Robert Lewandowski - All Goals 2020

Robert Lewandowski: 32 Bundesliga Goals in 2020 for the FIFA Men's Player of the year
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Lewandowski has once again dominated both the scoring charts and the record books this year. His goals last season made FC Bayern München triple winners - and he is also the team's guarantor of success in the current campaign.

With his performances, the most successful striker in the Bundesliga provided some highlights - Lewandowski style, of course. Watch all his goals from 2020. Which is your favourite? And how many will he score 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Sports Entertainment
Sports Entertainment:
Even Messi and Cristiano fans wanted him to win the Ballon'Dor this year, shows how much he's loved by everyone.
Romel Negut
Romel Negut:
He's a machine, a goal scoring machine.
Sinan Shanavas 4
Sinan Shanavas 4:
It's Always LewanGOALski Anywhere Everywhere as Always! Addicted to Score so many goals
mR Kuzy
mR Kuzy:
"But we in Bayern we have Robert LewanGOALwski.....You know.. Robert LewanGOALwski" - Thomas Muller
Just looking at the length of the video you'll come to know that he has scored a lot of goals
Vibhor Kumar
Vibhor Kumar:
Best striker this season, carried bayern to the treble and his personal treble of awards in top s corers. Shame there is no ballon do'r , he would have definitely won it.

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"I was looking forward to this" Robot Legendgoalski
Ahmet GökseL
Ahmet GökseL:
He is a legend
Krzysi3k PL
Krzysi3k PL:
Channel want many views: "What should we do? Let's make more films about LewanGOALski!"
Sławek Gosek
Sławek Gosek:
When you watch him score goals over and over again ... You get to know his new nickname. F****n perfectionist "Silent Hunter"
i think he doesn't have weakness, even he is getting better
Brett Andrews
Brett Andrews:
Remember when there were fans in the stadium
Racing Red
Racing Red:
Simply the best - LewanGOALSKI The Bayern legend. Danke Lewy for scoring all the great goals! 👏
Mamadu Djalo
Mamadu Djalo:
He's the best magical performance.
Ryan Purdum
Ryan Purdum:
Such an incredible striker 💪👏 one of Bayern's greatest of all time ❤️🖤
Dream For
Dream For:
Those who disliked either Barca or BVB fans
Was expecting the video to be at least an hour.
Prankush khanal
Prankush khanal:
Shashi vallabh
Shashi vallabh:
Lewangoalski...legendowski....lewangoatski......Deserved to win Ballon dor
Game Lane
Game Lane:
I was the 3rd view bcuz I love HIM ❤️ Lewyyy
Pan Gie
Pan Gie:
Polish star! :)
Peem-Natnarut Wattana
Peem-Natnarut Wattana:
Bundesliga: How many goals do you want?
Robert: Yes
Vala 1384 VAM 10xZ
Vala 1384 VAM 10xZ:
This season he is performing better !!
It means more goals !!!
John Klaan
John Klaan:
The 27th goal was superb.
Armel Jeatsa
Armel Jeatsa:
LegendGOATski !!!
Aryan Awasthi
Aryan Awasthi:
Best striker of this generation 🔴
Just read the last part with Bundesliga voice
Which goal did you like best
Tell us in the comments
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
He don’t score when sick,he never sick
MiaSan Champions of Germany
MiaSan Champions of Germany:
Which goal did I like best? ALL. OF. THEM.
Danny Bhoy44
Danny Bhoy44:
I like his game better than he can pass few players and score a goal. Now he is more experienced and helps his team mates more...but what more can you expect from a striker if he scores 19 goals in 13 games? Legend
Rajvardhan More
Rajvardhan More:
No doubt he is the best in world❤
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford:
This guy and haaland is the best at putting the ball in the bk of the net honestly ‼️🔥
He is an old time 9 striker. Big guy, powerfull and with a lot of power! Great player!
Andrea Galbraith
Andrea Galbraith:
hes so good
Bilal Adam
Bilal Adam:
This guy is a goal machine and a half.that is why he is Robert lewangoalski.
Tomasz Kruczek
Tomasz Kruczek:
He is amaizing..
Ali Farhat
Ali Farhat:
Powerful Shahid
Powerful Shahid:
Intelligent header....... his goal by head is mostly good to watch.
Katiuscia Fabello
Katiuscia Fabello:
milion mc
milion mc:
Best player in the World right now
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
All Best Goals Hai
3rvk _ bze
3rvk _ bze:
Nabildana Gumica
Nabildana Gumica:
Robert Lewangoalski is such a goal maschine
Piotr Kaczmarczyk
Piotr Kaczmarczyk:
Ten z Bełchatowem Pawła Janasa. Sierpień 2008 roku.
Damn i miss Perisic and Thiago
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
He doesn’t want go home because of Anna,he’s preferring scoring goals
Travis Tran
Travis Tran:
The title should be All Goals in the Bundesliga 2020 if it was All Goals 2020, you would include from any competition that he has played in.
Janek Bator
Janek Bator:
erin kim
erin kim:
챔스는 안나오나 분명 모든골이라 그렜는데
Maximilian Vegas
Maximilian Vegas:
I like how Lewandowski does penalty kicks. He's master of that. Usually the goalkeeper doesn't know which side he should choose.
Jakub Klocek
Jakub Klocek:
I am very proud that this is my compatriot 🇵🇱
Top Striker of the World!
Goutham Saravanan
Goutham Saravanan:
Shorter than expected
Abdel Fattah Gomaa
Abdel Fattah Gomaa:
I think if he plays in England or Spain, sure he will not be able to score that much, and if he succeed he will be sure no 1 in the world

.i mean lewangoalski he is lewangoatski♥
Anjal Rawal
Anjal Rawal:
Man now need to see him score different type of goals like cr7 the goat in 2021
Sebastian Kania
Sebastian Kania:
Well done Robert
Lukasz Sleczkowski
Lukasz Sleczkowski:
Mayiji Nyikosa
Mayiji Nyikosa:
Theres no way this is all of them, the vid would be A LOT LONGER
President Izzetbegoviç
President Izzetbegoviç:
The switch at 01:36, from fans to no fans is kinda sad
Night Furry clash royale
Night Furry clash royale:
I think how they find the winner of ballon D'or is not based on your skill anymore but how your affect on team ...
Pallav Attri
Pallav Attri:
⚡️⚡️lewa 👑
Prieto Crispin
Prieto Crispin:
Deserves a 93/94 icon for fifa
type thorn
type thorn:
This is just bundesliga goals, not even counting his champions league😳
Amaan Sajid Nalakath
Amaan Sajid Nalakath:
If he wore the jersey 11, we could have called him 11Goalski XD!
Yusuf Ekmekçioğlu
Yusuf Ekmekçioğlu:
Michał Przekota
Michał Przekota:
Makeup by Rae
Makeup by Rae:
GOAT OF 2020
Amazing 😃
Tio M Hatta
Tio M Hatta:
easy gol 😂
Nammuiteu Pame
Nammuiteu Pame:
I Loved you Robert Lewandowski Poland FC Captain Bayern striker 9 Forward Top number 1 Footballer Best player King in the worlds. I will kissss you Robert Lewandowski pen
Dat Michi
Dat Michi:
If you guys noticed when he make a cut inside a little bit from the left he always shoot at the left goal
Sławek Gosek
Sławek Gosek:
Robot Lewangoalski!
N0stalgic Retro
N0stalgic Retro:
Best goal is the last one, that gave Bayern lead in Bundesliga
Jackinnit 101
Jackinnit 101:
I had a feeling this was going to be a long video...
Freddy J
Freddy J:
Robert Lewangoalski
Aolepden Lemtur
Aolepden Lemtur:
King of goals
Pedrin RC
Pedrin RC:
Melhor atacante do mundo merecido melhor do mundo
Vitor Oliveira da cruz
Vitor Oliveira da cruz:
Best player for Lewandowski best player for Budesliga 2021
Baginda Isadia
Baginda Isadia:
kalo main fifa difficulty legendary kegolan mulu kalo lawan nih orang
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Ahmad Haziq
Ahmad Haziq:
All hail king Lewi
Riyan Qowiy
Riyan Qowiy:
Best striker 2021 💪
Charles ZIEBELL:
Meena Raj
Meena Raj:
Lukakku ,, lewondoski uyir, my favourite
Robert LewanGOALski
Łukasz Lbn
Łukasz Lbn:
First WTF?’s the beginning of 2020
Dennis Weijer
Dennis Weijer:
Best player in the world😍
I hope he links up with Messi at PSG but then again that’s just a fantasy lol
Evgeni The best
Evgeni The best:
He is a goal mashine
next time the most important interventions from ter stegen
Lucas Striker9
Lucas Striker9:
The best
shresth 17
shresth 17:
Panos GP
Panos GP:
Anish Chapa IIIC2027-2028
Anish Chapa IIIC2027-2028:
He is already got 17 goals this season
Albert Felix
Albert Felix:
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Henokh Boanerges
Henokh Boanerges:
Imagine how many goals he will score in 2021, in his niece's garden.
Roger Wallace
Roger Wallace:
Has Lewandowski literally EVER been injured for any length of time? dude is a robot
Cezary Antuszewski
Cezary Antuszewski:
Robert Lewy is the best in 2020, hope 2021 as much the best than ronaldo and messi and others: D