Sean Connery's views on women, relationships and masculinity

From a 1987 interview with US&A TV personality Barbara Walters

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Ioannis Polichronidis
Ioannis Polichronidis:
Sean Connery would go to a feminist rally and leave with his shirt freshly ironed
Kung fu Benny
Kung fu Benny:
“Wait until people see this interview. You’re gonna get mail.”
“I might get some female hehe.”
Jesus Christ man lol
Noah Matthew
Noah Matthew:
Woman claim to hate masculine guys like this but subconsciously it’s the man they chase endlessly and would ruin a marriage for
She somewhat pretends to be classy but is a master in passive aggressiveness and she had a condescending attitude. I love how Sean kept his cool and was assertive in a charming way throughout.
I have the feeling Sean was taking the piss out of the interviewer .
D G:
“I don’t like playing golf with women.”
Sean is a fucking Alpha
My testosterone levels went up significantly after hearing Sean speak.
“Stupid. I hate stupidity.” Looked her right in the eye and her panties almost dropped😂😂
The Black Lip Bastards Podcast
The Black Lip Bastards Podcast:
This guy was Red Pill bfr Red Pill was ever a thing lmaoo
Eric Howe
Eric Howe:
As soon as he says women cant let it go, Barbara wont let it go.
Captain BP&J
Captain BP&J:
She is the exact women who he would slap and she knows it
Thurston Howell
Thurston Howell:
Now I realize why he was always my favorite James Bond. Masculine without being overbearing. He was the truth.
Alex Quezada
Alex Quezada:
After the interview, Sean had Barb make him a sandwich
“I don’t think you’d be good at that either.” -Barbara, divorced 4 times, very nice to be around.
Yet Barbara was divorced 4 times and Connery 2nd marriage lasted for 40 plus years until his death. Terrific irony it turned out to be
V Budnar
V Budnar:
He looked her straight in the eye when he said "Stupid....I hate stupidity more than anything"..😂
Ezzy 92
Ezzy 92:
You’re gonna get some mail!!” .. “Might get some female” 😂😂😂😂
netizen trotter
netizen trotter:
Pretty sure she fantasized about being ravaged by him and hating him simultaneously 😂😂😂
The way he carries himself it's inspiring, he doesn't feel desperate to get his point across, he just delivers it calmly and coherently which leads to a very effective communication
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones:
Boy, Sean was lucky that there was no twitter back in his movie heyday.
Krystal A
Krystal A:
He has a lot of patience, what a skill
Joe Rogaine
Joe Rogaine:
"You don't slap [a woman] with a clenched fist but with open hand."

Good point
Baruc Aragonez
Baruc Aragonez:
He brought up women before she did. He triggered her and she fell right into. He was in control of the interview the whole time. Fucking legend.
Barry Stevens
Barry Stevens:
He slapped the shit out of the interviewer and didn't lay a hand on her.

He is a legend.
J N:
First rate badass. They don't make men like James Bond no more.
Rebel Green
Rebel Green:
Sean Connery: red pilled to the max
Now that's man . Bring back the men from the 70's and 80's to 2021 and make the world better place
haitian scooter
haitian scooter:
That’s real masculine energy right here
Kallum FRY Brookes
Kallum FRY Brookes:
She's just trying to catch him out, but he's unapologetic.
Felipe Palma
Felipe Palma:
A Man who lived His all life with integrity and never lost his principles
Henrick Conde
Henrick Conde:
If this interview was made today, the whole world would fall apart.
Caio Santos - Imersão Total no Inglês
Caio Santos - Imersão Total no Inglês:
She was so frustrated cause she kept trying to take him down and just wouldn't care
Akshay Sinha
Akshay Sinha:
"It's not that bad to slap a woman, if you've tried everything else"

Spoken like a true Prophet.
He's like if scotch was a person
"Do you respect a woman's opinion as much as a man's?" "But of course"
He's not a "male chauvinist"!!!! He was the purest and most perfect example of a TRUE alpha male!!! Incomparably masculine. How Noble in
reason he was! How infinite in faculty! in form and moving, how express and admirable! in action, how like an angel. In apprehension, how like a God!! Mr. Connery, R.I.P.
The white rhino
The white rhino:
He is 100% a true legend.
Arjun p
Arjun p:
Love his confidence! Not even a second of doubt in his mind. Guys today would be shivering 🥶 about being cancelled.
MiamiBeach xxx
MiamiBeach xxx:
If Brad Pitt gave this interview today he would be banned from making movies.
Rich D
Rich D:
When you look up Alpha in the dictionary, a link for this video is there.....
Was i the only one to notice that when she asked him "what if she slaped u back?" my man said "if she gets to liking it, it might get on something else"
Aditya Ganjoo
Aditya Ganjoo:
He maintains the fine balance between not giving her the pleasure she craves for and not giving a f*ck about her attitude. Remarkable!
High Stakes
High Stakes:
Sean: I don’t think I’d be too good at staying home raising my kids.
Barbara: I don’t think you’d be very good either.
Sean: I better find something else I’m good at.

Just brushes her insult off and talks in a calm, adult way. True man.
This is even more funny because she is exactly the type of woman he would slap
Gavin Ruthe
Gavin Ruthe:
She wanted to be annoyed or repulsed by him, did you notice her voice became very sultry near the end ? I think she had other things on her mind
lil ill
lil ill:
truth & wisdom. they hate to see it. we need more people like him
I've never heard of this woman before this interview but Sean handled her like the pro he was.
M.A. Antonin
M.A. Antonin:
The absolute CHAD!
Rudi Johnson
Rudi Johnson:
She doesn't like him and she really wants to get this point across that others are going to hate you too and he couldn't care less xD
Nicholas Czech
Nicholas Czech:
What a Legend, Sean Connery wish you were years younger and still here, world [email protected] needs you like Bill Burr.
It’s amazing that she demonstrates exactly what he’s saying about woman not stopping even after they have been given the final word.
Rest In Peace to an absolute Legend and a true Alpha Male.
He is in heaven now slapping women RIP
Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming:
This woman doesn’t realise it but subconsciously she is extremely attracted to Sean. He knows exactly how to handle her and she respects him for this.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
Her “I don’t think you’d be good at that either “with a condescending tone didn’t trigger him 1 iota. That composure and honesty gets men laid.
anubhav._ ghosh
anubhav._ ghosh:
What's interesting is Sean Connery was married till he died last year (rip) and that woman had been through 4/5 marriages
The original red pill. She thought she’d get him to backtrack. She didn’t realize that it was his show the second the camera started rolling. Look at how he points out that women can’t let things go and she proceeds to prove his point.
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth:
It is Amazing how judgemental Barabra was while all along she was sleeping with another Woman's Husband.
Rodger A. Curbelo
Rodger A. Curbelo:
The held the line! Didn’t fold, not even in his demeanor. Class act! Let’s go!
Nadie Durán
Nadie Durán:
Wow, for I moment I was back in the 80s, a normal world where a a man would act manly and express a masculine point of view.
Wayne Taylor
Wayne Taylor:
Sean had Barbara take the bait on the hook 🪝 and just keep winding the reel of the rod and bring her in to his arms lol 😂
The most clever interview I’ve ever seen lol 😂
Rick Anti Rat
Rick Anti Rat:
“Yeah....I haven’t changed my views at all” boss 💪
jelly K
jelly K:
She was lowkey fascinated by him because he doesn't compromise on his ideals
Dean Human
Dean Human:
"Might get some female" 🤣👌💯
Jane Dawson
Jane Dawson:
Barbara: Wait till people see this. You’re gonna get mail.

Sean: I might get some female.
Alexander Anisimov
Alexander Anisimov:
So sad not to have him with us anymore
John Coop
John Coop:
This is the way... we are on a slippery slope now and we are sliding right into the abyss
Jaskirat Singh 045
Jaskirat Singh 045:
He's the epitome of masculinity 💪
He is describing to her face exactly what he doesnt tolerate and she is doing exactly that. And she wonders why she’s divorced 4 times...
Alex Kalashnik
Alex Kalashnik:
I come back to this video every couple of years, always a classic gold.
Aswath Vishali
Aswath Vishali:
INTERVIEWER: *you don't like to play golf with women?*

SEAN: *I don't.*

INTERVIEWER: *why not?*

SEAN: *it's hard to explain...*

Well let me explain why. IT'S HIS CHOICE!!!
You don't have to poke your nose in others buisness young lady.
Brett Pritchard
Brett Pritchard:
This man sits there holding court like a Lion. True king of the jungle.
Alec Criss
Alec Criss:
Maintaining that frame of masculinity all while conducting himself in the judgmental interview like its a pleasant entertaining exchange is just so well done!
Its difficult to pull off especially these days when this canceling judgement is thrown about regularly so it can become more time consuming and fatiguing.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda:
The Late Sean Connery (May he Rest In Peace), was a great actor and a real man.
Cleveland Stephan
Cleveland Stephan:
Naturally, as precondition to the interview, he know most of the questions before they were asked. That helps keep a man in his “masculine frame”.
J Davis
J Davis:
I really like him and his honesty and doesn't let people's opinions of him get the better of him. He is missed.
This is a masterclass in maintaining a masculine frame
Srinath Srinivasan
Srinath Srinivasan:
The fact this is not directed and his responses were spontaneous is terrific! Would make a great movie scene! No wonder he acted out the Bond role so well.
Michael B
Michael B:
She’s def infatuated by him! “Finish this for me, Sean Connery is...” and she def answered this in her mind.
This is so refreshing to hear. Whether you like the guy or not, you cannot deny that he came across as 100% honest in this interview, and if you listen to it in context, you also realize that he's not a bad guy, just based as fuck.
Fox Fireside Chats
Fox Fireside Chats:
Yo said “might get some female” GOATTTTTTTT lmao
H B:
2:02 "What if some people see this interview and you get some mail?"
Connery: "Well I might get some female."

Holy shit this guy is on a whole other level. What a devastation...
Eddies blacksmithingKJV
Eddies blacksmithingKJV:
Real man not afraid to stand his ground. Need more men like him. No apologies
Grunt Proof
Grunt Proof:
It's okay for them to hit us all day long
Peppy The Miniature Schnauzer
Peppy The Miniature Schnauzer:
An absolute legend.... He would hate today's wokeness gone crazy.
Jay M JayM
Jay M JayM:
Sean you safe mankind and their pride. God bless your soul.
The world would be a better place if everyone got a solid slap when it was called for.
Prince of Zamunda
Prince of Zamunda:
“I might get some fe-mail” LEGEND
Jedd Seredni
Jedd Seredni:
As much as they deny it these are quite literally the type of dudes women like
Sean Connery is by far one of my most favorite actors of all time. Followed by John Wayne.
Ryan Matterson
Ryan Matterson:
This Man's the last of a dying breed! Chief Status
Vinci Taylaran
Vinci Taylaran:
“Might get some fe-mail.”
I stg i had a huge smile watching the entire interview like damn how come somebody be so freaking calm and savage at the same time
He is the man. Need more like him in schools as teachers.
Rob StrickeN Feary
Rob StrickeN Feary:
2:01 ...comeback Level: LEGEND
Dogan Young
Dogan Young:
What a real G. Today’s problem is we don’t have men like that.
When men were men .... sure as hell this guy wouldn't be paying for anyone's onlyfans 😒
Waynos Fotos
Waynos Fotos:
Imagine if that interview happened today, Sean, would not play in another movie ever, he would be blacklisted.
WrenchBoostBoi 89
WrenchBoostBoi 89:
I don’t always drink beer... but when i do - its always with a glass of straight rye whiskey and sitting beside Mr. Connery
Will S.
Will S.:
I love G checking broads publicly. But, after seeing this interview, I lowkey want to develop a phoney balogna accent to really get my points across. This was epic!