SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

The ultimate documentary of Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher. SCHUMACHER features rare interviews and previously unreleased archive footage and traces a very sensitive and critical portrait of the seven-time world champion. This is the only film supported by his family.


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SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

Through exclusive interviews and archival footage, this documentary traces an intimate portrait of seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher.

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Alex Costa
Alex Costa:
SO READY FOR THIS! He is a legend and with the recent increase in F1 popularity, I feel like new fans need to know his story. Will watch on 9/15
You know why the F1 car emoji is a red car? Yeah, Schumacher is the “why”. Pure racer.
Eoin Brennan
Eoin Brennan:
I'll never forget when that Tsunami hit in 2004, Michael Schumacher donated $10 million of his own money to the relief efforts. That was more than entire countries gave
Deepanshu Rustagi
Deepanshu Rustagi:
I just want him to come back as close to normal as possible. Just want to see him on a race weekend cheering for Mick from the Ferrari garage. Just that!
Simon Stiel
Simon Stiel:
"He still shows me how strong he is every day." That quote hits you.
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh:
Even if you don't watch F1, you know who Michael Schumacher is. That's the greatness!
M.S Kanapathi
M.S Kanapathi:
"Michael always protected us, and now we are protecting Michael" well said by Corinna Schumacher....Keep Fighting ..Never Give UP....Forza Michael
Lee Wee Meng
Lee Wee Meng:
When Michael's daughter said those words "Well, he is my dad, and I'm glad that he is," I literally teared up and feel like saying to her "You're lucky to have him, cos' he's truly a legend!" (sending hearts) Honestly, I don't know much about Michael's story, but I believe this documentary will open up to many new fans like me to see how much of his personality have influenced the world and Formula 1
immer wieder Gänsehaut beim anschauen des Trailers, der beste Fahrer den die Welt je gesehen hat, wir vermissen Dich
Proh Pazos
Proh Pazos:
Simply, the best. Vettel said this: There was no one like him.
Les Blàse
Les Blàse:
“Schumacher” means “Speed” in all Languages. It’s Universal.
Hound7 Delta
Hound7 Delta:
After watching this, you see Vettel and Mick's relationship a lot different. I'm glad Seb is there for him.
Couch Investor
Couch Investor:
I wish to see Michael at one of Mick's races. He would be so proud.
Just finished and almost in tears near the END. Michael will sadly never recover. you could hear it clearly from his wife and his children. They said they miss the old Michael but they are thankful he is still there. Mick said he would love to talk to him about father& son racing things now that he has grown up and they could share so much knowledge together. He would give anything for that.
Seb: There was no one like him.
*I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying*
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez:
"100 percent perfection, I couldn't live with anything lower" that gave me chills
Marc Raphael Antonio
Marc Raphael Antonio:
it's kinda cool how michael says 100% perfection right as he goes past the 100m meter brake reference lol
Michiel Ecker
Michiel Ecker:
Schumacher was so dominant during his time that it was almost boring to watch F1. My friends and I didn't discuss about who would finish #1, but only #2-5. That's how good he was, outside of a crash there was no question he would finish first.
Mr Canwick
Mr Canwick:
-He still shows me how strong he is every day. :(
Im not crying you are.
Well that’s two days in a row a movie has made me cry. I’m man enough to admit it to. This and the Anthony Bourdain movie. I hope fans take this and just remember how great he really was. He got a lot of heat in his day but he was more hungry then others. He will always be the GOAT. He won more in a shorter time period and less races each year. He also was around in a system where points were much harder to get.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
"He think he's Schumacher" - that explains the speed and skill Schumacher had.
Robert W.
Robert W.:
Just watched this on Netflix. So well done, so well put together and I shed more than one tear. If I were offered the opportunity to see him now, as he is after the accident, I would turn down that offer. He was and will remain a legend in the world of F1 and should be remembered as such. I absolutely respect his families wish for their lives and Michael's life to remain private. Bravo Michael, Bravo 👏
Vettel after winning his 4th title in 2013:
"I don't know if this translate well but, we are -- it's a German saying -- we are baking very very small bread rolls in comparison to the guys of the past. Maybe this sounds stupid to you, but to me, it makes sense."
Roy Methew
Roy Methew:
when it was cricket it was sachin, when its basketball it was jordan, and when it was racing it was schumacher. Those were 1990s
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur:
WOW, michael's dad looks exactly like michael, but just older.
Kiborg '
Kiborg ':
Michael came in my country just after the war and help bosnian childerns to recover from injuries. Bosnia loves you legend!
1:34 that tunnel and the sound of that v10 engine took me back like that when I couldn't wait for the race to start to watch Shumi
Eduardo Santana Gomes
Eduardo Santana Gomes:
As a brazilian guy, as a Senna fan, as a Schumi fan and as a F1 fan I'm here to say: IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Yeeeah!
The Ex-Chef of Ferrari: "When you are driving a Ferrari you aren't driving a normal car, you're driving a legend! And if you don't win with it you are an idiot!" Eddie Irvine: "...the car was a desaster"
Just watched it on Netflix! Even though I know pretty much everything about Michael's career and life, I didn't realized how fast those nearly 2 hours were spent while watching this documentary tribute. By this I mean the film is absolutely worth watching, especially for F1 and Motorsport fans like me. I was there when Michael was transported to the hospital in Grenoble and felt all those tragic moments very deeply while supporting his family around the hospital. Hope he will finally win his 92nd race by recovering in one day! Forza Schumi!
People wanna call Lewis the goat. He has more wins and poles but Michael did it with less races and he also had to build two teams from nothing. Lewis stepped into a winner and got that many wins so fast bc each year the had 6-8 more races a season. That makes what Michael did so damn impressive. Always the GOAT and always will be. That’s not disrespect to Lewis it’s just how I feel
Balint Szluka
Balint Szluka:
doesnt really matter that his records are broken. he is the GOAT
Bhargav Radhakrishna
Bhargav Radhakrishna:
Simply the best. I miss Michael, F1 hasn't really been the same without him.
The name Schumacher has became the standard for "fast driver" everywhere in the world.
Alejandro Porras
Alejandro Porras:
Just watched this today, I first started following F1 back when Schumacher and Barrichello were crushing all competition in the early 2000's, so this was very nostalgic.
Sova Guriya
Sova Guriya:
I don't care how many titles the present/future drivers go on to achieve, Michael was and always will be the greatest driver in this sport for me.
selfish to let him suffer in this state..they should have let him go..this isnt certainly would never live up to Michaels standarts and he would never want this. he and his family need to move on as hard as it sounds..
Kindly requesting the following amalgamation in a chronological order: Williams, Rush and/or Hunt vs Lauda, Senna (2010), Schumacher.
Paul Warren
Paul Warren:
This should be brilliant. Can’t wait for 9-15
Aidan Kreltszheim
Aidan Kreltszheim:
I understand and respect why they are keeping his health condition secret, but I just hope that they will one day just let us know really how he is. I mean he is the most successful f1 driver with a massive fan base. Just at least can he walk or talk? Or is he able to move. It’s been 8 years. I just hope that his family, when they are ready, may be able to just give us some update on how he is doing.
“There was no one like him”, this hit me in the feels.
Aaron Barkley
Aaron Barkley:
Michael took the torch that Ayrton carried until his passing. I think he would have been proud of him, seeing how emotional Michael was after his passing shows the level of respect he had for him. I can’t wait to see this.
Ziggy wiggy
Ziggy wiggy:
The greatest of all time on and off the track
This Film moved me to Tears…
izzad ibrahim
izzad ibrahim:
"He thinks he's Schumacher" - that explains the speed and skill Schumacher had.
Richard 77
Richard 77:
For me Schumacher v Hakinen was when f1 was great, and in 2000 coming down to the last race and last pitstop to decide the title was amazing. to see the joy in Ferrari after all the years trying and to see how gracious Mika was lovely to watch again, they had a get rivals
Nick Porter
Nick Porter:
I started watching F1 primarily because of Schumacher. He had just gone to Ferrari and was set to revitalize them. After a few Mika championships Schumacher and Ferrari came into form and the rest is history. I still think they changed the tire rules in 2005 to end their dominance. If Schumi had Michelins instead of Bridgestone i think he wins 6 in a row.
Best birthday present i could imagine. thank you netflix, absolutely delighted to see my childhood hero again.
Ako 2k6
Ako 2k6:
I think that is the reason vettel stayed in f1, as a father figure to young mick. Keep fighting Michael 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Ste P
Ste P:
Just watched it so sad at the end , all that money and the one thing you can't buy is your health, from the little bits of limited info the family said it's obvious he can't speak or very little , keep fighting Michael
The man is a living legend get well soon you racing legend
Nigel Stately
Nigel Stately:
I’m still under his influence, awesome man, even better pilot! It was an experience to look into the races of my childhood!❤️
jefferson starships
jefferson starships:
Michael Schumacher, the one true legend of F1, he is the reason I got into watching F1 races. JUST CANT WAIT TO WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY OF MY ALL TIME FAVE RACING DRIVER!!!!!!!!!
David Stoetzer
David Stoetzer:
I was in adelaide to watch him win his first title, its a memory that I will never forget
Sensible Art
Sensible Art:
Excellent documentary! Can’t believe they never had one clip of Mika calling him “The Michael” 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Streisand Neto
Streisand Neto:
He was - and still is - my hero. He filled my childhood with a lot of joy and happinesss.
KEEP FIGHTING MICHAEL! Millions of people love you and Pray for you everyday!
Vivek Jain
Vivek Jain:
I just loved to see how much an F1 car enjoyed Schumacher driving it
Hamish MacSporran
Hamish MacSporran:
Just watched this, a good documentary, his family are very strong. Rather surprised by the senna footage tbh, don't think it was necessary
Rhettsy Cop lando
Rhettsy Cop lando:
His wife is obviously insane, Michael is essentially a vegetable at this point and her continually avoiding the truth that his fans deserves makes this even more sad.
Sreenivas br
Sreenivas br:
I cannot wait to watch this on Netflix. Schumacher is the GOAT. I've used to watch almost every single race of his. It was him and Rubens Barrichello who made Ferrari what it is today.
Younus Adams
Younus Adams:
G.O.A.T in my opinion. No disrespect to Lewis Hamilton!
MY Football Collection
MY Football Collection:
The greatest for me, I know the purists put Senna at the top but I just think Schumacher was the best ever ❤️
When I was a child, I watched Michael. When I was a teenager, I watched Sebastian.
It was truly glorious. I base all my love for F1 off these two men.
Carlos Metrebian
Carlos Metrebian:
I have tears in my eyes.
I grew up watching Schumi win races and becoming the best out there.
Wish you a healthy recovery Champ. We miss you.
Secret Brad
Secret Brad:
The man is simply a legend! The thought of such a genius being still in the health that he is in still brings me to tears! Thank you for bringing this to our screens!
nitz kesh
nitz kesh:
As a little kid watching Schumacher race in 1998 gave me chills, the same I got watching this trailer. Get well soon Micheal 🙏♥️
Tony G
Tony G:
The greatest driver to ever take a F1 car around a track. Bar none!
Petrol O
Petrol O:
💯Schumacher was cut from a different cloth. His focus and his mental resilience was unparalleled in the paddock.
Abhishek Raj
Abhishek Raj:
F1 is Michael Schumacher. Hope to see you soon Legend.
Schumacher / Senna / Prost - The eternal podium of F1 and motorsports racing!
B9Bot 1
B9Bot 1:
This will be a must to watch. I watched him win all his World Championships in Ferrari on TV. He was an amazing driver.
Nikil Kumar
Nikil Kumar:
I really hope we get to see him how he is rn and I really hope that he's recovered really well. Can't wait to watch the documentary!
Looking forward to this, Schumacher in my mind was the greatest ever followed closely by Ayrton Senna, the best era in Formula one was when those two were racing.
Oms AU
Oms AU:
Schumacher gave me so much happiness watching him race. I was blessed to see him drive in Melbourne 4 times in the early 2000s(and many other times on TV obviously). I miss the anticipation of a stonking qualifying session and then seeing what greatness he would bring on race day.
John Smith
John Smith:
I think what makes Schumacher the greatest of all time is that he was the most complete of the bunch. He had raw speed, he had an above average (even for F1 driver) understanding of the car and he was probably the best team leading driver of all time. I rate Lauda over Hunt cause he was a complete driver. I rate Prost over Senna cause he was a complete driver. And I rate Schumacher over Hamilton for the same reasons. He was as close as you can get to being the ultimate driver.
As a child he was the only reason I used to watch F1 until my teenage years. I still feel sad about that accident that he had.. Since then we haven't really gotten much news.
Federico Maria Achilli
Federico Maria Achilli:
Absolutely the best of all time. I love Senna but Schumacher was even stronger.
Angelo W
Angelo W:
Fantastic what a inspiration to the world, what an incredible man 🥰🥰
Schumi was truly impressive. But there is only on Goat of F1, and he died at Imola on 1 May 1994.
What a classic racer honestly his ability was unrivaled in racing and skiing
Karan Singh Wilkho_46
Karan Singh Wilkho_46:
Valentino Rossi and Michael Schumacher ---- The GOATs of their respective sports. PERIOD. Never will it be repeated.
Ninad Aundhkar
Ninad Aundhkar:
The one and only, King Schumacher !!
Dooluthsing Vivek
Dooluthsing Vivek:
Without a doubt the best original film on a real life sportsman... wonderful and touching
Johnny B
Johnny B:
We love you Michael!
You are an extraordinary human being and full of life, what happen to you is like a dagger straight through our hearts and we feel your pain so much, you will always be someone we will always look up too and give us hope through life, god bless you Michael and thank you for giving us this passion in our lives.
There are no words to describe what you have done to so many people in this world and the joy you have bought apon us.
You are a timeless legend that will live on forever ❤
Johnny from Australia.
Sicily Everywhere
Sicily Everywhere:
We miss you, big champ! Keep fighting! Can't wait to see this documentary! As Italian, I had the luck to enjoy all of your virtuous career in F1 and Ferrari!
Nonchalance_ 91
Nonchalance_ 91:
Schumi brought in millions of Millennials to the sport, specially from regions where F1 had no reach. Been praying for his full recovery for long time, hope we get to see him talk to us soon.
Just watched it, amazing documentary, almost as good as Senna👏🏼👏🏼
Como fã eu esperei muito por isso! passei minha adolescência assistindo suas corridas!!!!
amo_vali pakas
amo_vali pakas:
The most beautiful documentary, thank you Michael
Scott From England
Scott From England:
Cant wait to see this !!! Im a huge LH fan but credit where its due MS was brilliant !! Outstanding, dedicated, 7 time World Champion.. 👍🏻
gänsehaut pur!!! wie schön es wäre ihn jetzt an der seite von Mick zu sehen.. es war eine unfassbare zeit mit ihm als Rennfahrer und als mensch!
Sai Govind
Sai Govind:
I remember watching F1 race every Sunday just for Michael Schumacher! My family and I would sit together and watch the complete race. It was a time when F1 was as popular as cricket in India, all thanks to Schumacher!
Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
The name Schumacher alone fills me with emotion
Goosebumps!!! Cant' wait to watch this! He put his sport to an all new level, setting new records and giving to the Tifosi a first title since 21 years. Pure legend! Everybody thought it was suicide when he came to Ferrari in 1996, but in fact he was simply a miracle for them!!! The best for eternity!
I love the connection between F1 and Netflix. Having these documentaries and shows of F1 brings a lot of fun and brings new fans to F1. Hopefully they continue this with more F1 Legends and drivers documentaries.
When ever I hear his name , I pray to God that he gets well soon 🙏❤🙌
omkar kumar
omkar kumar:
You know how strong he is when you learn he had refused to die while bedridden for years since the terrible head injury.
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago:
GOAT status is heavily debatable in F1, but if you narrow it down to one skill that makes a driver like Schumacher stands far above the rest, is his absolute leadership of building Ferrari (which is arguably the hardest team to build upon) from the bottom of the barrel to dominating for the next 6 years. No sportsman, and I mean NO SPORTSMAN in the history of the sport (that I know of) has done so. That is why Michael Schumacher is GOAT.