Ryan Blaney talks NASCAR's support for Bubba Wallace, photo-finish win at Talladega | SC with SVP

After winning the GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway by just 0.007 seconds, Ryan Blaney joins Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter to talk about his thrilling victory and his thoughts on how NASCAR galvanized around Bubba Wallace the day after a noose was found in his garage stall.

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84 comentarios:

Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals:
Release the footage. After Jussie Smollett people are going to be skeptical about stuff like this.
guarddog 22
guarddog 22:
Those NASCAR fools that supported him....look like total suckers now.
Don't believe your Tell-Lie-Vision.
Mike Ladd
Mike Ladd:
Juicy smoliet on wheels
IL Scrapple
IL Scrapple:
FBI conclusion: noose had been in stall #4 since October 2019. This story got blown way out of proportion, as usual. Spread the word. Thanks
This network is 99% angry race-baiting and 1% Sports.
C Chandon Carter
C Chandon Carter:
THE NOOSE: it’s going to end up being someone he knows... I pray it’s not a Jussie Smollett prank. 🙏🏽
Jeremy Maloy
Jeremy Maloy:
I love Talladega, so many childhood memories at this track! 🐶 🐶 🐶
"I feel for my little black friend bubba wallace, he's a victim because he was born black in America even thought he's only half black" - Ryan Blaney
Ho Oh
Ho Oh:
There's much to pick from lately by the masks were the final straw for me. Goodbye Nascar.
Ricky Notz Jr
Ricky Notz Jr:
Thanks Ryan Blaney for assuming racism with no evidence of it. It is people like you who keep racism alive today. It's your reverse racism where if someone is black and something happens to them or around them they are a victim of their skin color. Pathetic!! And there is ESPN dropping NASCAR 20 years ago and showing up for the fake political drama.
Dennis Lawson
Dennis Lawson:
When you cant drive a race car , Play the race card , nascar is deaad and so is ESPN
Yeeting Boiis
Yeeting Boiis:
Aye I’m eaaaaaarrrrrlllllyyyy
L G:
Memo from nascar, drivers had better be at the front stretch ready to bow down to BLM or you are gone
Angie Sargent
Angie Sargent:
Congratulations Ryan!!
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick:
That's a Juicy story.
Floyd George
Floyd George:
Justice for Juicy! Oops. I mean, Justice for Bubba!
Chris Britt
Chris Britt:
Sandi Coxson
Sandi Coxson:
Blaney and Bond great!
Tyrone D
Tyrone D:
Annnnnd , FBI says its a hoax , just a pull rope for the garage door.
B Jack
B Jack:
I know what the P stands for now
Dora Mendez Puente
Dora Mendez Puente:
I agree with Ryan I really liked the way all the drivers were with Bubba apart Ryan is my favorite go12 goRyan driver
Bat Man
Bat Man:
The only racial divide is caused by the media.
likely not human
likely not human:
Why stir up trouble ?
Don’t we have enough ?
Nelson Maney
Nelson Maney:
Bubba Wallace has never been reveler in nascar he dont know what a pull rope is nascar will let him win one
Johnny Lightning
Johnny Lightning:
Fibber Wallace, another lying wallace
timothy jenkins
timothy jenkins:
Juicy done it again
Why didn't Bubba Wallace win?!
JC Dollaz
JC Dollaz:
For some reason NASCAR is low key satisfying rn
Kevin Dickerson
Kevin Dickerson:
Jessie smollet brought me here
Jason Kurtz
Jason Kurtz:
Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen:
It's a Hoax Foax!
timothy jenkins
timothy jenkins:
Justice for juicy
Joshua Eimers
Joshua Eimers:
Good God give it up already. Fake news the truth is out. It was a rope used to close the garage door just like millions on garage doors around the country
NotMe Us
NotMe Us:
Just because the traitors flag is banned from NASCAR doesn't mean they can't cheer for 2nd place
Bubba Smollett is going the WRONG WAY!!!!!
Martin R
Martin R:
Svp so desperate for something new he having a segment of Nascar. Lol
Bungle Fever
Bungle Fever:
The Buckeye Bullet, Dave Blaneys son
Remember the joke "What do you call 10 white guys chasing a black guy?" It's golf. Tiger Woods, right?
OK so what do you call 1 black guy chasing 42 white guys?
Left Right
Left Right:
Who put the noose in bubba's car? Nascar ain't gona tell us .and by now they know
Free Thinker
Free Thinker:
Another hoax. It wasn’t even a noose.
justin hensley
justin hensley:
bubba won the race the video of the finish was doctored blaney did not win
Steven Justice
Steven Justice:
Hey jussie....hold my beer.
Just Wryt
Just Wryt:
Again jussie is French and should not be used in any American situation
David Flores
David Flores:
For racing nerds, is this the closest win in history? I haven't been following NASCAR for a while, so to me the closest win is when Kurt Busch won over Ricky Craven. Thanks to the one who will answer this.
Treytrey Cooley
Treytrey Cooley:
First like and comment
A M:
Ryan Blaney wrecks his way to another win
Richard Hayduk
Richard Hayduk:
NASCAR should be ashamed of it self for promoting the false narratives and accusations of racism over the past several days.
Joanna Dula
Joanna Dula:
Connor Uselton
Connor Uselton:
I came to the comments to see support for NASCAR and support for my favorite driver. Boy I’m dumb for thinking that would be the case
Nick Beardly
Nick Beardly:
Definitely part of the PSYOP, found a noose in his garage? Lol how dumb does the deep state think we are?
phil j
phil j:
O I see people payed alot money for tickets and nascar picked the winner b4 the start of the race.... 👎
Red Neck
Red Neck:
Bubba hung that noise, himself.
Riots are dying down. Bring in the rope
Barbara Roland
Barbara Roland:
Nascar falls in line like little program robots
El Pastor
El Pastor:
Jussie Smollet 3.0
This smells of Jussie Smollett, all over it.
neutral neuron
neutral neuron:
If this is caught to be fake, this will result in the most racially insensitive marketing campaign ever and dumbest moment in entire sports history.
Bill DeSmet
Bill DeSmet:
Boycott Nascar, NFL/NBA and Hollywood...
Appalachian Fire
Appalachian Fire:
Screw NASCAR. I’m going back to racing the backroads like our ancestors. NASCAR has become a product of the Pussification of America.
The Freeze
The Freeze:
I smell a rat.
Anthony G. Halkias II
Anthony G. Halkias II:
Am I the only one that would vote Scott Van Pelt for President???
*Racism only exists when the tell-a-vision channels your subconscious, and casts holly tree spells on you by programing.*
J D:
Ryan is a class act unlike others in the sport!
Anthony G. Halkias II
Anthony G. Halkias II:
Bubba Wallace is my ALL TIME favorite NASCAR driver
reggie 1111
reggie 1111:
Wow, proud of nascar, good over evil, stop the hate, what would jesus do, and what was the intention of the rope, I'm sure the person that put it there had a reason.
Sona Falk
Sona Falk:
Look at these comments. Smh.
I believe the Monday's pre-race statement was the most significant display of unity / racial equality in ALL of sports history, ...ALL sports, ALL time, bar none. This display of unity certainly can NOT be quantified by ANYTHING in Nascar's +70 year history. Not the inception of Nascar, not the building & opening day of Daytona, not Nascar's first fully televised race, not the day Dale Earnhardt finally won the Daytona 500 after +20 attempts, & certainly not the day he passed away at Daytona. All due respect, but ALL pale in the shadow of the monumental statement of unity made Monday afternoon at Talladega. It was a display that transcends championships, super bowls, stanley cups, olympic metals, etcetera. So, again, I believe it was one of, if not the most significant sports moment in the history of humanity, & I struggle to find a moment of coperable gravity in the last 50 - 100 years of humanity. Nascar, Fox & all participants deserve & have earned TONs of credit for engineering Monday afternoon's retort to the unmentionable & vulgarly horrendous act that was perpetrated Sunday morning. Also, as a +50 year Nascar & motorsports advocate, for the first time ever, ...today I am PROUD to be a Nascar fan, proud of Nascar, proud of Fox Sports, & proud of every single person that managed, broadcast & participated in Monday's pre-race, practically surreal, display of humanity.
M Long
M Long:
Does sports center do sports anymore? I thought they became a political channel.
First Last
First Last:
Now would be a good time to stand up for the Confederate flag while denouncing Racism to help separate the two as NASCAR fans like to shout.

That of course will not be happening. It’s one of those they’ll deny it to the grave kind of things, like the 8 Black Officers that were taken off Chauvin’s protective service.

You removed 8 Cops because; you don’t trust them, just more “bad apples”. 8 of them.


Because they were Black.

Edit; by you of course I mean the people in charge, not the Officers. Any of them. Even the bad ones wouldn’t get away with what they do if it wasn’t because of the rich/powerful/influential higher ups.
0 wins, somebody trying to help him get some of that Kap cred. Washed up? Has been? No problem. Find your niche in the BLM movement and make millions.
phil j
phil j:
Smollett = Wallace, red flag, crises acting.. surprise he didn't take a knee and eat a subway sandwich... NASCAR prolly in on it too,

Good luck with the flag rule😂🤣😂
Sedrick Santiago
Sedrick Santiago:
Ima get into NASCAR RN
Evil Black Cat
Evil Black Cat:
First; virtue signalling. When that backfires; double down with a staged hoax. Nascar is desperately trying to stay relevant and failing utterly.
J F:
One Jussie Smollett case does not negate thousands of real acts of hate. I support Bubba!
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh:
NASCAR hoax. There are plenty of cameras in the pit garage. Fans are not allowed in the garage, and where is the evidence? Limited fans in the stands, and limited credibility by NASCAR. NASCAR is desperate for new fans since they chased off the old loyal fans. NASCAR will not admit they ever made a mistake (Just Like the NFL) so goodbye long time loyal fans. Hope BLM fills the seats and pays the bills from now on.
nick s
nick s:
ESPN ratings hit all time low
Imperium of Man
Imperium of Man:
noose story is fake....setup. truth will come out
William Baker
William Baker:
Keep politics out of sports and remember the French actor juicy smullet?
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more:
Another Jussie Smollett story.
Paul Green
Paul Green:
God i miss ftball nascar sucks.