Ryan Garcia & Luke Campbell Share Special Moment In Locker Room Post-Fight

January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

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100+ comentarios:

Boxing Proff
Boxing Proff:
Luke is pure class.
R E S P E C T 鈽戯笍
bazz 9494
bazz 9494:
Campbell just wanted a picture with canelo lol.
Aldo Steel
Aldo Steel:
This was a great fight Mexicans and Brits show allot of heart!
Outta Savageboy
Outta Savageboy:
I鈥檓 team Garcia but man luke Campbell got my respect what a great sportsmanship.
Barry Jerry
Barry Jerry:
Get this luke is 33 years old...man looks like his in his twenties
I fucken love when an athlete can be a fucken grown up and accept his loss. For that Campbell has my respect 馃挴
Cabeson Portillo
Cabeson Portillo:
Even in Ryan's own locker room people wanna see Canelo lol
Jordy Ramirez
Jordy Ramirez:
As a Mexican I have to say I have soo much respect towards Luke he showed Ryan what a strong boxer can do and this will make Ryan a better fighter. He woke him up with that knock down in the second round. He鈥檚 a great guy, my respects to him and his team
AS Red eye
AS Red eye:
Whether you like him or not, the dude can fight. He stand up and fought back and finish who is in front of him, well done.
Scott Mescudi
Scott Mescudi:
Beautiful moment of respect, especially from Luke, this show how class he is.
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres:
If I hear Sergio mora mention 鈥 pretty boy 鈥 again, I鈥檓 gonna have to smack this dude. SMH.
Luis Munro
Luis Munro:
Luke came back to see Garcia just so he could get his picture with Canelo 馃槀
Man I feel bad for Luke Cambell. My respect for him and his sportsmanship went way higher
Aftab Cheema
Aftab Cheema:
This was a mad fight. Both these fighters have all my respect. They are both absolute warriors. This was a great match up. Ryan was tested with this fight and Luke showed great sportsmanship.
Manny Sandoval
Manny Sandoval:
Wow I have a new-found respect for Luke. That was a class act.
Huge respect to Luke Campbell, he worked silent and didn't show everyone how hard he worked for the fight.
Jack McLeod Jr.
Jack McLeod Jr.:
Kids - THIS IS SPORTSMANSHIP ! Follow this example.
French Fry Montana
French Fry Montana:
King Ry got his lawyer right next to him watching everything he signs馃挴
miko foin
miko foin:
Beautiful moment of respect, especially from Luke, this show how class he is.
The guy in left to ryan 1:58 looks like the mexican james corden!!馃ぃ
campbell is such a gentlemen
Mad respect to both fighters, we saw a world-class fight and it was an incredible moment
e connoisseur
e connoisseur:
Ryan got tested deep and passed showed he has heart and balls props to Ryan I thought Luke would beat him if it went past first 4 rounds
Wow the new generation of fighters seem to be so much more respectful with each other and calling each other out and being mature. Respect to both of these great fighters !!!
And the man asks for a photo with him... that鈥檚 a champ congratulating a champ.
Jose Rosas
Jose Rosas:
Respect to Luke for being humble enough to show love to Ryan and team after the L! You can tell he is a great overall guy. Luke still a great fighter! Congrats to Ryan for amazing WIN!
Alan Barradas
Alan Barradas:
A loss and still shook hands and hanged out backstage and showed lots of respect towards Ryan wow. What a humble guy
I鈥檓 so proud of Ryan he isn鈥檛 just a Instagram fighter
Im Bored47605
Im Bored47605:
Love him or hate him, Ryan faced adversity and pulled through like a true fighter.
He just got passed the gate keeper. Now let's see him how he handles the big boys! Keep it up King Ry!
X x leo x x Calde
X x leo x x Calde:
Unbelievable all my respect to luke this man knows how to loose thats what we call a real boxer
no description
no description:
Alvarez is so modest, look at him sitting there behind)
Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose:
imagine my shock when Luke Campbell is 33 and not 18 years old.
straight CLASS
Lensus Met
Lensus Met:
Love the sportmanship. Luke came in great shape. He was fighting very well until Ryan dropped him with a tremendous body shot.
Jose Soto
Jose Soto:
The best part of the fight is the respect they give each other,unlike tank and Charlo sisters
Imagine being punched on the...you know
Luke looks so sad man,you can tell he wanted to get up after that vicious body shot,such a nice dude 馃様respect to both fighter fho
Alexander AR
Alexander AR:
you can see in luke eyes that he really respects garcia and that he likes him
Aman George
Aman George:
The real reason luke came was to take a pic with CANELO馃槀
Corey Paul
Corey Paul:
Extremely proud of both fighters class and integrity.
Chris Cuevas
Chris Cuevas:
I love Luke鈥檚 sportsmanship and Ryan is humble enough to respect him back 馃憦 馃嚥馃嚱 馃嚭馃嚫 馃嚞馃嚙
Ram Munoz
Ram Munoz:
Luke Campbell is a class act Champion in my book
Martin Nunez
Martin Nunez:
Yoooo why do all English athletes have such great sportsmanship 馃挴 need this in America
Love to see the respect everyone has for eachother, beautiful to see.
Luke Campbell is the man. Wish he had won a few more of his biggest fights. Even tho he avenged one of his losses and the other was split decision. Only lomo really beat him down
Buffalo Troll
Buffalo Troll:
Wow love this !!!!!! No bad blood Luke still golden glove
I could see Garcia beating Tank or Haney before I see him beating Teo or Loma.
jq sant
jq sant:
I have so much respect for Ryan but I feel he ain't ready for the Tank yet.
Guillermo Flores
Guillermo Flores:
Loma vs Ryan G would be an Amazing fight!
LOBO CARRANZA 鈻勶富谭炭鈹惶库晲鈹佷竴
LOBO CARRANZA 鈻勶富谭炭鈹惶库晲鈹佷竴:
He really just wanted a pic with canelo
this is the starting of ryan's career,he still need to improve a lot especially footwork
The respect I have for these two is phenomenal! 馃挴
Ryan Garcia is going to be a champ for a very long time we all just witnessed something amazing
KoKo FitFaded
KoKo FitFaded:
Ryan showed he鈥檚 the REAL DEAL! How y鈥檃ll think he does in the future!? See him becoming champ one day 馃
Orlando chavez
Orlando chavez:
The British have heart and grit. They鈥檙e some of the most fun and enjoyable fighters. All respect to both fighters.
Jose Rules
Jose Rules:
He has great potential but he needs to improve his defense
I was looking at the handshakes all in sync amazing
Luke realising what鈥檚 truly important here - massive respect to them both and great to see! What a top guy Luke is!
These guys fought on warrior mode. Talk about living up to the hype and exceeding it!
Rodolfo Rios
Rodolfo Rios:
Love how canelo just sits down and lets ryan have his night!
Great fight!! From馃嚡馃嚨
I am glad that I could see a wonderful match.
Garcia is gathering attention even among Japanse boxing fans.
Ole Billy
Ole Billy:
People really saying "it was fixed" 馃槀. Bro if you say that just please stop watching combat sports.
Tushar Gaonkar
Tushar Gaonkar:
This is actually WHOLESOME 鉂わ笍
aaah the dude with mask is canelo, i was wondering why they'd show him after that liver shot KO
Marco Pacino
Marco Pacino:
gotta be honest - the fight was EVEN when he got caught with a body shot (would have been great to see it continue)
Super Sonico
Super Sonico:
Finally! It鈥檚 so refreshing to watch real sportsmanship they鈥檙e both great sport ambassadors 馃憤
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis:
I can see Luke Campbell giving interviews many years from now about how he knocked down and gained the respect of a young Ryan Garcia. At 33 this could become his most memorable moment. This Garcia kid looks destined for a dominant decade in boxing. Whatever the trolls say, only A grade fighters can beat Campbell; amateur or pro.
Jose Prado
Jose Prado:
The commentator keep callin him pretty 馃槀馃槀 idk thats a lil sus my g 馃憖
Lim Toshi
Lim Toshi:
That was totally amazing fight for the both of them.
Tyler Newlands
Tyler Newlands:
Garcia learned in this fight and his toughness and will to win really showed
Self Employed
Self Employed:
He鈥檚 no longer a Instagram fighter !! Puro respecto
Excellence_ 85
Excellence_ 85:
Even after the loss he goes and shows class! 馃檹馃徑
To have Canelo along side ur ring ...that's a true blessing.....proud for King Ryan
Diego G.
Diego G.:
That just makes me happy idk why
Zelite Xjames
Zelite Xjames:
Greatest fight starting 2021 love the sportsmanship馃挭馃徑馃
Travis Hawkins
Travis Hawkins:
Even luke campbell trying to get pictures with canelo馃槀
Leonardo Samuel
Leonardo Samuel:
British fighters always show great respect... win or lose.
I needed him to win. He鈥檚 super important to the sport. He brings people to the sport that would never watch boxing if not for him. He needed to win very important
Danny Jay
Danny Jay:
Least they go over and fight in your backyard when do they come over to fight in someone else backyard respect luke
Ryan reminds me so much of a young oscar de la hoya.
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between 鈥淪eparate Self鈥 & Cosmos馃敽
florzy 銇
florzy 銇:
respect to luke campbell. what fighter laughs with the opponent after he has lost. ryan garcia is the real deal. stop hating on him now.
Mohibbul Haq
Mohibbul Haq:
class act by luke馃檶馃従 love to see it
That's what I love to see, Ryan proved people wrong and showed everyone if you put it in that work it'll pay off 鉂
He Finessin a pic with Canelo
Aldrin Siega
Aldrin Siega:
I believe to this Luke cambell very humble this man
S Y:
Canelo is a beast ain鈥檛 he lol
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz:
This dude hits hard 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃挭馃従馃挭馃従respect
El Cucuy
El Cucuy:
Thanks DAZN for talking over them! Would of been nice to hear the conversation, bit of common sense next time please
Julio Lechuga
Julio Lechuga:
鎬垜銉夈儷 Z O M B O I D
鎬垜銉夈儷 Z O M B O I D:
Class act. It really was a great fight, both these guys deserve everyone's respect.
Philip Load
Philip Load:
Love the respect for each other鉁岋笍
Samuel A
Samuel A:
love this. Greay respect!
Milspec Machine
Milspec Machine:
Alex G
Alex G:
Respect Best thing of all 鉂わ笍馃挴 Amazing sportsmanship that鈥檚 what it about
Jose Cruz Rangel
Jose Cruz Rangel:
Love it! They had some Twisted Tea during the fight and some Ocean Spray afterward. Love the respect!
Hello Bye
Hello Bye:
This is awesome to see, so much respect