Roger Waters - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"

The resistance begins today.

Live from Zócalo Square - Mexico City - October 1, 2016

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44wetwater 44wetwater
44wetwater 44wetwater:
I'm thinking Roger doesn't like Trump.
I know it's subtle but I think he doesn't like Trump
Zircon Tweezers
Zircon Tweezers:
who's watching in 2020 during quarantine ?
Pedro Magno
Pedro Magno:
00:00 - *Pigs (Three Different Ones)*
Александр 122b
Александр 122b:
👍🇺🇦👍👍👍👍👍😃🇺🇦 Супер!!! Как в старые добрые времена!Pink на высоте! Брово! Роджер Вотерс!
Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown:
Nearly 40 years to the day since its release, Animals is as relevant on this day as it's ever been.
Peter Mottola
Peter Mottola:
For the life of my I can't understand how you can thoroughly enjoy this concert if you have your stupid phone in your hand the whole time recording everything. I guess I'm old fashioned but I prefer to soak in the atmosphere and just watch the show.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez:
*_I was there that night, the sound with high fidelity anywhere you stand and people in sync with Roger, was wonderful!_*
Roger has more energy than most of new musicians.
I regret I have but one up-vote to give.
Jason Townsend
Jason Townsend:
The first success of the trump presidency.... Making Roger release HD concert footage of this performance.
Sahel Masharqa
Sahel Masharqa:
One of the best audio visual performance I've ever seen.
Antal Antal
Antal Antal:
This song simply proves how universal were the Roger Waters'PF: Pigs was written in the late seventies and it is still relevant today. Clever and beautiful songwritning
Judy Palmer
Judy Palmer:
The building in the background is a representation of Battersea Power Station, which of course is featured on the cover of the Animals album. In the 80s I fixed Floyd's computers at their studio in Britannia Row in Islington. In their office there was a sketch of Battersea Power Station with the giant pig floating over. Long time ago but it feels like yesterday. I love that album.
Alexiis Trouble
Alexiis Trouble:
Gente de México: ahora la mayoría ya solo escuchan reggaeton.
Also gente de México: 300,000 personas en un concierto de Roger Waters
A I R 23
A I R 23:
My neighbors listen to this music all the time
because they have NO CHOICE!!!
asier gonzalez garcia
asier gonzalez garcia:
We need new bands that'll fight for the people as Roger and PF had done. They are not going to be around forever showing us the truths. Animals best PF album?
June 2020 checking in . The pigs are " OK".
Paco Haro
Paco Haro:
I bought the movie hoping "Mother" was on the tracklist but it's not. I wish someday to upload the official LIVE video of this tour "Us + Them"
Cpt Smashy
Cpt Smashy:
Saw this concert in Dallas. It was amazing. I got to fist bump Roger when he ran down the barricade in front of the stage.
Who's here in 2020 appreciating this again?
Tatiane Rafailov
Tatiane Rafailov:
"The resistance begins today"
Amber N
Amber N:
It has come to a point where I watch this masterpiece every day
Gael Irv
Gael Irv:
I have to wonder at the money Roger Waters and Co make from the Trump enterprise and all the 'evil' Capitalism .. I marvel at the hypocrisy...
Gary Numen
Gary Numen:
"The bravery of being out of range"
Why do you criticize Trump so much?

In the next tour, you add China and the major world organizations as a theme ...

(...Unless he blames Trump for being responsible by China spreading its virus at us ... That is, the politician teases everyone and doesn't care for ... (I think he does not care about Roger's music because if he did, he wouldn't have attacked Iran's main military ...))

But your show calls the attention of the younger crowd.
George Henry
George Henry:
Roger waters so nailed this given the crisis we are having today and performed this in front of a live audience three years ago
Dylan Travers
Dylan Travers:
Just blows you away every time
Amber N
Amber N:
Well at least Rog wasn’t wrong about his pp size💀💀💀
Tony Santone
Tony Santone:
Many people are saying leave politics out of music, but Roger Waters has a audience of millions of people around the world & he is doing his best to fight the U.S war machine. I am a 70 year old Vietnam vet & I thank the people of that era who took to the street & the musicians who used their voice at that time to stop the 'Masters of War'. If you don't like what Roger Waters has to say, then go to a Ted Nugent or some country music concert. Keep up the great work & the great music Roger, we love you.
Bradley Sheakley
Bradley Sheakley:
That's probably the most badass stage I've ever seen! I love the factory look with the smoke stacks putting out smoke. It's such an eerie look
Bapon Mukherjee
Bapon Mukherjee:
I'm definitely enjoying this pandemic and seeing people getting radical
Father Headbanger
Father Headbanger:
My goodness I just hear this with my nice headphones on really loud and was not expecting to see what I just saw. LOVED IT. LIVE LONG ROGER AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.
Jon Wright
Jon Wright:
This is why I'm on David Gilmores side
M.A. Moreno
M.A. Moreno:
The faces change over time, but they're oinking the same tune.
If I'm having a bad day, I come here & This seems to make me smile...
Welcome to the machine + waiting for the worms. Great sound and show.
_Born_ _Stoned_
_Born_ _Stoned_:
4:02 “needs more cowbell”
Adele Chedgey
Adele Chedgey:
I've got at least 14 record albums i treasure of them and 1 12in record of Have a Cigar
Thom Albuquerque
Thom Albuquerque:
it pleases my soul that we still got you in this world, Roger. Please never die
Gerald Frankel
Gerald Frankel:
Genius, bet you that Syd Barret is watching ☮️ ❤️ 😊
james A
james A:
I love Rogers music. Listened him since I was born basically.. my dad was his biggest fan.. as far back in my childhood as I can remember is my old man stoned out his face on hash resin as it was back then (as weed was very hard to come by) he would be having a blast listening to the waters

loved the smell of that hash...Oh it was sweeeet.

Smoked my fair share over the years. Sadly my dad was tragically killed 11 years ago. It actually cuts me to the core that I can hear his favourite musicians latest and greatest music and he can’t. My old man was a very very wise fellow. Very Big(huge), angry, paranoid,would literally fight mike Tyson for a minor reason and at the same time was the softest most gentle with kids and people he loved.

When I was a teenager I use to sit with him and get utterly stoned and listen to roger water and pink floyd and anything related. He would explain the music and what it meant.
He would let me smoke the hash through a pipe and not joints... he said he didn’t want me smoking cigarettes and being a smoker, and to be fair to him he didn’t smoke himself, although he did smoke an odd packet when he was reallly really stressed, even to when I was 21, (the age when he died) he would stress me heavily for smoking.
I know he would be sitting in his house puffing on a big fat spliff with this and Rogers other recent music blaring out his stereo having the greatest time any one person could have.
I miss that big fucker. He was the one person in my life that actually had my best interest with every single thing he said to me. He would have fought Goliath for every one of his 7 kids. Was a real dude.

If you actually take the time to read this when it’s suppose to be buried in 8000 messages then. Thanks. I just thought i would wrote a thought somewhere. Lol 😊😊
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant:
Love you so very much Roger. Had so many wonderful times listening to your music x
M G:
Please do this show in the US!
Valerio Renato Porcu
Valerio Renato Porcu:
Roger Waters un fenomeno.
Parte di nostra generazione..............
Samira _
Samira _:
This is so awesome and brilliant that I have no words to describe this masterpiece
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith:
The Wall 1980, Pros and Cons, Darkside, The Wall 2012, Us and Them, and for the finale, This is Not a Drill on 30 Jul in D.C. Yup, I like Roger. Yes, it is the life I really want.
Johnny Polo
Johnny Polo:
This song is 1000 times more relevant now than it was when it was recorded 40 years ago.
Jim Habash
Jim Habash:
Wow Roger Waters called it back then. NOW we see he was soo right. Had no idea Trump would become soo bad as a leader, as a US president, as a divider. For the environment, for the working poor, for the world. He does so well for the elite and the military industrial complex, and in corporate welfare.
Goosebumps and everything
Ramiro Ponce Medina
Ramiro Ponce Medina:
9:49 juan domingo PERDON. mauricio macri (peter capusotto y pedro saborido)
слуга слуг
слуга слуг:
its roger waters, the music is supra temporal, it denounces the greediness and ambition of powerful men
ThisIs ReadyMade
ThisIs ReadyMade:
Can we get a movie of this whole concert? Kinda like The Wall concert film.

That would be awesome.
5.6k trump supporters disliked this masterpiece..
Vibes I
Vibes I:
Roger at 5:21 staring at the pig 🐖 riffing those bass notes, the gaze, the vibe! Pure genius. Legends! Thank you once again for this.
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti:
Day after Election Uncomfortaby NUMB lol lol lol
Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace:
I always loved Rodgers music and now after seeing Dump on the screen I love it even more
elzio santana
elzio santana:
Saudosismo?!Uma coisa é certa: Quem viveu viveu! A obra do PF e seus integrantes sempre será eterna e atual.
Devadathan PK
Devadathan PK:
Out of all powers of Pink Floyd I was really impressed by the ability to Time Travel.
Eric Perkins
Eric Perkins:
Epic. So bummed this year's tour was cancelled. Hope to see Rog again
Santiago Luiz
Santiago Luiz:
3:26 people screaming in despair is as ilarious as the scene
El Ruendo Ekisde
El Ruendo Ekisde:
Yo estuve ahí!! el mejor día de mi perra vida!!
Azna's Place Animal Sanctuary
Azna's Place Animal Sanctuary:
Gotta love Roger Waters! Take a song written for other pigs and applies to the current one
Tomas Franco
Tomas Franco:
42 years after its release, this album (animals) still sounds amazing , good quality music never goes out of style.
mac analista
mac analista:
Roger, come to Mendoza, Argentina!
David Gadea
David Gadea:
Save The Children in an Amnesty International World taking Care and Respect For Mother Nature !!! Food,Medical Attendence And a Home for All in Humankind !!! Then Art in All Kinds Of Wiew and Culture !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh:
3:12 Draw me like one of your French girls
Jugal Rabha666
Jugal Rabha666:
Always goosebumps 🖤🖤
Loving the fact at what they did to Trump cartoons 😂😂
я ๏ β
я ๏ β:
Love the guy, his songwriting is next to none. Watched him in Rome, Malta and Amsterdam on last tour. Phenomenal visuals to go with the music choice. For all Floyd fans, sell your mum to watch this genius.
BUT... wished he'd keep politics out of it. We don't need celebrities and stars to make our minds up.
kais opeth
kais opeth:
When writ a song 40 years ago and still works!!!!
Pipers of Rock
Pipers of Rock:
Que Roger haya cantado esa cancion en Mexico mientras Donald Trump asumia el cargo en Estados Unidos debe haber significado mucho para los mexicanos.
Para los que no saben, la cancion habla de los politicos, los cerdos 🐷 son los politicos que controlan a las ovejas (las personas)
9:52 Inmortalizado para la eternidad💎❤️
Biggies Malls
Biggies Malls:
I've the big oportunity to have been in this concert in 2016 on main square to Ciudad de México, it was wonderfull, magic like a fly like an eagle broken every wall on my way 1000 miles per hour. TRUMP ERES UN PEND3J0
This will always be my favourite Pink Floyd track
Cynthia Dánae Villalón
Cynthia Dánae Villalón:
I was there and it was amazing :D
Imagine you have a flat next to this square, you get concerts for free!
Shannon Schaerer
Shannon Schaerer:
THANK YOU RODGER!!! This was PERFECT - & Made Another Isolation Day FEEL GR8!
Birkin Sornberger
Birkin Sornberger:
Is nobody gonna talk about how that audience literally consumed the pig? lol
Álvaro Cunha
Álvaro Cunha:
Hey, Roger, you are a true living legend! Thanks for every detail in each of your songs! And thank you very much for being a musician w ho makes a point of debating relevant political issues!
Ross Rapoza
Ross Rapoza:
Maybe if trump wins 2020, roger will continue to tour. Lmao
James Williams
James Williams:
I have loved music just as much as anyone I was second roll center in Indy to c pink Floyd science then I have seen Roger twice in my home town (derby city) Roger you are bye far the most talented musician that has ever been on stage I remember when they gave you hell for no education I was a teenager but please whatever you do don't stop touring I've seen a he'll of lot concerts your the best I still can't catalog your music it's unic classical I don't know you and pink Floyd should have so many awards but your true fans know and yes you invented the stage show you know one else that alone is remarkable thank you from the bottom of my heart you are the greatest
clive harding
clive harding:
Sadly age has caught him up! The strong lead vocals has all but disappeared. In the flesh he dominated, but this is just a shadow of his former self. Still love ya rog 🗣
Cole Trew
Cole Trew:
Song sums up my step dad perfectly! Love Floyd and Roger.
Jason Holliday
Jason Holliday:
There music will never die!!!!
Jacob Edward Munkus
Jacob Edward Munkus:
Omg this is so good! The sound and effects are amazing! Sounds so great! 😄💜✌🍸💐🐦🎨🎵!
Lebeau Labuschagne
Lebeau Labuschagne:
Piggy , Piggy where are you .......🤣🤣😆☺ Love this performance ❤💛🧡
Nick Young
Nick Young:
Roger takes savage of the year award in 2016 how the hell have I not seen this until now
Is it me or is the pig sinking into the audience just such a powerful image especially considering the song in the background
Michael Sound
Michael Sound:
Animals! One of my favourite PF Albums. The guitar player does a pretty good job With Trump Roger s‘ wrong!
Jazmin Sanabria
Jazmin Sanabria:
Te volvería a ver mil veces!!! Que conciertos de lpm hace RW💚😍🙌
Cheese and Onions
Cheese and Onions:
When I first heard this song, I honestly thought the opening lyrics were "Pink man, pink man, how shrewd you are"... In reference to Pinky on "The Wall"
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti:
I went To get Coffee tears rolling Off My face Day after
Greg Poore
Greg Poore:
From the lyrics you'd think it was about Trump. (The line "Hey you Whitehouse refers to Mary Whitehouse who was an evangelistic preacher in England in the 60's.)
Miles Jolly
Miles Jolly:
About two months ago I went to see a Pink Floyd tribute concert called Darkside (I've put two videos on my channel and more will hopefully be uploaded soon), and the day before I listened to loads of Pink Floyd music including this song and I couldn't get it out of my head and kept singing it aloud to myself.

They didn't actually play any tracks from the Animals album, but they still played a good range of songs spanning from their early days up to the Division Bell album. The concert was fantastic and I even managed to get a signed program, vinyl and T-shirt.
Drew Freeman
Drew Freeman:
I saw this show in the Fall of 2016 in Pittsburgh. It was an amazing display of technology. I felt immersed in the experience.
Martin Ramírez
Martin Ramírez:
hello everyone I was fortunate enough to attend that great concert here in Mexico it was awesome
Cynthia Clayworth
Cynthia Clayworth:
This song still gives me chills.
Jack F
Jack F:
Love the final statement
Greg Poore
Greg Poore:
If you want to hear a fantastic 18 minute version of Pigs check out Pink Floyd Live in Oakland 1977. Gilmour shreds it.