Sandra - Maria Magdalena (Official Video 1985)

#Sandra #MariaMagdalena - HD Music Video of "(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena".

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Tom Rottiers
Tom Rottiers:
This music will never get old. 80's forever
Rick Souza
Rick Souza:
Quarentena / 2020
This song is a house.
Karina Fernandes
Karina Fernandes:
If someone asked me which 3 songs i associate with the 80ths i would say Maria Magdalena with Sandra, Girls just want to have fun with Cyndi Lauper and There must be an angel with Eurythmics.
Denis Hasani
Denis Hasani:
Old but GOLD! That's great! 💔
SXiPPY Dennison
SXiPPY Dennison:
I love this song so much! I love Sandra and this song is catchier than the Coronavirus (way too soon, I know).
Evgenii Sinelnikov
Evgenii Sinelnikov:
Sandra is very polular in Russia. Her songs are very loved in Russia.
Luis Fab
Luis Fab:
That moment when you hear and have an insight: ok, I'm getting older.
Music ... the older, the better it gets. the magic of the 80s forever
david pantani
david pantani:
Great music. Some notes are similar to song "Self control" (1983) of the 80's italian singer-songwriter Raf.
Bear Claws
Bear Claws:
Voice of Enigma 💗
Debra Wynne
Debra Wynne:
I'll never be maria magdelana
Thanks to everyone who Lives
SANDRA ❤❤Maria Magdalena
Worthy of an OSCAR That's perfect 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
José Cabral
José Cabral:
Que música legal essa me marcou demais eu tinha 8 anos quando ela tava no auge do sucesso
edilene oliveira
edilene oliveira:
Pqp! Nostalgia.... minha melhor época
Damn maria magdalena is my name hahahaha
Manu Teragni
Manu Teragni:
The "you're a creature of the night" part sounds just like "I live among the creatures of the night" in Self Control by Laura Branigan. Was it sampled?
Spitha Roo
Spitha Roo:
This song is just so good. Takes me back to better times.
I remember clubbing in Brazil when I was 15 y.o, such an amazing song!
Adriana Oliveira
Adriana Oliveira:
The best haircuts of the story of humanity were the 80's haircuts
Joseph Nadal
Joseph Nadal:
Nostalgie, une grande chanteuse allemande bercée par cette musique rythmique électronique FAN♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Walter Elguera
Walter Elguera:
Hermosa canción aunque soy del 90 me hubiera encantado haber nacido en los 80's la mejor época en cuanto a música y el estilo del rock de aquella década
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Ever and Forever. Memory Jun 1995 🇷🇸💕🙏
Bunny Hoe
Bunny Hoe:
This song is catchy ngl
*2019? Ano que vem já vai se passar 30 e poucos anos dessa música, tempo passou!*
Jairo Perez
Jairo Perez:
Abril 2020 pasando la cuarentena Lima-Peru csm!
this year the shoe jordan 1 came out wtf
leon garcia
leon garcia:
soy del 96 tengo 23 años me hubiese encantado a ver estado en esa época tan linda
Dhritiman Sharma
Dhritiman Sharma:
1980s means modern
this was great. i was a big fan 😘
Sondre's Music Hell
Sondre's Music Hell:
The audio could use a remaster, the audio overall feels very flat when it should have more depth. Great song regardless
Edu Valle
Edu Valle:
¡Gracias! ahora, puedo admirar la belleza de Sandra.
Helena Hentzelova
Helena Hentzelova:
Liberec ( Česká republika ) Perfektní ❤️ Skvělá hudba není co dodat
Mati Lupi
Mati Lupi:
Self Control + Geronimos Cadillac
kaique nogueira
kaique nogueira:
Não sou dessa época, mas amo demais as músicas dos anos 80. Melhor época sem dúvida.
Moylan loo
Moylan loo:
I remember when this song came out on my mid 20 I used to dress like her....
Victor Iván Celis Berrú
Victor Iván Celis Berrú:
Beautiful song . Beautiful as always Sandra.
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Nezaboravno leto 1995. Jednom u veku. Sećanje za sva vremena Agios Ioannis Pelion 💕💕💕
Jezabel Coronas
Jezabel Coronas:
why is Luke Skywalker on the drums
Graziano rapanà
Graziano rapanà:
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Glifada, Varkiza, Sunion, Olimpia, Plaka, Sintagma.... Akropolj Athens 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸💕💕💕💗💙💟 Jun 1995
Damien Sugg
Damien Sugg:
Commodore Vic-20, paper route. My first motorcycle. My first girlfriend. And Sandra...
Thanks Time for letting me be 16 in 1985.
Igor Inacio
Igor Inacio:
A década de 80 me encanta até hoje com essas canções maravilhosas amo de paixão 😍
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Nostalgija za jednim Junom 1995 😥😢😥😢😥😢😥😢💙💝💗💕🥰
Tibor Szabó
Tibor Szabó:
Back to the future
jad b
jad b:
those were the best days of my life
Josh Tri
Josh Tri:
This chick and Sabrina Salerno 👌
Austrin Alick
Austrin Alick:
Being born in '82 and having loved and lived 80s music much of my life, I feel sinful that I only ended up listening to this German retro masterpiece in 2020. Good thing its taken me back to the hey days and that I'm glued to it ever since.
Elena Avanzati
Elena Avanzati:
Ho risentito con tanto piacere questa bella canzone😍
Marilyn Garcia
Marilyn Garcia:
💕💕💕 beautiful song and very good themes of the year 1985⭐🎼👍♥️♥️♥️rio negro argentina 🇦🇷
Elisabeth Kade
Elisabeth Kade:
Sandra, das ist mein Lieblingssong.💋❤😍
TTuBko TOP1:
Бля,если вы вдруг увидели тут русский коммент,знайте,мне нравится припев.
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Z. R 🇷🇸💕🇷🇸R. D Jun 1995 Grčka
Raizo psgames
Raizo psgames:
I got to know this song (and video) intimately one night in a pub back in the 80’s. Someone played it over and over and over again on the video jukebox for over 2 hours straight! Good job I liked it!
Nikolina Paunovic
Nikolina Paunovic:
I love this song in karantene
Eduardo Reis
Eduardo Reis:
00:10 Essa parte instrumental da música me dá uma nostalgia de um tempo que nem vivi kkkk
Flugver Bots
Flugver Bots:
BEST of the BEST
Abel Loup
Abel Loup:
Love this song but the video clip so cringy ...
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Jednom se desilo u 20 veku. Sećanje na nezaboravno leto. Jun 1995 Athens Hotel Dorian inn Athens 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🙏🙏🙏💕💗💙💟👑🎶🎵😥😥😥😢😢😢😢
La imagen y la creatividad de Sandra resuena en el alma❤Su imagen parece tan mistico y es increible lo que la mujer podria crear. En esta mùsica tanta belleza, el amor, la bondad y la felicidad, que al escuchar su involuntariamente haces mejor❤les deseo una hermosa Sandra todo lo mejor)))❤❤
M.Shahid Scandinavia
M.Shahid Scandinavia:
Reminds childhood
Mary Μary
Mary Μary:
Απ τα πρωτα παιδικα μου ακουσματα....θεικα κομματια ,θεικη,νεραιδα η σαντρα...να γυρναγαν πισω τα χρονια!!!❤️❤️❤️
The last time I listened to this was way back in the freaking 90s and now YouTube recommended this to me in 2020..Pretty creepy.
Арина Доробкова
Арина Доробкова:
I was born near this song , but it still has an ipression.
Thanos Dropsopoulos
Thanos Dropsopoulos:
Simplemente Max
Simplemente Max:
Ill never be maria cuarentena, maria cuarentena...
Matmat Mat
Matmat Mat:
I compare all of the video this is the best HQ audio 👍🏻
Is that Michael Cretu playing bass and doing backing vocals?
Juan Marcelo Da Luz Bottasso
Juan Marcelo Da Luz Bottasso:
La voz dulce y segura de Sandra. El arreglo poderoso de los 80. Lo escucho varias veces en 2020
Fredo Joaquim
Fredo Joaquim:
Marvelous new wave/ euro techno.
Luna Aksoy
Luna Aksoy:
Monaco culture👑
Maria Kosowska
Maria Kosowska:
Im Maria Magdalena and its song about me and my ex 😂 so funny so trully 😬😅
Looks like the uploader TH. Aries was somehow part of the band. Congrats for staying so young!
old Sjow, PepeHands
Rui Bento
Rui Bento:
Cynthia Sansone so pretty you were
Cristina Pioltini
Cristina Pioltini:
La ascoltavo ogni domenica allo stadio prima che entrassero le squadre e soprattutto prima che entrasse lui con la maglia azzurra , bello alto e biondo e bravo
michael copperthwaite
michael copperthwaite:
Whos here10th April 2020? Classic Tuunneee!
Agata Wa
Agata Wa:
Po prostu piękne 💜
Nobody knows the singer and bass who is backing the performance of Sandra!!!! Who is he??? So endsome and with a wonderful, sexy voice. Fascinating, I'm still in love with him!!!!!!
Gabriel Sotelo
Gabriel Sotelo:
Justo no podía dormir.. este tema le gusta a mi mamá..
Eric Felhaber
Eric Felhaber:
Anybody else come here from Leo's channel?
Great song.
MarcFabianJohannes Gaming
MarcFabianJohannes Gaming:
the german madonna
Juanjo XD 0o0
Juanjo XD 0o0:
Me recuerda a mis viejos tiempos
Enoc koyoc
Enoc koyoc:
excelente cancion, me recuerda mi niñes en mi bello estado de tabasco.
Emilio Gonzalez
Emilio Gonzalez:
I remember that song very well i used to carrie my huge boombox playing that song up up high volumen in 1986 87
may 2020 still listening to it, damn quarantine!!! sandra was so hot!
Михаил Кузнецов
Михаил Кузнецов:
ILove sandra
Sah Braz
Sah Braz:
Ouvindo em 2020, quem mais??
Pia Jacobsen
Pia Jacobsen:
Wonder Hit..
Jeniffer Anjos
Jeniffer Anjos:
como eu queria ter nascido nessa época!!!!!
Damien Sugg
Damien Sugg:
Merci beaucoup Sandra, Tu nous régales de Tes Chansons depuis nos 17 ans.
Maintenant, on en a 58 mais Tes Chansons sont Immortelles ! BRAVO et UN GRAND MERCI À
Gros bisous
Damien et Son Épouse
Kit Boy
Kit Boy:
clicked on this by accident... 

best accident ever
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
Leto uz ovaj hit. Beautiful song. Jun 1995 Athens Hotel Dorian
Kim Pretorius
Kim Pretorius:
Never be
Raša Dangubic
Raša Dangubic:
18/07/2020 #Srbija 💝