Santiago Ponzinibbio reacts to 'Fight of the Year' candidate win | UFC Fight Night 189

Santiago Ponzinibbio spoke to MMA Junkie and other media post-fight at UFC Fight Night 189 after his unanimous decision win over Miguel Baeza in Las Vegas.

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60 comentarios:

respect to Ponz he fought and spoke like a grown ass man tonight. such an inspiring comeback story from a near death illness & bad KO loss.. time for a top 15 opponent
With all the shit this guy went through Iam glad he won 👍🏻
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info:
He killed my parlay, but I’m not even mad. What an amazing war!!
Joe Romeo
Joe Romeo:
The UFC has exploded as a worldwide product in the last 2 years & a lot of casual fans would never have seen Santiago fight & not know how good he was. This was a great way to introduce the people to the Argentine Dagger 🗡🗡🗡
Joey Cruz
Joey Cruz:
Santiago and Luque would be a great fight. Probably another FOTN.
déjà vu
déjà vu:
Heart of an Real Warrior, not only in the octagon also in real life, mad Respect Champ LETS GOO!!
Sameer Huq
Sameer Huq:
He deserves to be ranked, give him lawler
Nicolas Cejas
Nicolas Cejas:
Ponzinibbio just a true warrior !! Amazing performance to night and he deserves a top rank fighter next
Ricky Edwards Jr.
Ricky Edwards Jr.:
Canna Dance
Canna Dance:
Baeza had terrible movement in round 2 and 3.Just stood in front of Ponz getting his face jabbed by a guy with a fucked up leg.
Valentino Miceli Sarkissian
Valentino Miceli Sarkissian:
You deserve them caipirinhas Ponzi! Best fight of the year thanks to you! Top tier WW fighter
T - Bone
T - Bone:
Ponzi is back in action.
Great battle my friend🙏🇦🇷
jonathanhaas haas
jonathanhaas haas:
Bien loco! Que buena energia tira! un fenix! Vamo arriba!
Both men are warriors! Without a doubt the fight of the night
dirt cobain
dirt cobain:
What a comeback! 🇦🇷🇦🇷
Jespher Macaliag
Jespher Macaliag:
Santiago was one of my favorite fighter in the UFC. He is a warrior, if you won't believe me, just watch his highlights. 💪😊
Santiago a true well experienced warrior
Congrats to both, fight of the year no doubt, but Ponzi is [email protected] amazing!!!!
Amazing fight, I was so happy to see the judges get this one right
Thomas Santino
Thomas Santino:
Well done Santi, I believed in you
Rational Thinking!
Rational Thinking!:
Great ring what a comeback win for Ponzi..happy for him
Conor can learn from this fight, it is good example how to move forward after calf kicks.
Matt Mollica
Matt Mollica:
the real man 💪🏻🇦🇷
Baeza has never been in a war like this and will definitely come out a better fighter, he has all the skills but didn't know how to dig deep like Santiago did, true vet.
ATT really had a lot of top fighters in the WW division
Joey Cruz
Joey Cruz:
A good jab goes a long way! Great fight 👏
Gustavo Lencina
Gustavo Lencina:
E l he- Man
Phillip Moses
Phillip Moses:
That was gangster. He put it on that youngster halfway through and took it home. Grit and experience carried him through.
Niles Rodriguez
Niles Rodriguez:
I would love him to be Masvidal's next opponent. Warriors!
Andres Rabinovich
Andres Rabinovich:
More fighter like Ponz, less like Dolidze!
Tony Torres
Tony Torres:
Great fight, both guys , of course, I’m happy for El Rasta.
Jere Velarde
Jere Velarde:
Boxing Profiler
Boxing Profiler:
I became a fan last night! Great fight well done! Both fighters left it all out there
passione muay thai
passione muay thai:
sos el mejor loco saludo da italia paisano
Toneil Dariergush
Toneil Dariergush:
This man is just a G. Too much warrior inside him for his own good. Fight of the year.

This fight and Burgos vs Barboza are the best fights of the year so far
Naim Rudzi
Naim Rudzi:
Khamzat vs Ponzinibio next 🔥
ponzinibio vs holland at 170 would be amazing
So happy to have Ponz. back on a win.
Tough first round, but he's a beast.

Although I don't like those callouts of Luque or Burns, especially Luque who I believe can be the next title contender.
May the best fighter win though.
Saw Platinum
Saw Platinum:
Yeah thought mans was done but respect he came clutch good job
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez:
He so hot when he talks Spanish! I'm so happy I understand him ! :)
Banger Brown
Banger Brown:
If pon let combo go more he would of finished im wa a war tho
Bautista De Los Santos
Bautista De Los Santos:
Jajajaja le preguntaron por Colón
Our Kingdom Is Not Of This World
Our Kingdom Is Not Of This World:
This dude 😂. Did not win that fight
Ducati Ducati
Ducati Ducati:
Sleppery octagon is bad dana ..think we can find a solution like more absorvent canvas
sosa montana
sosa montana:
That man left eye isnt blinking at all 😥
que garra Ponzinibbio, la co.... un grande.
Virender Chaubey
Virender Chaubey:
Did he get fight of the night bonus
Joaquin Valdez
Joaquin Valdez:
Esas orejas estan peor que las de Ferguson...
He’s back
We know, they know, you know
Henry Siegel
Henry Siegel:
those ears tho lol
Wasn't really that impressed.
420 USER
420 USER:
That was the worst fight night I've ever seen and I've been watching UFC since the Chuck Liddell era
If Baeza had better hands he could've won that fight.. This was basically Mcgregor vs. Poirier 2 but poirier with shit boxing..
Ponzinibio is a warrior...
Pau Pau
Pau Pau:
Orejas ponzinibio
Wrestle Head1
Wrestle Head1:
Fake versace shirt
Brandon K
Brandon K:
His face says it all
Ponzinibbio vs Masvidal
I wanted him to win but I thought he lost . Just being 💯
Fights was ight not all that
🤦‍♂️ casino's rigged this one