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“Grand finalist if you’re me and always get second place” lmao
*Leth uploads 40 minute rant*
Psyonix: guess we gotta do the announcement then
“Me spamming the What a save!” “My opponents: Yo cmon dude y U toxic” “Me just telling them im doing the rocket pass challenges”
This game was the best $20 that I've ever spent, so I personally don't care that there is no refund.
Can't wait to get that title so people will know exactly how long I've been bad at the game
me yesterday: buying rocket league

epic games/rocket league: yo we should make it free to play

me: I don't like my life
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos ?
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos ?:
Ik people are just gonna be smurfing with their Epic Games account...
I kinda feel bad for Rizzo...

He's gonna have to re-learn his menu skills.
Rocket League Live
Rocket League Live:
To prevent people from smurfing, they should add a milestone that a player must achieve in order to play ranked; like you can't play rank until you reach level 20. 😀
Anas Ameen
Anas Ameen:
I was literally JUST thinking about how i'll have to re-buy RL if i switched to PC...
I switched to pc last year so I’ll only have 2019 which makes me sad bc I started in 2016
Realizing Rizzo has only been playing one year longer than me and I’m stuck in plat 😩
Rolv-Arild Braaten
Rolv-Arild Braaten:
You should make a Intro to Rocket League series. Imagine how much content you could cover. Basic movement, rotations, advanced mechanics, terminology, esports. And if you post it right when F2P goes live it'll be perfect for all the new players to get started.
Kameron Alexander
Kameron Alexander:
You already know there’s going to be a new wave of comments in the future saying ‘last time I was this early rocket league wasn’t free to play
Pixel x Mick
Pixel x Mick:
I can’t wait to show everyone that I was here since the beginning, (so they know I suck way more than anyone else from the beginning) (I’m gold 3)
This is nice! More people gonna be playing!
Nuzxyz Gaming
Nuzxyz Gaming:
finally have a title I can flex cuz i’ve played since 2015 and still haven’t hit gc 😎😎
So this is what we've been waiting for. Going months with out content and now this, All I can do is hold my breath and pray that this actually helps the community grow.

Also Please pray for the fallen trading community, this update throwing a rock right up their ass
Jason Statham
Jason Statham:
This is cool and all but all I care about is getting a skyline. I’ll literally trade my first born for it.
Subscribe to me for no reason please?
Subscribe to me for no reason please?:
The servers are gonna be more broken now
Mitch Cunningham
Mitch Cunningham:
Daddy Rizz with the stache hits different 🥴
Rocket League in 2020: Free to play!
Rocket League voice chat: owerowerk lfsdferk!
Been so long since a facecam video I was like
“who’s this homeless man in my recommendations?”
I can finally play with my friends... oh wait i don’t have any 😢
660 Subscribers With No Videos?
660 Subscribers With No Videos?:
Rizzo, you never showed us the cars :(.
Elias Young
Elias Young:
All they have to do now is add crates back
Avrge James
Avrge James:
Smurfing population: increases by 250%
rip to the people who never bought skyline or batmobile
Daniel Medjedovic
Daniel Medjedovic:
Me: B-But I wanted the Batman dlc as well the car from back to the future T_T.
I bought the rocket league game back in 2018.
I'm worried over the toxic players, since RL was already toxic. Cant even say gg after a game without some player being salty
Yo Boii
Yo Boii:
Will the established 20.. banner be different colour for us like the pros have blue the gcs have yellow devs and lucky ppl have dark green?
I hope the legacy title has a glow to set it apart from the ‘normal’ titles maybe a different one based on how far back it goes?
I just started out and bought it on my Xbox and switch. You’re telling me that if I waited a few more months I could have saved so much money... BRUH
landon Codianna
landon Codianna:
I’m so sad I thought that I would finally get the skyline, but If I can’t, at least bring it back to buy 😑
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson:
“You know if you’re me and you always get second place” 💀
Gaming Dragon
Gaming Dragon:
When I saw 20xx i thought hey we’re giving out 20xx’s but then I realized this is rocket league.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams:
I'm actually so excited for this update. I genuinely believe Rocket League could become one of the biggest esports and biggest multiplayer games even thought its already been out for a fair few years
Surprised Rizzo: There is a hair on my head
Belthazor Rocket League
Belthazor Rocket League:
Ah the smurffest update, sadly its finally coming.
660 Subscribers With No Videos?
660 Subscribers With No Videos?:
I swear no matter what rizzo always sounds so happy, it makes me happy.
Just checking YouTube at 5am and seeing this video uploaded a few hours ago I was like wtf this is amazing,now i will have some people to play RL with
Fec ni
Fec ni:
I love that it goes free to play. I tried to convince my friends to buy it and play with me, but the said it was too expensive. This update will solve that
Can't wait!
my reaction: yay

when i realize i play on mac: nay
Scott Bailey
Scott Bailey:
Let’s goooo I started in 2016 but none of my friends believe me so I can just show them the tag
greattt just switched to pc so my 2015 title i would get on my ps4 doesn’t matter
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas:
Mans said “it looks like pirate’s booty”😂
Crow Of Shadow
Crow Of Shadow:
Smurfing will reach a new level but I'm super excited to play with my friends who didn't even play before cause they didn't want to buy it ^^
Mohit Sagar
Mohit Sagar:
Can't wait for newbies to find Rizzo 😂
Felix Murtagh
Felix Murtagh:
I remember my dad bought the game on his own steam account when it first came out and I used to grind that shit everyday before I bought it on my own steam account. makes me sad my title would only be 2018 :'(
Eyaad Mahmoud
Eyaad Mahmoud:
More smurfs are coming in the way 😕😂
Razor.RL. YT
Razor.RL. YT:
Chat: go make a vid before Jon. Rizzo: OH YEAH then ends stream
asap rosé
asap rosé:
If they’re going free to play can they freakin add the old DLC again I want a fookin skyline, I’ll pay for it if I have to 💀
IDidNawtHitHer Oh Hi Mark
IDidNawtHitHer Oh Hi Mark:
Lol and i almost bought it like 2 days ago since my ps plus lince was remove thx to that stupid ps now bug
Zenoko Gaming
Zenoko Gaming:
Didn’t expect Rizzo to have a moustache
when they say "played online before" does that mean on that day or in general bc i'm confusion ngl
"tournaments is going to get revamped"
I need to see the cosmos boost on the octane. The car makes most boosts look better imo.
Now psyonix is going to have microtransactions to the max.
I only scraped a 2019 title, now I'm gonna get flexed on by all the 2015 titles
Garrett M
Garrett M:
I want the est 2015 title on my steam account, but I only started playing pc in 2019, so how will I get my old Xbox account to link to my new pc account?
parmesan chesse
parmesan chesse:
I can't wait to show people how bad I've been at the game
Psyonix/EpicGames: You will get all the cars, just not the fashion version of them.
Rest of the world: OMG I want more fashion and decals etc.
Me: *Laughs in Bakkes-mod* You have no power here...!
Jamze Hoffman
Jamze Hoffman:
I really hope there is a way to get my inventory from Ps4 over to PC.
I'm so anxious!
fat lard
fat lard:
"if you're seeing this video you won't be eligible for this" lmao
senna lysander
senna lysander:
so i paid for a game thats going free, r.i.p my 20 bucks.
Rick Leveb
Rick Leveb:
This is at this very moment you realize: you can now smurf for free.
Blood Wolf2609
Blood Wolf2609:
everyone complaining about buying the game, kinda weird
Mansoor Saleem
Mansoor Saleem:
I want refund!
oh wait my played time is under 2 hours 😊
bought the game 2 -3 years ago and didnt have a controller
Fede 24
Fede 24:
stopped playing it on ps4 cause you need the ps plus, hope that when it'll turn free to play it wont require the plus, anyone has info about this already?
—toxic_ revival—
—toxic_ revival—:
“Est. 20XX title that displays the first year you played Rocket League”
Me who started playing online on December 30, 2018: 🙃
He used my thumbnail that I made in 10 seconds Pog
Jader Raider
Jader Raider:
The people who got it for free with ps plus back in 2015 are probably just vibing right now.
I am so excited becaues my ps4 broke at the sstart of this year and I couldn't get rocket league every since.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez:
I think I played when the game first came out too. Can't remember but I'm like most people, used the takumi cuz it looked dope 😂😂
UnicornStalkR Gaming
UnicornStalkR Gaming:
Wait, he look like the bag boy at my local grocery store.
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph:
Damn just bought the game yesterday
Just a question:
I sold my ps4 and switched to pc. Can i stil get my items from ps4 to my pc trough my psn? Would be nice :)
Rizzo, I love you and your content, but my guy, back up from the camera lmao
Oh damn. I only just started rl on pc december last year but my first time playing on xbox was 2015.

Edit: nevermind let's go baby. Cross platform progression
I remember when rocket league was free a while ago on ps4 (around 2016 I think). That’s a how I got rocket league.
Brendt Ezovski
Brendt Ezovski:
I’m exited that u can move items to a different platform cus I’m moving from switch 2 Xbox because my rl is broken. I chat even open it cus I have corrupted data. Hopefully I can get my items 2 xbox
I thought they were gonna give me the skyline for a second damn.
The only thing I’m concerned about is that there are definitely gonna be a lot more smurfs now. They’re probably gonna monetize it even harder.
Kameron Bourne
Kameron Bourne:
rizzo looking like dan gheesling with the red shirt and everything, he just needs a gold chain
Papa Cashwads
Papa Cashwads:
Good to see this game that I’ve loved and played for so long will now be used as a marketing platform for epic games...
yo I think you gotta go pure stache man, you'll look legendary dad status. natty equals daddy
Efson 8451
Efson 8451:
Wish the skyline was one of the car ms being given to ppl in the dlc packs being given😢 been wanting that since they made it so you can’t get it anymore
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz:
Bro it’s been an hour WHATS THE RETURN TIMEEE
Damn, I got banned on my first account for being too good, so I'll be established 2019 :(
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio:
Wasn't it free play when it released? I'm confused

Yay established 2015 for me
Liam Davies
Liam Davies:
Whats going on I just looked at the thumbnail and just instantly craved for salt and vinegar crisps 😂
Vanquish TypicaL
Vanquish TypicaL:
Question: when will we get the epic games acc transfer stuff now or when it goes FTP?
Hey rizzo. how many times do you think you've deleted rocket league?
this is amazing news truly awesome words can't express how hyped i am haha.
Vanquish TypicaL
Vanquish TypicaL:
Rocket league : goes free to play
Kattie Conroy
Kattie Conroy:
I discovered,, *l a z y h o m e p r o .c l u b* .when browsing on the internet and may now send my son to study
Rizzo with a stache looks like a McDonald’s manager
Roskal Raskal
Roskal Raskal:
Do you think steam workshop mods will still work after this?
Bruh I started a new account this year so I’m just getting est.2020
best news ive seen this year LETS GOOOO