Roger Federer - Top Ten Points Of His Career

Decided to make this video in celebration of Federers most recent Grand Slam! One notable point thats missing is the Wimbledon 2008 passing shot. I tried to take the entire point into consideration, not just one shot, which is why that pass is absent. With that being said enjoy the video!

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Nicholas S. D.
Nicholas S. D.:
That AO Final point in the 5th may have been the best point of his entire career! And what's different about that point from all the others is that there is no fancy shots, and no laughing and smiling about the point afterwards. He was right in the thick of fighting off a friekin werewolf that wanted to tear his heart out and sit on his chest while eating it up letting all that delicious blood and gore drip down his chin. That's what made this win so great: Federer is not that type of person or player, yet he adapted himself and his game, and *HE* *WON*! He got away from that nightmare fiend, and he is probably going to leave with not just that trophy, but with the G.O.A.T. title - and rightly so. He is perhaps the greatest sportsman of all time, not just tennis player.
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel Figueroa:
Greatest tennis player of all time
That shot he hit with Andy Roddick. I mean speechless. Only Roger
Max Pheby
Max Pheby:
"can you believe it" I can believe it, its Federer.
The Difference between Federer and a player like Djokovic is that Federer's game is much more spectacular. and elegant. He is a pleasure for the eyes. Unlike Djoko's robotic game that is oftenly big marathons and baseline points, Fed can do anything and his best points don't look like each other because he has so much creativity thanks to his technique and touch. Make no mistake, Djoko is a fantastic player but even if he ends up winning more grand slams than Federer, I will always consider Fed the GOAT.
Bobby Bellingham
Bobby Bellingham:
I can't wipe the smile off my face.........
That ball kid at 5:45 is def wondering what planet Roger is from.
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel Figueroa:
Greatest tennis player of all time
slicer 4life
slicer 4life:
his father at the end so happy to see his son play and make those amazing shots, wish my father would be this proud of me :(
GOAT, you can't deny.
Barry Bobola
Barry Bobola:
3 Dislikes: Djakovic, Murray and Nadal...
the shot vs agassi is probably the most technically difficult to execute under pressure, of all of these shots IMO
digi bau
digi bau:
Greatest player of all time! He makes it look so easy!
This Agassi Point need a Remastering in 4k :p this Point is Insane.
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott:
No airs and grases, no grunting, just sure brilliance...
Stuart Carden
Stuart Carden:
Are we sure he's even human? Insanity! How it is even possible to play like this?
Max Albrecht
Max Albrecht:
My god. The last one is just insane!
RF ended Roddick's and Hewitt's career, being them younger than him. That's what I call a champion. And that's a fact.
Beáta Harmati
Beáta Harmati:
The God of tennis actually.
The last tweener against Novak seems to be in every fucking list about RF's best point around the internet!!!!And i love it!!!
Miras M
Miras M:
7:34 best tweener ever:)
Incrediblé... blah blah blah... impossiblé... blah blah blah... grandé señoré 😝
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez:
some of these were recorded with a potato
Joel Sandwich
Joel Sandwich:
I'll make a part 2 for this video as well.
Leo Smart
Leo Smart:
Thanks for the incredible compilation of the Maestro's top points. To me, the most amazing is the one against Hewitt (?) in the AO, because his opponent is in a dominant net position and hits him with 4 impossibly difficult shots in a row. In a near tie is the Del Potro exchange, because he not only has to go coast to coast repeatedly to stay alive, but also manages to get off two consecutive impossible cross-court shots with perfect placement. The third best is the Roddick sequence. Nevertheless, I'm sure you could find an incredibly impressive second and third set of ten best points.
David G.
David G.:
Roddick always a great guy as he goes to the other side to Congrads Federer. Great stuff
Tibby Day
Tibby Day:
Young federer is so cute
Wimbledon 2008 4th set tie breaker down 7-8 Nadal championship point, then a running back hand passing shot down the line...... where is that ???
I miss the point in AO 2016 vs Nole 3-4 15-30 in the fourth.
I remember in September 2009 running back home with the hope of watching the end of the USO semi, turning on my tv and the first point I saw was that tweener passing shot. I turned my tv off. It had made my day.
Sami Folio
Sami Folio:
0:23 even the argentinian boys aint hatin
Alexandros Deligiorgis
Alexandros Deligiorgis:
Federer = The Tennis Artist !!
He came from outside this world. Amazing
Pier Paolo Adamo
Pier Paolo Adamo:
Federer corresponds to tennis as Jordan corresponds to basketball. Proud of having been able to admire them, in my generation!
ciclon00 nz
ciclon00 nz:
7777database 777
7777database 777:
6:55 against roddick it's insane, even you can't imagine by fantasy, unbelievable...
I love it when he improvises with random squash shots.
Yücel Erkin Gün
Yücel Erkin Gün:
Beyond the cups, numbers, trophies i think he is the most natural talented tennis player of all time
I LOVE his dad's reactions in the box yelling and getting up, it's that amazing
Logan Derb
Logan Derb:
Pretty close the delpotro one is amazing
Amarjot Khangura
Amarjot Khangura:
Roddick be like "NOOOOOOOO, i dont want to play with you"
Hater 001
Hater 001:
8:17 my face when everybody in class has better marks than me
maestro h
maestro h:
Thanks for a great collection, so hard to pick. I remember watching the AO point vs Hewitt - to me that was the Federer pivot, I then knew he'd go to number one and the announcers felt the same as their commentary switched from that moment on.
Mr. JL
Mr. JL:
6:50 Steve Stifler making a show
As i was watching this, i remembered that time where Nole was the eternal 3rd place.
Now he's turned into a Cylon.
vman armand
vman armand:
how could you not include the backhand vs. Djokovic at the 08 aussie open?????
I'd like to see a top 10 best points during Grand Slams that he won... it pains me to see the points in matches he lost or he ended up losing the grand slam.... Goes to show how well the other players had to play to win though.
5:45 reaction of the guy behind
3:44 There you can actually see the real speeds of these players.
Melany Galvez
Melany Galvez:
Fed's dad <3 so adorable
Juan Martín Irigaray
Juan Martín Irigaray:
God bless you, your Majesty... RF 🎾
I like Roddick's reaction (before he throws racquet)
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner:
number 2 should be number 1. so difficult to produce
Love his style of tennis!!! GOAT!
ruby black
ruby black:
Only Mr Roger Federer a tennis player from Switzerland could pull off the last shot in this video. It was against Novak.
6:35 The commentator just had a heart strike
Rasha Saleh
Rasha Saleh:
Isn't he the best 😍💙😭😊😅
Daniel Espinosa
Daniel Espinosa:
I love Roddick's reaction when Fed hits his smash back up the line for a winner. He just throws his racquet across the net at Federer like I have just as good of a chance at beating you without a racquet as I do with one - zero! Lmao!
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott:
This is why I love men's matches!
Abo Ali
Abo Ali:
were is the one versus Gonzales in AO 2007??
Natpugit Pakseubzin
Natpugit Pakseubzin:
2:13 awww... Jesus!! XD
year 2019 and in some clips you can barely see the ball because of the poor video quality...
6:48 in this moment, Andy Roddick realized that he would never exceed Roger Federer. Imagine yourself, having worked your whole life towards a goal of exceptionalism, only to be humbled on so public a stage. Unrest, but also serenity. Andy Roddick worked his whole life to enjoy the honor of losing to Roger Federer.
Vasilios Sotiropoulos
Vasilios Sotiropoulos:
he's the greatest ever
Gio il contrabbandiere di Pandino
Gio il contrabbandiere di Pandino:
2:20 where is the ball ahah?
Ben Brennan
Ben Brennan:
Respect to Novak for always respecting a great moment against him
6’37” never seen anything like that in my entire life
Akshay Verma
Akshay Verma:
7:41 best one I think
Tennis Clash Clan
Tennis Clash Clan:
He's definitely one of the best on the planet, what a skill he has 👍 🎾
Estoy aquí por Broncano, gracias por predicar la palabra de Roger Federer
2:56 looks like a serve
Andres zabala
Andres zabala:
Djokovic at 8:19 going "THIS mf"
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
I think that a top 10 is just too low for the greatness of this guy 🤣, and his artistic shot making abilities. Perhaps a top 100 or top 1000 would be better.
Nu Nu
Nu Nu:
Peter Shearman
Peter Shearman:
I want that Wimbledon 2008 passing shot!
benjamin shiffman
benjamin shiffman:
6:00 proof you don’t need to make ridiculous noises to be good at tennis...
Griffin Tubridy
Griffin Tubridy:
I remember seeing that last one live. It was just truely unbelievable
Enrico Pinato
Enrico Pinato:
Semplicemente.... Roger 💪
The Aus Open final had 10 points in there that could easily qualify as his best career points.
Roger federer is not a legend...

The legend is roger federer
Valeriy Tanaya
Valeriy Tanaya:
0:23 is that Messi on the top?
"Incredible ma vero. Dá archiviare. Golpo impossible. Lui jeta la racetta é vá a casa." LMAO Poor Andy, he could have won much more if it wasn't for Roger.
wimby 08 backhand down the line. it has to be in there.
Paolo Agostini
Paolo Agostini:
Roger the Wizard!!!🙏🏻💪🏻😍
Vivek Prakhar
Vivek Prakhar:
the least you could have done is upload in good quality,where you can see the ball atleast
Gabriele Porru
Gabriele Porru:
Put the subtitles on😂
Seemingly magical, he is.
Beginning at 5:20, Roger returns five winning shots from his opponent- the last for a winner (and from an overhead). Nobody in the game can do that (besides Roger).
Van Buren Boy
Van Buren Boy:
3:10 he came
#20 now!!
Ujjawal Singh
Ujjawal Singh:
As a Djokovic fan I must say he's the greatest of all time.
I liked this just for the 'RIDICULOUS' by the commentator
All of them are good points but imo half of them are not Federer top 10.
Rohan Varma
Rohan Varma:
Great video! In my opinion, I think no.2 was the best shot of his career
That RG match, what year is it from?
they must to build a robot to play against Federer , he is beyond human race
David Sirois
David Sirois:
I could never be a lines-person... they just stand there emotionless... i'd be freaking out lol - clearly they are trained well!
Rachit Shukla
Rachit Shukla:
He won again,yesterday, exactly a year later. A genius.