Ryan Garcia's Incredible Ring Walk

January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

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100+ comentarios:

I鈥檓 gutted for Luke but fair play to Ryan he鈥檚 the real deal respect from England !
A Very Big Girraffe
A Very Big Girraffe:
big respect to the person setting these highlights up, they deserve a raise
Crystal Gonzalez
Crystal Gonzalez:
He even thanked Luke for knocking him down because that would鈥檝e been a learning lesson for him. What a great match by two amazing fighters 馃憦馃徎
Vision TV
Vision TV:
Al puro estilo de Naseem Hamed
That liver shot is intense......
dazn fast af with these highlights
Im surprised how quick and sharp he was after he got dropped..
the fact that he got up and still fought after that chin shot showed who he really was. respect man.
Sakhawat Rahman
Sakhawat Rahman:
I thought Campbell was going to win but Garcia definitely proved himself worthy of a fight against Devin Haney now.
Velo lol
Velo lol:
Who's here after ryan beat cambell
When you buy Tyson Fury鈥檚 entrance on wish
Cool guy
Cool guy:
Wow. Ryan has heart. I thought he was gonna lose after getting dropped
Now that Ryan won by KO, the haters gonna say Campbell is a nobody.
Zach Zachery
Zach Zachery:
Hopefully Ryan gets better with his movement and defense so that he doesn鈥檛 get caught again, that punch that put him down was a beautiful shot
ian mathew
ian mathew:
if y鈥檃ll can鈥檛 watch the fight, i鈥檒l spoil it in a couple of sentences. garcia got knocked down in the 2nd round but came back and knocked luke campbell out, at the end of the fight.
Peter James
Peter James:
Ryan won with hit to liver
Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng:
I'm so glad that he trains with Canelo. He's learning from the best!
Louis B
Louis B:
Gym shark are going to have a field day using that clip of him getting knocked down then going on to win the fight
Exile OP
Exile OP:
I like the other ring announcer this one didn鈥檛 hype them up
Thomas Magnani
Thomas Magnani:
He copied Tyson fury鈥檚 ringwalk vs wilder 馃槀
Feso Alo
Feso Alo:
鈥淚f he wants to be elite, he has to beat elite!鈥
If he gets punched like that by tank he ain't getting up
Y鈥檃ll better be quick with the highlights too馃憖
Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata:
Mexicans keeping boxing alive ! 馃嚥馃嚱馃敟
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin:
I can admit I was wrong, I said negative comments about Ryan in other videos, but he is the real deal, proved me and so many others wrong lol
Marcus Garcia
Marcus Garcia:
Ryan is a beast no doubt but he has to improve his head movement which I'm sure he will since he's training with the P4P King Canelo
Bence Nagy
Bence Nagy:
And he won by a bodyshot after getting dropped.True champion
Horacio Castillo
Horacio Castillo:
I swear that commentator is in love with Ryan, calls Ryan cute like 100 times.
Ryan did a Dillian Whyte 鈥渓et鈥檚 go鈥 I鈥檓 ready鈥!!
Danish 銆絬azzam
Danish 銆絬azzam:
This ring walk remind me of
The gypsy king
Dazn should just stream the fights for free yall post highlights quick af
This fight was so amazing!
0:52 wasn鈥檛 expecting that. I was expecting ayy papi 馃槀
David Bubar
David Bubar:
When I first saw "KINGRY" I pronounced it in my head like hungry but beginning with king :)
Myles Wheeler
Myles Wheeler:
This is just a btec Tyson fury walk out 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Steve Gee
Steve Gee:
When the tank knocks him down he鈥檚 staying down
Hugo Marx
Hugo Marx:
Love the way he prays before the fight just like Manny Pacquiao
Ryan won, what a king but also that knock down in second round from Campbell was satisfying AF
Coming out like that and imagine if he lose ..his career would have been over 馃槀馃槀
Yuo Irony YT
Yuo Irony YT:
Bro the fight just happened- How they do this so fast-
Kiko Machine
Kiko Machine:
It almost backfired! Great win for him!
Broken Chains
Broken Chains:
Amazing fight, both true warriors! 馃挭馃徑馃挭馃徎
Nikko Forcadilla
Nikko Forcadilla:
Congrats King Ry鉂わ笍馃嚨馃嚟
Julian Gallegos
Julian Gallegos:
Hope he learns some humility from Canelo.
Mark Jr
Mark Jr:
Lol just imagine all the Ryan haters watching this fight 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃthey thought
Respect for bouncing back from that one knockdown
Mark Davis
Mark Davis:
Left hook done the job WHAT A FIGHT BOTH MEN!
Mentally Takenn
Mentally Takenn:
This fight was fireeeeeee bruhhhh even with the ko in 2 round he still had the energy to land shots and fight fairly he deserves it!!
I鈥檇 never come out like this.
Nice way to get cold.
Cool though
Python P
Python P:
Taking inspiration from Fury!
Emanuel Waiba
Emanuel Waiba:
Dang that ko in the 7 round was a butrally liver shot馃憤 sick
simi sikhakhane
simi sikhakhane:
Great fight credit to Luke campbell for putting a challenge and congrats to Ryan for the knockout
This is the fury walk my friend
OCE_ kami
OCE_ kami:
I had my money on Ryan this whole thing, he鈥檚 really just the best....
Game Kingz
Game Kingz:
He reminds me of Amir Khan...
B Valentin
B Valentin:
Ryan literally shut down the critics today. What a king. Love from the UK!!
John Rocafort
John Rocafort:
An amazing fight! Congratulations champ
Mad Wesk
Mad Wesk:
Here before the million views
Jos茅 ivan Guzm谩n Romero
Jos茅 ivan Guzm谩n Romero:
Pinche mamador de 3 pesos, esos caen primero
Humildad vato ten m谩s humildad
Classic Skrt
Classic Skrt:
Great fight by both! Both are great warriors! Cheers to Ryan馃嵒
Joselia Silva
Joselia Silva:
Seja humilde e vc ir谩 longe na sua carreira.. sucesso garoto馃檹馃憦馃憦馃槏
Man...with that entrance, losing would be career ending.
AS Red eye
AS Red eye:
Whether you like him or not he has heart and he can not only fight back but finish the fight in a devastating fashion.
Manuel Gutierrez
Manuel Gutierrez:
I knew campbell would catch him he needs alot of work still
馃槶馃槶馃槶 at the sensitivity of some of you guys
Glizz Dineroo
Glizz Dineroo:
Yessir let鈥檚 get it 馃挮
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny:
W for ryan w
samiah mckeag
samiah mckeag:
Much love n respect frm chiques 馃憡
Sergio G
Sergio G:
This division is young know
I wasnt a fan of the ring entrance. A little to haughty imo. Great win for ryan proved grit
Bryant Aguilar
Bryant Aguilar:
I thought Canelo was supposed to walk out with him
teagan schneider
teagan schneider:
i automatically went from a ryan garcia fan to wanting him to get knocked out after watching this ring entrance.
l i a m Cortez
l i a m Cortez:
DAZN I'm from Philippines why can't I watch
the highlights come on
Martin Locaylocay
Martin Locaylocay:
That R2 k.o is a lesson for him. Hope u make some adjustments on ur next fight.
Mafia V channel
Mafia V channel:
Lil Toxic Foo
Lil Toxic Foo:
DAZN PLEASE SHOW CLIPS OF THE CIRNER TALK! I want to hear what Eddie was telling Ryan. Lol
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski:
this ring walk made me want luke to win
Andrew Mares
Andrew Mares:
This is like WWE entrances
black jack1171
black jack1171:
Fury : wow, that's weak
Jeto-R Sanon
Jeto-R Sanon:
Ryan is the future of boxing no cap 馃悙馃敟
兀丨賲丿 乇賮丕毓賷
兀丨賲丿 乇賮丕毓賷:
Corona who?? 馃槀
he got dropped and came back like it was nothin 馃憦
Derran Mcbride
Derran Mcbride:
Look at the crowd馃槑 it鈥檚 coming back, I鈥檓 telling ya
Tad O
Tad O:
Ryan won 馃コ lol but idk if he鈥檚 ready
G.I. Jake
G.I. Jake:
Who here after the liver shot knock out!
Trapioli Ravioli
Trapioli Ravioli:
Ryan is basically the living king tut 馃槀
mem ento
mem ento:
Incredible? haha
Carlos Myers
Carlos Myers:
Takeover continues baby!!!
G.C 9
G.C 9:
I always believed in Ryan
AntIsGoated YT
AntIsGoated YT:
How he did the king thing and he haven鈥檛 even fought eny body legit 馃
Fernando I
Fernando I:
Feel like he鈥檚 too raw for tank beat Haney first then go for gervonta. I mean Campbell put him down and he鈥檚 not known to have heavy hands
Matthew Sierra
Matthew Sierra:
That was a great fight!! Set it up with him and Davis!
Tu t铆o
Tu t铆o:
king walk**
ra P itJ xAlvi
ra P itJ xAlvi:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 馃槏馃拫 馃挐馃挅鉂わ笍
IzMe Pinaa
IzMe Pinaa:
That was a clean shot that campbell didnt expect 馃槶馃
Le dan m谩s publicidad a ryan SO WE ALL KNOW HOW ITS GOING TO WIN 馃檮
Pedro Cisneros
Pedro Cisneros:
Fury Chafanese ring walk lol!
alcott devalte
alcott devalte:
The ring entrance is EPIC. Estelle-American boy was brilliant for this one :-)