Robert Pattinson Tests Positive for COVID-19; Dwayne Johnson & Family Also Test Positive | THR News

‘The Batman’ paused production in London after star Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19. Dwayne Johnson confirmed in a statement that he and his family also tested positive for the disease. Meanwhile, a trailer for the new James Bond film has been released.

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0:00 - Robert Pattinson COVID-19 Pauses "The Batman" Production

0:45 - Dwayne Johnson & Family Positive for COVID-19
1:31 - "No Time to Die" Trailer Drops

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Robert Pattinson Tests Positive for COVID-19; Dwayne Johnson & Family Also Test Positive | THR News

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77 comentarios:

besi art
besi art:
that's what you get when you are hanging out with bats in a cave.
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny:
*I used the Bat to destroy the Bat*
Psi Fly
Psi Fly:
He shouldn't have gone into the *Bat Cave*
PD Zombie
PD Zombie:
This is what happens when the Joker forces Batman to take the mask off... He should've used the Batccine!!!
Just kidding, let's hope he gets well...
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger:
If he’s a healthy fellow he will probably be fine.
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck:
The bat was diagnosed with a bat
Jiya singh
Jiya singh:
Hope that he gets well soon🥺🥺
Ahmad A
Ahmad A:
He'll be fine, he can go back and invert himself via the turnstile.
Manasmita Dash
Manasmita Dash:
Get well soon dear Robert
Hayley Frost
Hayley Frost:
How did they find out about Robert Pattinson having Covid? Isn’t that against HIPPA- if I was him I’d sue these media outlets for violation of medical records!
Psi Fly
Psi Fly:
_Holy coronavirus Batman !_
vicoz cortez
vicoz cortez:
Still not safe to go around. Get well.🙏🙏🙏
I feel bad for the kids who’s parents are dumb enough to send them to go to school
LikeWater 5879
LikeWater 5879:
This is terrible they only have a 99.6% chance of survival.
Get well Batman and Black Adam🙏🏼
Nehal Jhirmaria
Nehal Jhirmaria:
Well what do you expect playing BATman in 2020
Anchal Joshi
Anchal Joshi:
He got a disease which humans contracted from bats. Ironic. 😂
Hopeful for his quick recovery 🙏
Denise Freitas
Denise Freitas:
Get well soon, Robert! ❤️
Alex Tell
Alex Tell:
Now that the Rock says I have to wear my mask, I will ! And I will buy stocks in Gates vaccine company.
Mário Vieira
Mário Vieira:
Illuminati puppets!
maruti sonar
maruti sonar:
Robert take care and get well soon ❤️
pool- king
pool- king:
Soy el comentario en español los demas son en ingkes bye ;U
Talya Schwaegerman
Talya Schwaegerman:
The Rock has Corona?? No! Not the Scorpion King😭
Oluf Sandersen
Oluf Sandersen:
Welcome to the world Hollywood
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon:
And people actually think the virus isnt real
I wonder will they make an announcement when they recover or that's not news worthy?
Ummm 2:08 - fellow "newcomer" - Ana De Armas - she's not new - her breast has been out and about on screen for a while now .. and why Ana? There are heaps of new talents / newcomers - sigh
Sanyukta Das
Sanyukta Das:
Get well soon🙌🙌
Jeremy Maloy
Jeremy Maloy:
(●’◡’●)ノ VOTE
Kodak Walker
Kodak Walker:
I hope he's okay
Get well sooon rob🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻your existence matters the most .
C.J. Morin
C.J. Morin:
excitingtimes 0001
excitingtimes 0001:
Any Batman that has real life tragedy is always good. Batman movies are cursed.
Gg Warner Brothers.. DC
Stunnaman Ramos
Stunnaman Ramos:
I'm sure Disney isn't behind this...
Gebre the Nashville
Gebre the Nashville:
War Dog
War Dog:
Yeah sure....
Plot twist: Marvel actually hired covid 19 to stop DC
J. Galactus
J. Galactus:
Black Adam and Batman. Positive role models. Get it? 😂😋😑
Nalla Dlanor Gomez
Nalla Dlanor Gomez:
tsk tsk tsk
Batman and Black Adam tested positive
j r
j r:
Batman got the Chinese bat soup virus😷😷
andini putri
andini putri:
nooo robert😭😭😭
Edgar Paniagua
Edgar Paniagua:
The Batman doesn't test positive for Covid-19. Covid-19 test positive for The Batman and the result, is death!
Ignatius Brown
Ignatius Brown:
The fake-demic just gets dumber and dumber. I like how they've had to turn off comments on some celeb's u-toobs because they will get eviscerated by the comments. RIP, shills.
John Booth
John Booth:
Oh No! Whose gonna take their place now that they're dead?
Suci Maghfirah
Suci Maghfirah:
Robert 😭
soumik biswas
soumik biswas:
supervirus attacked both dc and marvel muscles
Adrian Messenger
Adrian Messenger:
Sure. Whatever.
Dwayne Johnson is my Deadpool for coming, come on parlay Oprah.
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens:
Good for him. I don't go around bragging about my virus.
Gladwin Morwe
Gladwin Morwe:
The batman cures.
Just say the word Zoinks
Just say the word Zoinks:
Hope they all recover from covid19.
Sudeeksha Debnath
Sudeeksha Debnath:
Stupid bats from the batcave
Pretti Nikki
Pretti Nikki:
If either one of them die I’m gonna be really really mad!!!
I hope robert gets better 🙏🙏❤
fardeen bholai
fardeen bholai:
Jock Seethe
Jock Seethe:
So this is what happens when you become Batman
Gebre the Nashville
Gebre the Nashville:
Batman is the best the trailer
Michelle Mifsud
Michelle Mifsud:
Robert will be ok he made it through the Spanish flu pandemic
hope he doesn't lose his gainz
Rocky Lee
Rocky Lee:
Sansana Ruangviriyachai
Sansana Ruangviriyachai:
Where did they get infection? They are not careful at all. 🤔
Damn it, 2020 coming for our movies and entertainers. Seriously I hope he and the rock pull thru.
Oh nooooooo
Gato 008
Gato 008:
Batman got Corona 👁️❣️❗😕😟🙏hope they all heal well, fast, ✝️
So he's positive for something over 99% of people survive from. Wow how scary.
Ocean Sage
Ocean Sage:
I hope he'll be ok
Canyon Racer
Canyon Racer:
Screw you folks.....cutting off the your editor!
Hans Kobe Medina
Hans Kobe Medina:
China the reason why 2020 become worst.
Ex Nihilo
Ex Nihilo:
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar:
They released the trailer for Batman and they didn't even finish the movie. Lol
naresh ambwani
naresh ambwani:
All thanks to China. Can’t they eat normal non veg food like others? WuHan market is running again 🙄
Batman needs a kiss from a rose
Ray Lamascus
Ray Lamascus:
Another fake positive
Eli Beserra
Eli Beserra:
Who cares about pattinson.....
The Rock.....Nooooooooooo. I hope He gets better soon!