Roger Federer Sweet Skills in Win vs Berrettini! | Nitto ATP Finals 2019

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68 comentarios:

Berrettini: "Sure, nice shots, old man. But check this out!"
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
I'm a Nole fan (have been for many years) but I never cease to amazed by Roger's out of this world artistry and skill. When he's on, there's no one like him.
John Elliott
John Elliott:
The shots Fed makes I have never seen from Rafa or Djokovic!
Federico Russo
Federico Russo:
This again. I'm his fan but it's clear he drops his level against those players he perceives as a threat.
For example - yes, Thien played amazing two days ago but Federer played badly as well. Now he plays the Italian and while not perfect he plays much much better. Roger's issue is mental. He has more than enough fitness to compete and take out the top players... the issue is once he gets tense he's fucked.
şeytanın avukatı
şeytanın avukatı:
Federer is 17-0 in second round robin matches just unbelievable
Lakshmanan R
Lakshmanan R:
Whatever the results come, he is my hero
Lakshmanan R
Lakshmanan R:
So if Roger lifts the trophy that would be the best win like winning a grandslam..
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Great match Roger! Going to be tough against Djokovic.
Tareq Rawashdeh
Tareq Rawashdeh:
I am a big fan of Roger, but I don't think he is ready to face Djokovic
Berrettini basically just got stage fright today, many unforced errors
A Random Person
A Random Person:
Man! Look at those deft touches and half-volleys. Amazing how Fed keeps doing this week after week. No complaints whatsoever on his loss against Thiem. Fed is still a force in the world of threat. This is coming from a Rafan.
Jack Schlangen
Jack Schlangen:
wonderfull match from the Swiss artist
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
0:39 Now that’s how you hit a backhand smash.
Joy Jamago
Joy Jamago:
Roger. I believe in you. Always.
Lakshmanan R
Lakshmanan R:
If Roger able to wins against Novak, then there is no doubt of lighting the championship..
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
Poor Berretini, his first atp Finals and he’s already out of contention
Lakshmanan R
Lakshmanan R:
I knew he come back strongly..
Aa Ss
Aa Ss:
Berretini need to loss weight
Laurent Zeitoun
Laurent Zeitoun:
Still the king, i mean no others players have his touch
The GOAT continues to make cheese.
Steven Le
Steven Le:
more points in this clip than the 3-4 min long ones...
Anca Bartes
Anca Bartes:
Oh my...thats super class
Bernadette Jupille
Bernadette Jupille:
Bravo Roger belle victoire et toujours humble ...
Carbones De Leon
Carbones De Leon:
That surface its sooo fast!*!
You can love Rafa and Djokovic. They're great. But no one has the touch and the effortlessness in their game as Federer. All three of them can win. But only one of them can play like this. What a joy to watch. Ah!
A L:
Better speed and control today. Maybe sleeped well)
Hee Won Cho
Hee Won Cho:
Go Roger!time to escape 5 consecutive loss.
Guillermo Meana
Guillermo Meana:
¡Federer te banco a morir!
Ed Lockley
Ed Lockley:
Better match today but I’d be very surprised if he comes through that match with Djokovic
Ian Colledge
Ian Colledge:
Similar style to myself...
Is this 2007??
Daniel Shobbrook
Daniel Shobbrook:
Igor Jovićević-Jov
Igor Jovićević-Jov:
Guido Hidalgo
Guido Hidalgo:
Fantastico Roger, sigue dando clase
federer loook is super shape , next is djoker
Ricardo Cordova
Ricardo Cordova:
Allez Roger !!!
Gabriel Infiniti
Gabriel Infiniti:
Guys, when you talk about Federer not winning against Novack, can you guys tell me who have chances of beating him?
Andrew Lubbers
Andrew Lubbers:
Ulra Deja
Ulra Deja:
Giorgio Benvissuto
Giorgio Benvissuto:
Grande Berrettini comunque
Edward Hannah
Edward Hannah:
I don’t think Berrettini believed he could upset Federer but he played so much better than in Wimbledon.
Mehedi hassan
Mehedi hassan:
Come on Roger federar 💝💝💝
Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain:
Can he win against Djokovic?
I have a feeling he will find a way to beat novak
Sanne V
Sanne V:
Matteo did much better than his first game, he played really well
lange darm
lange darm:
Backhand volley? That was a backhand smash, mate.
Lakshmanan R
Lakshmanan R:
But well done Matteo
Berrettini's out of his depth at this event
Lukas Gigler
Lukas Gigler:
Federer still bad. Especially the Return in the first set was an atrocity. Forehand not good enough either. Missed to many second shots and putaways
Daniela M.
Daniela M.:
Federer did what he had to do!
But i’m a bit surprised about what Berretini said after the match : “ I'm disappointed, but this defeat was already in my plans!”.
This is not exactly the expected mindset of a top 10 player.
ivan ivanov
ivan ivanov:
So bad for berettini i like how he plays but he is not playing good here if he played like us open this year he would be so much harder to beat
He will be a graet player
Bernadette Jupille
Bernadette Jupille:
Roger n a pas brillé dans sa victoire Nadal ? Les médias essaye d être moins bêtes ....
Filippo Dgf
Filippo Dgf:
We GO(A)T an artist
David Thailand
David Thailand:
6:2 6:3for nowak
Imam Sanusi
Imam Sanusi:
Bad played by Berrettini. Not in top performance, this tournament will be his lessons. Wish 2020 you will win Grand Slam. Keep spirit Matteo, gud luck in 2020. Amin 🤗
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant:
Not sure if Roger believes he can beat Novak anymore. Literally hasn't since 2015.
Paco Chuquiure
Paco Chuquiure:
Novak will destroy Thiem and then will proceed with the Swiss. We are all warned :)
I can't be against Roger even if playing vs Berrettini, anyway Matteo played quite well today; sure for now it's not competitive vs Roger, Nole or Rafa but with a little 'more experience will be able to do better (that doesn't mean win but play at his the best).
In any case the next world number one (after Nole, Rafa and Roger) will be italian (south-tyrolean to be more precise).
Bug de l'An 2020
Bug de l'An 2020:
Both are eliminated djoko and thiem are going trough semi finals !
yaqub hussaini
yaqub hussaini:
Djokovic will thrash him and show the door 🤣
John Bowe
John Bowe:
Federer won't beat Djokovic. He's in sluggish form.
Marco 7號
Marco 7號:
Roger is God!
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
Berettini is new Tsonga
Hugo Naude
Hugo Naude:
Roger can do these shots against a Berritine ... but he us struggling more and more to put away the Thiems, and Tsitsipasses of the circuit ... I don't think he will win another GS ...
M H:
Mateo shouldn't be here. He is still not a proper player for elite 8. I wish Kei were not injured. He would have been here.
Adriano Milano
Adriano Milano:
Berrettini non ha la stoffa per competere con Federer e compagni, la sua reale classifica è tra i primi 40 giocatori non certamente nella top 10
He's a dead man against Djokovic. It's too sad.