Robert De Niro On Trump: Even Gangsters Have Morals

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Tribeca Film Festival founder Robert De Niro.

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100+ comentarios:

BigBadJerry Rogers
BigBadJerry Rogers:
Can't even look at Deniro now without thinking of him playing Mueller. Was the perfect choice for that.
Patrick H
Patrick H:
Just sitting in the same room with him or Pacino, would make a dream come true. Or maybe just eating an ice cream together in silence 😊. The man is a legend.
Righteous Agitator
Righteous Agitator:
"Do I think I can? Do you ?"
" Number-guy? What is that? Some detached savant waiting for a reason?"
Chaeyeon Biased
Chaeyeon Biased:
I would love to hangout with him and Al Pacino. They seem so cool and chill
Wisam moe ali
Wisam moe ali:
that's why i love Stephen Colbert ...he treats his guests with respect and keeps the humor .
E Hizee
E Hizee:
If DeNiro says you ain't cool, then you definently can't hang.
Dee Sorrento
Dee Sorrento:
One of the Greatest actors of all time alone with Jack N. And Al pacino
kristina niemeyer
kristina niemeyer:
Well this helps me to forget about corona crap 🦠for awhile 🤣
Stephen knows how to deal with Bob, it's so relaxing to watch them (not) communicate.
As I just commented "Come on Stephen you could have snapped your fingers and gotten the man a cup of coffee". Stephen pulls two sandaes and whipped cream .. never mind the coffee Stephen
Basil Marasco
Basil Marasco:
"Disappointed Dunsky" is an old expression. He used it in "Mean Streets" (1972).
Shayna Riggs
Shayna Riggs:
After overthinking and making my comparisons for years with my top five actors (it changes over the years) he’s #1. He was always in my top three but I had to choose I can be so indecisive and it’s just so hard. We’ve got some really brilliant actors. He’s the only that can play just about any role and really becomes the role. He amazes me.
Gino Norual
Gino Norual:
He's really great in Deer Hunter, imagine being introduced to De niro with that movie lmao
Simon Baldock
Simon Baldock:
There’s nothing scarier than when De Niro smiles. Seriously Pennywise ain’t got nothing on him
M Born007
M Born007:
That awkward moment in the Beginning- Robert askin” Is this Coffee Mine???
I LOVE it!!! One minute of silence and to get past any awkwardness- have a sundae.
Mary Collins
Mary Collins:
I hope all these viewers who view this video vote in November 2020
Virginia Older
Virginia Older:
DeNiro spits fire with a look and a couple of words. I've been catching up with all the Late Night dissing of DT and it is heaven.
paul mc
paul mc:
That's gotta be the worst attempt at The boys are back in town I've ever hurt my ears listening to! 😢
Mellie Chovexani
Mellie Chovexani:
Lol that daydreaming look after his comment about cuffs and an orange jumpsuit XD
I just love him great actor. I like to watch him in gangster movies but also he is very funny in other comedy roles.
Kenneth Non
Kenneth Non:
This guy looks so young in Godfather when i watch it on Netflix. Can’t believe he’s this old now. Vito Corleone!!
Usama Hafeez
Usama Hafeez:
Father Bobby in Sleepers! :D
Mlle Jacques
Mlle Jacques:
Enjoying an ice cream sundae with De Niro and Colbert in silence makes for a very good day!
Came here after listening to Stephen on Conan's podcast where he talked about the one minute silence.
Daniel Coetzee
Daniel Coetzee:
That one minute silence is the best sense that De Niro ever made in his life....!
Angael Tartar Rose
Angael Tartar Rose:
De Niro has such a great vibe.
He is a clean outlook man. At his age looks clean from the tip of his hair to the tip of his shoes.
Marelisa Fabrega
Marelisa Fabrega:
I think it's endearing that Robert De Niro has such a difficult time on talk shows. He's the strong silent type, and that type is great in my book.
Cecile Joubert
Cecile Joubert:
Maria! Maria! - call Maria!
wildish Gambino
wildish Gambino:
He atleast intercated a whole lot so he likes Stephen and that's justified as Stephen is very classy and gives people their space and time.
Mooham 87
Mooham 87:
The only person who smiles and scowls at the same time
Radu Virgil
Radu Virgil:
About Mr. De Niro,i always wondered: " Are you talking to me?" Respect!
Branton Thiel
Branton Thiel:
whoever was singing "the boys are back in town" needs to stop... immediately...

it's one of those instances where you ask, "who sings that song?" and when they reply with "thin lizzy" you say "and it should stay that way".
Real Dolgopolav Most Senior
Real Dolgopolav Most Senior:
he wanted to finish that ice cream! he just took it away :D wth!
happy forever
happy forever:
as long as I live,robert de niro is always the answer for the question ' who is your favorite actor ?'...only one name that is written as the answer of that question,...I never think twice and somehow I can not think about other names ...
Arno Dobler
Arno Dobler:
thx Robert "Wag the Dog" make me fear
Diane Rose Greco Allen
Diane Rose Greco Allen:
Stephen, I want to adopt him as my Uncle or Father! Love him for his facial responses in his movies. I can relate 100% Italian American.
Andreas karlsson
Andreas karlsson:
De Niro would know! He's been pretending to be a gangster for so many decades :D Love that man <3
Carine C Carinem
Carine C Carinem:
You take every man with Italian roots to play movies, they can act. Was this the real De Niro?
Oh yes, part of the Cabal... Hollywood is bleeding 🩸
Hector Santana
Hector Santana:
I'm dead love it love it love it we love you Robert!!!🔥❤❤👏👏👏
KJ Tyus
KJ Tyus:
With De Niro’s current hair style.....I can’t help this urge to watch cape fear
Greater Days1Day
Greater Days1Day:
Bet you De Niro wishes he could do what he did to that guy in "Casino" who was counting cards.. " You can take the money or
O. B.
O. B.:
De Niro almost spoke more during that one minute's silence than in the rest of the interview. 😂
Ben Jones
Ben Jones:
love this!
JakeThe Gamer19
JakeThe Gamer19:
This video makes me want to watch Goodfellas again
D Marion
D Marion:
Their morals don't undo the harm they did/do, and are often just enough to keep them alive still. Gangsters morals vary and often protect the evil they own.
I love Robert De Niro. That whipped cream in the mouth took me all the way out. A man of few words who leaves a huge impression.
Ani Bell
Ani Bell:
I can't even watch the interview yet b/c I have to wonder WHO was 'singing' The Boys Are Back In Town when DeNiro came onstage. Good grief. That was horrific.
elios p
elios p:
"Even gangsters have morals" let's add to this intelligence.
Daniel Acosta
Daniel Acosta:
Amen Brotha🙏 Amen Brotha👑 Preach🌴 oye-"We just Stick To Tha Script We(.WW.) Don't Do sucka Sh*t"-e40(.WW.)
J. Tal
J. Tal:
All I know is DeNiro made a movie about my life (City By The Sea 2002) without ever meeting me, without ever speaking to me, without ever asking for my permission, but found it okay to use my real name. The movie was so from truth or reality it was insane. I wonder if he ever thought of the repercussions it would have on my life as he was handed millions for acting in this. Forget how people act in front of the camera. In real life, his part in making that movie helped destroy my future. Thanks pal, really good morals!
His role in Taxi Cab Driver makes perfect sense now.........
Just a 90s kid
Just a 90s kid:
This gets a like for the de niro whip cream moment by itself 😂
Olivia Wu Tran
Olivia Wu Tran:
Now that's class. the whipped cream, Orange jump suit= my favorite color.
Logan SJ
Logan SJ:
NICE. Like Mean Streets.
Delilla Blanton
Delilla Blanton:
I have had enough of his crazy mess 😃🤣😃
Joan-Violet Stretch
Joan-Violet Stretch:
Said like the clever, compassionate, logical, scrupulous, mince no words man he is. 👍👏👏👏
Susi Siebert
Susi Siebert:
Well done Stephen.. he’s notoriously difficult to interview but you can just tell he’s having fun
David Stowers
David Stowers:
Always love a bit of Thin Lizzy.
Jane Gilmore
Jane Gilmore:
I love Robert De Niro he’s the best and gives so much back. One of the greatest Actors still young and alive. You got ur wish Bob ( about an Orange 😉) Btw Love the documentary with your father. I throughly enjoyed it. Wish I knew when I was younger about your dad. I might have been able to buy his Art back then. Now? Haha no way. Best of 2021 and you and your family Be Blessed 🥰🇦🇺👍🏼😷🙏🏻
Ericka Toles
Ericka Toles:
Robert De Niro your a great actor and man !!
My wife and I played tennis next to Bobby in Montauk NY. Pretty good hitter !!
Crystal M
Crystal M:
Robert Dinero - the only actor that you actually sit forward in your chair to watch him say nothing for a minute.
Pure Gold.
Hudson Bailey
Hudson Bailey:
Thin Lizzy The boys are back in town ,the top band in Ireland
Tim Tabatt
Tim Tabatt:
what has been your preferences in this bordello up in Beverly hills Rob?
Jajajajaj-great one!
I love this interview, especially them sharing whip cream. Everyone loves Robert De Niro!!
Rowan Quinn Star
Rowan Quinn Star:
Love Robert De Niro
Here are th man with a backbones!!!!👍👍👍👍👍calling thing out as it is!!!
Yanni Yanni
Yanni Yanni:
I love me some Robert Deniro!💜
Duly Noted
Duly Noted:
De Niro, is just a matta fact. He don’t need adulation to just tellit a like it is and deliver perfecto. 👌🏼
M Schultz
M Schultz:
This guy is so incredibly chill! Love it! 👏🏻👏🏻❤️
pr br
pr br:
I love Robert De Niro.
Work Less
Work Less:
Robert De Zero
Heather Gundry
Heather Gundry:
He is gorgeous. I love him
Cedric Smith
Cedric Smith:
Mr Deniro thanks you for all the amazing parts you acted in.
Jackie Walsh
Jackie Walsh:
Cape Fear OMG scarred for life lol 😳🤩
Youqwer Rewq
Youqwer Rewq:
De Niro ..He is not the loser ..But definitely you have a definently amazing way to scream and scream and scream ...with your straight words. Precise short and not sweet but definitely I say more sucrose ..added.
Marcus E Robinson
Marcus E Robinson:
This guy. I live him since day one, & I live him even more. Man he gave Mr.. Pretend a great name Mr. DD. Lol lol God Bless Mr. RD.
Wow. Shoot whoever just murdered that thin lizzy tune. 😖
Juana Pantoja
Juana Pantoja:
Love Robert De Niro's movies!!
Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh:
Don't know if the boyz will be BACK but know for sure that the singer was on CRACK.....😂😂😂😎
Tenretni Tnuocca
Tenretni Tnuocca:
Even gangsters have morals
- De Niro 2020
patricia sherman
patricia sherman:
stephen!!bold move, shushing bobby de niro!!!
Dota heaD
Dota heaD:

Azna's Place Animal Sanctuary
Azna's Place Animal Sanctuary:
"This guy has proven himself to be a total loser" I have to remember that quote
Patrick Matthews
Patrick Matthews:
First time me and my wife have ever voted.
Sripad Behera
Sripad Behera:
No president in his/her right mind should make an enemy of the protagonist of 'Taxi Driver'
Sheri Foley
Sheri Foley:
Love Robert Di Niro. Great actor ever
Joanna Marroquon
Joanna Marroquon:
R. Deniro is more of a gangsta than Trump will ever b, I guarantee tht gangstas around the world would rather have R. Deniro'$ bak than Trumps' bak any day.
Hande Barlas
Hande Barlas:
Robert, you are the best!!!
Hande Barlas
Hande Barlas:
Robert, you are the best!!!
The true 🐐🐐 and Al Pacino
Robert deniro ❤️❤️❤️❤️
There‘s a Chinese saying "盜亦有道”, exactly the same meaning.
Demetria P
Demetria P:
He is calm and focus.
Terrence Saul
Terrence Saul:
Well that's a Boss
James Patrick Mc Inch
James Patrick Mc Inch:
Di Nero is a talented man,Angelo Dundee said he could have turned him into a world beating boxing champ.