scarlett johansson vs. sexist and inappropriate questions

compilation of scarlett firing back at inappropriate questions

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Ann Le
Ann Le:
You can tell she experienced lots of stupid questions to be at a place to not take anymore BS questions/interviews.
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral:
I think the diference here is when a girl compliments another girl's dress, she is really complimenting the dress/clothing
Neilos Beverly
Neilos Beverly:
She's clever & wants to be taken seriously & respected not just as a sexual object
Beth A
Beth A:
Male or female, asking what underwear someone wears is inappropriate and rude
Pérez Ortega Valentín
Pérez Ortega Valentín:
''Your character who can be written off as the sexy one...''
''Really???? Have you seen Chris Hemsworth??''
I mean, she's not wrong
Ananya Neralla
Ananya Neralla:
I love how the boys are like giggling with each other, waiting for her to destroy the reporters. They are like, " oh jee....damn fool....wait for it😂😂😂"
"You're Scarlett Johanson so you don't have the same body worries as the rest of us." What a rude way to be interviewing someone. Jesus Christ 🤦🏻‍♀️
RDJ trying to comfort her during the rabbit food question ): I feel so bad she always gets these types of comments but you can see how protective they other guys are of her and her comebacks are so classy.
Someone Who Stans Way Too Many Groups
Someone Who Stans Way Too Many Groups:
Scarlett Johansson: **exists**

Dumb interviewers: ok, but ur underwear tho
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow is one of the most interesting characters in MCU, an ex-spy with a dark past who switched teams, an Avengers member with no super powers. She did not have an origin story in MCU but Scarlet brings her alive as an intelligent, witty, capable, charismatic operative, there are hundreds of things she can be asked and yet she gets the dumbest questions...
Asking her if she wears underwear under her superhero suit is just creepy.
The disappointing thing is, it's mostly women asking her these sexist questions. The most overlooked issue of feminism is that women perpetuate sexism so damn much.
angelina jackson
angelina jackson:
Honestly this pisses me off she’s such an under rated actress. Stop asking her about under wear makeup diets and fashion and ask her some real questions
Consolee M
Consolee M:
This is sad, so so sad🤦🏾‍♀️ all her hardwork, dedication, passion and what she gets asked about is diet and underwear?!?!?!?!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Pooja Iyer
Pooja Iyer:
I love how everytime scarlett sasses the interviewers, robert downey jr. is just looking at her like "you go girl lol"
0:14 I admire how the male cast members quickly stood on scarlett's side, just by their expressions
Talitha Azzahra
Talitha Azzahra:
0:13 look at how quick robert turned when he asked that question. he be like “oof here we go”
Lady Vengeance
Lady Vengeance:
She’s pure class. She calls them out with wit and humor, and then educates them. Respect.
nosyarg kcid
nosyarg kcid:
🤦🏾‍♂️ man I cringed so hard at this. Wtf they keep talking about her looks. I would be asking shit like how does she train to do all those cool ass combat scenes. Because her and Chris Evans have the best fight scenes in the mcu
Smadar Contini
Smadar Contini:
This is so upsetting. Scarlett Johansson is underrated af. There are so many interesting questions these interviewers could ask yet they are wasting it on the fact she is hot. I'm so sorry for her.. She deserves much better...
Manya Goyal
Manya Goyal:
Man, her character is so interesting. Like she is literally an assassin trained in the Red Room. She tricked the trickster god. She literally takes down 10 guys at once while Happy is fighting off one in Iron Man 2. How can they ask such stupid questions?
Burak Trkn
Burak Trkn:
what a smart women. every response of her gave them a lesson
Bill Blazer
Bill Blazer:
"Marriage Story" is a movie that makes the world a more livable place. I appreciated Scarlett's work in that film.
I love how at 1:34 Robert Downey JR tries to calm her down, like "shit shit shit, why do they make her angry, she's gonna burn this whole place down. Please calm down Scarlett, they didn't want to mess with you, for sure😅"
I love that she’s not afraid to call out these questions even when the interviewer is a girl
Jon Steiner
Jon Steiner:
I love her sarcastic responses. They're really funny. That rose has thorns (that's a compliment by the way).
Lilly Pharaoh
Lilly Pharaoh:
She and henry cavill should start a club called "stop reducing us to our beauty" 😂😂
Pinky Boy
Pinky Boy:
The whole casts look so tired for the questions people asked to Scarlet.
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel:
Interviewer: *asks inappropriate question

Scarlett: so you have chosen.... death
Jasmine Forcer
Jasmine Forcer:
"My father likes you, my boyfriend likes you, all of men like you." wtf....
Josh Sharpe
Josh Sharpe:
It’s actually shocking that so many women are asking these questions
Cally Endra
Cally Endra:
0:48 I just love how Benedict, Robert and Elizabeth are just cracking up at Scarlet's reply. Gold.
It's really sad though. She plays a fucking spy in the MCU and no one can think of any question related to that? Like how interesting it would be for her to go deeper into the spy side of her character and get to play different characters as Black Widow? Or to go deeper into Widow's dramatic training in Russia? Like... bruh.
AKA Scarlet being the queen for 3 minutes
Adam Wigant
Adam Wigant:
She’s a super hero on and off script.
She never snaps back. She always rolls with the punches and delivers fun comebacks that never ruin the atmosphere of the interview. She's very clever.
Calm Ryu
Calm Ryu:
“YES! Ive got them all, all generations!” Lmaoo
Walk ThisWay
Walk ThisWay:
I love her face... You know she's waiting for an idiotic question and it's clear it happens WAY TOO OFTEN lol.. [BIG FAN OF HERS]
She is SO patient lordd i would never and classy too she deserves better
Emre Bilge
Emre Bilge:
People like compliments they aren't used to. Johansson must appreciate compliments from women more, because she is so used to get them from men while women might be more on the jealous side towards her.
she looked so upset at the 'rabbit food' question i'm sad
The last comment she made... I can relate to it so hard. I find it so much more flattering when I'm complimented by a girl! It just feels more honest as they would probably not have second intentions with me (if they didn't like girls).
Au Sauvage
Au Sauvage:
She wants to be respected as an actress .. she’s doesn’t care at all about the sex symbol fiasco. Let that sink in fast.
мєαgαи cαмρєя
мєαgαи cαмρєя:
i feel so so bad for her she must be so fed up with this and i cant believe there are even women who ask these questions :/ i admire her for the way she responds
Ellison Brenda
Ellison Brenda:
I thought the last interview was most interesting. It was a woman from Russia. When Scarlett said that it's more important that women are in awe of her than men, the interviewer was a little confused. I could be wrong but I do think there is a cultural difference. It also seemed like the interviewer was thinking it would be so cool to turn heads but she doesn't have the years of objectification to make it no longer enjoyable. I believe at the beginning of her career Scarlett was not as bothered by it but now it's overkill and she gets all the stupid interview questions. It probably starts to feel like people can't look past her fit and flattering body and actually assess her ability.
Unknown User
Unknown User:
Every human has body worries 🤔

I like Scarletts' mindset, people look at her for her beauty but that is just cover of from what I can see is a very interesting read.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas:
3:22 What Scarlett said here is ABSOLUTELY correct. Men are not forcing women to wear makeup and dresses. Women do those things to impress each other. Feminists like to make the argument that men force women in non patriarchal countries to do these things which isn't true. It shocks me that Scarlett wasn't canceled by social media for this.

Also, I love you Scarlett!
B Leroy
B Leroy:
The dress response was disingenuous. First, the reporter was obviously surprised at Johansson's response that she thinks that women dress for other women. Who is she to generalise? Americans need to check their hubris. American culture (or the lack thereof), values, customs don't represent those of the world. I respect that she, as an American woman, might typically want to dress for other women. That's her preference, so she can use the pronoun 'I', not 'we' as if the reporter is lesser of a women for disagreeing. It's not OK for her to self-righteously make that claim. Second, personally, my experience is that women tend to over-compliment your clothing, especially between each other. It has become common courtesy in the west for women to compliment each other's dresses, like asking 'how are you'. I don't believe that Johansson is unaware of this cultural norm. She was just being a sassy American.
An intelligent actress is sick of being asked questions about her physical appearance and fashion when her male counterparts are asked thoughtful questions about the characters they play and how they prepared for them. Some people seem to disagree....? It isn't really up to you to decide, whether you're a man or a woman.
Pemmi Alcantara
Pemmi Alcantara:
i feel so sorry for her, I don't get why people feel entitled to ask her such personal questions. She's a human being too, give her a break.
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie:
I love that all her co-stars seem to back her up 100%
Downey always looks ready for questions that are asked her
Christina Stephens
Christina Stephens:
I freakin love Scarlett! She's so classy and carries herself well...even when she gets the ridiculous questions.
Veera Grewal
Veera Grewal:

these reporters need to educate themselves
Ellie Dodds
Ellie Dodds:
okay out of context but i love her voice wtf
Brent Goodman
Brent Goodman:
What would possess anyone to disrespect an obviously intelligent, classy and attractive woman like scarjo? Oh right.... jealousy! Question answered!
Interviewer: "Scarlett, I think your character can be described as the sexy of the group"
Scarlett: "Really? Have you seen Chris Hemsworth??"
🤣🤣🤣 I hear you, Scarlett
Jules Needs A Sleep Schedule
Jules Needs A Sleep Schedule:
She deserves a lot better than this her charachter is extremely valuable and well-written, Scarlett played her brilliantly
what an awful thing to go through but she handled it so well tho!! her replies were polite yet full of intention. i love scarlett!
Raghav Jha
Raghav Jha:
The definition of beauty with brains.
To be fair she used her looks to get into the industry so dont be surprised when that's what the questions focus on
Jeremy Renner got totally uncomfortable with the underwear question because his probably never had to deal with that kind of question, but Scarlett seems accustomed with that kind of question and that’s the proof of the sexism in the movie industry
Feel so bad and awkward for her cause she's really classy and she has to face all these awkward questions, i mean she is so embarrassed and is still bothered to answer them so politely whereas other celebrities would have been loud and aggressive about it.
K Marie
K Marie:
She's such a brilliant beauty.
Amica Marie
Amica Marie:
I love Scarlett so much
Elise Grimes
Elise Grimes:
The thing I don't get is why female interviewers would ask her questions like this too though, I am a girl and I would hate to be asked questions like this so I would never ask anyone else questions like this.She's handling it like a queen though! <3
You can literally see how tired she is of being objectified by everyone all the time, she's working hard as an actor and all she gets celebrated for is how good looking she is, I'm happy she's calling everyone out on it.
She has a lot of patience for someone who gets asked these kinds of questions all the time. I would have gone double Hulk if I were her.
tzuyu supremacy
tzuyu supremacy:
she’s so polite with her rebuttals, scarlett deserves more than just basic questions
mrs LUndY
mrs LUndY:
I love RDJ is always supporting her in these kind of things. BFF goals.
Emmanuela Giordano
Emmanuela Giordano:
All these interviewers are so childish, and maybe justify their actions saying "its my job" well, if being an Interviewer means be unprofessional you got the point. She shut them with class 👑
Jessica Day
Jessica Day:
Wow she’s so intelligent and classy I love her
Minus One Gamer
Minus One Gamer:
The underwear one started off bad then it got worse when he kept pushing the issue.
rajeev srivastava
rajeev srivastava:
She is such an underrated actress! Hopefully after her double oscar nomination last year she gets better questions from interviewers who actually respect her work
Tara Gold
Tara Gold:
I think the first guy was trying to ask her a question about her character and was incorporating how most interviewers just write off black widow as the hot avenger or something, but his wording really backfired;
I love her personality here. It’s feisty. And she has every right to be after these idiotic questions.
Melinda Goh
Melinda Goh:
The last part is so true because most men don’t know what they’re talking abt like some are just complimenting u for the sake of being nice or getting into ur pants
Robert, Chris, and Jeremy all looked super offended. The way Robert looked at her during the "sexy" question and how Chris was about to jump in with an objection just proves that she gets these questions too often.
There's just that flow of charisma in her. She's a treasure
Annabelle Millen
Annabelle Millen:
She’s a legend
Whaaka Whanau
Whaaka Whanau:
I like that she stays above all the bullshit. I admire that kind of patience. I would have lost my shit by Iron Man 2 lol
Ganimé Özçay
Ganimé Özçay:
dumbass: is it innappropriate?
scarlett: to ask someone what underwear they wear? yes!
dumbass: i DiDnT aSk YoU wHaT KiNd. (really thought he did something there 😒)
scarlett: you just asked me if i was wearing any... (queen behavior✨👑)
Professional_ Simp
Professional_ Simp:
01:11 Renner is giggling cause he knows this interviewer is about to regret his life decisions
Edit: 4k likes? Tan q ☺
Stephen Casey
Stephen Casey:
If anything, I think being Scarlett would probably make your "body worries" worse. You are literally one of the main examples of an attractive woman, if you put on a few pounds there'll be millions of people looking at you.
"I finally got them all generations yes"
I'm 💀
Prisha Mehta
Prisha Mehta:
1:09 - 1:33
That was simply brilliant.😍
Come here Coward
Come here Coward:
“So Ms. Johansson, why do you think every man on the planet likes you?”🙄
Libby Johnson
Libby Johnson:
she’s SUCH an intelligent woman, yet because she is female and incredibly attractive people often overlook that and focus on her beauty. the way she handles each question with grace and a tad bit of snark shows how powerful she truly is!! anyway love you have a good day
Angelic Sensualli
Angelic Sensualli:
Omg 👏🏼 Yes! I do feel the approval of other women is more important to most women
Shreya Pahuja
Shreya Pahuja:
Yassssssss Queennnnnnn slayyyy 😭
The Video Archive
The Video Archive:
Scarlett is a savage.
I love her. She’s so genuine & witty.
Yoda Isalegend
Yoda Isalegend:
she’s so badass, i love her
Tam Na
Tam Na:
I don’t know how she manages, I’d have broken down in tears
Val Koria
Val Koria:
Bruh I would lose my shit at the 3rd person... the fact that she’s been taking this shieeee for over a decade 🤯 MAD RESPECT!!!!!!
Brando B
Brando B:
Every interviewer just views her as a object rather than a human.
Clover Face
Clover Face:
She deals with the questions way better than most people would.
L C:
It's amusing that the majority of the interviewers don't even pick up on her sarcasm
Tara Carmelina
Tara Carmelina:
The men get such serious questions and Scarlett just gets questions regarding her body. It’s ridiculous because the Black Widow is such an interesting character with such a captivating history that we really don’t know much about, there’s so much room for an interesting question but because she’s a woman, her character isn’t taken as seriously.
Sometimes it’d be nice to hear questions like “What is it like to be a hero many people look up to?” or “How does it feel to play a part in starting the MCU?”. Just something like that being asked to Scarlett Johansson