Roger Waters - In the Flesh? (Live) [From Roger Waters The Wall] (Digital Video)

Music video by Roger Waters performing In the Flesh? (Live) [From Roger Waters The Wall]. (C) 2015 Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd., under exclusive license to Legacy Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Karl Taylor
Karl Taylor:
Pink isn't well. He stayed back at the hotel.
CO.AG Music
CO.AG Music:
That is how to open a show
Eduardo Farias
Eduardo Farias:
Roger Water you're not allowed to die before i watch one of your concerts
Mauro Assunção
Mauro Assunção:
- so Roger, what do you think we can put in the show to make this thing awesome?
- fireworks
- Why not? Fireworks are tight!
- Dezens of extras to represent an army of facist soldiers
- Ok then, we have to check the budget for that but I think...
- An airplane crossing the entire stadium and crashing the stage
- Well that may be over-ambitious but I think we can...
- That is just for the first song.
- All rig... what?
Cliff Burton ın kardeşiyim
Cliff Burton ın kardeşiyim:
In a parallel universe, Roger did not leave Pink Floyd and people had the chance to listen to Pink Floyd for over 40 years.
Jose Medrano
Jose Medrano:
perfect stranger
perfect stranger:
Roger is a genius. After so many The Wall shows since 1979, he created a new show with new effects and ideas and it "bites" even stronger today. The show looks so modern and relevant. The Wall is a real masterpiece, no matter what haters would say.
God. Damn.

Time to dust off that DVD.
Top 10 anime openings
Good Morning U.S.A!
Good Morning U.S.A!:
So ya
thought ya
might like to
go to the show
Ta feel the warm thrill of confusion that
"space cadet glow"
tell me is something alluding you, sunshine?
is this not what you expected ta see?
if ya wanna find out whats behind these cold eyes
ya just have to claw your way through this disguise
*baby cry*
4 Guys, 1 Controller
4 Guys, 1 Controller:
This was the last song my phone heard before it fell in the pool, at least it died with good music
Catfish Doghorse
Catfish Doghorse:
The amount of times that i’ve watched this is becoming unhealthy
The camera have more quality than my eye
Steve Bingaman
Steve Bingaman:
I remember saying to my brother after the plane crashed into the stage, that that was worth the price of admission right there
That plane scared the shit out of me seeing it come from the distance.
Casey Ellington
Casey Ellington:
1:58 tell me that is not the coolest thing you have ever seen
The best entrance like EVER
Roger is always 50 years ahead of his time.
the Valente
the Valente:
Roger looks like a dictator....

And I'd totally invite him to rule my country as a despostic leader
arid bitch
arid bitch:
122 people aren't having any puddin.
F1nN P60du3t10Ns
F1nN P60du3t10Ns:
Make a modern remake of the movie like the old one
Roger is a fatastic musician, composer, instrumentalist, singer and a human person, who cares about the well being of everyone.
sunset boulevard
sunset boulevard:
God save Roger Waters
Elvin Black
Elvin Black:
Roger Waters = Genius
Denny McNerney
Denny McNerney:


Jojo Stone
Jojo Stone:
2:45 Favorite Shot
I remember that the audiences were allowed to film this concert in the US. They told us that in announcement at the beginning. How come now my videos from the concert are blocked by Pink Floyd worldwide due to the copyright?
Beatrix Czihak
Beatrix Czihak:
Mexicanfire Productions
Mexicanfire Productions:
Is it weird that Roger sings the same like when he did almost 40 years ago?
He looks like evil, despotic leader, and I invite him to rule my country
The best thumbnail doesn't exis-
Nicholas Reichley
Nicholas Reichley:
Just Needs David Gilmour..
Crystal Eudy
Crystal Eudy:
Was feeling low and had to find something my late husband always listen to and watched the flesh live concert all I can say is I definitely feel better now and “Mother of all” !!!! I just about lost it ! Earbuds were in as I watched video and was speechless 😮 ! By far the best I have seen of Roger Water on YouTube !! Just phenomenal , I can’t even find the right words for this masterpiece !! Wow wow wow !! Love 110 percent 💕💕💕!!!!!!!!!
john tangen
john tangen:
1:20 thumbs up to the guy who did the hammer symbol
Greatest concert experience I've ever witnessed... It's definitely worth the money !
Ole Andreas Jensen
Ole Andreas Jensen:
This is the best performance I ever have seen, and I listen to this video every day. It needs to be played LOUD!!! - Thank you Roger Waters you are the biggest and best star ever. You will never stops to Shine...
Ab Ranzoni
Ab Ranzoni:
How I’d love to see Roger in a Guy Ritchie movie as a cool mobster boss.
I remember when this show first started touring, I had a chance to go, and I (VERY stupidly) didn't because I thought I couldn't afford it, even though I was a huge fan of "The Wall". Unfortunately by the time I decided I should try to see it, it was too late because it had already gone overseas. I was so upset with myself it actually made me depressed for a time (sad, but true!).
Then over a YEAR later, as if some act of God, Roger announced another leg of the tour that would return to my hometown. You can bet I snatched up the best tickets I could. And yes, It was just as awesome as I imagined it! Even though I wish I could have seen it multiple times, I'm glad I was able to witness this mind-blowing performance, even if once. :)
Adriano Battista
Adriano Battista:
It seems that 1200 people were filled with the URGE TO DEFECATE... They better run like Hell! 😜👍🏻🤣🤘🏻😎
Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza:
The wall is probably the great album of the rock beside sgt. Pepper.
Hatujeme Let'splayery Hesky, Česky
Hatujeme Let'splayery Hesky, Česky:
He's in his mid seventies running on stage without even getting fatiqued
the 3D holographic's are a brilliant Idea!
Pedro Gonçalves
Pedro Gonçalves:
Fantástico. Só ao alcance de iluminados.
maria clara
maria clara:
look at all of this. he is so extra. i love him.
Tausif Ahmad
Tausif Ahmad:
Just Amazing to watch his concerts
yoUR_average BOI
yoUR_average BOI:
1.1k Didn’t enjoy this?
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Fyodor Dostoyevsky:
Roger looks way more badass now
Friedrich Schiller
Friedrich Schiller:
К Роджерсу отношусь с уважением, особенно после пророссийских взглядов, но неоднозначное влечение к фашистской атрибутике как то не даёт покоя!
Joe st. george
Joe st. george:
We need the wall to be on Broadway bro just imagine a live musical of the wall that would be sick
kevin colonia
kevin colonia:
Roger waters, el mejor artista musical de la historia.
David guilmor, More talented. Roger waters, More powerful. Through the years I've grown to prefer Roger
Alexander Parkin
Alexander Parkin:
This is the best ongoing example of how to begin a rock concert.
Rafael Reds
Rafael Reds:
If you are so impressed just imagine the fact of being there live in front of the stage.... You'de be in hell and heaven at the same time, getting the max sensation of both... I don't see nothing better than that.
watch his movie, it'll blow your mind
As soon as it started, the crowd knew they were in for one hell of a concert.
GamingFor Pros
GamingFor Pros:
David Gilmour: Makes a nice relaxing music video consisting of soft classical guitar and calming moods.
Roger Waters: How much for a nuke?
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas:
Went to this back in 2012. Still my favorite live show ever.
Manuel Trejo
Manuel Trejo:
Ahora debería hacer un concierto en la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos
William Darkhölme
William Darkhölme:
Greatest band to ever live. Thanks Roger Waters.
Please, someone tell me where I can buy this at. I couldn't make the theater premiere because it was over 500 miles away.
Trews Detroit
Trews Detroit:
One of the best opening songs I've ever seen in my life.
Pink Floyd Shineon
Pink Floyd Shineon:
Roger Genius
I saw him live last summer and it was insane !!!!
Bernie Winter
Bernie Winter:
there's only one word to describe this...SUPERB
Silvano Rossi
Silvano Rossi:
Saw both 30th Anniversary shows in Toronto and both shows were electrifying and epic.
El sábado 10 nos vemos en la plata Argentina Roger!!! 🎵🎶🎸
Debajyoti Bose
Debajyoti Bose:
Roger was always into politics and the specter of it, Dave is just the opposite.
p p
p p:
I want a time machine to travel to the past and go to this concert.
Jose Manuel Pau Gamez
Jose Manuel Pau Gamez:
This is a rock and roll concert and all concerts must begin this way.
Gabriel Longhin
Gabriel Longhin:
I was there that night, without any doubt, the best show I've ever seen.
Marco Danieli
Marco Danieli:
it makes me cry for the emotion
Ethnicleanser Berg
Ethnicleanser Berg:
God I love this man
And that's how Roger met Rammstein
Scott Bolton
Scott Bolton:
The entire time I watched this video, I kept finding myself saying, "you never did slow down, old man."
Jo Gabriel Costa
Jo Gabriel Costa:
Floyd uwu
Floyd uwu:
Cuánta producción, I—
Necesito ir a un concierto de Roger.
I eat gold
I eat gold:
Legendary this is how to open a show
Evan Drums & Bass
Evan Drums & Bass:
1:20 the guy in the front doing the hammer logo. Respect
Daniel Saiz
Daniel Saiz:
Big Big Hug to you, Roger. EVER !!
Might like to get into The Show. Ever.
From Buenos Aires, Argentina
X Æ A-12 Musk
X Æ A-12 Musk:
OMG I've never seen this before, beautiful
Marco Pederzoli
Marco Pederzoli:
"The Wall" is the greatest show on Earth (and I have seen it live twice!)
Julius Danielsson
Julius Danielsson:
Does anyone have a link to where I can watch/buy the whole concert?
rnr45s Alicia
rnr45s Alicia:
is it weird that the descending guitar makes me cry? 'cause when I watched The Wall, I saw how distorted the character's reality was and how lost he was (his sanity was GONE), I just felt bad even though it's sort of a metaphor... the descending guitar just makes me think of an insane man waiting for the world to die while he watches, unphased.
Pavel Blinov
Pavel Blinov:
...we came in?
Holy shit please put this show on again!! That is how to put on a concert!!!!
"I'm Spartacus!"
Æ Kiwi Dan
Æ Kiwi Dan:
I've got some bad news for you sunshine, Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel...
the lorax
the lorax:
I cried to this
It was just too beautiful to handle it
Truth Teller
Truth Teller:
I just hope you never stop, roger!
you are amazing!
Agustin Marinangeli
Agustin Marinangeli:
Aaaaaand I have to listen the album again.
Brinky Brinkz
Brinky Brinkz:
Saw Roger Waters The Wall in Toronto had the one of the best seats in the house. One of the best concerts I ever saw and heard. Just Amazing!
Darren Rogers
Darren Rogers:
Should have sold yeah ticket to someone who'd have watched the concert with their eyes rather than through a phone...poor phone....
Carolina Regis
Carolina Regis:
I totally freaked out when watched the concert (I was right in front of the stage) and cried my eyes off when watched this movie. Roger is a fucking genius...
Oj Watts
Oj Watts:
Thought I had clicked on an Open All Hours episode at the start. Haha.
Rogelio Perez-Delgado
Rogelio Perez-Delgado:
Αντωνης Ραγκουσης
Αντωνης Ραγκουσης:
Seventy freaking five years old
Still tours and runs on stage like a 20 y.o.
Fabrizio Ariel Mancuello Rios
Fabrizio Ariel Mancuello Rios:
Oh how I wish, how I wish I was there.
matias david farias
matias david farias:
la puta madre casi lloro al ver algo tan lindo .... viva la verdadera musica
The Wall has to be the greatest Music Live Show of all time.
Armando Prieto
Armando Prieto:
With all due respect, the Guilmour guitar is missing in this pice! I love it do!! I've being in 4 Roger's shows so far... lookin forward to my 5th..