Sean Penn Back From Ukraine: Zelenskyy Was 'Born For This'

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn was in Ukraine with a documentary crew and met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the day before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Penn, whose relief organization CORE is helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland, says seeing Zelenskyy rise to the leadership challenge and unite Ukraine in this fight is “one of the great privileges that anybody could ever have.”
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100+ comentarios:

Ben Jones
Ben Jones:
Sean Penn is so eloquent when he talks of the moment he recognised Zelesky as a beloved friend, the moment Zelensky decided to put himself aside to become the leader he is, this is the moment we need to do the same and recognise him and all Ukrainians as beloved friends and stand with them.
Alex Akabueze
Alex Akabueze:
This is a man that could've been anywhere he wanted and can afford any kind of lifestyle he wanted, but he chose to serve and sacrifice. With men like Sean Penn, there's still hope for humanity.
One of my favourite actors - since U-Turn - gratitude to this man for opening his heart to Ukrainians and executing on his ability (many other have it - but some are busy slapping people on scene) - and here's to him finding peace for whatever seems to sadly somehow be eating him - best of luck in future endeavours from Latvia.
i remember those early days of the invasion where every morning, i checked to see if zelensky was still alive. his bravery in choosing to stay in kyiv was enormous, and i have deep respect for him because of that. over time, i became more confident that he would be safe, so i stopped worrying about him as much. i am thankful to God that he's still alive! although... i still worry about the ukrainian people. other countries need to send stronger weapons to ukraine... FAST!!!
Bernard Lolot
Bernard Lolot:
Brave man, thanks for his courage & countless other brave men & women sacrificing their lives to help humanity in Ukraine, may God bless their families & keep them safe
Thanks so much for having the great actor and activist Sean Penn on the show, after his visit to the Ukraine and having the privilege to meet the the courageous President Zelensky. Sean looks exhausted but pleased to be sharing his inspired experience with Lawrence. Stupendous interview. Thanks for posting it.
Lorraine Ferguson
Lorraine Ferguson:
“In emergencies look for the helpers”, here is a man of the people and one of life’s helpers, respect x
Red Dez
Red Dez:
A strong and emotional man. Makes him even stronger. Great guy saying what should be said. From the heart. Much respect Sean.
Sissy Cynara
Sissy Cynara:
God bless those who are helping Ukraine, people or countries!❤️🇺🇦🇺🇸👍🏻🙏🏿
Carole Williams
Carole Williams:
He sees the big picture, he is heartbroken, he is making a difference
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out:
Sean Penn has sympathy and empathy, imagine if everyone in this world regardless of race, color, ethnicity and religion can put empathy in front of them than hate.
Snow williams
Snow williams:
After the capture of El Chapo, I was unsure of “Who” Sean Penn was…I’m humbled to see he’s truly a Deeply caring soul, who has captured events, for a documentary film, of one of the most important moments in our lifetime.
Amy Moquin
Amy Moquin:
You can hear the emotion in Penn's voice. I've watched Sean Penn as he worked along first responders after 9/11, watched him rescuing people from a small boat during Hurricane Katrina and now speaking out against the Russian thugs who are targeting Ukraine. He could just as easily write a fat check, which I'm sure he also does. I've come to realize that the reason he's such a phenomenal actor is because he truly cares about people. Where there are people suffering, he does everything in his power to help. It doesn't matter what his own political beliefs are. People seem to always be a top priority to him, which makes him an incredible human being. ❤️
Carolyn Woolman
Carolyn Woolman:
Kudos to Sean Penn. the years have shown us his compassion and willingness to step up in a personal way. I will send money to CORE because he has earned our trust in the many actions he has taken over the years where fellow human beings are in crisis. How any American citizen could vote for any person who has supported Putin’s crimes of war says so much about that person. Our EX had the disgusting gall to say to the American people that he does not know that Putin has committed war crimes in the past and now says it all. We are the USA and supposed to be better then that
What a great man Zelensky is..still now,he is still walking around in the open,supporting his people. He could go anywhere and command his army and people,but NO,he choose to be there among his people. That why his peoples and army have high spirits. God bless Zelensky and Ukrainian people..keep fighting..Peace will overcomes ✨🙏✨
Adrian Parker
Adrian Parker:
Gosh, that was really moving, so true and also inspiring Mr. Penn. Respect. Mr. Zelensky.... the new superhero of planet earth. I have seen many things in my life including serving in a war. Mr. Zelensky's courage, determination and the example he is to every being is unparalleled. Slava Ukraini.
Batko Nash Bandera
Batko Nash Bandera:
God bless you Sean Penn. You are a great humanitarian, and very compassionate person! Together we will stop the invaders and rebuild this beautiful country. Glory to Ukraine!
"then I don't know where we stand in the legacy of life." Well said brother. Well said.
sherry maggio
sherry maggio:
Great human being above and beyond all …thank you Sean for everything you do 🇬🇷🇺🇸
Avid Traveller
Avid Traveller:
Thank you, Sean Penn, for everything that you do to help the Ukrainian people! It’s such a grand gesture and I’m glad there are people like you who would go out and do your part in circumstances like this. Long live, Sean Penn!
Hugh Charles
Hugh Charles:
I commend Sean Penn for his passion and work in support of Ukraine, I only wish that more people could set aside their party politics and unite against the tyranny that we are witnessing; Zelensky and the Ukranian people are the epitome of courage in the face of adversity, a lesson that we can all learn from.
Rod Spodar
Rod Spodar:
The emotional attachment as a human being to this cause from Sean Penn restores my faith in humanity in a small way.
Robyn Jefferson
Robyn Jefferson:
Zelenski not only leads Ukraine, he prevents WW3 by taking on this task for everyone in the free world. He needs all the support he can be given. Bravest man I have seen in recent times.
Lesley EL ALAMI:
His acting career was so prophetic!!! Amazing strength Zelenskyy, you're a diamond. The world admires your wholeness and positive agenda. Well done and may God protect you, your countrymen and your country. Amazing leadership skills and passion for his country and people, so much integrity. What a rare specimen of humanity as most people have become very fractured over the decades. xxx
Donna Bradshaw
Donna Bradshaw:
I cannot explain how much respect I have for Mr. Penn. He has without fail put his money where his mouth is. He has done so much to help others. God Bless You.
Margaret Graziano
Margaret Graziano:
Thank you Sean Penn for your organization, CORE and the work they do. President Zelensky is now one of the bravest souls for all times.
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber:
Props to Sean, great admiration for what he’s doing. He’s grown so much since his days of public temper tantrums
Pauline Unrau
Pauline Unrau:
What a great leader he has turned out to be. It’s as though God has placed him there for the whole world to see. Maybe to teach the rest of us the kind of people we need to be. He was born for the job. God Bless him.
TinaMarie Francis
TinaMarie Francis:
I feel the emotions coming from Sean Penn, it's moving to hear from him about this President. President Zelensky shows great bravery in the midst of horror!
Scott Simpkins
Scott Simpkins:
Sean Penn has a history of activism, and it’s heartwarming to see him step outside his comfort zone and bring back some insight on another hero Zelenskyy and his country. Obviously that country is full of hero’s.
Thank you, Poland 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 for helping the refugees God bless your country.
Huawei Pghhjj
Huawei Pghhjj:
Thank you Sean Penn for lifting up a GREAT soldier and President and for your sincere compassion for a country engaged in a horrible war. What a remarkable man Zelenskyy is leader of a remarkable nation. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ukrainians and their President. From Ronel, south Africa
FORD Music Studio
FORD Music Studio:
Bless Sean for being a stand up human, and God bless Zelenskyy and the Ukraine people.
Fiona MacGregor
Fiona MacGregor:
A very moving commentary by Sean Penn. He is making a sterling effort for Ukraine and is an example of a man of action, not just words.
Miroo Lee
Miroo Lee:
I can easily imagine some of our past presidents fleeing away for their own safety leaving the people behind. The way president Zelensky has been fighting for his country is so moving.
PaTrish Hunter
PaTrish Hunter:
Until now my opinion of Sean Penn was from the old days, which was based on a rather sordid reputation. He has shown himself to be a man of empathy and action for those in need. My opinion has completely changed; to sum it up, RESPECT!!
Marie Whiting
Marie Whiting:
We commend,admire you Sean Penn,all my love to you & Ukraine,we are watching, waiting, praying,hang in there,"we are all in this together."🌈🙏🙋hope.
Sean had definitely seen and experienced alot there amongst the strong Ukrainian people. God bless you Mr Penn for rallying the world to help ❤❤❤
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes:
So very moving! I too believe Zelensky was born to lead Ukraine during this tragic attack from Russia. Penn's reaction was right on target!
The emotion on this tuff guy says it all. Grat Sean Pen.Slazensky is the true impersonation of courage and true nationalism. Wish we had a handfull like him here in EU. Slava Ukraini
Christopher Young
Christopher Young:
He's a very great leader and Sean Penn is awesome and an amazing person.
Hunter Jumper
Hunter Jumper:
Penn is the real deal on every level. So many actors are self-centered, narcissistic and clueless. Penn is also genuinely humble and is one of a kind.
Joy Grantonio
Joy Grantonio:
Such a good man! I remember his younger days but he shines as a human being respect ✊🏼
Morris Steelman
Morris Steelman:
This is a new version of Mr Penn that's a pleasure to see! Way to go!
Bertha Green
Bertha Green:
You’re a great man Sean. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re so right to say USA should learn from the Ukrainians.
krakilla krak
krakilla krak:
I always seen Sean Penn as a bad boy that just wants to have some fun. Finding out about the work he is doing for the last few years and how he decided to sacrifice his comfort, since he can have anything, to put his life in danger so that humanity can have a better picture about itself, my respect for this man went off the carts. And I do not offer respect kindly, I can count on fingers the people that I respected in this lifetime. Hats off for this guy!
What a great human you are. In this ocean of horror, death and despair there's also so much goodness. Ukraine thank you for your courage and brave fight against evil, and thanks to the people of the good will all over the world for helping Ukrainians.
Chris Maggio
Chris Maggio:
A long time ago you rolled out of a VW bus in a cloud of smoke and into our hearts... now, decades later you rolled out of a country at war in a cloud of smoke and into our hearts again, but for a reason so much more important and upstanding, with a purpose and an insight you have firsthand knowledge of. Thank you for being there and helping these amazing people. If and when you meet with the Ukrainians, please tell them that Chris, and almost every American, is thinking about them everyday.
“We are living in a world in which nobody is free, in which hardly anybody is secure, in which it is almost impossible to be honest and to remain alive.” - George Orwell
Julian Farrugia
Julian Farrugia:
Before Sean even speaks a single word you can see the emotion on his face and how much this has effected him.

What a remarkable insight on a remarkable leader from another remarkable human!
Dorian Grey
Dorian Grey:
I commend Sean Penn. He looks exhausted and traumatized. He is right. We need to support Ukraine. We need to support Poland. Every home opened their doors to refugees as they were family. Thats a lesson for all of us. God bless.
Cherry Sist
Cherry Sist:
Love when people find there purpose in life ,like Sean Penn and zelensky
James Milligan
James Milligan:
I thought I would never say this, but "God Bless" Sean Penn. We appreciate you.
PJL 🇨🇦
PJL 🇨🇦:
Sean penn simply incredible. A man of legacy a man of expressing what it is beyond our thoughts.
brett decker
brett decker:
The measure of a man! What compassion! Mr.Penn- thank you for being a light in the heartbreak! Bravo!!!
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out:
Condolences to all the mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, aunts and uncles who lost their loved ones in Ukraine .
Emily Iannielli
Emily Iannielli:
Sean Penn is a true humanitarian and one of the best actors in the industry.

He’s visited President Vlodomyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine 🇺🇦 spending time with him during the invasion and helping the Ukrainians fleeing the country as refugees.

Love this guy!
Angel Heart
Angel Heart:
Sean Penn is the Man , I tell ya .. He’s pretty serious about most things in his life and he means business, especially this time round ! Kudos to you brother ✌️👍
E O' C
E O' C:
This is very powerful, the sheer emotion in Sean Penn's voice is very inspiring. Slava Ukraini 🙏 Zelenskyy is a born leader.
Jan Bird
Jan Bird:
"He was born for this". Yes. Because he both embodies, and articulates, his country's anger, pain and grief, and also its ferocious intelligence and golden-hearted courage in a way that no one else could. Because he is a son of the same soil, and is made of the same stuff, as 44 million other Ukrainians. A once in a generation figure, who has already shown us what unity can achieve and what true government "for the people" means. Who speaks unpalatable truth to power because the current global systems are not working to protect his country. He has set the bar high both for political service, and for humanity. He said recently that he couldn't have instructed people not to stand in front of Russian tanks, but that he would stay with them "until the end".
Tom Elew
Tom Elew:
"Countries with nuclear weapons remain intimidated to use them, and we're seeing that now with our own country. And I fear what that legacy is going to be." ~ Sean Penn
Apisak Rangsit
Apisak Rangsit:
Hats​ off, gentlemen.​ Sean​ Penn is​my​ favorite​ US​ movie​ celeb and​ he​ will​ remain so​.​ Thanks, Mr.​ Penn.​ PS​: May​ God​ protect​ and​ bless​ Ukraine​ and​ her​ people.​
Stella Shepherd
Stella Shepherd:
“So I decided he’s a great friend, that I love.” I’m in tears. I am so touched by Zelensky.
Marina Dean
Marina Dean:
I totally respect Sean Penn. Always have since I saw in Haiti how he went in and got his own hands dirty. I couldn't agree with him more about Volodymyr Selenskyy. What a man. What a legend. I wish him nothing, but success and ultimate happiness in life. As I do for the Ukrainian people.
Amne Sie
Amne Sie:
I still get goosebumps when I hear that sentence! "I need ammo, not a ride!" What a strong man, and so the whole nation is. Putin is a coward hiding in his bunker...
The Mitch’s
The Mitch’s:
This president is what we need in a president.. amazing strong brave everything we need
Anna Shyron
Anna Shyron:
I thank Sean and his organization for being a real human and helping Ukraine!
Collin Samatas
Collin Samatas:
The concern Sean Penn for his fellow human being is striking, and very much needed.
Lau ren
Lau ren:
Such touching heart felt words. Clear to see this hu-man Zelensky and his situation within his country has had a profound effect on Sean and us all.
Love both these men.
But yeah, Zelensky...
Whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man!
Brought me to tears everyday too!
So glad the bravery of these people is rewarding them.
How a war can bring out the best of one people and the worst of another...
Love from Scotland.
Send them homeward to think again!
Rhon W
Rhon W:
How heartfelt spoken of Sean Penn ☮️💖 Much respect to interviewer for really listening and letting him talk. Great work in telling the terrible and inhumane story on innocent Ukrainian people and also highlighting that beautiful Ukraine spirit! Peace for Ukrainian Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦
Eddie Mack
Eddie Mack:
Love the real talk from Sean, I hope the right people are viewing this.
Pork & Beans
Pork & Beans:
The compassion of President Zelenskyy, Mr. Shawn Penn and Mr. Lawrence O'Donnell runs so deep. Very moving, powerful, and tender to see. Slava Ukraine!!!
Karoline Seymour
Karoline Seymour:
When I grow up Sean Penn..I want to be just like you. You have a good soul. That's what I needed to hear today. That a man, a real man like you cares and would do anything to help President Zelensky. President Zelensky is THE man to win this war, in this life and the next. God be with you Sean Penn for doing all you can to aid in this victory. Thank you.
Jimmy Kouba
Jimmy Kouba:
This is a different side of Sean Penn, I didn't know he had. Can't wait to see this documentary. History still unfolding before us.
Meidas Jazzy
Meidas Jazzy:
What an amazing interview! Mr. Penn has been so much on the right side of history in his humanitarian efforts! For YEARS! He doesn’t just talk the talk. Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦 Victory to UKRAINE 🇺🇦
don staples
don staples:
The world will always remember his faith in his people! How many of us would do the same?
Kevin Hoock
Kevin Hoock:
Wow , I had no idea Sean was so involved in this ! What a great organization he has helping besides all he is doing himself . Bravo Sean Penn & Viva Ukraine .....
nancy per
nancy per:
What amazing words for Zelensky! Sean Penn made an excellent work in Ukraine, bravo!!👏🏻🙏🙌🙏
Elena Labra
Elena Labra:
My respect and admiration for Sean Penn, he looks sad and concerned, hard to see a celebrity caring for people. Good for him.
Sonsarae ronnow
Sonsarae ronnow:
Does Sean see the correlation of his life with Zelensky's life. At the very moment they were together, they both stepped into this new life at the same time. Our very own Sean Penn is bringing this home to us on a level no one else can. I am so proud of him, his own humanity is inspiring. It can also be said about him, he is now stepping into and fulfilling his own destiny. And he is doing it with a grace and deliberatness that will help us all moving foward.
Well done Sean Penn, well done!
Michelle Jalandoni
Michelle Jalandoni:
He is a good man - and shows in being his country’s leader. We need leaders like this. Imagine people mattered to him more despite the destruction of such a beautiful country
Lawrence F
Lawrence F:
such a brave man .May he be blessed with success by his own hand .brave brave man
"I need ammunition, not a ride." will be one for the history books
Linda Maclean
Linda Maclean:
We are all watching history unfold , Sean Penn was there when this happened and is now providing aid to the Ukraine. Please help them in any way possible.
ophelia Sarnyeneh
ophelia Sarnyeneh:
Slava Ukraini!!! Stay strong Ukrainians!!
Zelenskyy was actually born for this. If one didn't know who he was before the war, one would think he was a military man. All brave and calm, so in command under such circumstances , knowing what to say at any particular time.
I would say, he's quite a gentleman.
Jari Kasari
Jari Kasari:
Thank you Sean Penn! Thank you to all the people who are helping the Ukrainians. We fight together against extreme evil, and good must prevail. Freedom must overcome tyranny.
Cynthia Lynch
Cynthia Lynch:
Sean Penn used to frequent a restaurant where I worked 24 years ago in San Francisco. I found him to be one of the most beautiful and intense people that I had met. He saw beyond boundaries to the truth. He told me that he only had time to help the people who needed him the most in this life.
Trudy-Ann Durrant
Trudy-Ann Durrant:
Thank you Sean for assisting and I do hope other actors will get on board to support the mission.
Joshua Hanley
Joshua Hanley:
Greatness recognizes greatness. Mad respect for Penn and Zelensky and the Ukrainians fighting this war for their home.
Sean Penn sounds and looks so much like he's on the verge of tears, it becomes emotional every time he speaks.
Marcelle Vankuyk
Marcelle Vankuyk:
This brought tears to my eyes. Sean Penn, I love you!!!!
Rhea Maceris
Rhea Maceris:
Yay for Sean's genuine interest in assisting Ukraine. I'm highly impressed with his sincerity and appreciation of President Zelenskyy...Sean too needs to be congratulated!
marylou stoddard
marylou stoddard:
Am so proud if Sean Penn and his admirable services for humanitarian reasons. He is my angel 9n EARTH thank you Sir Sean Penn you have touched my heart.
Alex Botvynko
Alex Botvynko:
As a Ukrainian myself I have to admit I didn't vote for Zelenskiy during the elections, but now, I think he is the greatest president our country has seen so far.
Camille Mayers
Camille Mayers:
Sean is trying to hold it together. You hear it in his voice. He is trying to hold fury at bay, in service of disseminating an effective message. Torture is in his voice.
I am so deeply impressed by this, by Mr. Penn. So very moving.
What a great human you are. In this ocean of horror, death and despair there's also so much goodness. Ukraine thank you for your courage and brave fight against evil, and thanks to the people of the good will all over the world for helping Ukrainians.
Leni Julianti Leman
Leni Julianti Leman:
Sean is an experienced actor, smart and an example of many good deeds.. thank you for coming, what you say about Zelensky is true.. Zelensky is more than just an actor, he is in the midst of his people against the Russian invaders as Sean did in his actions but Zelensky face to face with reality.. you two are quality people 👍
Lisa Mathis
Lisa Mathis:
Bravo to Sean Penn and courage to make a documentary what is going on in Ukraine !