Samsung Mirror TV 43" Q60R 2019 QLED 43Q60R Samsung Q60R Fixed Flat Bracket (US Link) Hama Fixed Flat Bracket
Custom frame and smoked glass mirror made to order for any TV, TV we used for this demo is a Samsung QE43Q60R video consisting of TV wall mounting and fitting of the mirror TV frame

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TellDan does it again! Great video! I simply love how creative you present yourself. Amazing work ethic as well!
Rico g
Rico g:
That glare though.
We want tv with a thin bezel then put a thick frame around it.😃
Nick Hickson
Nick Hickson:
Great video but the reflections are a bit off putting to me though. Keep up the excellent work Dan.
Uptown NYC
Uptown NYC:
Thanks for sharing Dan! It does look good for the appropriate environment!
Marc Dunn
Marc Dunn:
Thanks Dan helpful video. I always thought it was just a gimmick but i guess it's actually a suitable option for some applications and has It's place.
Thanks for posting!
L Dope
L Dope:
Where can I get the frame ?
Adam Chung
Adam Chung:
you might as well get a Evervue mirror tv... I don't have time to assemble the tv.
They snuck an ips panel on the 43, if you value contrast or black levels do not buy this TV, I was so let down
Nonywithlove Love
Nonywithlove Love:
Samsung now making like china brand
Cristian Lizete
Cristian Lizete:
Didnt like the blacks on this tv at all terrible dark scenes. Also its to bright gave me serious eye pain probably i got light sensitivity.. never had issuss with my 32 inch ALBA tv .
Joe Canadian
Joe Canadian:
Too bad this TV has:
No freesync
Clouding (needs bias lighting)
Useless HDR in Windows 10, everything goes dark when on

Most settings are greyed out unless you buy the 55" or larger
No color settings, almost no settings at all with or without game mode
$800 before tax in Canada

If anyone knows any secrets about the 43" to get it's HDR and settings
working, please let me know. I may have to return it for the RU8000
which for only $200 more I'd get 55" and FreeSync, vs. $500 more for 55Q60R!
Makes it look cheap and nasty - Is that a politically correct TV - looks bloody ridiculous.