Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Who is Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin's Rumoured Secret Girlfriend? | Newsmo

Putin is said to be very romantic in personal life. But did you know Vladimir Putin had a secret girlfriend Alina Kabaeva and he is a father of twins?

#AlinaKabaeva #VladimirPutin #Girlfriend #Russia #Ukraine #Love

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100+ comentarios:

Digna Gonzalez
Digna Gonzalez:
Who care of his personal life, what we care is about peace between the two nations. 🙏
Aratrika Basu
Aratrika Basu:
The kind of news every one wants to be informed about! Real journalism 👏
Gary Heinrich Jr.
Gary Heinrich Jr.:
These are the time that separate those who are strong enough to defend Democracy from those who just talk about how precious it is.
Narvyaethel Tomboc
Narvyaethel Tomboc:
Great respect for your love life... We don't care.. what we care is the peace of the world
Monica Cardoz
Monica Cardoz:
Lord almighty save Ukraine children and there family 🙏🏻
Aamir Sohail
Aamir Sohail:
Every thing is fair in love & war❤️
Joshua Daniel Naya
Joshua Daniel Naya:
Tells so much about the mindset of the producer and anchor of the show
KabaeVA is a feminine surname, her father is Marat KabaeV - masculine form. The same goes to Putin / Putina, Sharapov / Sharapova e.t.c
Omi und Opi
Omi und Opi:
FYI: The father of Alina Kabaeva would be called Marat Kabaev, not Kabaeva. Likewise, the name of Putin's wife would be Putina. In Russian and other Slavic languages, female family members are grammatically "property" or "part" of the male family members, hence the genitive ending in -a.
Rey Mohammed
Rey Mohammed:
I am sorry that any Shevardnadze -- the family that produced the artist, hero, and martyr Dmitri -- ever sank to this level. The rest is the characteristic filth of an aging man in denial his peter is shrinking + an ambitious young golddigger who advances herself by telling him it isn't.
Carolyn Etter
Carolyn Etter:
Kiev Rus or Russia is where the Vikings settled for that region and contributed to that name. They were the Sweden and Finland Vikings. The Vikings were the best ship navigators and had the best ships for a long time. They had the best armour and swords and their swords were four feet long. The Vikings stood about 7 feet tall. The Vikings fought defending their faith in Jesus and defending their people. They overthrew ancient pagan Rome. Later they fought the Catholics and their priests often taking the valuables out of their churches from the spoils of war. Afterward they were known to wash their hands in the font regarding the font as nothing but a kitchen sink. See Hebrews 10 22. See Acts 2 38. See John 3 5. The Norway Vikings discovered America about 500 years before Columbus did. There were 2 expeditions where one returned to Greenland and they other ship is said to have arrived in America and stayed. Their village has been discovered and there is continued searching. They had good personal hygiene and were well groomed as numerous personal care and grooming tools were uncovered.
This isn't new, and it isn't "news." And if it is on YouTube, it can hardly be called a secret. I already heard about this back in 2013. I was just a tourist, and the rumors were all over Ukraine then. I heard it 8 years ago, and I don't even care about stuff like this! ::bah!::
Will Bee
Will Bee:
She needs to have a word in his ear, before his actions destroys all their lifestyles.
Parth Tripathi
Parth Tripathi:
Alina kabaeva is a Russian rythmic gymnastics and she is athens 2004 good medalist
monet paule
monet paule:
"did you know about Putin's secret girlfriend?"

uh....i think that question answers itself 🙄
বোকা এবং আহাম্মক
বোকা এবং আহাম্মক:
His life, his choice, his girlfriend, who are you? Now- a - days media forget what should be a news, what shouldn’t 😂
These indian news channels will never learn to cover actually useful news.
Pandiyan M
Pandiyan M:
These India Today news channel never speak about truth....only gossips or rumours....shame on you ..
baptist fernandes
baptist fernandes:
We want peace not Putin's life and future... report good work not personall life
Bless YAH
Bless YAH:
When the 4th circle was drawn, I heard a loud roaring noise, went inside the house, a HUGE wind came destroying and killing it was as if a nuclear blast from the effects of a nuclear bomb! I watched in horror the death and destruction.
Deepak George
Deepak George:
At least this is honorable that he married her after divorcing ..Not a keep like in our country leaders have..keeping wife and then unofficial wives.. Why not show these news for Indian leaders too.. Breaking news right??
Please Pray for Ukraine and World Peace 🙏💒❤🌹🙏
Harish Shenoy
Harish Shenoy:
Now a days our TV channels are interested more in senseless news. Interested more in personal news like birthdays, outings and all sorts of waste stuff..what type of journalism is this??
Bravooo for
Putin and Alina...❤👏💪🤗❤from Serbia...👋
dasingu paneer
dasingu paneer:
No point of talking about their personal live as tho other leaders don’t have any secret girlfriends ..the whole world knows their affair very long ago what has that got to do in this conflict .
Yin yan _
Yin yan _:
Sometimes I wish youtube didn't remove the no. of dislike bruh
Ever Purple
Ever Purple:
Not true.This is absolute bs. He has denied having twins.
Christian Hollauer
Christian Hollauer:
You only need to forward the living adress of his family to his friends in Ukraine.
Joe D
Joe D:
Western media is coming out now on all such details which cannot be taken at face value for example the Lady he was dancing with with such enchanting smiles by both of them is the then Austrian Foreign minister at her wedding in Austria in 2015 to which he was an invitee. Media today is not what it was yesterday as they have an axe to grind today.


Praying for Peace in Ukraine.
Kamireddy Malakondareddy
Kamireddy Malakondareddy:
How shame Indian Media they are entered into such emotional filed
Time to Love,and a time to hate,time of war and a time for peace.Time to die,and a time to be born.Ecclesiastes tres...
West to India today:you need money?
India today:yes we need it
West:create a content against putin
India today editor:yes MASTER
Amanda Stetson
Amanda Stetson:
They are married and they have four children together she's hiding in swiss alps but her past Olympics seven medals were stripped from her but she started out as putin's mistress
atheism is the way
atheism is the way:
Great going india today...your living upto your repo
Brens Green
Brens Green:
She'd better talk to him, and then run for her life
neerja Saraswat
neerja Saraswat:
Shame on India Today to report this kind of news.....another benchmark of ridiculous news you put out for public consumption. This is exactly how irresponsibly you report on matters of national and international interest. Shame on you India Today
I just realised India Today has a reputation to maintain. If you know what I mean.
Tanvir Mehedi
Tanvir Mehedi:
I hv also lots of Secret girlfriends 😍
Without Secret girlfriend, life is nothing 💘
Nadine Kouadio
Nadine Kouadio:
Heureuse de savoir que cet homme en apparence froid a un coeur qui bat aussi pour une très belle femme .❤❤❤❤❤🇨🇮❤❤
E —
E —:
01:02 "Alina was seen wearing a ring in 2016"

01:09 "on many occasions, she appeared with her wedding ring, which further strengthened these rumours" *picture of Alina wearing a ring in 2014*
Taraz Bulva
Taraz Bulva:
Hail the Ukrainian Volunteers to defend their country, may the LORD GOD be with you always in fighting the Russian armies. SLAVA UKRAINIANS. May the LORD GOD soften
the heart of BLOODYMIR PUTIN to withdraw his armies so that peace may rain in Ukraine.
Adrienne Nicole
Adrienne Nicole:
This is just the news we have been waiting for!!! Putin's side piece. Is she in the bunker with his wife and kids eating crumpets?? Thanks for all you do!!! 😒
r farrell
r farrell:
Word is he met her when she was 17, now who else do we know that met someone when she was 17? I wonder.
Vick Vickerson
Vick Vickerson:
If she is secret girlfriend then how do you know about her? 🤓🤓
Just Crinjoy
Just Crinjoy:
What does India today has anything to do with Putin's GF? Is this more important than Ukraine war?
BTW visit my YT channel you'd love it.
Terry Radford
Terry Radford:
«Когда братья дерутся насмерть, землю их отца наследует чужестранец», — Чинуа Ачебе.
Tony Olsen
Tony Olsen:
Gymnist! I understand, completely🤣
Dlo Sang
Dlo Sang:
I wont b surprise if he have 16 girlfriends or 100 wives.
Nirmala Thomas
Nirmala Thomas:
Is it so important? Who cares about Putin's girl friend.
Vimala Kumari
Vimala Kumari:
Everyone should know even the life of leaders to understand their pshyco
Damitha Dananjaya
Damitha Dananjaya:
Usa ,uk ,indian Germany unable due to age.Putin can.Dont worry.
Yiruilung Pame
Yiruilung Pame:
I can't laugh anymore 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Can I get to 2k because I'm lazy.
Can I get to 2k because I'm lazy.:
"Start a war with Ukraine if you want to be my Boyfriend!"
Putin: *"Bet-"*
in my opinion
in my opinion:
SENDING SUPPORT from Scotland to Russia x
sofia salem
sofia salem:
MARAT KABAEV not Kabaeva, because men has not "a" of the end of their surnames, thnx for the video
Hemavathi Kumar
Hemavathi Kumar:
"According to reports" ? Or "According to rumor" ? ... Just a click scam
Starburst Solaris
Starburst Solaris:
Let him think of his own kids and stop this mad war.
Har Har Modi 🔱
Linda Collins
Linda Collins:
There is a massive Statue of St. Michael the Archangel in Independence Square in Kiev Ukraine. They have a great devotion to him, so it is only fitting that we, the world, pray St. Michael's Prayer for Peace in Ukraine and in the whole world.
Set it to the homepage on the screens as a reminder to pray it often….  “St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen
isa hauhnar
isa hauhnar:
Our PM has no girls friends/lots of girls friends.. who care..if he lieve in bachelor life...who care .. every one is talking about national interest ..not some one personal life..
Gyula Ugron
Gyula Ugron:
A mai világunkban sokszor tapasztaltam már, hogy mennyire egyoldalú a médiák hatására egy-egy politikus megítélése. Most Putyin a célpont, de egyáltalán nem vagyok meggyőződve arról, hogy ő a bűnös. A háború megindulásának az okait alaposan meg kéne vizsgálni!
Chicky S
Chicky S:
I wonder what kind of job satisfaction ur employees will be having... Hahaha OK OK carry on with your Great team work... Poor guys they would be having aspirations to achieve but u ppl r literally killing the dreams just coz of minting money... I agree entertainment is required but this is not the right time... N it is not ur personal space to behave as u wish. As a press u have some responsibilies So broadcast something really worth. U can mint money after the war but not in war... By the way please change the title. I have wasted my time in watching it.
N Vr
N Vr:
I respect a man that protects his family. It seems caring.
This is gossiping news .. international Media will not accept. M this is like cinema gossiping
WHO CARES 🤦‍♀️ We are in the middle of war! Nobody needs to know about their personal lives. Politicians are always having affairs with different women, this is no secret
His personal life is none of your business !
Adnan Dervisevic
Adnan Dervisevic:
Respect ☮️☮️☮️☮️
Bob Marley
Bob Marley:
its good for him..., why we need to hear about that??!!!
janine chapas
janine chapas:
If he was an honorable man he would stop having illegitimate kids.
Themson Saka
Themson Saka:
To all those who are bashing this news, u know u have hands to swipe. If u dont like it, dont watch. Stop jibber jabberin here.
People like me who wants to know finds it interesting.
Helene D
Helene D:
It's no secret and hasn't been for ages now. I read by now he has moved on. We really don't know since he is extremely private.
Ryan Mar
Ryan Mar:
Archangel Machael, pls be with the entire Ukraine and with your people of Kiev. Be their shield and armor, use your sword to evade the bombs and bullets. Place a protected bubble of the Holy Spirit light around Kiev and it's people because they love and believe in you. Their tears and pain are calling your name. No weapon will be too strong to go against Kiev. So it will be. Amen. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Lanford black
Lanford black:
Wow he is a great leader but he has faults too just like the rest of us humans nobody's perfect right if you think you are perfect email me I like to talk to you 😉.
The Coin & Ring Magician.
The Coin & Ring Magician.:
She probably is too scared to dump him because he would kill her
Ice Cream
Ice Cream:
He is pretending he is James Bond.
Gyula Ugron
Gyula Ugron:
A mai ukrán főnök nagy tréfamester volt egykor, ez pedig népszerűvé és vezetővé tette. De rossz politikusi garnitúrája volt a parlamentben, és ezért Ukrajna fegyverkezett. Értékes földjét idegen üzletembereknek eladta. Be akart lépni az UNIO
Ranganath Ramamurthy
Ranganath Ramamurthy:
Why do u want to know this personal life ... Dont run ur channel on it
joyce luparello
joyce luparello:
this video makes me cracking up
Malarmannan Veluchamy
Malarmannan Veluchamy:
UK Media -What is the Intention behind this non sense
Two genetically modified twin sons lol 😝
Two Putins just what the world needs.
Suzana Stuber
Suzana Stuber:
Ashraf Poochakkad Thekkupurem
Ashraf Poochakkad Thekkupurem:
Support for Russia ❣️❣️❣️
I can see why Mr. Putrid has a boy crush on the little lady, that uni-brow is mighty handsome
Linda B
Linda B:
please keep his girlfriend out of it. it will just make her a target! you guys did this with our first lady Melania Trump.
Sofina Marie
Sofina Marie:
Μόνο λυπάμαι που πληρώνουν αθώοι άνθρωποι
G.K. Puri
G.K. Puri:
Disgusting news at another level at this time when war is going n humanity is killed.
kosti narain
kosti narain:
He's a player
Lucky Sam
Lucky Sam:
Is that really important to know 😂😂😂😂
Leona Lake
Leona Lake:
He has too keep them away , family is always a target especially his .
Pocket Rocket
Pocket Rocket:
Don’t need his love life gossip just help save the innocent lives brutally taken in this unprovoked war and invasion.
sreedhar kalugotla
sreedhar kalugotla:
🤦🤦, Nobody wants about his personal life.
savesave baby
savesave baby:
Alina had a young age but old face
Isoka Books
Isoka Books:
Alleged girlfriend? You must be an alleged journalist karenge.
Jithin Poliyedath Mohanan
Jithin Poliyedath Mohanan:
This is bull shit..he is rich,powerful and very much alpha male..A lot of girls are attracted to people with these qualities doesn’t mean they marry all of them…
anil Roka312
anil Roka312:
All time greats Putin
Olga of Kiev,a Viking a princess Kiev is the Capitol of Ukraine. A Saint in the Russian Greek Orthodox Bible & Catholic Bible was one of the most vicious, ruthless and vengeful rulers in the history of the Kievan Russ
All Glory to Ukraine & God above, Amen 🇺🇦

Ogla of Kiev Viking Princess who is a Saint of Revenge🇺🇦

Putin you have awaken her. I will pray for you. Ogla of Kiev is coming for you.🇺🇦

Вся слава Украине и Богу наверху, аминь🇺🇦
Ольга Киевская принцесса викингов, святая мести🇺🇦
Путин ты ее разбудил. Я буду молиться за вас.🇺🇦 Ольга Киевская идет за тобой.🇺🇦..
Bintu Khan
Bintu Khan:
oh!i was so dying to know that.....
Real mature of you'll 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jane Gutierrez
Jane Gutierrez:
Is India Today change his platform to showbiz news?
Andrea Hawkins
Andrea Hawkins:
Putin really had googly eyes for her I bet Lyudmila was hurt by just that alone..