Sasha Calle - Voy A Olvidarte (Reik Cover) [Spanish]

For those of you who may not know, my mother is Colombian and I lived in Medellin, Colombia for two years! (So I speak fluent Spanish!)🌹While I was there, I was obsessed with this Mexican band called Reik.

As I was leaving an audition yesterday afternoon, they popped into my head and after years of not listening to them, I put on their Spotify playlist and this song played first. I fell so in love with it, I put it on repeat until I arrived home and felt the urge to sing it. Here’s my mini cover of Voy A Olvidarte by Reik. I hope you enjoy it x

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Jose Matzu
Jose Matzu:
Super Voz Súper Talento Supergirl ❤️💙
The Riddler
The Riddler:
Israel Gonzalez baez
Israel Gonzalez baez:
Felicidades Mucho éxito desde México soy tu fan🇲🇽 viva la nueva supergirl.
Franco Vacirca
Franco Vacirca:
felicitaciones Supergirl!
tasha phanor
tasha phanor:
This chick is that talented,sing and play the piano and guitar,please put this on the young and the restless
Ruturaj Daware
Ruturaj Daware:
Una nueva estrella encantadora!
Qwa'ha Xahn Vahla ha'nesh
Qwa'ha Xahn Vahla ha'nesh:
*Imagine a duet with Melissa Benoist. I can see it. Supergirls*
Cristian Garcia Montalvo
Cristian Garcia Montalvo:
¡Bravo, Supergirl! Que ganas tengo de verte como la chica de acero. Y cantas muy bien. También podrias hacer un album de estudio
Eu já estou aqui cadelando a nova Supergirl, que mulher!!! 🤤❤️
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas:
Parabéns Menina . Você e a nova SUPERGIRL e agora tem Muita responsabilidade. 🇧🇷 tudo de bom nessa nova jornada.
Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba
Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba:
cuantas vistas tendrá este video ahora?/ how many views will this video have now? Felicidades desde Bogota
You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. We will race behind you. We'll stumble! We'll fall! But in time, We will join you in the sun. In time you're gonna help us accomplish wonders. :)
Juni BlueEyez
Juni BlueEyez:
Your going to be one of the greatest to have ever done it. 🚀
Carlos Rhenals
Carlos Rhenals:
felicidades, super chica
Mr. Ocean
Mr. Ocean:
Love it
Davidson Chris
Davidson Chris:
Beautiful Sasha sounds great😊👍👌💐💐💐, from Chris Davidson, Dakton, Georgia 😊
Inga Grigorian
Inga Grigorian:
Love this xx❤
I'm from Colombia,i have no idea, que ivas a representar my character. Favorito de los comics. Congratulations, over and over one hundred blesses for you. I reading all comics that supergirl in
A. Escalante
A. Escalante:
The Last Daughter of Krypton
Davio Q
Davio Q:
Kevin Sisa
Kevin Sisa:
Hi supergirl 🔥
cathy Cormier
cathy Cormier:
So why aren't you singing on Young And Restless. You are amazing!
Surprise Chanel
Surprise Chanel:
I know you! You're Supergirl.
Alex Facio
Alex Facio:
Felicidades Sasha, felicidades Supergirl 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Fahim Raphael
Fahim Raphael:
Congratulations from tamilnadu
Amado Chavez
Amado Chavez:
What a voice from our supergirl!!
Johan sebastian Guerrero beras
Johan sebastian Guerrero beras:
Come from the future this girl is going to be supergirl
Supergirl sing
Muy talentosa y bella!
o shes talented as well. NICE
You are purely amazing. What talents!!!
Geraldo Luiz Rocha
Geraldo Luiz Rocha:
.. ' Sasha Calle 🙏 is One Very Special's Lady 🌹 una flaminga de mui talentos y também una mulher mui bonita !.. 💃🎻💐🎷🎶🌻🌼💘 🎵 Parabéns Supergirl !..✨ stay like bye ,
Naia Izumi
Naia Izumi:
Explain Me
Explain Me:
Supergirl 🤩🤩🤩
Elvis George
Elvis George:
wow.... and you sing to
Santiago.charras 20
Santiago.charras 20:
De 7000 mil vistas a 70 millones minimo en DC como Supergirl,, tremendo.
Te amo
Angel Hinostroza
Angel Hinostroza:
Dame un encorazona, antes que te vuelvas famosa por el papel de Supergirl
Juno Cabrera
Juno Cabrera: