Scarlett Johansson Disney Lawsuit SETTLED! Outcome Deal EXPLAINED

Scarlett Johansson Disney Lawsuit today! Beyond The Trailer's breakdown! Black Widow lawsuit settled, breakdown of outcome! Tower of Terror! Result!

Scarlett Johansson vs Disney today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives her reaction and breakdown of Scarlett Johansson Disney lawsuit setteld! What is the outcome? Details like how what amount did she get paid? Is her Tower of Terror movie still happening? Bob Chapek, Kevin Feige! Enjoy this breakdown of Scarlett Johansson Disney lawsuit and share your own reaction! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!


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Garnet Fire
Garnet Fire:
I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that was Bob Chapek and not Dr. Evil. 😂😂😂
Jesús Ynfante
Jesús Ynfante:
She IS a game changer in a way... Maybe not in the way many were expecting, but this hopefully will lead to better/fairer contracts. So I'm glad she won.
Whatever you feel about Scarlett Johansson, she successfully planted herself like a tree, looked Disney in the eye, and said, "No, you move."
Richie Manuta
Richie Manuta:
I'm glad Scarlet got something, I was in the "don't care about rich people fighting for more money" boat but it's good for the talent, Emma Stone too, I hope the IATSE (spell check) strike also gets settled and the talent behind the camera also gets something from the studios.
That Gay Redneck
That Gay Redneck:
I knew Disney was just give her a big check. I'm glad this wasn't dragged out. Hopefully they'll settle with the marvel comics lawsuit pretty quick.
I think ScarJo didn't want to sue, but since Disney isn't negotiating, she filed but continued to be open to negotiations. Good for her.
Thank you for covering an mentioning the IATSE Strike conversation. As a union prop maker/craftsman streaming is still considered “new media” and the argument at play is that companies can’t determine if streaming is a “lucrative” business model and can pay extremely low rates with high demand of their crews. I wouldn’t be surprised if the strike moves forward in full force. Thank you, Grace!!!
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis:
For everyone out there, including Grace, who said this lawsuit stood no chance, now you see that she indeed had a slam dunk case. Disney kneeled down pretty fast for a suit that literally could've been drug out for years. Contracts are always binding if done properly and cannot be unilaterally altered.
She's a big star and with Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit, an Oscar nominee, it would be smart to continue working with her.
Mike Nyte
Mike Nyte:
I cant believe Disney folded so early... They 100% violated the contract! Props to scarjoe for sticking to her guns and taking on the mouse when others were afraid!
Tracy Lord
Tracy Lord:
I saw the article/headlines and said to myself, "not even going to read it, just going to wait for Grace's video." Thanks for staying on top of this news for us, Grace. (Looking forward to watching your videos while sporting my BTT membership pride with your merch in a few days).
"To the Lawyers!"

New favorite Grace quote!
It’s good to know one could dare to do what has to be done to get what they’re owed and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re burning future bridges. Times are a’changing.
It's All Fun and Games
It's All Fun and Games:
Disney: "This case has absolutely no merit. Also here's tens of millions of dollars to settle that case."

Yeah, they found out too late Johansson had them by the balls, and so took both the bad PR and lost the money.
I hope this does get the ball rolling for talent (in front of and behind the camera) being able to be more aggressive when negotiating their contracts. Grace was definitely spot on when she said that Hollywood is an industry that depends on all its people getting along, so hopefully they can get back to having better working relations between the studios and the people they employ.
tracey cooper
tracey cooper:
Wow, I would never have expected this outcome in a million years. Disney is a juggernaut and that it had the humility to concede is amazing.
Hey Grace, any chance you could do another video on the ACTUAL creators of the comics getting stiffed by Disney? I think a wide open story on it would do well to keep the discussion alive for the people that created these comics and characters. It's nice ScarJo got a win, but we also need to people who created these stories and characters to win also. you have a large profile and could very well help the issue. Thank you, and as always, love your work!
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson:
I'm so glad Scarlett Johansson was able to get a payout from Disney. I know you disagree with the legal merits of the case, but I felt she was morally in the right and disney needed to stop being so greedy. I also felt that the personal attacks against Johansson from Disney were problematic
Eric Cousino
Eric Cousino:
This is Disney’s screw up plain and simple. They cut deals to compensate Duane Johnson and Emily Blunt for the day and date release of Jungle Cruise. So they knew better. Had they done the same for Scarlett it would have probably cost them less. Bob Chepek is making too many mistakes running Disney.
Wesley D. de los Santos
Wesley D. de los Santos:
If she comes back as Apocalypse Widow I will have put up a Fiege statue.
Grace you are truly at your best talking about the business side of Hollywood, such a great video!
Good for ScarJo. There's enough history with streaming now that they can work out an equitable deal. And good for her for getting the money she deserves.
CJ Solano
CJ Solano:
I'm sure neither ScarJo nor Disney wanted this to drag.
Omari Toussaint
Omari Toussaint:
Woah I really thought Disney would be very committed to winning this lawsuit and getting rid of Scar Jo....but I'm glad it's settled.
Question is;
Will she be on the Hawkeye Series?

We still need to see what happened in Budapest.
it's so depressing how they disgraced a long-term character on their way out the franchise like this
Grace, you said in an earlier video that Disney was going to win this lawsuit. Why would Scarlett win millions if Disney had the upper hand?
Grace needs to get with her merch team to lock down some of these phrases. “To The Lawyers”. Lol 😂
Prime B
Prime B:
Grace, I watch usually love all of your videos and I have to say I’m disappointed. Throughout this ordeal (up until the last week or so) you did not support ScarJo’s lawsuit or even her argument. ScarJo was always a woman going against the biggest studio in Hollywood yet for weeks now you’ve spoken negatively about her lawsuit and seemingly in support of Disney. In the very first video you posted about this you acted as if ScarJo’s career would never recover.

You usually stand up for the disenfranchised, but this time you defended the franchise.
St Li
St Li:
Glad everything works out. Now looking forward to that tower of terror movie.
David Potts
David Potts:
Ah, yes! I was waiting for Grace's coverage on this matter because she's the one I turn to for Hollywood news! Reliable and swift.
Leonardo Menezes
Leonardo Menezes:
I was rooting for her from the beginning.
Oscar Simmons
Oscar Simmons:
Good for you Scarlett 👍
Feige would've been a factor in Scarlet's win, we'll never find out about it, but you can't deny his influence.
David Esteban
David Esteban:
I hope to see she comes back as What If's Black Widow someday 👀
Ocean Sage
Ocean Sage:
Happy for Scarlett to get the millions she was owed in her contract. Disney could have avoided all this awful PR if they had just renegotiated when Scarlett first contacted them like for Emily Blunt, The Rock, and Emma Stone. I hope Scarlett gets more lead roles. Tower of Terror and that Wes Anderson film should be fun with Scarlett!
Good for her...glad she got her money, and that this is over and done with. They tried to screw her, and she didn't let them.
Scott James
Scott James:
Thanks for the video Grace! You make everything so much easier to understand. I’m able to learn a lot about the business from your videos
Anthony Strocks
Anthony Strocks:
Grace, I love how you entertain AND educate!
As I saw the headline online I rushed to you channel. Thanks for keeping us well informed Grace 💜 I'm glad they settled because it's too messy of a look for Disney.
Great for Scarlett. I guessed they will settle before the year ends, this lawsuit wasn't like the others that took years took to settle.
I’m honestly shocked about Tower of Terror going forward. I guess when it comes to making money, Hollywood holds (almost) no grudges lmao
AOL warez
AOL warez:
Grace you are the best YouTuber and your energy is infectious and I lovvvveee how you remain neutral and just make it about the movies. Very wise choice.
I’m really glad for her tbh! Well done Scar Jo, secure the bag Queen 👑🤑 seriously breaks my heart about Johnny Depp though, really, really hope he’s gonna come back for Pirates 🙏
Dylan ingobernoble
Dylan ingobernoble:
Grace on many of your film reviews I respectfully disagree. But when it comes to covering Hollywood money, financials, laws and contracts and the just the big picture in general you are second to none. I don't take stock in any movie business headlines until I hear your analysis on them. Keep up the excellent work
I'm honestly SHOOKED Disney still went ahead with Tower of Terror
Carlos Benítez
Carlos Benítez:
I'm happy for her! She deserves it!!!
nicola johnson
nicola johnson:
I hope Depp starts picking better projects, his last few in particular have been terrible.
Jake Cakaunitabua
Jake Cakaunitabua:
I’m so glad this worked out in scarelett’s favour
Fatima Abubakar
Fatima Abubakar:
Scarlett Johansson is a badass Legend, and I'm glad she won this Lawsuit against Disney. and I have to agree with grace, this is very inspiring for a Woman to be recognized and given what she deserves.
Daniela K
Daniela K:
When I saw this on Twitter, I immediately came here to listen to you cover this.
Wahoo!🎊 Even if she's got a few clumsy comments here and there, I find it hard to not root for her. She's very likeable! And rich people getting richer... Sure, but a deal's a deal and I agree that she was getting shafted by Disney's interpretation of the contract.

Hell yea Scarlett, basically!😁
I hope Natasha returns to the MCU!!
I mean I think she’s changing the game for other actors. So good for her on that.
Jak Attakk
Jak Attakk:
OMG does this mean there's a chance that What If's version of BW might come to the MCU?
I feel we have only seen a fraction of how awesome black widow can be in live action, and the animation just makes me want more!
Ratana Sorn
Ratana Sorn:
I just love how Grace edited Chapek’s face into Dr Evil 😂
Ggames Garner
Ggames Garner:
damn I really am happy that Disney won this lawsuit.
Sean O'Halloran
Sean O'Halloran:
I can easily see Scarlett being as big as Tom Cruise someday soon. She has both the talent and the discipline. She did the right thing here and so did Disney in the end. Great video!
I feel like Captain Jack Sparrow has run his course and if Disney chooses to make another Pirates movie with him they better have a valid reason. I thought he was a detriment to the last movie and the whole film would have been exponentially better without him. This has nothing to do with the Depp/Heard controversy, but the use of the Sparrow character felt forced and that weighed down everything enjoyable throughout. I know he’s a name and still big overseas, but another crappy Depp-centric Pirates movie isn’t going to help the long term potential of the franchise.
Chaka Phillips
Chaka Phillips:
Great insight as always. I am surprised that Disney would keep ScarJo in any future projects after this massive lawsuit with her. I was counting how many MCU films Black Widow aka ScarJo appeared in, and they are 8 I think. ScarJo made all of that money from Disney and she still wanted more. It made her look so greedy. Win, lose or draw, this will affect her when she does any projects with any studio going forward. And this will be brought up jokingly or otherwise at any film or TV premiere that ScarJo is a part of. Good luck to both. I for one will not be watching anything with ScarJo in the near future. Also, I agree, rich people fighting over money, yikes!!!
A woman gets everything she wanted? Get Guinness on the phone!
D. Brent Hanson
D. Brent Hanson:
I LOVE Black Widow & ScarJo, so very happy for her. Very glad her & Disney are going forward & with future Johansson projects🥳🤯👍🏼
That GIF transition 😂😂😂
Great editing, Grace.
shronda birch
shronda birch:
*The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures..*
As life has shown money can solve any problem and issue. In the beginning of this conflict It was clear that this was all about the amount of money. By the way, I have full biography of Scarlett on my channel.
Super happy for ScarJo! She deserves it.
Russian Romanoff
Russian Romanoff:
i am so happy for scarlett Johansson - seriously, a decade waiting for a solo movie, pandemic environment and shaky contracts but she still fought what she deserved
Bryce Vincent
Bryce Vincent:
I am happy for Scarlett. I have mixed feeling about johnny depp he has a lot struggles and is said to be hard to work with. I am also ready for a pirates reboot or it to end. I feel pirates has more then run its course.
This was a game changer I’ hope they’ll finally drop that Black Widow series now that Scarletts out of the way
Lucius Blackwood
Lucius Blackwood:
Hooray! We love Scarlett!
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
Good for her. And good for us.
Carlos Millán Castillo
Carlos Millán Castillo:
I think both parties won, she get money and a movie, they got a win for the streaming service and will made a movie that seems pretty good and maybe more BW. Like the copyright laws that Disney basically wrote, they will likely be doing the same with the new contracts for all talent.
Jesse Rogers
Jesse Rogers:
Hi Grace, London productions are booming everyone's struggling to find crews to fill the gaps. The only things putting productions on hold or slowing them down are when productions shut from a positive crew pcr.
Debo4735 X
Debo4735 X:
I Flucking love Scarlett 💘. I believe that if Disney/ Marvel would've put BW out after Civil War it would've made between $700-800 million, because women would've went to see this on their own, and if would've been before covid.
Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill:
Glad this is settled. Now, I want know what the hell happened in Budapest (pronounced Pesh, not Pest!)
I'm happy for here. I would love to see here back in Marvel.
CONGRATULATIONS SCARJO!!!! Thanks for another great video Grace.
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn:
EYYYY Finally Enchanted 2 went somewhere. Maybe Adam's will SING this time in a movie. I wonder if they get what's his face back too and hopefully Marsden because he really needs to be in more things.
"To the Lawers!" Need's to become a catchphrase
Larry Holder
Larry Holder:
Glad it was settled, don’t really want the BW character back from the dead in the movies though as I think her story was told. A direct BW sequel that is still set before IM2, yeah I’ll watch that.
this was really done fast. reminds me of how sony and marvel shared spidey. my guess is, there are a LOT of women involved in this decision. less ego, more mutual benefit. bravo women!!
Everybody is happy. That's what matters.
*I'm at Fort Sill in Basic Training I leave to Fort Lee for AIT in Virginia, I heard about this topic weeks ago and came to watch all these videos and yes I'm a huge fan of Scarlett so I'm glad she won* 👏🏻
Dan Bana
Dan Bana:
I am glad she has a futrue with Disney, Tower of terror sounds like its going to be fun.
Mosh Tren
Mosh Tren:
That is great for ScarJo!! Here’s to hoping she makes her way back into the MCU 😎
Andre P
Andre P:
These day and dates are more about the parent company getting streaming subscribers, and not giving a crap about the theaters 😂! They dont have to worry about the 45-50% split with the theater anymore. If you've got a family of 4-5, plus you're concerned about COVID, that 10-$15 subscription fee is a no-brainer! That's what the parent companies of these movies are banking on.

If you're an AMC, how do you counter this? Deals like, instead of 50%, we only get 25% 🙂? 50 cents added to the popcorn and sodas 🙂? For a brief window of exclusivity? The theaters get a directors cut? They've gotta do something, or the day and dates threaten to make theaters obsolete! Whatever the solution, the studio/parent company is gonna wind up the winners 🙂
Tomi Somolu
Tomi Somolu:
Thank you Grace! Speaking sense as usual 😌👌🏾👍🏾
Side note, I'm so happy they've 'made up'...., onward folks! Onward and make yourselves more 💸.... And shows 😜
Sailor Boy
Sailor Boy:
Glad Scarlet got what she was owed
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez:
I'm happy they were able to settle! Perhaps Natasha being resurrected via the Multiverse isn't off the table any more!
I love these kinds of videos from you Grace! You certainly know how to paint a picture!
Jon Will
Jon Will:
She really got me on the iconic outri….ps I love your videos Grace, especially the business ones
Sree Vathsa
Sree Vathsa:
Disney, currently, has good reputation among people. Any prolonged news on this lawsuit is bad news for them.

They made a right choice here because even if they'd won the lawsuit, the loss of reputation and trust would've been too much for the money to compensate.
Kay Kay
Kay Kay:
Grace you been blessing us with great content all week! We appreciate you. Hope you take a little timeout for yourself
Alice V.
Alice V.:
I mean if Disney wants to put ultron back in the MCU they can make BW apocalypse ver. To the main timeline then making it a post credit scene warning us about a much more dangerous ver of ultron 💕

And I want to see her in her AOU suit but badly dmged but slightly armored up with that DIY extra shoulder and knee pads and that slightly unshowered hair look lmaoo
Good for you Scarlett Johansson!
Andre P
Andre P:
Wow...I thought only Marvel Studios, and a couple other 4-quadrant properties had COVID box office immunity 🙂. Venom 2 is doing pre-pandemic business. This pandemic is showing which movies people REALLY want to see in the theaters. If the movie is truly anticipated, it can get pre-pandemic (domestic) numbers. The problem seems to be overseas now.
Derek Ramirez
Derek Ramirez:
After the settlement, I don’t think it will the same as before (relationship). And it will gradually manifest into a mess to her career if you know what I mean hehehe… she may not be hireable anymore 😢
Faith Hudson
Faith Hudson:
👏✊ wow!! So happy Tower is moving forward!! COME ON Scarlett & Colin teaming up!!! 🤞
yanis mouhoub
yanis mouhoub:
I think they just don’t want a lot of lawsuits filed for them so I think they just wanted to get this out of the way
clint hancock
clint hancock:
I feel it would of done great, outside of you most people seemed to like Blackwidow
"When you mess with my money, you mess with my emotions." - Big Worm