Sandra Bullock Came "Full On, Face To Face" With Channing Tatum's Manhood In "The Lost City"

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock returns to The Late Show with stories from the set of her new film, "The Lost City," in which she spends a significant amount of time acting in front of a naked Channing Tatum. Stick around for two more segments with Sandra Bullock, and catch her movie, "The Lost City," in theaters on March 25th. #Colbert #TheLostCity #SandraBullock

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100+ comentarios:

Matt Evans-Koch
Matt Evans-Koch:
This was hilarious. Sandra Bullock is the most fun. Thank you Stephan for brightening my day with this interview.
I love how the conversation completely derailed and was a pile-up of double-entendres. They mesh so well and riff off their own innate dry sense of humour, what a treat!
Rob Logan
Rob Logan:
Sandra is the best. Nothing more needs to be said.
She has always been a delight! A rarity in the fame world. Please never change Sandra, we love you!!!
Kathie Bradley
Kathie Bradley:
This is why she is so loved. She's so real and so funny. 😊
Helena Tsahageas
Helena Tsahageas:
She’s hilarious and very kind. A rare personality to find in Hollywood. I look up to Sandy so much
Helena Tsahageas
Helena Tsahageas:
Sandy’s a ray of sunshine. I love watching her interviews she always seems so genuine, real and fun to be around
Yasumi Ⓥ
Yasumi Ⓥ:
How does Sandy B manage to have pure gold sibling relationships with every single man she talks to? it's so wholesome. This is exactly how all siblings are-- banter and giggles over stupid sex jokes. Love this lady so much. She brings the right balance of authenticity and hyperbole to everything she does.
This interview had me HOWLING. Sandra has always been my favorite celebrity. She needs to come back as a guest they are too funny together.
Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady:
she just gets increasingly gorgeous without being pretentious. her funny is natural. Of all the famous people out there, She is who I'd love to be friends with. What a naturally wonderful person.
this is easily going down as one of my favorite interviews EVER. the innuendos and the jokes are just too much. Been a while since the last time I teared up laughing with a celeb interview.
She's not something; she's everything. 💜
Andy's Random Stuff
Andy's Random Stuff:
I feel like Channing Tatum needs to come on and tell this story from his perspective now. Great interview, I died!
She ROCKS! Her humor and her laughter is the best!
Andrea Mae Napuli
Andrea Mae Napuli:
this has been the most chaotic interview i have ever watched. i love it.
Barefoot Bass
Barefoot Bass:
I love Sandra......always have. Funny, genuine and just a class act.
A G:
I will watch any comedy with her in it...she is brilliant--she really makes me laugh!! This interview was hilarious!
Mix Pick
Mix Pick:
Sandra Bullock is beyond lovely --you gotta' have her on the show more often! Great stuff!
Michele Miller
Michele Miller:
CAN'T WAIT to see it! It looks hilariously clever & fun. Complete with at least 3-4 great actors! 🤣😂
This was freaking hilarious without being uncomfortable for anyone. Love Colbert for this 😭
Amazing Andrea
Amazing Andrea:
Sandra Bullock is someone I'd love to be seated next to on a plane that goes into a lengthy holding pattern and then has to divert due to a snow storm. Feminine, classy, smart, hilarious. Love her! This interview was like watching Venus play Serena. Ha.
Catfish Cave
Catfish Cave:
As someone the same age as these two, I can honestly say that an interview with Sandra Bullock is always an E ticket!
jeanne ratterman
jeanne ratterman:
Omg! Laughed soooo much! Silly! Stupid! Clever funny off the rails and i enjoyed the ride! 😆👏👏👏😂🤣🤣
C T:
She's one of those extremely talented actors who doesn't put on a fake persona, not afraid to poke fun at herself and be real. I think that's why everyone loves her. The way she talked about Radcliffe too, you can tell he's similar in that regard. She's right up there with Reynolds, Jackman, Minnie Driver and a few others who I feel are just genuinely nice people who want to make movies and don't need the fame and bs that comes with it.
Karen Webster
Karen Webster:
Leave it to Sandra to have a good time during a pandemic with her whole crew. Amazing ❤💗✌
Berserkir Claws
Berserkir Claws:
She's always freaking hilarious 👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣
Diana Tudorancea
Diana Tudorancea:
She's amazing in her ability to remain an icon for so many generations. My parents remember her fondly from the 90's
Dave Blaser
Dave Blaser:
God I love her. She's so hilarious!
Roy Bean
Roy Bean:
I do not suffer from celebrity infatuation in any way shape or form .. except when it comes to this exceptional woman.
She's actually the best. Hilarious, kind and absolutely stunning.
Sarah Westling
Sarah Westling:
She's a treasure, and that interview was stupid hilarious! :-)
Pork & Beans
Pork & Beans:
So glad to see these two together!
Sandra Bullock on Craig Ferguson's late-night show is amazing! Clips can be seen on YouTube.
Amarildo Fecanji
Amarildo Fecanji:
I could watch Sandy B. in movies, interviews, and anything else she’s ever been without ever getting bored. Love her
Linn Palm
Linn Palm:
Love her ❤️ Great interview 🤗
x Its Me Diana x
x Its Me Diana x:
💕I love Ms. Sandra Bullock from day one when I watched her in Speed 1 & 2 and all of Miss Congeniality and countless other movies ❤️ She's one of my fave actresses. So humble and seems like she's cool to be around. 💕
Helena Tsahageas
Helena Tsahageas:
I’ve been waiting all day to come home from school just to watch this. I love her personality, she’s such a comfort
This interview made my morning. Hilarious 😆
John T. Lyon
John T. Lyon:
Admit it Sandra, you were lost down there! LOL!!! PS- She's genuine human being. I love her.
Singer RB
Singer RB:
Sandra Bullock is a humble person who just can't believe that she is famous!!! She is soooo real and precious and lovable. She just can't understand why everyone LOVES her!!!
Gregory Stone
Gregory Stone:
The celebrity I try to trick my mind into not having a crush on. DAMN! I have never seen a better put together woman ever.
This interview devolved into Silly & Stupid. I loved it.

Literally ROFL
France Villines
France Villines:
Sandra is a league of her own.. an icon!
Sallie Ann Gillen
Sallie Ann Gillen:
Sandra Bollock is my favorite actress! And she’s sooo funny!
Hold On
Hold On:
Stephen really regretted saying it was a stupid movie and Sandra pounded the hell out of that by using stupid repeatedly. Well done SB!
Kevin Kramer
Kevin Kramer:
Has any one else draw parallels between this interview and the Stefon and Seth Myers sketches from their SNL days?
I'm loving it. I want a Stefon/Sandy B kinda thing 😋
Linda Demello
Linda Demello:
Bonny Gable
Bonny Gable:
Gosh, if the movie is funnier than this segment, it is definitely a comic hit! 😂
Briie Tsai
Briie Tsai:
this interview was nuts lol. loved it
"he's stoopid naked!" i scream at my husband anytime he changes
Stephen Velez
Stephen Velez:
Sandra Bullock is an utter treasure❤️
The comedy between these two is top! Damn they are on fire :)
Aldo Matulich
Aldo Matulich:
Sandy B. is the best in the Hollywood crowd for sure. She appears to be so comfortable in her Space. No politics was a big Bonus especially with Colbert.
Legalite & Tongue
Legalite & Tongue:
This interview is overwhelmingly good! I can't! <3
Sandra Bullock is just awesome!
Lea Voda
Lea Voda:
I can barely contain myself to not stop the video and watch the trailer for the movie right now 😂😂😂
Colbert is normally the best interviewer on late night TV but he just took over this conversation inserting himself in all over the place. He talked more than Bullock did. I was screaming at the screen. She should have told him during the break to shut up and let her finish a thought or a sentence. Jesus! It was ridiculous.
Sandra Bullock is a national treasure 🥰
Dain Bramage
Dain Bramage:
That was hilarious and I would love to see Channing Tatum's reaction to that
Wendy Desparois
Wendy Desparois:
Ever since I saw the trailer I've wanted to see this movie. It does look stupid, fun, and fucking hilarious! I REALLY REALLY want to see it.

And not just because I love Sandra Bullock, though I do.
Ella's Mommy
Ella's Mommy:
She is always such fun and now I really want to see that movie. I actually watched the Heat with her and Melissa McCarthy last night
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent:
I love it! This is up there with SC’s interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, but without the booze (so far).
Karen Zahoruk
Karen Zahoruk:
this is one of the funniest celeb interviews ever!
Still gorgeous at 57.
Vince Edwards
Vince Edwards:
I am glad that I watched this! She seems like fun!
Tee S
Tee S:
I just love them both. So funny..
The trailers have been fun/look pretty good, kind of in the style of the great ROMANCING THE STONE. Be nice to see a film in a theater again that's not just 2 hours of angst, attitude and guys in plastic muscle costumes...AND with Sandra Bullock in the lead role!
Judy Cunningham
Judy Cunningham:
The way she explains the Lost City, reminds me of the romance and the stone. I can't wait to see it!!
Linda Demello
Linda Demello:
She's so funny she makes so many happy with laughter in the movies an working with the late beautiful Betty White. Have to see this Lost City
Rebecca Dolashewich
Rebecca Dolashewich:
That’s so funny!! STUPID is one of my best compliments of any comedy too!! I guess words can definitely have more than one meaning.. Lol!! ✨😂🤣✨
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes:
Saw the movie. It is stupid funny, and in the absolute BEST way.
Let's just say this clip is excellent promo for what awaits you in the theatre. Just hilarious.
Aditi Ratna
Aditi Ratna:
Sandra praising Daniel is everything 🥺
She needs her own Netflix stand-up special...
Sandra's hilarious and I love they we share the same name 🤩
Rui Silva
Rui Silva:
At some point, watching this show, Tatum must have gone “ WTF why are they discussing MY BUTT CRACK ???” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sandy B is hilariously fun. Although I understand Stephen was trying to be funny, I have to agree with her reaction that "stupid" is a kinda questionable descriptive choice. Anyway, this was such fun. I smiled and laughed throughout this interview so much. Love it.
Tabitha Basye
Tabitha Basye:
This is the funniest interview I have EVER SEEN Colbert do! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Rafael Velasquez
Rafael Velasquez:
I absolutely love Sandra Bullock!!! 🔥
Sandy is on my husband’s laminated “list” and I love it. Love her!!
Michael Cotton
Michael Cotton:
This segment was absolutely spot on genius, the spontaneous dialogue between the both of them, I just couldn't get enough of it. Sandra B.,is 🔥!
Stephanie 5
Stephanie 5:
Such a down to earth person
Netflix Faiza
Netflix Faiza:
She is just amazingly talented and beautiful that's never change's 💖💖💖💖
Hettie Fowlds
Hettie Fowlds:
This is painful and delightful to watch! 🤣🤣🤣
One of the most beautiful actresses ever.
Nimrah Nadeem
Nimrah Nadeem:
I watched it today and lovvvvvvved it. Sandra is th bestest!!
Never seen Stephen so animated by guest or film before. He defo admires Sandra
quark doctor
quark doctor:
My wife and me we both love Sandra Bullock, SubhanAllah what a person!!
I love Sandra. She is so laid-back and gorgeous.
I forgot I was at work and sat at my desk shrieking with laughter at this video until somebody came in. 😳😅
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped.:
“It could swing either way” 👐🤣
Mel Luques
Mel Luques:
I only envy this man’s wife! She must have a lovely happy life with him🙏🏻❤️
Gerb McNuggets
Gerb McNuggets:
“iS PoTatO!”
How do we get this joke into the national archives?
Noe Óle Óle
Noe Óle Óle:
Gosh I LOVE her!!! She's great...
Ms. Tazangel
Ms. Tazangel:
Ms Sandra Bullock IS... Intelligent, Funny. Gorgeous & just a kick in the Ass fun-loving Classy Lady in HollywoOd !!
Can you tell,,, I Just LOVE HER!!! lol 😂❤🥰💋🤩😍❣
Elizabeth Mathern
Elizabeth Mathern:
I love that he uses "E Ticket!" One of my favorite expressions and I love confusing the youngers with it :-)
Trevor Carvalho
Trevor Carvalho:
You can sense she didnt appreciate steven saying "stupid"
Rich Perez
Rich Perez:
Shout out to Sandra, still looking amazing beautiful, she's ageless
miriana mikeri
miriana mikeri:
OMG. I'm turning 40 in two months and looking at Sandra Bullock just gave me hope 😍😍😍 I love her acting and her personality, she's a stunner.
Jamlena H.
Jamlena H.:
This is a lesson in how long can you talk about a THING without mentioning the THING 😂
jasmine m
jasmine m:
This was good but the interview with Kelly Clarkson will have you on the floor!!
Kelly G
Kelly G:
Great interview! Looking forward to Channing Tatum's rebuttal. 😜