Roger Federer: Most Unbelievable Skill Moments!

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Clips that I've seen 100 times, but it never gets old
Awesome Welles
Awesome Welles:
I don't give a monkey's whether he's the GOAT or not, he is simply better to watch than any other player, and it's going to be rubbish without him.
He has the best feel in the game I've ever seen so far.
Josh M
Josh M:
Roger has possibly the greatest skills ever in tennis. His hands at the net are amazing along with the shots he is able to pull off. Truly an inspiration.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
“This is pure genius, can’t teach shots like this” Robbie Koenig.

Also Robbie Koenig “half volley open stance with a single handed backhand”
Ank Bas
Ank Bas:
Easily the most talented tennis player we have ever seen.
ABe Tenis
ABe Tenis:
Roger Federer.. The Legend
Богдан Захаров
Богдан Захаров:
Roger the best player
He can calculate net height by his perfect eye measure !! His half volley is beautiful!!
Superfan fff
Superfan fff:
The last 2 points against zverev is also really impressive how he could return two big serves of 214 and 229 kmh so deep
Isaac Rosales
Isaac Rosales:
The boi. The icon. The idol. The man. The GOAT. Roger Federer.
Owen Harris
Owen Harris:
Roger Federer: does what he does

Announcers: OH come on!!!!
Federer「What is Retirement?」
Ramiro Rolon Martínez
Ramiro Rolon Martínez:
Omg agassi was so pissed lol
One like = one more year Federer will stay in the game
Luke Seymour Caseñas
Luke Seymour Caseñas:
The aspect of tennis that numbers can't tell. Fed's numbers are enough for GOAT, but the elegance, poetry, and magic he produces will captivate the tennis world forever. He is undoubtedly the GOAT!
Lasse M
Lasse M:
Only 14 Minutes? Was prepared for a blockbuster
Unquestionably, *The Most Gifted* player that has ever held the racket
Tennis Star
Tennis Star:
Perhaps the only video where I was stunned in the early 3 Seconds.... that's insane
Raz Ols
Raz Ols:
I see you’ve watched a lot of Raz Ols compilations lol
The most talented player ever. He is the Messi of Tennis!!
roddicks career in a sentence Game Set Match Federer!
rohan gupta
rohan gupta:
Just to get a conversation started on this particular topic .
In the GOAT debate is it fair to compare Novak with Roger on the basis of their h2h record ?
Think about it. Surely they've had plenty of nail biting match-ups in the past decade with Djokovic winning most of them. But I personally feel that we're forgetting a few things...
1) There's a six year gap between the two... Almost like a semi generation (like Nadal and thiem)
Playing styles and racket tech changes a lot.
2) A huge chunk of their matches were contested after Novak reached his prime and Fed crossed 30. Definitely Novak has a mental edge over Federer.... But the fact that fed is quite possibly the only force that can at times even stun prime Novak is quite remarkable.
Truth being said both are great players(co-goats) but their match-ups is not a decisive parameter.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
It's been almost 17 years and I am still trying to understand what he did against Ferrero at 12:48
Burke Pablo
Burke Pablo:
GOAT no discussion
Vinay Shende
Vinay Shende:
6:25 with Berdych is just out of this of my favourites....
7:03 He did the Nadal celebration
12:00 Seriously....SERIOUSLY??
"Welcome to the magic show."
1:23 continuation: "Last time we saw one of those, god was a boy."
juancho da gama
juancho da gama:
Roger please stay with us.dont leave us behind with the zverevs and the medvedvs.
Master KG1
Master KG1:
Federer ! The best, the GOAT, the genius !
There may be three GOATs in tennis. But only one player can hit shots like these with such natural ease and nonchalance. In the era of tennis machines, Federer brings the artsy class that will be much missed once he's gone.
The tennis racquet is like a "magic wand", in the great Federer's hands!
The maestro of tennis.
Arthur Fungai Mvududu
Arthur Fungai Mvududu:
I hope you brought a cushion for your jaw to land on
The AViator
The AViator:
I love the super-high-res on some of the clips! I’ve never seen that Gulbis point in such high clarity before. And seeing the detail in Roger’s thicc eyebrows as he does his magic is an added bonus!
Mauro C
Mauro C:
By far the most talented player that i've seen since starting watching tennis 👑
Eastwood Records
Eastwood Records:
5:29 the only two-handed backhand I've seen from Federer!
Starr Osborne
Starr Osborne:
What a sad day it’s going to be when the great RF decides he wants to retire I can’t imagine tennis without him
Kash Nair
Kash Nair:
welcome to the federer masterclass
Bela David Manning
Bela David Manning:
12:55 in Germany we call this: Hops genommen
2:19 “Yes I know I’m the greatest” ❤️
Patrick McDonnell-Alègre
Patrick McDonnell-Alègre:
"30 : 15" at 1:20 sounds like Roger's voice, like he ran up the umpire's chair to rub it in to Murray
C Boyce
C Boyce:
Murray: I’m going to make that ball!
Federer: No, Andy, you are not.
He’s the goat, he’s incredible 😂
Pouria Soltani
Pouria Soltani:
I'm honored to live in his lifetime.
You forgot the rally in AO 2017 against Rafa, it was incredible!!
mugada bharat
mugada bharat:
Volleying from mid-court - crazy skills my friend Roger
Aswin S.B
Aswin S.B:
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee😍😍
Yahbulani צ'ארלס
Yahbulani צ'ארלס:
3:42 That No Look 👀
3:17 forget about it
Om _ MST
Om _ MST:
wow love roger
10:00 Just look at Federer.......he knew that Murray will not be able to reach the ball on time
jo p
jo p:
11:17 whoever this commentator is, he is (or was) gold !!
1:20 look at the right
Some would say that if Nadal can get to 19 Grand Slams with all the injuries he's had, it's obvious HE is the GOAT
The AViator
The AViator:
3:46 I always wondered...What happened here? Did he trip over something? Did a ball fall out of his pocket but he caught it? Did he have to itch his leg??
Siddharth Pandey
Siddharth Pandey:
Missing shots: Half volley vs. kyrgios 2017 miami
half volley vs. nadal Indian wells 2017
half volley vs. wawrinka Australian open 2017
The AViator
The AViator:
If I knew he would play this long, I would have worked my rear off 24/7 just to try to get the chance to play him.
00:00-14:19 Arguably the best shots I’ve ever seen
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Mi ídolo, el legendario Roger Federer 😍😍😍
Angelo Sbardella
Angelo Sbardella:
thanks for 14 subscribers
thanks for 14 subscribers:
50% of roger federer's name is "er"
The AViator
The AViator:
I wonder how many of these Federer himself remembers.
Usuario Anonimo
Usuario Anonimo:
6:18 Why didn't Berdych move? I think he could catch that ball.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit:
1:40 OHH WOOOW!!
RIP mydude
RIP mydude:
Ivica Bejic
Ivica Bejic:
The way Federer plays is beautiful to watch 🙌 his Movement on the court and those unbelievable Handskills are unreal...
Log Boi
Log Boi:
My favorite commentator moment when he goes “ooohhhh wow!! 37!!!???”
Vansh Agarwal
Vansh Agarwal:
"Federer made that look ridiculously ea---STOP IT"
Damn Robbie let him finish his sentence lmao.
Oscar Tracey
Oscar Tracey:
1.20 that net sign hasn’t aged well...
SpecialPerformance‼ Roger!!
Jan Gubler
Jan Gubler:
The GOAT, no question about that...
Paul Germain
Paul Germain:
What a player is Federer !
Juma Nji
Juma Nji:
There is certain gracefulness in every shot from Federer and even more humbleness in every shot he wins. Djoko comes pretty close. Personally for me the single handed backhand tips the scale for Federer. Such a beauty to watch.
Alexandre Sa
Alexandre Sa:
The most skilled player of all times. The legend
Nestor Del Pino Valdez
Nestor Del Pino Valdez:
Does anyone dare to put Roger's greatness in discussion? Nobody was, is, or will be able to produce tennis of this quality, no one!
DJ ÜzzeN
DJ ÜzzeN:
0:45 stop it
Dulcie Lambert
Dulcie Lambert:

යාවින්ග් ඒන්ජල් නිතරම ආඩම්බරයට පත්වූයේ පහසුවෙන් පරාජය කළ හැකි ලෙසය
Federer c'est la magie tout simplement
I want to see Kyrgios and Federer ! They have beautiful touch!
kishan mittal
kishan mittal:
1:00 corona on the nets :v
Jai Sharma
Jai Sharma:
The style in which he saved set point from Djokovic would be his loss in the Wimbledon final in 2019.
Pradip Datta
Pradip Datta:
Federer has given us memories which will stay with us forever. I guess that's what sports is all about. The statistics will change with time.
Today Federer has 20GS, Nadal probably will go past him and Djokovic may be will go past both. Sometime in the future, somebody else will rewrite the record books.
It's the unforgettable moments which will last a lifetime.
Each person will have their own favourite, mine is Rafael Nadal. But Roger Federer is irreplaceable.
Isaac Rosales
Isaac Rosales:
_mY fAvOrItE sKiLL aBoUt hiM iS HiS gAmEsTyLe aT 40-15_

Signed, any casual and basic Federer hater
Danis Ramic
Danis Ramic:
Best to thing to watch during the quarantine. I LOVE YOU ROG ❤️❤️❤️❤️
凱祥 20
凱祥 20:
great edition!!
his style seems to have changed ever so slightly.
in the older clips he tends to hit the ball marginally more flat, but slightly later. now he seems to take it earlier and with more topspin.
Rand U
Rand U:
All of his shots are impressive but his drop shots are just amazing.
Today's Tricks
Today's Tricks:
1:21 Corona on the net post😅
Anthony Di-Perini
Anthony Di-Perini:
I can beat you anytime you want 😅
Niklas Stalzer
Niklas Stalzer:
Some say Berdych is still waiting
Andrew Lubbers
Andrew Lubbers:
Just want to point out how done Agassi looks in the Dubai 2005 semis
Андрей Х
Андрей Х:
I didn't see god, but I saw Roger Federer!!!!
Marjan P
Marjan P:
Roger is kidding
Magic is in making
People are screaming
I'm giggling...😂🤣
Middleclass and Married
Middleclass and Married:
Top 5 Quotes from Roger Federer - @t, truly shows why this guy is legendary
John Kremer
John Kremer:
the GOAT !
Rafael Nadal__
Rafael Nadal__:
The no look at 3:40 is so smooth