Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato - What Other People Say (Lyric Video)

Sam Fischer & Demi Lovato – What Other People Say (Official Lyric Video)

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Exec Producer: Laurence Warder
Producer: Vicky Smith
Director: Ricky Allen
DP: Tomoi Summers
Art Director: Xander Mitchell
Artwork: Mark Glasgow
Animator: Phillip J Wood



Thought when I grew up I would be the same
as the ones who gave me my last name
I would not give in, I would not partake
In the same old drugs
everyone else takes


I’m better than that, I’m better than that
I’m living my life so I go to heaven and never come back
But look where I'm at, look where I'm at
I’m living the life that I said I wouldn’t and wanna go back


I used to call my mum every Sunday
So she knew her love wasn’t far away
But now I’m all fucked up out in LA
cause I care more about what other people say
I used to not take chances with god’s name
But it’s been so long since I last prayed
And now I’m all fucked up and my heart’s changed
cause I care more about what other people say
[yeah, yeah, yeah etc.]
cause I care more about what other people say


I wish I could shelter the boy I knew
from the constant hell id put him through
Cause I’m all grown up and I’m black and blue
I could use some tape I could use some glue


I’m better than that, I’m better than that
I should be living my life so I go to heaven and never come back



Thought when I grew up I would be the same
as the ones who gave me my last name


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100+ comentarios:

Sam Fischer
Sam Fischer:
i've never felt so much love in my whole life. this song is so special to both me and Demi and i'm so SO happy it's all yours now. FISCHERS LOVATICS. I LOVE YOU. LETS DO THIS!!!!
Kev ETN:
Everybody: * *jaming to the song* *

Me: * *trying to read all the cards* *
Just really hope Demi is ok bc her lyrics are always personal
fidelia wanza
fidelia wanza:
I dont care about the views she gets this songs is timeless and views is not what makes the song, its the message behind the beautiful song...views are just like what other people say.
how is this not trending ?!?
Den Silver
Den Silver:
In love with the song, ON REPEAT! <3
Caitlin Anna
Caitlin Anna:
Take me to church vibes

We need more music with these solid messages
Iyanu Adeniyi
Iyanu Adeniyi:
Every single sentence hit hard.
Salman 1213
Salman 1213:
I stop listening to big name artist lately coz they did nothing except big disapoitment ..
BUT demi Lovato didn't.
And Sam is my new fav, he's absolutely talented and deserve much..much love ...
Poopie Face
Poopie Face:
Demi's so underrated. At least she doesn't pretend that being a celebrity is all sugar and honey. Everyone I see is all about glamour and beauty, "Oh I have such a nice body, it's so easy. Hunnid dollah bills I can throw around to the camera." She shows that fame can fuck you up and that's the actual reality.
Farias Sánchez
Farias Sánchez:
Ruth Cornelius
Ruth Cornelius:
This song is actually so meaning and powerful AND BEAUTIFUL!! This is the kinda music we need rn 😭
DD Taylor12
DD Taylor12:
demi : i used to call my mum every sunday

me: *felt that*
Italo D'Angelo Avila Castro
Italo D'Angelo Avila Castro:
Tanya Edlyn
Tanya Edlyn:
i cant decide which is better ?? the vocals or the lyrics..

both !! Both !!!! :
Red Red
Red Red:
Demi Lovato really is the VOCALIST of our generation.
Iyanu Adeniyi
Iyanu Adeniyi:
This song. Gets me every time I listen to it. It brings back the memories of when I was a child so innocent and pure. Making the decision of who I was going to be and looking at myself now makes me wonder. What would I have done if someone told me I would do the things I did not want to do would I have believed it? That I should just grow up, and wait; that the way of my thinking would change Cause........ of what other what people would say.
Mark Dawn
Mark Dawn:
We are humans and aren’t perfect❤️ it’s okay to make mistakes.
Omaima Ibrahimi
Omaima Ibrahimi:
This song is so underrated
shanna kay willis
shanna kay willis:
Am I the only one who wants to touch that flippy thing??!!
Demi voice is so angelic
Demi Lovato is a role model because she’s real not because she’s perfect.
why does this not have more views? y'all sleeping on this song
Adrian Orsini Russo
Adrian Orsini Russo:
Demi Lovato is Legend.
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips:
Demi Lovato... you are amazing. I listened to you on Kesha's podcast and I remember you both wondering what would happen if a million people all sang a song together. Then you were chosen to perform for Biden's inauguration, and I was so, so happy for you. Because I knew that you spoke that, you worked that, you helped bring it into existence. And maybe a million of us, maybe much more, all sang together with you. And the beautiful lyrics of Lovely Day, that you sang and breathed new life into, were the catalyst. You are a true queen ❤
Hadjer Boudjema
Hadjer Boudjema:
Demi is amazing
I don't know why she care about what other people say
She is perfect like she is
She's better than that
Johnna Rogers
Johnna Rogers:
A role model is not someone who never falls, a role model is someone who always gets up
evelina passant
evelina passant:

Femme Ben
Femme Ben:
Such a genuine ,raw and honest song!!We’re always living life scared about what other people say!!!such a beautiful song!!
Nejla Neamah
Nejla Neamah:
I want to hear demi sing this live
Zaidi Zakaria
Zaidi Zakaria:
They both killed it....the vocal is *french kiss*.....
fanmy sm
fanmy sm:
"I would not give in, I would not partake in the same old drugs everyone else takes"
Damn Demi, that hit hard
Carolina Nogueira
Carolina Nogueira:
I listened this on tiktok, i didn't know the name but demi's iconic voice told me what to looking for 😏✨
An Kimthai
An Kimthai:
This song just fill the hole in my body.
Ha !O
Ha !O:
Most honest and truthfull I've heard this year. Props Demi that's you, that's the real you don't loose it we can got you <3
Jared Stearns
Jared Stearns:
Wow this song hit me in the feels
Demi Lovato is extraordinary, she is one of the best vocalists of this generation, and she deserves even more recognition
Little Much
Little Much:
We jinxed it Sam. I'm so happy more people are listening to you,your music is soo good😭❤️
Tra Tra
Tra Tra:
"But it's been so long since I last prayed"! HIT HARD
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena:
Can’t wait for her next album
Amazing song! Demi has had her ups and downs but she will always release soulful music that really resonates with me.
TheRMP 00
TheRMP 00:
it's crazy how demi has been putting purpose-driven and meaningful songs which impact and touch people while everybody else is craving for hits and charts..
Kayla Kelley
Kayla Kelley:
Is their going to be a music video
I can't stand on yall sleeping on them like this anymore. Look me in the face and tell me this does not deserve at LEAST 10M views.
Michelle Parker
Michelle Parker:
What's the deal with the train, is the train coming, or is it going off its tracks? What's the reference? What does a train symbolize? Trains are the perfect fatalistic symbol; there's only one path for a train — its pre-laid tracks. A fatalistic view of the world means you're all about destiny, a subscription to the idea that we are powerless to do anything other than what we can actually do. I am loving what's going on with music, with the world going to shit we are turning back to kindness, and we can see what living in man's meaningless does to the heart and soul of our being. Our destiny is our choice created by our actions, one track at a time laid down to lead us to our destination.
Tae tae IS MINE
Tae tae IS MINE:
What a beautiful queen!!! She should get a lot more recognition and love!!! One of the best artist of the generation in all honesty.. love u Demi ❤️❤️
I don’t get or understand why Demi Lovato is so freaking underrated as an artist. She’s SO STRONG AND CREATIVE
Guys what's that name of game?? I really want to play it 😭❤️
Caio Leao
Caio Leao:
cant wait for the MV
Ella Velner
Ella Velner:
Ok, I have a best friend who I share my love for Demi with, and now I hope I can somehow get these demi faces, so we can alter are who is who game that we have laying around and create our own Which Demi are you?! Does anybody have any idea how (if this is even possible??) I could get these images? Love the song, the video and the message!!
Brie Derilo
Brie Derilo:
That G5 note again arrrg I'm melting Demi
Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga:
I feel like everyone is kinda ignoring Demi's new songs . Like she works so hard
Abigail Somowaidoe
Abigail Somowaidoe:
Demi voice😍😍😍😍😍😍and then sam voice..👏👌👌😍😍😍😍😍
This song has so much meaning as well every other. You have always been my role model since I first saw you on Camp Rock. Stay strong Demi. ❤️
Demi Lynn
Demi Lynn:
This is so cool...
( and honestly, Demi looks amazing as a cartoon devil xD)
roh Leocadio
roh Leocadio:
Que nostalgia desse jogo cara a cara
Alex L
Alex L:
This is such a cool moment to see two artists with such big voices and amazing back stories come together and make an amazing song. LOVE THIS. We cannot wait for D7 and Sam's album!
Curly Crop
Curly Crop:
For anyone saying it deserves more views i agree but it’s on his channel not hers. also it’s only the lyric video and they haven’t done any promo! THIS SONG IS A BOP THO
Heevy Duski
Heevy Duski:
I’m really speechless why can’t we live how wanted do things that we loved to do not others people wanted it for now on l will always do things l wanted loved to do bc times goes on we live at once people will always talk no matter what u do just be honest be true to u self all the time l really loved the song
Bella Di Manno
Bella Di Manno:
This is gonna relate to a lot of people man. I hope everyone listens to this and truly understand the message of the song.
Charliemagne Asuncion
Charliemagne Asuncion:
Meghan Dalton
Meghan Dalton:
Love this song! Love you Demi! Come back stronger than your set back! I sat in rehab many years ago reading your inspirational quote book about your sobriety.. I get your struggle and was addicted to heroine for a long time, I couldn’t imagine having so much money at my disposal, so much pressure, stress and anxiety from your lifestyle in the public eye! It’s hard enough to get and stay sober as a regular person’ I hope people understand that
Javier Casado
Javier Casado:
Esta canción es Preciosa, te llega al alma 🤍✨
Melany Johnson
Melany Johnson:
This is literally so good. This really touched my heart
jorge luis Ruete
jorge luis Ruete:
i haven't heard the whole song yet, but demi lovato served this one too
make money online with ach.
make money online with ach.:
this the most song i ever heard (touched my heart ) when you say i used call my mum evry sunday .... im all most start cry

remamber my mum 😪😪😪

allah/god put mercy on her soul ...

love y mum forever...

thank you for beautiful peaceful song
The Breakfast Bunch
The Breakfast Bunch:
Jax Son
Jax Son:
Demi has a killer voice
Bell Cosas de chicas
Bell Cosas de chicas:
Everyone should support when the video comes out and show that we are still united by Demi Lovato and that we support Sam because she also has a beautiful voice.
ilayda •
ilayda •:
other than the fact that this is a banger, the music video is hella creative
Anadson Santos
Anadson Santos:
i'm crying
Music Fan
Music Fan:
I heard she referenced reincarnation....I hope she doesn't get into that new age crap cause I like that she talks about God. I heard her in other interviews about her faith and love so I just hope she doesn't get all weird. I LOVE DEMI
Martinez, Allen Troy S.
Martinez, Allen Troy S.:
So no one's gonna talk about how the first half of the song's lyrics corresponds to the picture(face) that is being shown?

That's creative af
Brooke Finer
Brooke Finer:
Alexa Katalina
Alexa Katalina:
This song has a lot of meaning this is what I live about Demi it makes me feel good about myself 🥲🤍
Mehak Siddiqui
Mehak Siddiqui:
Best scene where every cards are shutting down 👏👏
Guilherme Sas
Guilherme Sas:
Rapaz, que canção!🇧🇷
Alexia Handfield
Alexia Handfield:
I have this song on repeat
namira fauziah
namira fauziah:
Beautiful song 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Demi is my inspiration she is so incredible i love her so muchh
love life
love life:
How does this song not even have a million views yet

This is a damn masterpiece ♨️💯
that voice that is so strong and sure. That voice that makes you feel many emotions, that voice that is her. I love you Demi, today and always. ❤
Grace Jones
Grace Jones:
Please Lovatics let’s not make this flop, now that it is doing well on TikTok we have a chance to make this song big so please let’s stream and buy the song. This song is very catchy and beautiful, it’s already a bop.
I try to be better than them, but over time I find myself standing in the same position as them.😭😭😭
Shirley Anderson
Shirley Anderson:
This song hits different when u have no mum❤️❤️
Willie Desmond
Willie Desmond:
Seen demi in Dublin I was right at the front I'm 40 so I was older than most there but it was a great concert the tmylm concert she has some voice and shes totally hot love her music I'm usually into rap but I love demi
Miriam de Jeshua
Miriam de Jeshua:
Dear diary, coming back to listen to this song for the thousandth time
Grace Jones
Grace Jones:
Not even a soul:
Me: like the video before even watching it.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost:
The first time i heard this song i was like... Huh?!..🤔... But from the second time onwards I'm an addict.... Now it's ma ringtone....and i wait to pick up😅 sorry to all those callin' me😅... The lyrics are just 🤯... Very much true........ Keep on doin watchya doin demi.... And sam awesome as well
Alejandro De la torre
Alejandro De la torre:
Es una de las más grandes canciones de este año eso es seguro
Crystal W
Crystal W:
I too have fell away from God, more than once, but He's always ready to take you back. You're not "too bad" and you haven't "done too much bad stuff" to come back to Him. He's a loving Father, who just wants his daughter/son back. <3
roseanne park
roseanne park:
warrior, confident, 2019 halloween costume, dancing with the devil and more references...
Harry Styles
Harry Styles:
A queen is a queen. I've been so madly inlove in demi since camp rock and even in whatever issues she had. Everybody makes mistakes. She's still perfect no matter what
Djhrheghhdh Uashhrhg
Djhrheghhdh Uashhrhg:
Demetria again demetria
Sarah Jane Garcia
Sarah Jane Garcia:
always been proud being LOVATIC since 2013, nothing changed, i couldnt remember fan girling so much to an artist this long tho i stan blackpink back 2018 until now (love them so much! demi was in hiatus back then) but hey! 8 years ago since i found my first love and forever in love with Demi . I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY duh! i always see the light in her
love from Ph (mga tamad amp lol)
Ianka Hou
Ianka Hou:
I don’t know but I have been listening her songs for a while and I cry every time. Her songs touch my heart deeply.
Liam Hamish
Liam Hamish:
This song is kinda sad yet so fulfilling, like pretty down to earth and realistic. Their voices get along too well it's a combination made in heaven. I legit love this song.
Mariana Cota
Mariana Cota:
wow, there are more details that I didnt see before...