Ryan Garcia Delivers MASSIVE LIVER SHOT to Defeat Luke Campbell - Doctor Explains What Happened!

Ryan Garcia defeated Luke Campbell with a massive body shot to the liver. Garcia delivered a perfect strike and after the blow to the liver Campbell's body simply couldn't continue and there's a physiologic explanation as to why this type of punch is so effective. In this video we'll review Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell and I'll teach you about the physiology of the liver punch.

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The fact he gets these videos done so fast after each incident is mind blowing...
I want this guy in my corner. Before anyone yells Doc, he's already there.
Who's faster Brian's uploads or Ryan's punches?
Sea Kay
Sea Kay:
Dude I CRINGED when they played that slo mo replay. He practically bent his ribs.
Brian Sutterer MD
Brian Sutterer MD:
Edit: had to trim out some copyright parts, thats why it's a bit choppy, with no clear ending, but I wanted to keep the physiology part still up so you can learn from this!
So basically what you’re saying is, “he needs some milk”. 😂
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales:
CAMPBELL: What the hell just happen?
GARCIA: See Dr. Sutterer's YouTube channel.
One of the harshest liver shots I've seen
That slo mo reminded me of a bullet hitting ballistic gel... The kid has power.
jesus hernandez
jesus hernandez:
Everyone is a monster until someone connects with a liver punch. Boy that is painful. Also great video once again.
Erieye13 -
Erieye13 -:
I wonder if he sits around dressed up so when something like this happens he just goes to his studio
Drake Burton
Drake Burton:
Brian: I’m going to teach you why this is such a devastating hit.

Also Brian: he hits hard.
You know studying has been going well when you understand everything he’s saying 😂
The devil works hard but Dr. Brian Sutterer works harder 😂
Will Jackson
Will Jackson:
How the hell did you upload this this fast 😂
He literally sent a shockwave on his body. I guess all that anime Ryan’s been watching is manifesting. 😳👑
highway ghost
highway ghost:
he uploaded faster then the KO 😂😂
Poor fella's probably gonna be pissin' blood for a month after that one.
Adam Lees
Adam Lees:
The fact luke got up only a few seconds after the ten count was amazing.If that hit a normal,untrained man in the street he would be down for minutes in total agony.
Mark Jayson Navarro
Mark Jayson Navarro:
That's the only liver shot that I've ever seen in my life with a damn shockwave effect. Seeing that slowmo shockwave to the body must be so damn painful.
Bad Lady Productions
Bad Lady Productions:
I am still doing film study on this match and Doc already written produced edited and published.
Ghost Arroyo
Ghost Arroyo:
That was fast asf😂
Diogo Alves
Diogo Alves:
Dude this was like 5 minutes ago 😂
Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh:
This man uploads so fast it just makes me think that he watches sports nonstop while rubbing his hands together like a super vilian until someone gets hurt...

Edit: thanks for the one 👍
damn you fast asf😂
That young man has some power!
MachoMachinMachin MachinMachin
MachoMachinMachin MachinMachin:
What's with this "(04:05) Let's appreciate this"?
That is really painful to watch.
Why would anybody want to become a boxer and subject their body organs to such possible devastation?
You have to really admire boxers for stepping onto the ring.
Damn!! You just explained how and why liver shots are so devestating in under 3 minutes!
Joe Lesi
Joe Lesi:
I’m still trying to find a decent highlight vid and the injury breakdown is already out here....😂👊🏾
phone jack
phone jack:
When you need a doctor to explain the ko, that's how you know it's bad.
"Shutdown, we're finished" is an awesome way to put it.
I’ve taken a liver shot from someone that doesn’t really hit hard and I still felt the pain when I was driving back home after sparring. I’m sure Luke will feel that all night....
Madison Litteral
Madison Litteral:
Canelo been drilling Ryan on these body shots 😳
Bas Ruten would be proud of this punch.
Throwaway Use
Throwaway Use:
I admire the speed - good content.
Doc Brian: saw that punch
Also Doc Brian: where's my camera?
misolou fout
misolou fout:
The fact luke got up only a few seconds after the ten count was amazing.If that hit a normal,untrained man in the street he would be down for minutes in total agony.
I wish you were my teacher at school.
Hey doc! I was wondering if you could make a video on tennis elbow and golfers elbow. I’m sure it will not only help me but also many others :)
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez:
Never ceases to amaze the speed at which you deliver videos.
That mj jersey in the back is so cold.
Kyle James
Kyle James:
This is exactly what I was expecting to hear last night with Justin Fields!
Looking forward to the "Tank" and "Garcia" fight🔥
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan:
The clout “doctor” has spoken. Can’t take him seriously after his bogus breakdown of Genderbender’s gyno
Ray promotions
Ray promotions:
Oscar de la Hoya had some flash backs from when he also got that liver shot
erick rf
erick rf:
Its funny how as soon as I saw this happen live, I immediately thought of Dr. Sutterer. Great stuff!!
OnlyXGreenX 1
OnlyXGreenX 1:
So Ryan almost caught a first degree murder😳
Cho Jo
Cho Jo:
I love how this doctor lowkey loves seeing painful shit.
Cali Dad
Cali Dad:
I remember i got hit once right on the liver and after a second i literally lost all my will to fight but to curl up in a ball and wait for it to go away while he jumped on me and beat the shit out of me. So impressive. Congrats Ryan
First time on here and I must say you’ve found yourself a super interesting and cool niche on YouTube. Keep it up, definitely learned something!
Marcus Euzarraga
Marcus Euzarraga:
It be funny if Campbell saw this video and said, "it doesn't feel anything like that" 😂
jorge cervantes
jorge cervantes:
That hit would’ve knockdown anyone in his weight class it was right on the money! 🔥
Pause at 0:38
The body ain’t supposed to bend like that 😳
chris g
chris g:
Good break down. One of the heaviest body shots have seen for a while
Impressive how he got this video so quick, right on brother!
Miggie maccin
Miggie maccin:
Lowkey I thought Campbell stayed down to give that fight to Ryan but after this video I see why now thanks!
Joshua Masri
Joshua Masri:
Doc I'm with u on everything u said make so much sense for bless.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
That's the only liver shot that I've ever seen in my life with a damn shockwave effect. Seeing that slowmo shockwave to the body must be so damn painful.
Syafril Adhitama
Syafril Adhitama:
Dang, I just got my self a lecture that I don't understand at all yet I watch it again and again trying to comprehend as if I'm gonna have it on my exam tomorrow....
Amer Iqbal
Amer Iqbal:
"That Prognosis was Unbelievable" - An Eye Opener!!!!
George Morales
George Morales:
the liver send signals to this man first so he can upload it then Campbell's brain second
JW Accoustics
JW Accoustics:
Why am having uncomfortable feeling around my liver while watching this. Lol
Jeremy Y
Jeremy Y:
I love how he called this fight with a body shot in his vlog from a few days ago
David Valdovinos
David Valdovinos:
The way he describes the 🥊 :The shock waves to the liver ...”priceless”
ken carksztb
ken carksztb:
That liver shot tells the body to shut down
Adolfo Padilla
Adolfo Padilla:
Dang 2 videos in one day, way to go man
Pharoh Johnson
Pharoh Johnson:
Love watching his breakdowns of different situations. Extremely intelligent.
Imagine that landing on cheeseburger Davis
Klaus Michael
Klaus Michael:
If you look at it the footage without slow motion, it just looks like a casual hook with zero power, I have actually rewinded it alot of times and I can't see the impact AT ALL.
Henry H
Henry H:
The punch looked quite light due to its speed... almost like a jab, but when you look at the impact in slow motion.... oh man it made me wince. King Ryan, What a wizard of a fighter
Barbie fox
Barbie fox:
In a few seconds you fall to your knees drained of energy
flymingo the fittest
flymingo the fittest:
Well now we know he💩 on himself after that punch 😭😭😭
the fact that a video so comprehensive came out shortly after the fight is incredible to me
Devin Donnelly
Devin Donnelly:
This is so cool. The old "wait for it" liver shot explained.
Happyhour Squad
Happyhour Squad:
its just funny how your explaining all this and all i see is the replay of that mans liver being flattened..
When Campbell knocked Garcia down, Garcia was saying , “Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!” “But not for me”
I was just wondering if you were going to do a video on this! Wow dude you're Garrett then Garcia's punches with these videos
RL Racing Garage
RL Racing Garage:
Short get to the point I like that and that's why I clicked on it!!
Stephen Tosh
Stephen Tosh:
You're the man Doc! Just unreal how clean and how heavy that shot was!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
That's the only liver shot that I've ever seen in my life with a damn shockwave effect. Seeing that slowmo shockwave to the body must be so damn painful.
Gotta love them liver shots. Fast track to a knockout.
Frank Silva
Frank Silva:
The slow-motion helps appreciate the velocity of the punches being thrown which essentially proves speed kills.
Rough Spaghetti
Rough Spaghetti:
My analysis
“Punch very fast, therefore punch hurt very much”
I know I'm going to hell for laughing at this, but his body really went and blue screened then Windows XP powered itself off 😂
El Bashiob
El Bashiob:
Everyone gangsta until their liver gets sent into oblivion
Ethan Reyes
Ethan Reyes:
I can't trust this doctor after watching the Izzy video. 🤦Smh
cris dsay
cris dsay:
i think its the same effect on thurman when he faced manny pacquiao, round 10 maybe im not sure..
Joe P
Joe P:
This dude runs to his camera everytime a injury happens
greyscale dub
greyscale dub:
Gary Thrasher
Gary Thrasher:
You’re too fast.
Amilcar Flores
Amilcar Flores:
Thank you I didn’t know it was so important to know this but it is, thank you for the content, hope you have a lot of more subscribers in the future
Thankz Doc"...I knew I would find it here...havnt seen the fight yet but it's good to see some insight b4 I see the fight!! Does it make sence?!? I don't nO..
Oh well, it is wat it is!! 20tWeNty1...I"mah take it As it CoMes!! Peace!! YesSiRr!! DefiNately helP'd dOC... Hehe!! LoL!! ThankU!
Weezy F Jordan
Weezy F Jordan:
Got punched in my liver once. It sent a tingle everywhere even in my toes and then my belly button started burning and it was over . I dropped to my knees the same way
T S:
Love your content! Would probably suggest a little more detail in regards to the nervous system and how ANS is not the only division or at least include the fact that para and sympathetic are subdivisions.
woaw, definitly didn't look that hard but the slow mo speaks for itself !!!
it was painfull to watch
mel b
mel b:
makes my liver hurt just watching
I thought this was drew goodens video. Thumbnail tricked me.
Eli Beeman
Eli Beeman:
My explanation: HE GOT KNOCKED TF OUT!
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity:
Bruh seeing that in slow motion made me realize ryan's punches are devastating
That’s dope. Love how you break it down. Quick, precise, and to the point. 👏