Robin Williams Live On Broadway New York 2002

Includes Biblical History as well as the Vatican + Pedophilia + Homosexuality

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Dillon Schremmer
Dillon Schremmer:
Who else is here because they needed a laugh, and they missed his patented brand of insanity.
Film Lovin' American
Film Lovin' American:
We ALL need Robin Williams here in 2020.
The Lent
The Lent:
He'd have a field day today knowing today's state of affairs.
Arthur Trauer
Arthur Trauer:
I met Robin in San Francisco once after a show and he was very mild, sweet and in no hurry to get away. We’re better for having had him with us. He was a kind and gentle soul and I miss him. Rest In Peace my friend.
Child me: "wow... Robin Williams is such a sweet man"
Adult me:"wow... Robin Williams sure swears alot"

Would've loved to be friends with him
most hydrated comedian ever
mike walz
mike walz:
I was at this show, Robin was the best. I never laughed so hard until he got to the Golf skit, I fell out of my chair.
This video always gets a spike in views during disasters/tragedies. He's still making a difference and making us laugh
Nanu Pin
Nanu Pin:
He is not dead. He just return to his planet.
Alex A
Alex A:
What a shame. He was brilliant highly intelligent and funny as hell
its almost an insult that this videos doesnt have at least 1M views.

Paige Renee
Paige Renee:
"You're not fat, you're horizontally challenged"
Eighteen years later and Keith Richards is still kickin'... Wish the same was true of Robin.
I remember seeing this months after 9/11 with my father. It felt like the first time it was OK for us NY'ers to laugh.
Lee Miller
Lee Miller:
" This is gonna be like Shakespeare......with a strap-on! "
Did this man seriously just use the mortal kombat whoopsy, and no one is going to mention that? Didn’t know he was a fan.
We have to say The Pledge of Allegiance at staff meetings where I work and I say it just like Robin, "One nation under Canada and above Mexico".
Judas: is it me Jesus?
Jesus: IS iT mE JEsUs??
Jeremy Wong
Jeremy Wong:
All these jokes will get him canceled today.
Crayton Caswell
Crayton Caswell:
I owned the DVD of this many years ago, and watched it constantly, one of the best standup routines I've ever seen.
Took the man for granted for until he died, and now I feel like an idiot.
Enuf of the Virus in need some Robin to make me laugh🤗
Amy Nold
Amy Nold:
What a wonderful gift Robin was to us. I hope he knew how loved he was.
David Graney
David Graney:
Watching this in 2020 quarantine realizing this mf is right about everything! We need to resurrect this guy to spit some truth
Plane Reality
Plane Reality:
He had it right about Gates. Your missed Mr. Williams. 💪💖🙏
Oana Puha
Oana Puha:
He's still here with us, even in 2020 he's lifting spirits up like no other. Thank you.
Chris Barker
Chris Barker:
23 thumbs down? 23 very odd and grumpy people. Robin was the King...
Psycho Genesis
Psycho Genesis:
He’s soo vulgar and I love it
Nick Beast1330
Nick Beast1330:
When Robin Williams died, stand up comedy died as well
Shikami Rikuta
Shikami Rikuta:
Can you imagine the material he would have today? 🤣🤣🤣
Kenneth Juarez
Kenneth Juarez:
I miss this man, he was Art personified and will always make me feel better.
Jennifer Brune
Jennifer Brune:
We are blessed to have had Robin Williams for the time we did. The man was amazing. I can only imagine the hole in his family that he left when he left this world. Irreplaceable. 💔
Harvey Peters
Harvey Peters:
the golf bit is absolutely gold
Frank Kurlandski
Frank Kurlandski:
Honestly, comedy died when Robin Williams died😢😔😭💔:( R.I.P. Comedic Legend☝🏾
Jose Rose
Jose Rose:
This guy is the god of comedy
kyra godley
kyra godley:
there's never been a more animated and hydrated comedian😂 always love coming back to watch his skits
Super Saiyan30-
Super Saiyan30-:
3:43 that Micheal Jackson joke had me rolling.
I miss this man so much, he was such a bright spot in our dreary lives.
You were the best, Mr. Williams. Rest in Peace
Jaki F
Jaki F:
Some argue that the greatest talent you can have is the ability to make people laugh. And nobody done it better than Robin Williams. What a truly incredible man.
The Official God of Clipping
The Official God of Clipping:
Just you wait as soon as time machines are invented I'm gonna meet that legend of a man 😂😢
Orlito Hostos Perez
Orlito Hostos Perez:
I miss Robin Williams making me laugh when I'm sad
I miss you crazy basterd, love you!
Half of these jokes would have him cancelled in 2020
Let It Be Known
Let It Be Known:
Mork is not dead, he just went back to Ork
Allison Bauch
Allison Bauch:
Thank you for bringing Robin Williams back. I still miss him.
anders karlsson
anders karlsson:
he is the master of comedy
Ian Chattaway
Ian Chattaway:
Robin Williams would have had a field day with 2020 Rip to the legend gone to soon ❤️😭
Liv Amber
Liv Amber:
I wish there was a clear version of this ... it should be on Netflix 💯
Biff Bifford
Biff Bifford:
If there were ever a time the world needed Robin, it's May 2020! Robin was more than a comedian, he was a philosopher, a comedic genius, who captured the mundane human experiences in such a way that his humor transcended nearly all cultural boundaries. We miss you, Robin!
Conner Burley
Conner Burley:
Why can’t he still be here, quarantine would at least be fun
DaVonna Steele
DaVonna Steele:
Watched Mrs. Doubtfire on Mothers Day told my mom I was so pissed when they redid Aladdin with Will Smith so I tell her I swear to god if they redo Mrs. Doubtfire I'm done watching movies! Gez ppl come up with new material instead of remaking something that should never be redone. There was only 1 Robin Williams no one can replace him. R.I.P Robin we miss you
Funny. Watching this in 2020 and liberals sing praises to Bush...yeah, the one he's making fun of. Politics are toxic. They change like the wind.
Vee Elle
Vee Elle:
What a loss.
This was 2002......and the fact this man already knew Gates was tryin' to take over the world....
I'd always questioned the "suicide" theory....not anymore.
I still can’t listen to him without seeing or hearing Genie.
anon e muss
anon e muss:
I always thought he was handsome. Manic, yes, but handsome. He will be missed for many, many years to come.
Sabrina Muscat
Sabrina Muscat:
bruh i didn't know he was so dark!! i love him even more now.
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer:
So much energy. I need that energy
Aaron Preston
Aaron Preston:
nothing like him around these days, was a real loss when he chose to leave
Aidan Basker
Aidan Basker:
Robin Williams will always be in hearts and memories!
Brian Stokes
Brian Stokes:
Such a missed spirit!!
How have i not seen this b4!?!?!!?!!!! This was great had me wheezing till the end...tho it became an uncomfortable wheeze😂😂😂miss this guy!!!
William Plaud
William Plaud:
This was by far his best stand up.
Rob Laird
Rob Laird:
Laughing so hard I was in tear's!!!!! R.I.P ROBIN!!!!!
Michael Williams
Michael Williams:
"Spent more Money, than the Vatican's."
*-Robin Williams-*
Catch and Release program 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣and I'm black 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts:
“My salmon-headed friend,” LMAO right off the bat personable and funny as hell.
Nerds Play
Nerds Play:
The greatest man to walk this earth...we all miss him
Perseus Rex
Perseus Rex:
The best comedian of all time!!
Allyson Norkowski
Allyson Norkowski:
this is a fun history class
My Orlando Adventures
My Orlando Adventures:
My late best friend and I watched this until we had it memorized. Such fabulous memories. I miss her and I miss him... they both passed in 2014, 5 months apart. She would have been crushed at his passing, so my only relief is that she went before him. May they both RIP.
mike penque
mike penque:
I have seen this special way too many times, yet never seems to get old
Imagine if he ridiculed GWB like this, he would've had a field day with 45. Wish you were still here, Robin. 💔
Tim Morse
Tim Morse:
I miss this guy !!!!
Alessia Gentile
Alessia Gentile:
Wish he was here today with everything that’s happening. He could cheer us up. Really miss his comedy. 😢
Kathy Bentley
Kathy Bentley:
This man was a comedic genius. I miss him every day.
Kenneth Mucke
Kenneth Mucke:
He would just go off on Covid 19 and Trump🤪🤪🤪 There will NEVER be another Robin Williams... I can’t wait to hear his jokes in heaven.
R.I.P Robin Williams... U may be gone but ur legend lives forever..
RIP Robin Williams 😢
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins:
Robin lived in a different wave length, we were just lucky enough to experience him in our demention
Matthew Pennington
Matthew Pennington:
The greatest comedian of all time. Makes me laugh every time I watch him.
Wolfraven Moonshine
Wolfraven Moonshine:
I guess I’m lucky to have grown up watching him in movies
Victoria J.
Victoria J.:
Forever grateful for the time he was with us......Heaven is a happier place with him in it!!!!!
Well. The Bill Gates part still rings true today lol
Robert Z D
Robert Z D:
This is brilliant thank you so much for uploading this and bringing this man back into our life even if it was only a video. What a brilliant talent he was so sad he was suffering in silence for so long. Just know Robin Williams you are still loved down here and missed dearly I hope you found your peace and the suffering has ended for you. RIP Angel Above Us.
Michael Boone
Michael Boone:
Ahh 2002 the year u can getting away with saying whatever u want. Unlike 2020 with these playing it safe comedians that can't tell a funny joke.
Jan Rosenberg
Jan Rosenberg:
Each time I laugh at Robin, I'm telling him how much I love him and miss him.
Very much missed..., & comedic genius.
4:56 What are the odds that people have this conspiracy about Bill and here Robin is calling it in 2002? lol hilarious...
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus:
12:05 Best joke I've ever heard. This was filmed in summer of 2002.
Il Artista
Il Artista:
rob mush
rob mush:
5:06 did he just predict the future about bill gates ?
Had to get my Robin dose! Lol 💔 Legend rest in peace
Jo W.
Jo W.:
This was and still is the greatest standup act EVER. We really miss him, especially in the era of Trump.
Crunk Jesus & NWG
Crunk Jesus & NWG:
here to look at how many times that one guy is gonna say "Suicide Williams" in replies

what a _comedic genius_
You never really know what you have until it's gone. I find myself laughing my ass off at his stand up, interviews, that one episode he was on Whose Line, etc. And then my brain goes "Hey, remember how he's dead?"
Tamara Morrison
Tamara Morrison:
yeah i really miss him
and his really funny
Laurie G
Laurie G:
A frickin comic Genius! He will forever be loved and missed❤️
Steve C
Steve C:
He works so fast, and his timing is still so perfect. One of a kind. There will never be another like him. He only plays one character, whether on stage or screen, and he nails it.
Patrick V
Patrick V:
Wish i could see this for the 1st time again :D
DIO brando
DIO brando:
Rest in peace to Robin William's here to act for god and villains. Brightest person darkest feelings interfere with satan's dealings
Everyone's favorite Idiot
Everyone's favorite Idiot:
“ Gilligans down” 😂😂😂