹😘🙋👏👍💖💕💞 Bravo thank you I love beautiful and cute pop and disco songs , You Peoples Continent of Europe and North Continent of Asia and Peoples of Countries and minorities Immigrants and settlers on the rest of the continents from origin these peoples from layer and degree and class { Peoples of the first world } { The white red and the blonde } Are created from the clay of Europe and they are the most beautiful and sweetest and smartest and higher and finest and better mankind peoples are created , Greetings to you 🙋🙋🙋
dice rip 2018 :///// lo predijeron xd
Alamdeep Singh
Alamdeep Singh:
Live is life
Live is life
Live is life
When we all give the power
We all give the best
Every minute of an hour
Don't think about a rest
Then you all get the power
You all get the best
When everyone gives everything
And every song everybody sings
Then it's life
Live is life
Live is life
Live is life, when we all feel the power
Live is life, come on stand up and dance
Live is life, when the feeling of the people
Live is life, is the feeling of the band, yeah
When we all give the power
We all give the best
Every minute of an hour
Don't think about a rest
Then you all get the power
You all get the best
And everyone gives everything and every song
Everybody sings
WAAROM dat afschuwelijke logo op een video, betaald met belastinggeld ? Bah. (Why that hiddeous logo on a video, paid for with taxmoney ? Yuk !)
Leonardo David Garcia
Leonardo David Garcia:
Pelusa !!
Gio Rossi
Gio Rossi:
Diego the Power
Daniela Tomarchio
Daniela Tomarchio:
R. I. P Maradona
Elias Vázquez
Elias Vázquez:
Mano del diablo
Kelvin Alvarado
Kelvin Alvarado:
R.I.P quien escusha este hermoso himno hoy en esta pansemia
Giuliano Massucci
Giuliano Massucci:
Diegooo diegooooooo
Nuralp Yenisöz
Nuralp Yenisöz:
Stamo Stamov
Stamo Stamov:
Жив е животаааа
Women Red
Women Red:
Arnab Bhattacharya
Arnab Bhattacharya:
I became a fan of this song
Chris Pol
Chris Pol:
RIP le dealer de maradona
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto:
i have listening to this at last sunday , but i did nt knew about the maradona video dancing, very nice....
Roger Zapata Garcia
Roger Zapata Garcia:
Unforgettable Song