Robert Pattinson Tests Positive for COVID-19; Dwayne Johnson & Family Also Test Positive | THR News

‘The Batman’ paused production in London after star Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19. Dwayne Johnson confirmed in a statement that he and his family also tested positive for the disease. Meanwhile, a trailer for the new James Bond film has been released.

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0:00 - Robert Pattinson COVID-19 Pauses "The Batman" Production

0:45 - Dwayne Johnson & Family Positive for COVID-19
1:31 - "No Time to Die" Trailer Drops

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Robert Pattinson Tests Positive for COVID-19; Dwayne Johnson & Family Also Test Positive | THR News

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100+ comentarios:

Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny:
*I used the Bat to destroy the Bat*
besi art
besi art:
that's what you get when you are hanging out with bats in a cave.
PD Zombie
PD Zombie:
This is what happens when the Joker forces Batman to take the mask off... He should've used the Batccine!!!
Just kidding, let's hope he gets well...
Remember the 3rd of November
Remember the 3rd of November:
He shouldn't have gone into the *Bat Cave*
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger:
If he’s a healthy fellow he will probably be fine.
I feel bad for the kids who’s parents are dumb enough to send them to go to school
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck:
The bat was diagnosed with a bat
Remember the 3rd of November
Remember the 3rd of November:
_Holy coronavirus Batman !_
vicoz cortez
vicoz cortez:
Still not safe to go around. Get well.🙏🙏🙏
Manasmita Dash
Manasmita Dash:
Get well soon dear Robert
Ahmad A
Ahmad A:
He'll be fine, he can go back and invert himself via the turnstile.
Hayley Frost
Hayley Frost:
How did they find out about Robert Pattinson having Covid? Isn’t that against HIPPA- if I was him I’d sue these media outlets for violation of medical records!
Jiya singh
Jiya singh:
Hope that he gets well soon🥺🥺
Talya Schwaegerman
Talya Schwaegerman:
The Rock has Corona?? No! Not the Scorpion King😭
Karol W
Karol W:
Who cares!
Oluf Sandersen
Oluf Sandersen:
Welcome to the world Hollywood
Get well Batman and Black Adam🙏🏼
pool- king
pool- king:
Soy el comentario en español los demas son en ingkes bye ;U
Alex Tell
Alex Tell:
Now that the Rock says I have to wear my mask, I will ! And I will buy stocks in Gates vaccine company.
Anchal Joshi
Anchal Joshi:
He got a disease which humans contracted from bats. Ironic. 😂
Hopeful for his quick recovery 🙏
andini putri
andini putri:
nooo robert😭😭😭
Nehal Jhirmaria
Nehal Jhirmaria:
Well what do you expect playing BATman in 2020
Nicholas Roberts
Nicholas Roberts:
I hope he's okay
I wonder will they make an announcement when they recover or that's not news worthy?
Sanyukta Das
Sanyukta Das:
Get well soon🙌🙌
John Booth
John Booth:
Oh No! Whose gonna take their place now that they're dead?
Ummm 2:08 - fellow "newcomer" - Ana De Armas - she's not new - her breast has been out and about on screen for a while now .. and why Ana? There are heaps of new talents / newcomers - sigh
maruti sonar
maruti sonar:
Robert take care and get well soon ❤️
Wow , I have a huge family across the country and not one positive , glad we’re not celebrities 🤦🏼‍♂️
meat grinder
meat grinder:
So what.they will be fine.
Little Caesar
Little Caesar:
We cannot lose it 3 legends. First we loss Kobe, then Black Panther, We don’t want to lose “The Rock”
Get well sooon rob🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻your existence matters the most .
War Dog
War Dog:
Yeah sure....
Denise Freitas
Denise Freitas:
Get well soon, Robert! ❤️
CrazyLegs c
CrazyLegs c:
They have chosen their deal.
Gg Warner Brothers.. DC
Stunnaman Ramos
Stunnaman Ramos:
Ironic ...batman caught covid
J. Galactus
J. Galactus:
Black Adam and Batman. Positive role models. Get it? 😂😋😑
excitingtimes 0001
excitingtimes 0001:
Any Batman that has real life tragedy is always good. Batman movies are cursed.
C.J. Morin
C.J. Morin:
Rendra Satwika
Rendra Satwika:
Plot twist: Marvel actually hired covid 19 to stop DC
So did Ohio's governor Mike DeWine. He just tested himself till he got a negative and chose that one.
j r
j r:
Batman got the Chinese bat soup virus😷😷
I'm sure Disney isn't behind this...
Edgar Paniagua
Edgar Paniagua:
The Batman doesn't test positive for Covid-19. Covid-19 test positive for The Batman and the result, is death!
Vic Ram
Vic Ram:
Nobody cares about covid-19.
Here's an idea shut everything down again make the people know it's real 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good luck hope all your lies be answered to God.
People get sick and we survived or we die from illness. Covid-19 is no different than a cut on the skin that will heal and be forgotten.
So I asked the 50 people I know if they have covid-19 😂
None of them have it, and I asked them to ask their friends like about 800 of them said no they don't, so they went and asked their friends, on and on, now the reader, do you have covid-19?
Batman and Black Adam tested positive
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon:
And people actually think the virus isnt real
soumik biswas
soumik biswas:
supervirus attacked both dc and marvel muscles
Gebre the Nashville
Gebre the Nashville:
Nalla Dlanor Gomez
Nalla Dlanor Gomez:
tsk tsk tsk
Waker Upper
Waker Upper:
Mário Vieira
Mário Vieira:
Illuminati puppets!
Gladwin Morwe
Gladwin Morwe:
The batman cures.
Razvan V
Razvan V:
I never heard about Robert Pattinson but i hope they both get well soon
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown:
That’s too bad for the Rock and his family 🙏🏻
Janet Lowe
Janet Lowe:
Bless it
Sudeeksha Debnath
Sudeeksha Debnath:
Stupid bats from the batcave
Jock Seethe
Jock Seethe:
So this is what happens when you become Batman
Damn it, 2020 coming for our movies and entertainers. Seriously I hope he and the rock pull thru.
Just say the word Zoinks
Just say the word Zoinks:
Hope they all recover from covid19.
fardeen bholai
fardeen bholai:
ifyouknew thenyouknew
ifyouknew thenyouknew:
Two pump chumps trying to get more followers
Kings Gate
Kings Gate:
Don't join the illuminati you will get fake covid.
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman:
No one is safe from covid 19.
hope he doesn't lose his gainz
Gebre the Nashville
Gebre the Nashville:
Batman is the best the trailer
Rueben Z. Clitz
Rueben Z. Clitz:
Covid is a hoax. Take off the masks. Share a smile.
Pretti Nikki
Pretti Nikki:
If either one of them die I’m gonna be really really mad!!!
Dee Eisen
Dee Eisen:
No one hear cares about Johnson he's fake! Poor Robert, get well sweety! 😉
LikeWater 5879
LikeWater 5879:
This is terrible they only have a 99.6% chance of survival.
naresh ambwani
naresh ambwani:
All thanks to China. Can’t they eat normal non veg food like others? WuHan market is running again 🙄
Suci Maghfirah
Suci Maghfirah:
Robert 😭
Hans Kobe Medina
Hans Kobe Medina:
China the reason why 2020 become worst.
Michelle Mifsud
Michelle Mifsud:
Robert will be ok he made it through the Spanish flu pandemic
Sansana Ruangviriyachai
Sansana Ruangviriyachai:
Where did they get infection? They are not careful at all. 🤔
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista:
I hope robert gets better 🙏🙏❤
Gato 008
Gato 008:
Batman got Corona 👁️❣️❗😕😟🙏hope they all heal well, fast, ✝️
Franklin Franklinson
Franklin Franklinson:
Hopefully they pull The Batman movie.
Blackscarf Saber
Blackscarf Saber:
How did this happen? He wore a mask?
Oh nooooooo
Rocky Lee
Rocky Lee:
“So anyways, there’s a black woman playing the new 007...”
Guaranteed flop.
Ocean Sage
Ocean Sage:
I hope he'll be ok
Well that proves corona came from bat soup in China.
Adrian Messenger
Adrian Messenger:
Sure. Whatever.
Canyon Racer
Canyon Racer:
Screw you folks.....cutting off the your editor!
Ignatius Brown
Ignatius Brown:
The fake-demic just gets dumber and dumber. I like how they've had to turn off comments on some celeb's u-toobs because they will get eviscerated by the comments. RIP, shills.
Astral Flux
Astral Flux:
Oh I thought that said he tested positive for aids 😬
Marek Wojcik
Marek Wojcik:
There are no scientific studies that would justify the reasons for the pandemic
The WHO decided that because it should be so.
Bryan B
Bryan B:
so they're as good as dead right? That's the impression that the fake news likes to give about covid cases.
Dwayne Johnson is my Deadpool for coming, come on parlay Oprah.
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens:
Good for him. I don't go around bragging about my virus.
Ex Nihilo
Ex Nihilo:
Mister Sturm
Mister Sturm:
Stratos Fear
Stratos Fear:
Good no one wants to see him play batman he's 140lbs🤣😂