Roger Waters - Two Suns In The Sunset

I had an idea to make an album of all the songs we did as encores on the US and Them tour.

We did "Mother" first.

Had to do it remotely because of Covid 19.

"Two Suns in The Sunset" is #2.

Hope you like it. I love it.

What a beautiful band they are.

PS. That we allow Nuclear Weapons to exist in a world controlled by deranged sociopaths is, in itself, a deranged arrangement.

We are many they are few.

We could just say no, to the whole MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) insanity.

It makes zero sense and is potentially omnicidal.

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Roger Waters: Guitar and Vocal
Dave Kilminster: Guitar
Joey Waronker: Drums
Lucius- Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig: Vocals
Gus Seyffert: Bass
Jonathan Wilson: Guitar
Jon Carin: Piano and Keys
Bo Koster: Hammond
Ian Ritchie: Saxophone

Wrangled together by Sean Evans & Roger Waters

Mixed by Gus Seyffert
Assisted by Sean Cook

Edited by Andy Jennison

In my rear view mirror the sun is going down
Sinking behind bridges in the road
And I think of all the good things
That we have left undone
And I suffer premonitions, confirm suspicions
Of the holocaust to come

The rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in
Gives way and suddenly it’s day again
The sun is in the east
Even though the day is done
Two suns in the sunset, hmph
Could be the human race is run

Like the moment when the brakes lock
And you slide towards the big truck (“Oh no!”)
You stretch the frozen moments with your fear (*Scream*)
And you’ll never hear their voices ("Daddy, Daddy!")
And you’ll never see their faces
You have no recourse to the law anymore

And as the windshield melts and my tears evaporate
Leaving only charcoal to defend
Finally I understand
The feelings of the few
Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend
We were all equal in the end

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100+ comentarios:

Absolutely magnificent. I think this is better than the original. The girls' voices add so much passion and beauty to the already beautiful song. Well done Roger and thank you.
Zehra Jafri
Zehra Jafri:
Roger is a genius and such a compassionate human being, who can't bear the pain of humanity and the injustice in the world. God bless him and let him see a world free of wars and pain, so his soul may be at peace too. 💟
A great song from a great guy. Damn, gave me goose bumps. Everyone is so good at what they do and those backup singers were really awesome.
COYR 1964
COYR 1964:
Pink Floyd fan for nearly 50 years.
The older I get the more nostalgic I get and the better this work of genius becomes.
Roger you are a living legend
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto:
More than fifty years ago, this guy touched my soul with his poems, his sounds, his music, his art, his point of view of the world and life. And I still get the same feeling everytime I listen to him.
Seth Needle
Seth Needle:
The Final Cut might be the most underrated album of all time. Pure greatness
Mike Led Zeppelin
Mike Led Zeppelin:
Мое уважение вам! Маэстро! Pink Floyd величайшая группа! Вы один из ее основоположников! Мы слушали вашу магическую музыку в начале 1970 -х в СССР и слушаем ее до сих пор.
Gabriel Day
Gabriel Day:
This version is even better than the original one!!! Amazing Roger, as always.
Helena Pacheco
Helena Pacheco:
parabéns Roger por mais uma lindíssima canção. Obrigado 😘💖🇵🇹
Gary King
Gary King:
The backing vocalists on this...........oh my lord amazing. What a great great version of this song
David Palermo
David Palermo:
These new performances of “Two Suns In The Sunset” and “Mother” are beautifully done! Perhaps you should be quarantined more often! Absolutely beautiful. I hope you do more with these musicians. An album is a great idea!
baseball fan forever
baseball fan forever:
Absolutely brilliant what a group of incredible musicians
timeless masterpiece by the master himself👍
Jim Oncken
Jim Oncken:
Jess and Holly are the best backing vocalists I've ever heard! They send me to another world.
Большой талант! Спасибо за тексты,за музыку! Роджер, вы крутой чувак.
Without Roger and his voice and presence I don't feel it's Pink Floyd!This song bears the imprint of Pink Floyd!
Evacarolyn Troncosoo
Evacarolyn Troncosoo:
La manera en que cambio mi vida el rock es fenomenal ...gracias gracias por darme este gran placer de oirlos y ser parte de este maravilloso
Дмитрий Пудов
Дмитрий Пудов:
Гениальность музыки состоит в том, что она цепляет душу, даже, если не понимаешь слов, тем более, когда не знаешь языка. А узнав перевод на свой язык, осознаёшь и глубину текста.
This is better than the original version on The Final Cut. I love those two backing vocalists so much!
Ed Perk
Ed Perk:
Roger Waters saving my life, one song at a time.
Jan McKissack
Jan McKissack:
Have you ever fallen in love with a song? This song brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.
Jaume Rossi
Jaume Rossi:
These incredible two ladies put the song to other dimension. Fantastic!!!🌞☀
Silvano Rossi
Silvano Rossi:
Roger is the prophet to the human race...He speaks truth and from his heart ❤
Mozart F
Mozart F:
Bravo! This version is very beautiful. By the way, I love all songs in The Final Cut.
The Final Cut is an absolute masterpiece, and I would give anything to hear more of it on this tour
Brian Dahle
Brian Dahle:
One mark of a Great song is that it evokes a fond memory..this song reminds me of traveling with my family across the Snowy South Dakota plains in December of 1987, I was 15 and recently discovered Pink Floyd a year earlier by listening to The Wall…so it was me in the backseat..looking out with The Final Cut playing on my Walkman Headphones…not knowing my own personal Apocalypse would happen a several months later with the sudden passing of my Mother…fond memories of another time..Thanks for the Great tune!
Fernando Sibón
Fernando Sibón:
Las dos (2) Tremendas cantantes lo mejor de R.W.
Юрий Кулачинский
Юрий Кулачинский:
Ох !!! Тетки тянут на 5+ !!! Спасибо Роджер .
Shane Stephenson
Shane Stephenson:
What does it for me here is the modern production, of course the backing vocalists are stunning and envelop real emotion to the song. The other genius here is of course Rodger himself, the lyrics paint such a vivid picture in one's mind. Especially "and as the windshield melts and my tears evaporate, leaving only charcoal to defend" wow!!!
An absolute Masterpiece of the song lyrically and 👍👍👍👍🙏
Never stop Rodger for we will be poorer if you do.
Think Floyd
Think Floyd:
The FInal Cut was my favorite album for decades. The depth, the pain, the passion. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Mr. Waters. Your words, music and emotions have helped shape my life.
Tony Dumas
Tony Dumas:
Amazing song , put together so well, I absolutely love it!!
DJ Markynhos CD Home
DJ Markynhos CD Home:
How can something dislike this?It's unbelievable.I love forever.
👍🔥с братом слушали Пинк Флойд после полуночи, втихаря, по радио. Когда ещё был СССР.🇷🇺
The Final Cut ...still a masterpiece
Giuseppe Brogna
Giuseppe Brogna:
This song is a masterpiece.Simply timeless.
Sounds rich and wonderful, love the organ, its all good.
Been a pink floyd for 50 years and the music has inspired me write and play my own work, especially during the covid plague. I even have songs named after the floyd, even verbs, like floydalism. Music and writing is one way I stay somewhat sane, when seemingly uncontrollable events are looming. I deviate into jazz at times and the one song that I love playing on the keyboard is 'San Tropez' among many others with friends. San tropez is one of the most worthy small peices that should be in every repetoire of things. In the library of congress, a jazz classic, just my opinion and heck its so much fun to play.
Where it came from , I cant bother looking, it makes me feel good or centered? I could say similar things about the Kinks amd Ray Davies, some melodies and lyrics are so spot on. Even a small ring of truth is worth a fortune to someone,
I could a novel about my listening experiences with Pink Floyd throughout the decades.
tnx for what you do
Kirtan Dreamrezzer
Kirtan Dreamrezzer:
This sounds like it was one of those golden moments. 🌞 Lucius- Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig on vocals were brilliant! 🎤🙌🏽 💖 🔥 🌟 🎧 🙏🏽
orry Fishburne
orry Fishburne:
Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig's voices are gorgeous!!! I really love these quarantine covers
Jaume Rossi
Jaume Rossi:
Quina maravella!!! Outstanding Roger and Friends🙏🙏
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee:
Roger Waters is a rock legend and activist. To him the two are one and the same. Love, love, love and admire him!
Dear Roger. This version of Two Suns... is SUBLIME. The girls voices ... WOW! You and the band should be registered with the World Heritage Organisation as a Global Musical Treasure. The Final Cut is my absolute favourite ever album out of any genre. I must thank you, and Dave, and everyone involved with yours and Pink Floyd’s timeless music that has made my life better than it might have been; I was certainly born at the appropriate time, thank heavens!
bjkina: good, I'd say ! Loving it. What a great band ...
Jess and Holly are fantastic, thanks for your vocals, wonderful.
The Final cut , a masterpiece!
The Final Cut is one of the best albums of all time. Love this!
Ana Martín
Ana Martín:
El que tuvo retuvo..y los años lo han reposado,esto ya raya la excelencia..🍷
Y los coros ...Una maravilla
Edson Tavares
Edson Tavares:
Roger,como sempre perfeito.
Viviana Sanchez
Viviana Sanchez:
Siempre hermoso ❤️
Valentin Udeanu
Valentin Udeanu:
Floyd fan since I can remember. Mr. Waters, I just want to express my gratitude for all these wonderful feelings your music brought to my heart and mind. For me you are one of the best musicians this planet ever had. Such a shame Pink Floyd band disintegrated. Nothing compares to the goosebumps I get when I listen these wonderful songs. Always in my heart. ALWAYS!
Marco Aurélio Passos Louzada
Marco Aurélio Passos Louzada:
This new performance of “Two Suns In The Sunset” is fabulous!😊
Sean McRae
Sean McRae:
Wow . The song , video , and the two women singing has made this song absolutely perfect 🎶🎼🎶🎼👍🥂🍻👏👏👏👏👏.
One of the best songs from the album. Remember as a school kid visiting the WWI battle sites and graveyards in Northern France and Belgium in winter, a haunting place at best, but this album compliments the era so well with its melancholy and nostalgia, never shall we forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice
Jacinto B
Jacinto B:
Todos son geniales,pero estas dos chicas del coro son excepcionales .
Geraldo Filho
Geraldo Filho:
Roger Waters e seus fabulosos músicos em suas casas, cantando exclusivamente para nós do YouTube. Thank you Roger!
M B:
God I love those two girls providing backing vocals. Beautiful on this and they gave me chills on Mother. Classic Rock my dear Rog.
Detectorismo-Ouro- ou Arte?
Detectorismo-Ouro- ou Arte?:
Muito bom mesmo..
Parabéns Roger
Dá para ver sua satisfação em saber que acertou na voz das meninas e ter conservado os caras!
Todos estão magníficos!
Cantaram com a alma! Estaria mais completo se o Gilmour estivesse!
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd:
Needless to say im a Pink Floyd fan... since i was 9. Roger Waters' vocals and talent with words simply amazes me.
All of Us Pilgrims
All of Us Pilgrims:
Thank you for those two gorgeous performances - "Mother" and "Two Suns in the Sunset"! Fantastic!
James Baldwin
James Baldwin:
I graduated from high school in 1983, the same year this album was released and every time I hear it, it takes me back to a time when life was allot simpler. A time when I was still young and strong. A time when the world wasn't so screwed up as it is right now. God help us.
Captain Ganja
Captain Ganja:
Great to hear this number reworked. Almost like it is new again. 60 year old long time fan all the way back to your early Pink Floyd days. Keep on making music. Love it!
OMG this is glorious. I've always loved this song.
willow Liv Seraphin
willow Liv Seraphin:
This always gives me goosebumps 💜👑💜🇬🇧
Xavier Romero
Xavier Romero:
Magnífica versión, el disco The Final Cut es un patrimonio mundial a las artes y música, Gracias Roger por este regalo que nos entregas en estos momentos tan pero tan difíciles que estamos tratando de superar ...desde Guayaquil - Ecuador
Idelvan Adelino
Idelvan Adelino:
Impecável !
Miguel cañas
Miguel cañas:
Maravilla de cancion.. como todas las de ese grandioso album.
Nunca me cansaré de escucharlo. Thanks Roger, you are the BEST
John D
John D:
That was really fucking good, Roger! Love your music, your humanity, and courage!
Jandi De Souza Cassiano
Jandi De Souza Cassiano:
Muito bacana!
Ro Pen
Ro Pen:
Oh my God this guy and this album my favorite of all.
Rodney Goodwin
Rodney Goodwin:
I still get the chills from your music brother, just yours.
brett brinkman
brett brinkman:
I still listen to The Final Cut on a regular basis. Love his song. Funny how many Pink Floyd songs ring true now than ever. 12/11/21. God bless all the victims of the tornado outbreak last night. I live in central Oklahoma so, yeh. I know. Praying for all of you.
Benny Chill
Benny Chill:
I have all pinkfloyd's albums.this song is one that gives me goosebumps every single time and I listened to it religiously.
High Hopes
High Hopes:
Ficou foda demais!
Christian Roman
Christian Roman:
Que genialidad tu musica letras liricas increible hasta donde me haces llegar genio total!!!!!
Um Dois
Um Dois:
(Roger Waters) Always sublime! Bravo! Bravíssimo!
Will Convery
Will Convery:
Thank you Roger for being there for me with your music.
The Final Cut is a criminally underrated album.
Salute to Waters for his consistent decades of sound.
Daniel Lobo
Daniel Lobo:
One of my favorite Pink Floyd albums . Beautiful song!
John Raptis
John Raptis:
Dear Roger, I cannot stop playing these versions. Thank you, thank you to you and the incredible band. But... could you give us some more? Please!
Pedro Jurado
Pedro Jurado:
Bellísima rola!
Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez:
Sadly this song's message is still relevant after so many years. The spirit of Pink Floyd still shines after so many decades. Magical.
Jaume Carreras
Jaume Carreras:
Quizas para los puristas de Pink Floyd el álbum de "The Final Cut" es el menos valuoso, pero nos dejó obras maestras como esta y alguna otra más
I'm LOVING the new versions/releases of songs from The Final Cut and Amused to Death. Such an underrated album. Roger has complete control over my emotions throughout the recordings.
Thank you!!!
This is just "simply awesome!" Thank you!
ted nindo
ted nindo:
beautifully done... love to hear the whole of this album played live
Marcos F
Marcos F:
Essa é uma música que sempre quis ouvir em um DVD ao vivo.É um presente para mim e para mim e todos os fãs. Obrigado Roger
Simone Palla
Simone Palla:
Sempre un'emozione forte sentire il maestro, anche nel periodo del lockdown ci ha voluto fare sentire la sua forza che sia una forza per continuare a lottare . Grazie maestro di vita .
Great and very underrated song Roger. Always pulls every string in my soul, this one. Thanks mate.
Sonny Boy
Sonny Boy:
Beautiful version. Glad they used the sax at the end.Waters is pure genius
Bert Bagley
Bert Bagley:
does anyone know the names of the two ladies' singing? they have the voices of angles, simply amazing. ps, roger your not bad either.
El guishe
El guishe:
Congratulations Roger, I deeply loved this version. We must stop our ego for a moment and listen mother nature, we don't have so much time, we better start loving, we better start helping, we better start living.
I really appreciate the effort, all my respect and love from Mexico City...
Como siempre Roger uno de los mejores de todos los tiempos
Alberto Jaén Borreguero
Alberto Jaén Borreguero:
Maravillosa interpretación, y tan cercana...
Josias Sousa
Josias Sousa:
A boa música não tem fronteiras
Ela se destaca em qualquer senário musical ela é sempre na frente e a melhor.
Sauharda Pradhan
Sauharda Pradhan:
This man is amazing thank you for beautiful music :)
Vancouver Island Video Art VIVA
Vancouver Island Video Art VIVA:
Magnificent. The song that breaks me every single time I listen into it ever since I was a 13 years old boy in urban Mexico City. One of the songs in my 10 top favorites, and not from Pink Floyd, but all of my very favorites. Godspeed Roger, you have marked my life in ways that go beyond imaginable, even right now!
Tommy Northern
Tommy Northern:
Those two ladies were outstanding. They really make the background come alive
Marciano Busca
Marciano Busca:
¡¡Maravillosos!! No me canso de escucharlo. :O
Tag Skinner
Tag Skinner:
Those girls voices send chills down my spine. Wow.