† RIP † Saddest Football/Soccer DEATHS On Camera † (18+)

The following video is a tribute for footballers who died while playing a game, died directly from injuries sustained while playing, or died after being taken ill on the pitch.

1988.06.02 - 2015.05.14 Argentine Football player
He dies from head injury suffered during match

1986.07.05 – 2012.04.14 Italian football player
On 14 April 2012, during a match between Pescara and Livorno,
Morosini suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on the pitch
On 6 May 2016, Ekeng came on as a second-half substitute in a televised match against FC Viitorul Constanța. After 70 minutes, with his team winning 3–2, he collapsed. He was transported and resuscitated at the hospital over 70 minutes, but he did not respond. Shortly after, the medical staff confirmed he passed away at the age of 26.
Indian football player
Peter Biaksangzuala dies from spine injury after doing somersault celebration
1972.03.25 - 2007.12.29 Scottish Football player
He died after suffering cardiac arrest while on the pitch playing for Motherwell against Dundee United
on 29 December 2007
1979.07.20 – 2004.02.25 Hungarian football player
On 25 January 2004, he died of a cardiac arrest during a match between
Vitória de Guimarães and his team Benfica in Guimarães


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martin peter
martin peter:
That first one why did he push the guy so hard that was so not necessary, it cost him his life oh my
Natty Bumppo
Natty Bumppo:
Heartbreaking vid, so sad these fit young lads were taken. The celebration one is especially saddening RIP
cactus jack
cactus jack:
the way piermario still tryed so hard to play and than died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🔫
Noah Poot
Noah Poot:
Random Person
Random Person:
3:45 the guys in the red is legit laughing! Like wtf that is so messed up
Matthew Leslie
Matthew Leslie:
The clip of Phil O'Donnell was not his actual death. The footage you have was him scoring in the 1991 Scottish Cup final. He died 16 years after that game
Hate MaksKoro 27
Hate MaksKoro 27:
Phil O'Donnell celebrated his last goal 😢
Alvernon Jones
Alvernon Jones:
I almost cried
luka david
luka david:
Patrick ekeng why he died his heart or his chest
darksilver darksilvergold and exetiorgod
darksilver darksilvergold and exetiorgod:
Everything about this is sad 😢
2:20 At least he died celebrating.
Robert Hales
Robert Hales:
It's amazing how lives are lost every day
Sawyer Howson
Sawyer Howson:
That’s so sad😭😭😭
Pat O
Pat O:
Phil O'Donnell did not die in the event depicted i.e. the 1991 Scottish cup final.
he died 14 years later in league game against the same opponents, Dundee utd
Tingkao Raguang
Tingkao Raguang:
Respect the football player
topor boti
topor boti:
Ohhh nooo wery cry
I cried alot
Abu hasr Amalon
Abu hasr Amalon:
Why are all those young men keeling over from heart attacks?
The Chosen Bacon Hair.
The Chosen Bacon Hair.:
0:07 he is now known as a murder(one in red)
Mickey McBride Jr.
Mickey McBride Jr.:
Somersault are you kidding me
XQF Paraboy
XQF Paraboy:
Mickey McBride Jr.
Mickey McBride Jr.:
That's correct
Marius Koerenzig
Marius Koerenzig:
Rest in peace to all players who died 😭😭😭😭😞😞
topor boti
topor boti:
I hungry Miklos feher
Skevenger skvg
Skevenger skvg:
The first one is not good this boy is i think setan..
Mikki Ervin
Mikki Ervin:
oof 😭😭😭😭😭
Santeri Kouhia
Santeri Kouhia:
This song?
this song is overused ngl
Sérgio Monteiro de Lucena
Sérgio Monteiro de Lucena:
Ubeyd Khan
Ubeyd Khan:
serginho e manu vamos brincar
serginho e manu vamos brincar:
Tá bom dia cassia boa noite Meo amor a vovó estar com muita saudade de você meu amor tudo bom beijos para todos saudades de você o nenê melhorou muito beijos
So tragic. They were so brave. They should of been given longer lives. At least they died doing what they loved. Z
kyromex 10
kyromex 10:
Noooooo! 😭😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😵😵😱😦😖
Mickey McBride Jr.
Mickey McBride Jr.:
Who can you die from doing a celebration
thats what happen when u make the idiot
I am Fariss
I am Fariss:
topor boti
topor boti:
No gad pls no
scarlxd 9000
scarlxd 9000:
Yt Chokezly
Yt Chokezly:
Akbar Shabazz-Jenkins
Akbar Shabazz-Jenkins:
So you mean these deaths are sadder than all the other ones not in this video?
r street
r street:
Beatrice Brem
Beatrice Brem:
Am not 18 but waching 😀
Hannah Crockford
Hannah Crockford:
Jhaiden Kristov Punzalan
Jhaiden Kristov Punzalan:
Chris Kirtley
Chris Kirtley:
Your thumbnail is disgraceful
Desmond Miles
Desmond Miles:
requiescant in pace
Rainbow Juncky
Rainbow Juncky:
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear:
boi this is soccer. football is american football