Sampdoria 2-2 Inter | Inter are held to a draw at Marassi | Serie A 2021/22

The Nerazzurri fail to make the most of their advantage throughout the match as Sampdoria prove to be too tough to overcome| Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

Giorgi Kvatchadze
Giorgi Kvatchadze:
Seria A highlights are delightful to watch. No wonder the number of subscribers is skyrocketing.
Hendi DS
Hendi DS:
All goals was just insane
Md Saif
Md Saif:
Looks like DiMarco has played a lot of Score! Hero
I think with the title race wide open, we will have a big surprise this season in the Serie A. I can see Napoli, Roma, Inter and Milan all winning the league
Dario Gopi
Dario Gopi:
This shows what a great player Barella is
who is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heaven
who is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heaven:
I grew up watching the Serie A and Premier League and I haven't watched Serie A in such a long, mainly due to Juve's dominance but now, since they got knocked out of their high horse, I'm back and I'm loving it...kinda regret not watching it the last couple of years!
Federico Armeni
Federico Armeni:
Crazy goals! And the save by D'Ambrosio at the final is unbeatable
Iman ov Overs
Iman ov Overs:
Inter needs to use Di Marco and Dumfries ASAP... hope they will start against Real Madrid at the UCL

look at Conte last season...he rotated 4 wingbacks last season...if Hakimi plays at RWB, surely Young will played at LWB... If Darmian plays at RWB, surely Perisic will play at LWB... I hope Inzaghi can imitate contes' ...if Dumfries play, Dimarco play...if Darmian play, Perisic play...if Inzaghi wants speedy wingbacks, he can use Dumfries and Perisic...if Inzaghi wants wingbacks that can do the crossing, he can use Darmian and Dimarco...Kolarov can play there as well
Bekzat Sadykov
Bekzat Sadykov:
Lovely volley goals from both teams. Sampdoria keeps being a tough opponent for any top team. I hope they will keep doing and make their way to European League or UCL one day.
Cristiano D'Orsi
Cristiano D'Orsi:
Demarco is one of the many underrated young Italian players that struggle to play as much as their talent would deserve. Augello is another one.
Erwin L
Erwin L:
4 goals scored with left foot. Nice!
yuxi Didouh
yuxi Didouh:
What a fantastic save of D'Ambrosio
Tom Lewy
Tom Lewy:
Bereszynski very impressive performance. Solid defender and great assist
Sluggy Ranks
Sluggy Ranks:
Give D'ambrosio a one year extension and the captains arm band when ever he is on the pitch. Ive lost count on how many occasions he has saved us. Very tough game as I have come to expect from a Sampa team. I'll take the 1point any day on my away travel to Samp. Hakan could of sealed it, but his bilan days seems to be kicking in abit. Get fit soon Sensi and stay fit too. Forza Inter.
Bordenrat 7
Bordenrat 7:
Hakan being Hakan. Congratulations Inter!
Serie A is unpredictable.
U never know who will win.
Eu Revikz
Eu Revikz:
Great run from barella for inters second goal
Yoshida and Tomiyasu are the best defender in Japan.
Some jaw-dropping goals in this one.
Cal Irons
Cal Irons:
Beautiful goals. I love serie A. It's gonna be an amazing season
Rizky Hidayat
Rizky Hidayat:
As always, Handanovic like a statue.!! Freeze pose!! .. Ionut radu maybe is a solution.
Zhen Quan Ong
Zhen Quan Ong:
0:35 That player lying down enjoying the best view of that goal loll
What a Goal by DiMarco 👏👌
Turcios dwight Fernandez
Turcios dwight Fernandez:
BTC received thanks for convincing me to take part on this ,am so happy this moment 😊😊❤️❤️
Luddy Patra
Luddy Patra:
Well Deserved results for both, Finally Dimarco scores for Inter in competitive match in serie A league!💙🖤
Vincent Tayag
Vincent Tayag:
Barella's run then assist was something else
Rodrigo Freesz
Rodrigo Freesz:
Sampdoria 💙 💪🏽 uhuuuuuu empate com gosto de vitória 👏🏼👏🏼! Era pra ser 3x2 jogador da Inter tirou em cima da linha !
Statue goalie is back . i liked him
Ismail Abdi
Ismail Abdi:
This league is more entertaining than that overrated EPL..
gerson manurung
gerson manurung:
Its normal inter key player all played for national
*Прекрасные голы!!!*
Pi Y
Pi Y:
How Sampdoria convinced Daamsgard to come there I’m not really sure thought he was having great seasons and bound for a top move
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad:
That turn from Breszynski!! 💥
Max Sergienko
Max Sergienko:
Augello really saw that Martinez goal and said "hold my beer."
3/4 goals absolutely amazing.
Pazza Inter amala!
Forza Inter!
Rheza Firmansyah
Rheza Firmansyah:
Handanovic almost didn't move....inter should retiring him sooner
This just shows how important Lukaku was to them.
Andri Irawan
Andri Irawan:
M A Y A YO S H I D A❤🇯🇵🇮🇹
Gg wp both team, so satisfying to watch 😁
Zzz Zzz
Zzz Zzz:
Come on boyzz
We defend strong team
Ripe 3 points from others...
We win💪
Sahal Rahman
Sahal Rahman:
golnya keren semuaaa 🔥
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia:
Muy buen nivel en la Serie A.
Creo que mi Juve es de los más jodidos!
kurniaji h
kurniaji h:
The second goal is amazing from all
Balance Lee
Balance Lee:
Since Hakan left, our team played much better. Thank you for leaving.
Voltron Knight
Voltron Knight:
Holy muffins, goals galore
that second goal by sampdoria tho 😍😩
Maz Ulum
Maz Ulum:
Gol yang spektakuler .. !! Luar biasa
Farkhan Sadiek
Farkhan Sadiek:
The only consistency from Hakan is his inconsistecy. 🤣
Great game!
Muhammad Sudirman Akilie
Muhammad Sudirman Akilie:
Handa is one of the weakness of Inter this season cause his respond is slowly
M Saiful Islam
M Saiful Islam:
L Martinez goal was splendid ❤️
Kelvin Martel
Kelvin Martel:
después de la premier, la serie A se ha convertido en la liga más entretenida, emocionante de ver, además el crecimiento de ac milán, ínter, Roma, Napoli, atalanta, lazio, permite esa competencia que se necesitaba para hacer frente a la juventus!
rahmulya abdillah
rahmulya abdillah:
Inter must to find a new goalkeeper😂
rahmulya abdillah
rahmulya abdillah:
Inter must to find a new goalkeeper😂
Dimarco goal is insane
Inter must find new goal keeper
Calhanoglu and Handa have cost us 2 points there. Hakan I can forgive... Samir, sorry but its time for a young keeper again. Sure, it was fluke-ish and Dzeko should have dealt with it. But so should Handanovic!
C Salt
C Salt:
Serie A is lit this season 🔥
Azkia Kia
Azkia Kia:
2x melongo.. 🤣😂
Handanovic ❎
Planga plongo vic ✔️
Jørgenseen Ā
Jørgenseen Ā:
What a goal dimarco 😍😍
Vinz 63
Vinz 63:
Grazie Calha.
Continua cosi' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
D'Ambrosio literally saved the game for Inter!
Ajay Yadav
Ajay Yadav:
All 4 goals scored was awesome 🙌
thomas swords
thomas swords:
These goals were crazy
Kellen Loq
Kellen Loq:
Bueno, hay una excusa por la que el Inter no ganó.
"el calor"
Reza Safna
Reza Safna:
Samir handaplongovic, the best goal line technology
What a goal of Sampdori for the draw epic skills and nice volley at 2:08 .
Krish Rao
Krish Rao:
Ac Milan on top 💪
Emy Zahra Nabila
Emy Zahra Nabila:
Second goal from inter wonderful but from sampdoria unbeliveable
Ferry Aprilian
Ferry Aprilian:
Dzeko yang bikin gol bunuh diri, Martinez yang bikin gol, kenapa malah Martinez yang diganti 🤔🤔
Wow those were all some very nice goals!
Sir Bull
Sir Bull:
Am so happy right now I have participated and got ×3 of my investment 😊😊
Awesome editing.
Брутал Брутал
Брутал Брутал:
Шикарные голы)
Ricky Sanger
Ricky Sanger:
when handanovic will be replaced!!! its about time, come on inter!!!
This match didn't have a second half. It was full of stop and starts which ended up with Inter playing with 10 men. Inter should be happy with a point considering others would've dropped all points in the same scenario. Inter will still win the league because of the goal scorers in the team more tests will come
siniša misirlić
siniša misirlić:
Decent save by d' years
Ogeday Akın
Ogeday Akın:
Hakan golü kaçırınca nasıl sinirleniyor resmen sıfır hatayla oynuyor omuz atıp Rakipten top çaldığını ilk kez görüyorum.
Milli takımda yüzkarası futbol oynuyor. Böyle ikili oynayan oyuncuların milli takıma kesinlikle çağrılmaması gerekir.
aviral negi
aviral negi:
Ready for Madrid 🔥🔥🔥
I must consult with the Elder Gods
I must consult with the Elder Gods:
For the second goal, is it not a foul from calhanoglu? He clearly pushed damsgard in the back with his shoulder.
jean lenor
jean lenor:
Why didn't Inter use both J Correa and L Martinez when the game was tied 2-2. I don't understand this coach.
Tety Rosmawati
Tety Rosmawati:
Inter Milan juara 😍
Sebastián Díaz
Sebastián Díaz:
Barella is the perfect replace for Modric
Fakhruddin Mangkusasmito
Fakhruddin Mangkusasmito:
bunch of beautiful finish!
Pristiwati amelia Amelia
Pristiwati amelia Amelia:
Skill dan assist barella mantap. Forza la beneamata
Gianluca Pagnoni
Gianluca Pagnoni:
what a shame Caga-noglu missed that shoot for centimeters.... mercenario!
Wahyudi Iduy
Wahyudi Iduy:
Sudah waktunya Handanovic di ganti...respon sdh lemah😭
Gabriel Augusto
Gabriel Augusto:
Luan Henrique Lourenço Alves
Luan Henrique Lourenço Alves:
Lautaro is gonna be a menace this year
João Gabriel
João Gabriel:
Dody Gie Januar
Dody Gie Januar:
calhanoglu udah bener bener di milan malah pindah cuma karena gaji 💰beda 500rb.
tapi gapapa sdh punya brahim diaz ❤️🖤
YO yo
YO yo:
Great goals
thiama Gueye
thiama Gueye:
Fantastic goals.
Bumi Irian Jaya
Bumi Irian Jaya:
Very dissapointed inter can't take the chance from jambantus losing
Muhaimin Aqila Lutfias
Muhaimin Aqila Lutfias:
What a match 😱 awesome 👍
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
Great win for Internazionale 🔵⚫🇮🇹