Robert Pattinson & Mia Wasikowska Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"Damsel" stars Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Did Robert Pattinson go to college? How do you pronounce Mia Wasikowska? Did Robert Pattinson make music for Twilight? Watch as they answer all these questions and more!

"Damsel" hits theaters 6/22

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Robert Pattinson & Mia Wasikowska Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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roderigck el hanzle
roderigck el hanzle:
"Did Robert Pattinson go to college?"

No, he went to Hogwarts
This is the calmest version of chaos I’ve ever seen and I love it.
Vih Iglesias
Vih Iglesias:
The way he said "Cedric Diggory" just hit different
Aaliyah Everett
Aaliyah Everett:
This was the most soft spoken WIRED interview I've ever seen. Wow.
*what is robert pattinson's accent?*
robert: its a mixture of insecurities
gen z: ✨yes✨
Harry’s Goldenn
Harry’s Goldenn:
Let’s be honest, this is not your first time here
Lily X
Lily X:
Stop saying he’s on crack or drugs because he’s giggly, he has severe social anxiety, and laughing and making dumb jokes is how he copes. He’s been like it even before Harry Potter. Not to mention he’s a introvert. Please be kind to him. He’s having fun

I didn’t want to share false information so I edited out part of this :) also infp’s are superior:))
"who is Robert Pattinson's wife"

Me: "I am...."
shai tv movie
shai tv movie:
0:53 “nOoew”
1:23 “you’Re fIve-fOurr?”
2:06 “miXtuRe of inSecuRiTieS”
chara boyle
chara boyle:
i got serious butterflies when he said “cedric diggory”🥺
Edits for life
Edits for life:
176 centimeters would be 5“9
5“4 would be 163 centimeters
Robert Pattinson looks drunk, homeless and hot at the same time idkwhy
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe:
He looks like he’s physically unable to take himself seriously and I love it
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits:
OKAY I love himmmmm
Audrey Hamby
Audrey Hamby:
When he said “I played Cedric Diggory”

maya !
maya !:
“how am i blanking i literally saw them this morning, WOW—“ “who is robert pattinsons—“ *”BOBBY”*
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai:
I hope Robert Pattinson gets out of the whole Twilight shade. Because he seems like a genuinely nice and cool guy. And not a bad actor, given the right roles..!

Well. Scratch all that! I’ve seen Tenet. There is no Twilight shade anymore..!
Emily Harfst
Emily Harfst:
robert doesn’t talk enough for me to fully grasp what his voice even is
123 8008
123 8008:
Why is no one talking about how adorable robert is he's so large but so tiny at the same time 🥺
hey boy
hey boy:
who came here after they watched "The Devil All the time"
Ava Fallon
Ava Fallon:
guys he’s not on drugs he’s just an infp personality- we are built different
Hyunjin's teacup
Hyunjin's teacup:
Is now one gonna talk about the way he said 'fancy' at 2:43??🥺
Sabina Ifen
Sabina Ifen:
Am I the only one here to see Robet said "Cedric Diggory"?
“I can’t even read” explains how he saw twilight scripts and said “yes this will ad credibility to my career”
Aria Lee
Aria Lee:
The way his says Cedric Diggory at 2:22 just make me feel a certain way
Diana Stanford
Diana Stanford:
This is how many times Robert touched his hair

robert pattinson forgetting his friend’s name is a whole mood
Gus Stone
Gus Stone:
"A mixture of insecurities"
Okay I wasn't expecting an attack like that.
Victoria Morgan
Victoria Morgan:
"Is Robert Pattinson nice? Yes!"
She’s so humble without being awkward, she seems so lovely
This is the male and female version of the same person
Lexy McMahon
Lexy McMahon:
“it’s a mixture of insecurities” bahahah i can’t stop laughing
Reagan Sanderson
Reagan Sanderson:
I absolutely love weird Robert, I love that he can’t even take himself seriously and he’s always laughing. Even if he’s just socially awkward, I love it.
Freja Schneider
Freja Schneider:
2:30 Carefully putting the trash in his hand :)))
Aape Rachel
Aape Rachel:
“Who’s Robert Pattinson’s wife?”
Gadis Dellilah
Gadis Dellilah:
Why does Robert always seems so giggly? It's too adorable.
They're back together in The Devil all the time 😂😂
Why is he a 3 year old in a 34 year old’s body?

Found proof: 4:00
Kloe Mollena
Kloe Mollena:
“i thought u were being a lil too personal”

what did u think she meant rob?.... 💀
Alessia F
Alessia F:
bruh all my life i have been spelling his last name like ‘pattison’ but it’s actually ‘pattiNson’💀
Nurul Fatihah
Nurul Fatihah:
This interview is like ASMR. They are so quiet when they talk which is so soothing
Dineo Mokonyama
Dineo Mokonyama:
Mia: Did Robert go to college?
Robert :No, l can't even read
Me: Lmaoo😂😭
Efa H
Efa H:
They literally act like they’re brother and sister it’s so cute to watch
Maria Rene Parajon
Maria Rene Parajon:
I thought this was recent... is she in The Devil All The Time Movie right?
Kira Dugdell
Kira Dugdell:
They are so quiet and soft-spoken
Karlie Reese
Karlie Reese:
"it's a mixture of insecurities" I FORGOT HOW FUNNY HE WAS
Apryl Canales
Apryl Canales:
I really wish this was longer. I really enjoyed their dynamic.
Rose / knivesandcrystals
Rose / knivesandcrystals:
you can tell he did like Cedric and hated Edward (obviously)
I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times
Seoyul Kim
Seoyul Kim:
this video should be called “robert pattinson & mia wasikowska does asmr”
Rose Hunter
Rose Hunter:
He looked so proud when he said Cedric Diggory!!
Mia: i don’t think you CAN have a baby...only woman can do that
Rob: oh, i thought u were being a little bit too personal there
😂😂😂i can’t, they’re both so adorable.
Lulu Kohler
Lulu Kohler:
He cant even take himself seriously and its the best thing ever
Dramione_feels X
Dramione_feels X:
Mia: Who is Robert Pattinson’s wife?
Me: ME!
Fudge Cake
Fudge Cake:
Why didn't they let Edward Cullen be more like Robert Pattinson?
i love how when he’s asked what his accent is and he says it’s a mixture of insecurities like trying to disguise the fact that none of the words coming out mean anything. i felt that.
Seoyul Kim
Seoyul Kim:
whos here after watching the devil all the time?
maggie pikula
maggie pikula:
it’s literally just a male and female version of the same person lol
Ipshita Chakraborty
Ipshita Chakraborty:
All of their interviews look like Mia babysitting Rob.
Elisa Flores
Elisa Flores:
Why are they both so awkward and shy and why do I love it so much
This video is literally 4 mins of Mia babysitting Robert 😂 I can just imagine her being like: *Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson, what are you doing?*
Alishba Faisal
Alishba Faisal:
Some people: he doesn't seem British
Taarini T
Taarini T:
mia: I'm 5'4 cause I'm 176 cm
also mia: is actually 5'9 ish
Lori Tai
Lori Tai:
what is robert pattinson’s accent: iNseCuRitiess
Mathilda Harrison
Mathilda Harrison:
I can’t imagine him on the set for tenet running around being a ballerina in front of Christopher Nolan
White wolf
White wolf:
I'm just here to hear him say "Cedric Diggory"
Z.Delfin Çuhadar
Z.Delfin Çuhadar:
have you guys noticed that rob was playing with his zip and looked at the camera like he was so bored and tired already when he said his name?

*i'm in love with this man*
This was so pleasantly quiet and calm.
"when Bella is having the poison taken out.. Some might say the 'climax' of the movie" boy he really does throw shade at Twilight every chance he gets 😂
Aswin BP
Aswin BP:
Anyone after the batman trailer?
judith !
judith !:
i feel like robert literally cant go 30 seconds without feeling complete awkwardness. he literally cannot be serious to save his life and its somehow the cutest thing ever i adore him.
Jimin Park
Jimin Park:
He’s so happy talking about Harry Potter but so depressed talking about Twilight
Jern Rff
Jern Rff:
“Who does Mia wasikowska ✨FaNcY✨” I love this man
this level of awkwardness shouldn't be charming, and yet.
Lela Malfoy
Lela Malfoy:
His accent: a mixture of iNsEcUriTiEs
Alyssa Kovacs
Alyssa Kovacs:
His reactions to everything are extremely adorable, I forgot how much I liked him
wtf this giggly version of Robert it's exactly me when I get bored
Haleigh Eustis
Haleigh Eustis:
The volume of this interview compared to Jake and Ryan’s is CRAZY
Z.Delfin Çuhadar
Z.Delfin Çuhadar:
q: how to pronouns mia wasikowska
mia: wasikowska
rob: *you just said it wrong*

*i'm madly in love with this man and his humor*
they’re the male and female versions of each other
how funny that they're both in The Devil All The Time too!
Nolan Hewitt
Nolan Hewitt:
Can’t believe he’s going to be the Dark Knight.
Angy Escobar
Angy Escobar:
‘ a mix of iNsEcUrItIeSsS’ literally theee most relatable quote to gen z
Abdullah Kanaan
Abdullah Kanaan:
Robert now he is the veangeance
Avery .P
Avery .P:
Cedric Diggory faked his death and ran to become the new batman
radolf p
radolf p:
He is dating or his partner is suki Waterhouse..stop fangirling now😂
Ofelia May
Ofelia May:
I feel like Robert Pattinson would be fun to go to a pub with - he's quiet, but surprisingly flirty and giggly lol
mini nno
mini nno:
"Did Robert Pattinson have a baby?"
Rob: 👁️👄👁️
Tani S
Tani S:
I love how he’s constantly laughing
C h e r r y C a l l i a h
C h e r r y C a l l i a h:
Can people just stop saying he might be on crack he’s not ,he just has a happy personality plus he’s just so sweet he deserves some love❤️❤️🥺✨
carmen lobo portilla
carmen lobo portilla:
It's so strange hearing his Brittish accent
Anna Patricia C
Anna Patricia C:
lolll robert’s face when mia said “i dont think you can have a baby” 😂😂
Mia: how to pronounce “Mia wasikowska”

Caption: “how to pronounce let me just roll she called Scott”
Patricia HG
Patricia HG:
This video literally save me cuz I'm constantly trying to deal with my weirdness when it comes to socialize and I just can't be myself freely so I end up feeling bad at the end of the day✨ INFP stuffs
Anurag Dobriyal
Anurag Dobriyal:
All i see is Bruce Wayne trying to hide his real identity in tv!
Leah McGregor
Leah McGregor:
I feel like he is permanently drunk like he’s like such a chaotic mood🤣
“I’m a triple Taurus”
“What does that mean?”
“It’s my rising and my...”
Sydney C
Sydney C:
they're both so soft spoken and they have the exact same energy I love them
Vinodini Tiwari
Vinodini Tiwari:
The way he said Cedric diggory was sooooooo🥰🥰
Carolena Couey
Carolena Couey:
He’s not on drugs! He has social anxiety and is shy. He also has more mental illnesses. So don’t judge people.