SASSUOLO 1-2 INTER | HIGHLIGHTS | SERIE A 21/22 | Dzeko + Lautaro inspire Inter comeback win! 馃憦鈿解毇馃數

Sassuolo 1-2 Inter | Highlights | Serie A TIM 2021/22
Highlights from the fixture between Sassuolo and Inter on Matchday 07 of the 2021/22 Serie A TIM that finished with a 2-1 win for Simone Inzaghi's side: goals from Berardi, Dzeko and Lautaro
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Kip Dom
Kip Dom:
Alhamdulillah 3 poin, mantap.
Jaya! Jaya! Jaya! 鈿煍 馃嚠馃嚛
Nara Arch
Nara Arch:
That dzeko goal is insane vision 馃く
mhm Bawazir
mhm Bawazir:
The captain today showed a glimpse of his glory days , Dzeko played well with his legs he runs, passes, blocks and makes a center station for his mates, perhaps he is better to be used as a "30 minutes full potential" rather than a "50% balanced 90 minutes"
Mahar dika
Mahar dika:
Dzeko impossible is nothing.. Fantastic 馃Β
Anxhelo YT
Anxhelo YT:
If Hakan still play like this he should be on bench becuase he is the attacking midfielder he should open the game but he slows it every time he is subbed off inter is more aggressive,anyway Forza Inter 馃枻馃挋
Ahmad Ripai
Ahmad Ripai:
Super Dzeko!!
Method Mann
Method Mann:
Grande Edin, Forza Inter!
Akbar Kharirie
Akbar Kharirie:
Great assist from Perisic 馃挮
I'm really proud Edin Dzeko finally came in Inter Milan in his carreer longtime I was following him now he is in the club its really so great 馃憤馃憦 just shade you didn't put the offside I missed the game last night
Super Effective
Super Effective:
I always think the direct pass style Simone instructs to his players can backfire since he was in Lazio especially against very fast team. It's already proven many times since he joined Inter. He needs to tweak it lil bit or can forget about defending the title.
Raptor Trainer
Raptor Trainer:
In Simone we trust 馃枻馃挋
We need this kind of fighting spirits, let鈥檚 focus on the next match
R Habib_tftt
R Habib_tftt:
Forza Inter, Bravo Dzeko, Lautaro
Rahmat Hidayattullah
Rahmat Hidayattullah:
Thank you the swan...thank you el give 3 point today for us..interisti Indonesia, FORZA IL BISCIONE
Fabio Mancini
Fabio Mancini:
Forza Inter...Dzeko 猫 forte per貌 Lautaro deve essere la stella dell'Inter,ha tanto da regalare alla nostra squadra 馃枻馃挋
Pertandingan selanjutnya sampai akhir musim akan semakin berat..tetap semangat!!forza Inter馃枻馃挋
dioklynn braga
dioklynn braga:
grande Vit贸ria da inter de Mil茫o
I think Edin one of key players now in Inter...He made more chances and goals, very silent (killer) at penalty boxes... 馃槑馃槑
EDIN馃敟 what a player! world class
We have played 4 away league games this season. Every win has been the same story. Conceding one goal in the first half and turning it around in the second half. Would have been all 1-3 if we scored another one last night to kill off the game
Huy Nguy峄卬
Huy Nguy峄卬:
Edin Dzeko is the best.
Forza Inter!
Edin Pandzic
Edin Pandzic:
I wanted to see that offside goal by Dzeko too
Joanico De Sousa
Joanico De Sousa:
Obrigado dzeko e lautaro : forza inter馃嚬馃嚤馃馃嚚馃嚠
Irwan Sukma
Irwan Sukma:
Alhamdulillah! Forza Inter!
quocuy dacnguyen
quocuy dacnguyen:
Our defenders passed wrongly too much, Handa deserved to have a red card in the end of the first half. But I thought the way we reacted after their goal showed us we are great team with even more desire than last year. Fozza Inter. Hope we have best luck in CL.
chaerul saleh chaerul
chaerul saleh chaerul:
Forza Inter 馃挋馃枻馃挋馃枻馃挋馃枻, Good Job 3 Point, Scudetto 馃挭馃挭馃挭
Mary Hernandez
Mary Hernandez:
Grande equipo Forza Inter 馃枻馃挋鈿斤笍馃槝
Ice nima
Ice nima:
ED the Tank DZEKO...grande Inter馃挭馃挭
Mardian 1987
Mardian 1987:
Forza Inter Per Sempre 鈿煍叼焽拆焽
Ikhsan Muhammad
Ikhsan Muhammad:
Dzeko grande Inter
Rizky Novian
Rizky Novian:
This is king milano馃槑鈿煍叼煒樷潳锔
I M WinnE庐
I M WinnE庐:
YESS I M INTER 馃挋馃枻馃嚠馃嚬馃弳鈿
Suryo Ardi
Suryo Ardi:
Still difficult to score goal in open play, i think Simone need immediately find the problem and solve it. I trust him and know he is profesional, he need first serie A tittle as manager
muhammad alhakimi
muhammad alhakimi:
Forza Inter Is the best come back to win 馃槑
Ardians Vpiers
Ardians Vpiers:
Epic come back 鈿解毥 dzeko + lautaro 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎 forza....intermilan nerazzuri
Farid Intreista
Farid Intreista:
Grazie ragazzi sempre forza inter 馃挋馃枻
Carmelo Saia
Carmelo Saia:
Sempre forza Inter 馃枻馃挋
Don Kiichouh
Don Kiichouh:
Forza Inter 鈾ヰ煉欚煈
Iqbal Roman
Iqbal Roman:
This fighting mentality need to be copied in UCL, Forza Inter !
Andri Rahman
Andri Rahman:
We are mess in the first half. So fragile with counter attack. Too much space between the CM and the CBs. If we lost ball, sassuolo attackers will 1 on 1 with CB without support from CMs. Then the sprint will be started馃ゲ
Alex Rad
Alex Rad:
Inter selalu di hati 馃グ
Filipe Dantas de Almeida Pereira
Filipe Dantas de Almeida Pereira:
Ngm ta falando disso mas oq o handa pegou nesse jgo 茅 coisa de outro planeta
Muhammad Sudirman Akilie
Muhammad Sudirman Akilie:
Grande Inter, you secure three points
Forza Inter bravo bravo 馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭
Nabeel Muhammed
Nabeel Muhammed:
With dezko with his pace n headers inter have a leathel sub
Istigfar Romadon
Istigfar Romadon:
Forza Inter. Train are Inter
Forza inter milan馃挋 馃馃枻 馃挅馃憤馃憤
Tariq A Nema
Tariq A Nema:
Forza inter 馃挋馃枻
Ronny Liem
Ronny Liem:
Siti Khodijah
Siti Khodijah:
Forza Inter 馃槞
Surjana Jana
Surjana Jana:
Forza inter 鉁 IM Interisti Indonesia 馃檹馃憤馃檪
joko purnomo
joko purnomo:
Don't forget my capten, Amazing...
TukangPhotoJogja Cinema
TukangPhotoJogja Cinema:
Dzekooooooo !!!!!
Fawzi Mouloudia
Fawzi Mouloudia:
Che anggavara
Che anggavara:
Cara bertahan inter yg terkadang mundur terlalu dalam sangat rawan di eksploitasi lawan..
dwi fatkhurohman
dwi fatkhurohman:
Dzeko mantap
Imya net Familya sekret
Imya net Familya sekret:
Forza Internazionale
Ardi Ahmad
Ardi Ahmad:
Even though he won, the game was not good, especially in the first round. If it is still like this, the championship title can be lost and will not be able to compete in the champions league. Forza Inter
Drajad Wijaya
Drajad Wijaya:
Mungkin Juve Nyesel musim kemaren gak Ambil Dzeko. Dzeko Klo pun dia gak nyetak goal Tapi Penempatan Dan Umpannya Berbahaya.
riezky raja
riezky raja:
Always jeremy boga....that kid made me nervous when inter vs sasuolo
CPA 44
CPA 44:
Edin dzeko馃
Tarik Trabelsi
Tarik Trabelsi:
Forzza Inter
Amir Syamsuadi Channel
Amir Syamsuadi Channel:
Dzeko record
Zeljko Videnovic
Zeljko Videnovic:
Forza Inter
Prinz von Tomatenkopf
Prinz von Tomatenkopf:
Forza Inter
Atha Yudhana
Atha Yudhana:
Forza Inter
Gen Neo
Gen Neo:
Dzeko on his shape! Meanwhile lukaku at England馃槀馃槀
Muhammad Arkan
Muhammad Arkan:
Forza Internazionale Milano
Kamil Oraczewski
Kamil Oraczewski:
Inter <3
Alesha Anovri
Alesha Anovri:
Andri Rahman
Andri Rahman:
How about If calhanoglu is tested to be Second striker, just like Sensi in the first match of Serie A. Maybe he can contribute more
Elvir Husic
Elvir Husic:
Zaenal AlHaddar
Zaenal AlHaddar:
Alhamdulillah 3 Punti Forza inter sempre
Sobri Sobri
Sobri Sobri:
Forza Indonesia
禺丕賱丿 丕賱噩丿丕賵賷 khaled Al geddawi
禺丕賱丿 丕賱噩丿丕賵賷 khaled Al geddawi:
forza inter
Sluggy Ranks
Sluggy Ranks:
This is not a victory to celebrate about too much. There is alot of problems highlighted today, ones I been seeing from the start. Firstly no#20 should not see that starting 11 again. 2 , Dumfries needs to pay attention to his defensive duties and stop trying to be in the middle of the pitch closing in the play. 3, our defense is not as composed as last season, the playing out of the back has caused us much problems so far this season. The passing from def to mid has become a bit erratic and the harder pass is often taken than the more safer reliable option in front. I know passing is a risk but dont make those risk passes in my fucking defence. Simone has 2weeks to sort them out and his tactics and I pray Sensi stays fit this time around, because we beed him badly alongside Vidal and Vecino to help keep our guys fresh. Hakan is a waste just like I said in the start of season. He has one good game and goes missing for the next 6. Forza Inter..we can do this馃挴
Agus Harianto Chanel
Agus Harianto Chanel:
Forza inter
Zain Ahmad
Zain Ahmad:
Forza inter
abwaan sharma'arke official
abwaan sharma'arke official:
Good 馃憤works
Rivai Yasin
Rivai Yasin:
Forza inter
Iwan Gunawan
Iwan Gunawan:
Forza inter
Moatez Moussi
Moatez Moussi:
Inzaghi is killing barella . he's playing him on the side. literally killing the fullback , opening space and not getting thebest of barella. Inzaghi must wake up. Our midfield is sick
Charles Lalelah
Charles Lalelah:
Shpati Hila
Shpati Hila:
interminator 馃挭馃徏馃挭馃徏馃枻馃挋
Ameen Nahran
Ameen Nahran:
Em Ir
Em Ir:
The swan from Sarajevo
Rafa艂 Tr贸jmiasto
Rafa艂 Tr贸jmiasto:
Dze-La 馃敟馃敟
Rendy Prasetia
Rendy Prasetia:
At first sight, i think that Barca logo 馃槀馃槀
Enrico Rossi
Enrico Rossi:
Un po sofferta ma va bene cosi bravi ragazzi amala.
credit to samir handanovic!
This glory start to champion
Sigit Permadi
Sigit Permadi:
Banyak salah passing.. bagus juga kalo dibuat 4 bek
Ferry Apriansyah
Ferry Apriansyah:
Not good enough. But important win
Akhmad Hakim
Akhmad Hakim:
Curva Nord 69 is the best
Vogliamo spendere due parole per Anda
Kkn Redmi
Kkn Redmi:
Love Inter Forever FORZA INTER from Interisti Indonesia 馃嚠馃嚛馃嚠馃嚛馃嚠馃嚛
Mohamed Shlibik
Mohamed Shlibik:
che sofferenza
Anita Apriliani
Anita Apriliani:
Bek sayap kanan Inter begitu lemah, mesti dibenahi.
Bara Ilmika
Bara Ilmika:
Inter need to seriously consider signing Berardi next season.

In fact they shouldve signed Berardi this season instead of Correa, same price.