Rueda de prensa de MODRIC Inter de Milan - Real Madrid CF (24/11/2020)

Rueda de prensa Champions de Luka Modric, @lm19official, MODRIC (24/11/2020) Inter de Milan - Real Madrid CF. Miércoles 25 de Noviembre, Estadio San Siro, Milan. Group stage - Group B. Wed 25 Nov 21:00 #InterRealMadrid @Inter #UCL #ChampionsLeague

Video de la conferencia de prensa completa y en HD de MODRIC RDP previa Internazionale - Real Madrid CF | MODRIC's pre-match press conference | Luka Modric en conférence de presse | Coletiva de imprensa de modric | Pressekonferenz von MODRIC | Conferenza stampa di Modric Real Madrid TV HD

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Francisco José Castro
Francisco José Castro:
Ese es mi lukita Modric Hala Madrid y nada más vamos vamos que salimos a delante
camilla aveiro
camilla aveiro:
Vamos lukita, vamos Equipo con toda la actitud HALA MADRID ♥
Jose Pontivero Rosa
Jose Pontivero Rosa:
eres una puta maquina...
Rigooberto Leiva
Rigooberto Leiva:
Vamos real Madrid vamos lukita
Carmen Gomez Acedo
Carmen Gomez Acedo:
Vamos para adelante con los chicos del Madrid, vamos Luka a por todas !!! !Hala Madrid!
Carlos Daniel
Carlos Daniel:
No Quiero Que Se Retire Nunca😭.
c g
c g:
Modric best midfielder of all time 👑❤
Maria 2000
Maria 2000:
Que bueno luka! Dice! Lo defendemos siempre!!!
Vaya preguntas!! No se puede ser más cutre!
Grande Luka!!
Fernando Rojas
Fernando Rojas:
Que Grande Lukita Modric .
ya salen las estrellas
ya salen las estrellas:
*English Translation:*
"we need to face this match like a final. We need to play well like a team, be united and help one another. I feel well, the matches you mentioned I didn't play were a decision of the coach. When I play I try to help the team and do well. I feel strong and I think I still have a lot of football in my legs and strenght to continue. We will see what happens in the future. I get asked a lot about my situation, but we will se what happens. I'm calm. I want to help the team as always and we'll see what happens. I think we're missing regularity, but I think this season we've shown good things. We should take that as the positive and continue. It's not easy because last season we knew there were eleven games, eleven finals and we were prepared for that and now each time we play without public is difficult. I think we will improve and will have a good season. We defend the coach from the start since he arrived. When we're asked about him and the critics he gets, we're always with him. We never doubt him. We've won many things together and I hope we will win more in the future. It's normal that we defend him. Karim is very important for our game. Mariano is different but he's shown that we can trust him and will continue to show it. When some players don't play we must play more collectively and try to cover their abscense. My reply wasn't cold. I've always said I feel great at Real Madrid and would like to finish my career here, but we will see what happens. You thought my answer was cold because many times I'm asked and I always reply the same way, but I feel well and want to continue here as long as I feel like I can help the team. But I don't know what will happen. If you ask me, of course I want to. Who doesn't want to continue in Madrid and finish their carreer here, but it depends on a lot of things. Nobody would be happier than me if I can accomplish that. We know each match is difficult and all rivals present a challenge if you're not at your best level, but that's when we must show our character, unity and strenght. I think we'll continue to show these things. It's true that nowadays we have many games with national teams, with europe with league and everything. But we're living in a difficult era and it seems like many matches want to be added and nobody asks about the health of players. As we can see there are many injuries everywhere. We also must think about coronavirus. If we're negative or positive. That also tires mentally. I think more atenttion should be placed on players and not add more matches and competitions. It won't take us anywhere. More players will get injured and then who will play those matches? But that's how it is and everything we say, well I don't know if things will change. But we have to be prepared and play as best as possible. It doesn't bother us or affect us [that Sergio's renovation is being publically discussed] His renovation is between him and the club. Needless to say he's very important for us for all he's done for the club and I hope he will reach an agreement for the good of everyone. What happened in 2018 [being contacted by Inter] is in the past and there's no reason to discuss it. I'm happy in Madrid. I think Odegard is doing well, training well. He had some injuries but has been training with us for a while and I think he's well. He's very good and very talented. He will help us a lot. He only needs to be relaxed, enjoy the game and give his all."
James Cook
James Cook:
Modric sería un buen entrenador.
Yuvelka Mendoza
Yuvelka Mendoza:
Lindo Modric ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carlos Asencio Quiros
Carlos Asencio Quiros:
Grande Luka 10
Alma blanca
david andres añazco tinoco
david andres añazco tinoco:
Hasta el final vamos real
Yonathan Millan
Yonathan Millan:
Ronny Valverde
Ronny Valverde:
Abuelo modric un crack 😎
TL Tolpi
TL Tolpi:
Un like si siempre le serás fiel a Madrid

Hala Madrid vamos 😁😁😁
Luis Daniel Condezo Martinez
Luis Daniel Condezo Martinez:
Ojala fueras eterno Lukita :c
peter nacron
peter nacron:
hoy te presenta la vida madrid con la muerte en el groupe ,ustedes va recuerda RONALDO
Pues el Madrid lo enfrentó como una final. Y para no variar la ganó para no perder la costumbre. Mucho Madrid ah!. 😎
Mariano Zamora Diaz
Mariano Zamora Diaz:
Esta noche es otra muy buena oportunidad para triunfar
RM a por ellos !!!!!
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Que Modric y ramos se retiren en el Madrid
Bruno game 11 Alvarez
Bruno game 11 Alvarez:
hla madrid y nada mas
Pablo Alvaro Trejo Alvarez
Pablo Alvaro Trejo Alvarez:
Un centro delantero GOLEADOR un peleador de pichichi carajo
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova:
Q jugadorazo Luca Modric
Calos Mario Solis
Calos Mario Solis:
Lucas mañana tienes que ser titular zizu ponelo ese hombre es medio equipo en el madrid saludos desde el salvador
Ojalå Lukita, querido se cumpla lo que dijiste. Que el Madrid tenga una buena temporada.
Santiago Guzman
Santiago Guzman:
han pasado de momento 13 de la culerada repartiendo bilis jajaja🤣🤣🤣
No creo sinceramente que exista un madridista sobre la fas de la tierra que le pueda reprochar algo a este caballero. Luca Modric me representa a mi y a todo madridista de bien. Representa todos los valores que reúne el Real Madrid. 😎
Fernando Rojas
Fernando Rojas:
A Ganar Mañana Hala Madrid
ivan garate
ivan garate:
El inter le gana 3 a1
jose adams
jose adams:
Es una bestia este tipo
Leonel Alexander Ruiz Blandon
Leonel Alexander Ruiz Blandon:
Ese es mi idolo, siempre adelante y nunca rendirse👍😍Hala Madrid
Vikingo a Ultranza
Vikingo a Ultranza:
A pesar de todas las adversidades... continuamos adelante... Contigo siempre. HALA MADRID
Ferwi XT
Ferwi XT:
Vamos Luka
Hala Madrid...
Pablo Alvaro Trejo Alvarez
Pablo Alvaro Trejo Alvarez:
Benzema ya está viejo
Eduardo ph
Eduardo ph:
Jajajajajaj a 💩💩💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡
Marlon Gutiérrez
Marlon Gutiérrez: