Ronaldinho 2007 ● Magical Skills - Show

Ronaldinho Gaucho best dribbling skills, tricks, goals & passes for Barcelona season 2006/2007

With commentary & crowd reaction.

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mr bundesteam
mr bundesteam:
*Ronaldinho statistics in domestic competitions for Barcelona 2006/07 season:*

Games - *38 (38 started)*
Goals - *21*
Assists - *11*
Chances created - *65*
Dribbles - *159 (League - 136, Cup - 14, Super cup - 9)*
Dribbles per game - *4.2*
Subhajit Dey
Subhajit Dey:
Please continue RONALDINHO skills series 🥺🥺
Altruistic Egalitarian
Altruistic Egalitarian:
The most sensational entertainer soccer icon of all time.

I have never seen a footballer that love to give back to the spectators the worth of their money than Ronaldinho does!
I know everyone is always impressed with shooting and dribble moves but his passing is so amazing to watch it unbelievable.🙀
Jose Carlos Ribera V.
Jose Carlos Ribera V.:
Absolutamente Espectacular, increíble, asombroso, impresionante Ronaldinho el mago del futbol, lo tienes la temporada 2004-2005 y 2005-2006 esos años también lo hiso brutal, pero el video está muy bueno gracias amigo✌️🤙
kamran hussain
kamran hussain:
There is no feeling to describe the one second between you turning on the video and hearing crowd & commentary instead of god awful music😂
george kostarelas
george kostarelas:
The man who changed football forever with his talent and inspired milions of kids play the game.The one and only one who had an artistic approach to his game.Thank Ronnie for everything!
Salim Bhai
Salim Bhai:
The most entertaining footballer of all time. <3
1 minute of silence for the people who didn’t know the master
Cristina Kirchner
Cristina Kirchner:
Salvit4 - Esto no es joda
Football Club
Football Club:
*Ronaldinho, the best ever legend, impossible to forget whenever i see his name i click the video.*
André Karão
André Karão:
Ronaldinho: unique, incomparable, magical, irreplaceable, perfectly accurate in passing, dominance, goals, dribbling, free kicks, want more? My Brazil It was the country of football.
R10 football school, open enrollment, sign up now!
3:03 My favorit part.
Justice Salone
Justice Salone:
One of the Most complete player to step foot on the pitch
Did everything from a technical standpoint on the pitch. Dribbling, pass, ect.....
Most fun to watch during his time
He never forced it , it was natural for a guy who spent majority of his life kicking ball and training hard.

Ronaldinho 04/05 next, his best season
Gr3y North
Gr3y North:
You can ask to professional footballers, who is their favorite player, and most of them will tell you, Ronaldinho.
الفضلي * بني لام * دولة الكويت
الفضلي * بني لام * دولة الكويت:
Legend i love him soo much ❤️❤️
Gaza Thug
Gaza Thug:
Only if he was a bit more disciplined and more dedicated he would’ve been the GOAT 🐐
Bruno De Liz
Bruno De Liz:
Ronaldo Nazário 2004 and 2005.. Plis
Felipe García
Felipe García:
5:02 he practically murdered this guy
Stephen Blakely
Stephen Blakely:
Sure wudv like too see him play! Hes art in motion
Vitor Soares
Vitor Soares:
A meu ver, o único que poderia ter superado o Messi, SE não tivesse relaxado na carreira. Mas foi brilhante no Barça e no Atlético-MG.
What a vision, too great passing skills.
Ahmed Abdulqadir
Ahmed Abdulqadir:
More about Ronaldinho seasons 😍there's two more seasons of Ronaldinho with barca 👏👏 keep going boss
Vinícius Braga
Vinícius Braga:
Thank you so much for bringing this masterpiece for us and without bs songs or effects.
Yo this channel is the only channel in YT that has good quality old school la liga videos keep them coming
1:41 the best moment...😂
Ruan Pablo
Ruan Pablo:
Que vídeo excepcional, vídeo muito bem feito,parabéns, um dos melhores vídeos que eu já vi
vander Reis
vander Reis:
O bruxo ,simplesmente o melhor
Roger 1998
Roger 1998:
03:03 nesse dia os cara queriam mata o bruxo kkkkk
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku:
My dream in life is to become a professional footballer I love everything about football from the pitch to the tactical side to the skill side of the game. I would literally play this game for free if it actually means I’m a professional footballer. Hopefully in the next 2 years I will sign for a club soon 🙃⚽️
davi e alyce davi e alyce
davi e alyce davi e alyce:
Simplismente craque ,o melhor 10 dos últimos tempos!!!!
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz:
Bruxo 🧙🏾‍♂️🔥
— Temerário.
— Temerário.:
Brasil é o melhor! 🇧🇷
Huxble 'infinity
Huxble 'infinity:
The way R10 charged at players at fast pace knowing hes about to end your whole career had alotta opponents shoooked. Legend
Anton Babich
Anton Babich:
HUGE work on it !!! Very proud of you , that you do videos with original reaction's .
I dont know why , but in last seconds on this video , i feel some vybro in my neck - because those day's are gone.
Say it before and say it again : Sweet , sweet nostalgy <3
Very grateful to you !
That was the last amazing season of Dinho's career. He became a lot slower the following year due to his lifestyle.
Natan Marques
Natan Marques:
Oque o eto'o errou de gol só de passe do Ronaldinho é um absurdo
Clevin NJ
Clevin NJ:
Oh my goodness....his passing is like from nowhere.... creating the space..🔥🔥🔥🔥
Junior Portugal
Junior Portugal:
Ronaldinho in PSG, Pls!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
It would be a spectacular video!
Вега ДримТим
Вега ДримТим:
It is simple magic! Thank you!
Diego Milito
Diego Milito:
El año en que hubo alguien mejor que messi en el mundo
Saleh Ali
Saleh Ali:
11:41 incredible first touch
youre a legend for these videos. we need a 2006 compilation!
Samuel Goulart
Samuel Goulart:
I miss him so much.
Rajat Bala
Rajat Bala:
No one cannot replace him........
We really miss you sir......😭
I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️⚽⚽🤙🤙🤙😭
danny brennan
danny brennan:
Great video keep up the good work!
Score 70
Score 70:
He looks like his ducking while dribbling what I mean to say is he looks like his in an uncomfortable position
Leonardo BS
Leonardo BS:
5:03 Míchel Salgado died
Mr bundsteam will y marry me !? Hhh come srsly ! Thanks for the work ! I give u my like ))
Miltoon Maximo
Miltoon Maximo:
Espectaculaar 🤙
Justin Jose
Justin Jose:
Thank you 😊 😘😘 mr bundersteam , I love you
Alex CB Twister Black
Alex CB Twister Black:
*Pra mim foi o melhor jogador do mundo que vi até hoje, igual Ronaldinho Gaúcho ainda não teve, jogador completo, tanto de dribles, bater faltas, lançamento, fazer gols etc..., Minha opinião.*
Gabriel Coelho
Gabriel Coelho:
Vc sabe quantos Dribles Messi fez na la liga 2008/2009?
censored name
censored name:
Your doing great videos sir keep it up
Estos vídeos con comentarios en español son una delicia
Muhammad Rifaat
Muhammad Rifaat:
mr bundesteam thank you for all you do! can we please get a robinho man city skills video with commentary?
ملك كاتلونيا
ملك كاتلونيا:
On that season was obviously the drinking started affect his body and his agility
Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan:
And this Ronaldinho was considered to be out of form! Simply the best!
Imagine if he came to the premier league. Legend
Slamet Dias Hidayat
Slamet Dias Hidayat:
You did not deserve to get 639 likes, you deserved to get millions of likes for not putting any loud music in it. Thanks.
Jose Mendes
Jose Mendes:
Jogava dimais
Samuka Alves
Samuka Alves:
Make the Messi seasons 05-06-07-08-09
Walace Rocha
Walace Rocha:
Gudjhonsen só nesse vídeo perdeu uns 30 gols kkkk
Igor Santos
Igor Santos:
Esse cara é bem gaucho
Gabriel Coelho
Gabriel Coelho:
Sugestão faz de Messi em 2008/2009 me responde pelo menos pôr favor
The best player in history, no doubt.
Tech Guy
Tech Guy:
My Top 5 Players of all Time
Pele (incomparable)
1) R9
2) Zidane
3) Ronaldinho
4) Cr7/Messi
Tech Guy
Tech Guy:
I can say one thing with certainty, Ronaldinho is the Greatest Playmaker of all time, no doubt about it.
Buddha Buddha
Buddha Buddha:
Covid 19 2020 killing skills.
Çınar Atmaca
Çınar Atmaca:
Frank Abel Brito
Frank Abel Brito:
... Cola de vaca, se va de todos Ronaldinhooo... Al palooo!!! Este si es el mejor jugador del mundo, este si lo es... RONALDINHO GAUCHO🤙🏾
Ronaldinho was and amazing player!
Lucas santos
Lucas santos:
Faz um do Douglas costa no bayern
next video of the 2004/2005 season please
Abo Hana
Abo Hana:
لا قبلك ولا بعدك فالمراوغه والمهاره الفرديه والكنترول رونالدينيو الله أكبر انت أسطوره لا تنسى
Samuka Alves
Samuka Alves:
Video incriel
Alessandro Nesta
Alessandro Nesta:
Psycoskills Football
Psycoskills Football:
great channel
Football world will never forget his skill. Best among all footballer no doubt.
Patrick Wesley
Patrick Wesley:
O ronaldinho no barça era o pele no santos
Omar G
Omar G:
The main reason I play football...El Maestro
Jhonatan Gonzalez
Jhonatan Gonzalez:
Para cuando las jugadas de Dinho en el milan 👌😎
Avan Harlock
Avan Harlock:
Jajaja y pecho frío messio es mejor que este?? Jajajaja payasos
wyclife odinga
wyclife odinga:
This is class
Jose Mendes
Jose Mendes:
Jogava demais
Oscar Juarez
Oscar Juarez:
Ima report this for sexual content 😒💫💫💫💫💫👑👑👑(Rony is a joke he know how to end careers)
Leonardo Alvez
Leonardo Alvez:
Gracias Dinho por tanto fútbol
the bad fella
the bad fella:
Do 2006
Miss Tmurt
Miss Tmurt:
Ronaldinho 2005 and 2006
Please continue Ronaldinho skills series
Maria Artur
Maria Artur:
Ele é fera
Luis Moura
Luis Moura:
Watching R10's plays isn’t for those who like to make comparisons or statistics. It’s simply for those who appreciate the magic, the art of football. Some moves were not goals or assists and this is what Messi and CR7 fans will always contest. What a pity, because that’s the life. Sometimes we must live good moments, not just focus in results.
Ronaldinho 04/05 and 05/06 please please
Ronaldinho wasn't finished, Ronaldinho never ends
Isaías Fernández Hernández
Isaías Fernández Hernández:
Genial Ronaldinho!
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