Roger Federer • Best Tricks & Skills

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100+ comentarios:

This guy is pretty good. He should consider doing this for a living.
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf:
Federer is the John wick of the tennis
K A:
Best part about Federer is he doesn’t grunt like he’s taking a shit every time he hits the ball.
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali:
If it wasn't for nadal or Djokovic this guy would have had at least 30+ grandslams
Fazmie Ibtizam
Fazmie Ibtizam:
Was watching some Messi's and Ronaldo's videos when suddenly I ended up here. As a person who never played tennis, I gotta say, this Federer guy such a magician. Those hand control, his quick reactions are just wonderful.
Anthony Jules
Anthony Jules:
5:16 elite level ball boy status
Erik Chavarin
Erik Chavarin:
7:20 "you know how much racquet head speed and control you need to hit that shot?"

"...idk i've never hit it"
Otto Jørgensen
Otto Jørgensen:
Congratulations. Your ball boy has evolved into an elite legendary young catcher
Jonatan Medina Espinal
Jonatan Medina Espinal:
7:49 "This is why this guy is gonna be good for the game" she had no idea...
that guy has amazing reflexes, imagination and hand-eye coordination.
djokovic the wall, nadal the train, federer the maestro...
Jayson Hunter
Jayson Hunter:
What did I learn? That hes most dangerous with his back to you😭
Marcos Villavicencio
Marcos Villavicencio:
5:16 was that a skill from Federer or the ball kid? LOL
Azrul Hafiz
Azrul Hafiz:
7:31 LMAOO
This Federer fella looks talented. He might gonna win some slams if he work hard enough..
Conclusion after watching this: This guy is using hacks.
Alan Parson
Alan Parson:
They're only called "tricks" when you know you're playing a human.

Federer is *not* a human.
Stone W
Stone W:
He's like a dancing faerie on the court with a magic wand, LOL
Tim Cue
Tim Cue:
When he does retire, the sports world will lose the greatest tennis player ever, gentleman. Pro football players should learn a thing or two
Chase Cieslar
Chase Cieslar:
4:21 it looked like they were playing air tennis
Michael Wirth
Michael Wirth:
He just must be the best and most entertaining athlete of all times!
Ramy G
Ramy G:
1:49 - Was quite dangerous, he could have lost an eye...
Deepak Floyd
Deepak Floyd:
0:23 that was sublime
Epic Minecrafter
Epic Minecrafter:
0:54 uh WHAT

4:55 uh WH A T

Lingfen Monster
Lingfen Monster:
Federer always be my favourite tennis player ever... He’s the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton:
I was more impressed by his opponent @ 8:19 Give that man credit!! Who is he?
Isao Huang
Isao Huang:
5:17 The guy is amazing.
God's Sun_1
God's Sun_1:
He killed him with that no look shot!!! 😲 1:06
He's gotta be the hardest worker on the tour to be able to produce such talent like it's nothing.
Jueru Chan
Jueru Chan:
1:03 he had seen the best thing in his life live XD
jan 05
jan 05:
1:37 listen to the crowd
Alex Sweetnam
Alex Sweetnam:
7:53 - "this guys gunna be good" - what a prediction ;)
Nero Blitzk
Nero Blitzk:
"from the ridiculous, to the Sublime."
Nick Newey
Nick Newey:
Federer is the greatest! And a good guy too!
Julià Rivarés
Julià Rivarés:
8:18 federer vs korea. you have to love the guy
This is what I want to do when I grow up
Achraf Amesguine
Achraf Amesguine:
1:05 so genius
Titan, fiera, figura, máquina, mastodonte, alfa, lomo plateado, berserker, mejor de todos los tiempos.
Vũ Thu Hiền
Vũ Thu Hiền:
awesome. so lucky when he still play in order to we can watch all the perfect match. love him so much 🥰
Umair Mairi
Umair Mairi:
Through this video finally i came to know that why people love him so much....
Ebson Ebby
Ebson Ebby:
Roger is th GOAT in tennis
That behind the back was extremely good the way he didn’t just get it back he put it right on the left,
Benjamin Eklund
Benjamin Eklund:
Then there’s me: hitting the ball over and having a celebration
U can make a entire highlight montage just base on his match with Berdych, he got him at least 40 times over the years on unreal trick shots
I could watch Federer beat up on Berdych all day long... Great Video!!!
4:23 it looks like they are playing with air
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton:
I've always been amazed how Federer never ever looks tired or out of breath. He barely sweats too!
Lolke Van de Witte
Lolke Van de Witte:
Thx! Pure pleasure to watch! The man is a legend by life. Small sugestion, I do miss the running smash back on the smash of Andy Roddick....
Justin Credible
Justin Credible:
The best tennis player ever!
What's crazy to me is when the ball is behind him, he just calmly jogs to the ball and hits it back full force.
Edson Raulino Ferreira
Edson Raulino Ferreira:
Os outros jogadores ficam sem entender como pode ser tão genial assim,ele faz mágica contra todos os jogadores, Djokovic,Nadal,Murray etc vida longa ao rei Roger Federer
Tom CA
Tom CA:
You should have added the lob by Federer from the 2005 Dubai open against Agassi
Marie Johanna
Marie Johanna:
I Love that u dont cut off the commentators
Paw Paw
Paw Paw:
7:29 Was he chasing him? lol
5:17 that kid waited his whole life for that moment
I would pay just to watch Federer trickshots
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee:
it’s like he took badminton skills and put them in tennis
K Ahmed
K Ahmed:
Class personified.
3:59 made me say ho ho ho
Lorenzo García Ferrari
Lorenzo García Ferrari:
4:43 wtf? He hits the ball twice?
2:21 ここ錦織も相当すごいことしてるけどな
Divyanshu Yadav
Divyanshu Yadav:
5:17 great catch by that ball boy
The World According To Remy
The World According To Remy:
“Gone from the ridiculous to the sublime”
Ivan Huber
Ivan Huber:
5:17 they were clapping to the kid
Entrenador de dogo
Entrenador de dogo:
5:15 best tricks and skils federer AND BALLBOY
Edwin Chang
Edwin Chang:
Compilation of a tennis god flexing.
Thomas Leifseth
Thomas Leifseth:
This dude has Ping -pong reactions, Amazing to watch the skills
Андрей Мельников
Андрей Мельников:
Pure pleasure to watch ! the best and most entertaining athlete of all times!
Miguel Pessanha
Miguel Pessanha:
6:50 That's absolute outrageous footwork!
Thank you for those smooth audio transitions. Nice work editor
A P:
Even in my mind, I cannot play shots like this
1:01 look at the audiences faces lol
D & Y
D & Y:
Absolute genius!
Jorge Chaparro
Jorge Chaparro:
0:27 my tenis teacher do that
2:53 made me cry 😭😭😭😭
Bastian Vargas
Bastian Vargas:
6:18 Goat
7:45 the commentator says this is why this guy is going to be good for the game ! ... Turns out he was the best !
Nandu Rohit 007
Nandu Rohit 007:
G O A T🔥🔥
Peters Junior
Peters Junior:
"Even Federer doesn't do that" Well,he just did it😂😂😂
F U:
It will be a very long time before another player the likes of Federer comes around, if ever
Arkadiusz Wheeze
Arkadiusz Wheeze:
I believe he took inspiration from Badminton players as well. Badminton players do some of those trick shots alot too
5:40 my favourite
Jaime Lacayo C.
Jaime Lacayo C.:
THIS IS WHAT IM HAPPY ABOUT: The fact that I got to see this guy playing during my lifetime and not just read/heard about him 50 years from now.
0:23 my coach does that all the time
2:52 that's the only hot shot I can reproduce LOL
Maurice Richardson
Maurice Richardson:
You put a sword in Roger Federer hand he would be lethal...
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Mi ídolo. La maestría, la perfección suiza. 🔥🔥🔥
srabankumar malla
srabankumar malla:
Absolute genius ❤
The absolute best there is...
there is no teacher for this and probably even less students
Parsh Goel
Parsh Goel:
The best player
5:17 the ball boy
Juan David Lozano
Juan David Lozano:
3:53 Only Federer
Rishabh Purohit
Rishabh Purohit:
3:04 appreciate your edit, not cutting the voice
Wow that's amazing skills in Tennis game i ever seen...
he is *da man*
Amazing video bro
I keep on watching it
again and again
Germain Piéton
Germain Piéton:
Bonjour. Roger Federer s'amuse quand il joue, c'est pour cela qu'il est excellent // Hello. Roger Federer has fun when he plays, that's why he's great// Guten Morgen. Roger Federer spielt immer gerne und hat Spaß, was ihn großartig macht.
Jay Rai
Jay Rai:
5:15 we all know this boy was famous for catching the ball well but I just realized Federer’s pass was really good too lol