Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell - A CLOSER LOOK

On the latest 'Closer Look' feature we preview the latest chapter in boxings thriving lightweight division. This weekend a showdown awaits between Luke 'Coolhand' Campbell, a resilient British Southpaw.. Against Golden Boy's next generation, Ryan 'Kingry' Garcia, a devastating American finisher.

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Boogey MANN
Boogey MANN:
I can say with certainty that 2021 started out well because of Motivedia uploading
yall killed the editing on this one!
デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu
デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu:
Please make one for pacquiao vs spence
FI5H R1200R
FI5H R1200R:
This ones Gonna answer a lot of questions that’s for sure really looking forward to it may the best man win👊
Who’s here after ryan knocked luke out.
Ralph Elliott
Ralph Elliott:
Your did a much better job on hyping this fight up than DAZN did. Well done, Brother. It's because of you I watch boxing, so thank you, and keep up the perfect work.
You break down fights perfectly, you explain everything clear as day I'm auitisc and have trouble understanding but I can watch your videos all day and understand every bit, love your videos man can't wait to see your videos through the year brother
I see motivedia. I click. It’s that simple
going to be ryans toughest fight - i dont see him winning easily like his other fights, Luke is Legit
BigMc 0161YT
BigMc 0161YT:
Luke ain’t no joke if Ryan wins I’ll actually take note 📝👏🏻 good luck to both fighters
A Motivedia presentation on first day of the year? Oh go on then!!
The Misfit Jit
The Misfit Jit:
0:12 teofimo face expression had me weak
Jose Roman
Jose Roman:
If they don’t pay you to make these THEY SHOULD BECAUSE IM HYPED ASF NOW
David Sarah
David Sarah:
Can Motiveda spin us a rhyme about being Big Poppa, while throwing his hands in the air?
i think its good that haney has to fight the winner of this fight because unless campbell beats ryan than haney , someone will have to loose their 0 , all these lightweights prospects are the future but they are too scared to fight each other and loose their perfect record , someone needs to let them know that loses are okay as long as you bounce back
African Child
African Child:
Starting 2021 on a great note. Looking forward to this bout
Steven Levitzke
Steven Levitzke:
Let's go Luke. Hull FTW
Isaiah Marshall
Isaiah Marshall:
If the Campbell who fought Loma shows up. He can win this fight in the later rounds or by decision
happy new years motivedia!
This is officially my first YouTube video of the year! No better way to start the year than with a Motivedia experience! Lets go 2021!! Ryan Garcia and Luke Cambell will be a great start to the year.
Mediazz Ent
Mediazz Ent:
This guy needs to promote boxing events and be hired by a huge company like tr
Diego Flores
Diego Flores:
Canelo teaching Ryan how to throw a body shot 👀
Damn, this channel keeps getting better. Like woah there
Henny Spiderman
Henny Spiderman:
It’s gonna be interesting, I think Ryan is the real deal. The new generation all look capable. I just want them to fight each other, you gotta seize big opportunities and put your record on the line. Teofimo did it, it’s gervonta’s/haney’s and Ryan’s turn now to do the same.
Huwin Adams
Huwin Adams:
I never appreciated accidently clicking the top of the screen at the perfect moment so much😂
Master Almighty
Master Almighty:
Well, he did fold him up with ONE bodyshot
Cory Mountain
Cory Mountain:
I knew motivedia was gonna make a video on this fight! I been patiently waiting! You guys are truly the best!!!!
Eyon Brown
Eyon Brown:
You know why I'm here.
c'mon Campbell!!!!!
King Bojack
King Bojack:
Dude you need to link these soundtracks!!!! Gahd damn.
Mark King
Mark King:
this my favorite youtube channel dawg always delivering heat
Ernie Carrillo
Ernie Carrillo:
6:00 - Ha! One big shot did just that!
Brave Dave
Brave Dave:
5:26 is Glory by Tyrone Briggs for y'all googling and ctrl+F'ing #song #music
Jefri Junaidi
Jefri Junaidi:
I highly appreciate the editing.
You read my mind! Bam! Was just asking for this....i voted campbell by points i dont think ryan likes going 12 rounds. Hes confident in his abilities and passion for the ko but lacks the passion when it comes to endurance ! Luke however is a crazyfellow brit and just loves a good scrap! 🇬🇧
Please do top 10 fights we need to see this 2021
I stopped watching another video for this one!🤣
Dude's voice so deep he can make any discussion interesting
Mr StealYourWaifu
Mr StealYourWaifu:
Been waiting for this one
Motivedia coming in clutch as always
Luke is going to rip the instagram models head off
Uditha Kannangara
Uditha Kannangara:
Motivedia 4 life 💪🖤🔥
Mark White
Mark White:
What a way to start the new year, a motevedia video,
Dare David
Dare David:
This is the fight of the year for the "new generation"
Michael Gilles
Michael Gilles:
Letss gooooo happy new year fam🥊🥊
BigTex 123
BigTex 123:
I bought tickets for this fight already. Hope yah see me in the front row 😀👍🏽 american airlines
Johnny Test
Johnny Test:
0:10 teofimos reaction though ahaha
Solar Boogie
Solar Boogie:
I really hope Ryan wins. From Dallas btw
Leevi Ahtiainen
Leevi Ahtiainen:
Great content!👍🏼
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores:
I can't believe I'm watching this for free. Thanks motivedia!
aLw Adrain
aLw Adrain:
Mr. Jurassic
Mr. Jurassic:
This is the earliest i've been in here. 🔥
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG:
I think Campbell could pressurise Garcia and take it on points. Reminds me of Dubois V Joyce, a hype train getting tested too early.
Khalid Young
Khalid Young:
It was one big shot that stopped the fight
This is how we start 2021 with a banger video!
This a channel i awesome and needed for this boxing business.....
But the voice of the narrator is the cherry on top of the sandae
Reymart Canapi
Reymart Canapi:
Early ♥️
Can Motivedia sing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond with his voice? I wonder if he'll see this 🤔🤔🤔
Gabriel Johannson
Gabriel Johannson:
Motivedia bringing in the NY with a bang.
Jim Taganna
Jim Taganna:
A Motivedia Presentation. One of the best!
Garcia haters are now hiding back in their mom's basement hahahahha
Rodrigo lopez
Rodrigo lopez:
I've been waiting for this one🙏, just in time👍
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews:
I found this promo an hour before the event started. Awesome!
Angelo Barnette
Angelo Barnette:
U should get promo pay 💰💰
el chap
el chap:
Been waiting on this 💯🔥✊🏾
Leon Taylor
Leon Taylor:
Why’s man look like a video game character in the thumbnail
Sick pun - "after a testing time" - transitions into boxers being tested for the rona.
matty britnell
matty britnell:
Love it mate. I’m backing my boy Luke 🇬🇧🥊
Quillan Jacobson
Quillan Jacobson:
What i saw from this fight was that a real top dog would send Ryan packing
Brandon K
Brandon K:
'The guys like how I punch, the girls like how I look.'

Do your thing bro.
Han Dolo
Han Dolo:
Can't wait to see this fight. Glad it's finally happening
thomas Kittoe
thomas Kittoe:
Come on Campbell!
Daniel Whiteside
Daniel Whiteside:
Ronell Ocson
Ronell Ocson:
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Wayne Rose
Wayne Rose:
Hopefully this will be a fight to remember. Great match up.. lets go,🥊
dbro yawner
dbro yawner:
I love how you guys aren’t biased keep up the great work!
Carl S
Carl S:
The editing is on point 👌👏
temetito elgordo
temetito elgordo:
Oh hell yea what a way yo start the year. Thanks motivedia.
David Livick
David Livick:
Jon Keith Ft. Derek Minor & Joey Vantes - David @ 3:00
Hani Nahawi
Hani Nahawi:
Go on Luke lad, rooting for you on this one.
Nhut Aquino
Nhut Aquino:
i want to see you vs tank!! hope this fight will happen soon ,
B B:
Campbell needs to work on his power
Ansenio Sands
Ansenio Sands:
The Bahamas checking in!
I told you Campbell would lose. Gold medals are cool...in the Olympics.
Ayy! my boy Jon keith at 3:00🎶🔥
That thumbnail graphics are insane
Jesse McCoy
Jesse McCoy:
Hey Motivedia, mind if use one of your videos to do a reaction?
Thembela Ndesi
Thembela Ndesi:
Right on time. Motivedia on point man.
Juan Rosa
Juan Rosa:
Garcia in the 10th, you’ve seen it here first
J Villa
J Villa:
Devin "pillow hands" Haney can gtfooooo of the conversation
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Thank you motivedia i love these videos 🙏
Thank you Motivedia for bringing me the first good thing in 2021! God Bless!
MadDog Mcgruder
MadDog Mcgruder:
A new 4 king era....damn that sounds amazing
Syddique Shaw
Syddique Shaw:
The quality in these videos are getting better and better.
The skies the limit oooh... like he said something lmao kids pulling out 6th grade year book quotes...
Mauri H
Mauri H:
Luke Campbell
Luke Campbell:
I’m gonna beat the brakes off him Mark my works then I’m coming for teofimo
Jesus Delgado
Jesus Delgado:
Vamos vamos vamos! Más Motivedia! 👊
Mike the Moocher
Mike the Moocher:
Love how lomas like welcome to my club then loses his title a fight after 🤣 with no rematch clause hahaha amateurs
Dan Grange
Dan Grange:
Yeeees...just watch Luke Campbell running on a road where I live....On here motivedia...I'm so made up 👌👌🔥🔥🔥