Season 2020/2021. Athletic Bilbao - FC Barcelona

Copa del Rey 2020/2021. Final. 17 Apr 2021

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Abid Hamim
Abid Hamim:
Thanks brother for provided full match video. You are so kind 💙❤
Vicro Bussy
Vicro Bussy:
Gracias D10S por todo lo que has dado al Barça, siempre vas a ser el mejor jugador de la historia del fútbol y no podías irte sin levantar un título en tu último año en el barça.
С победой нас
Jishnu Bhattacharyya
Jishnu Bhattacharyya:
Absolute legend! Thanks for the match once again.

As for the teams performance, brilliant from De Jong, Griezmann and Messi. Alba, Pique and Oscar stood out as well. Awesome work!
Shreyan Sawant
Shreyan Sawant:
this is what I was looking for, thank you so muchhh❤️💙
Kayyisah adya Muharani
Kayyisah adya Muharani:
You are the bestt big love💙❤️
Thanks so much dude so kind of u🙏❤️
Thanks a lot mate for producing such quality matches. ✊👍🏽
Jonathan Riocardo Rawung
Jonathan Riocardo Rawung:
Your channel is very underrated
Akisiba Gideon
Akisiba Gideon:
May almighty God really bless this man for your efforts by uploading full match
Luiz Paulo varão
Luiz Paulo varão:
Saludos del Brasil 🇧🇷👏👏👏👏👏👏⚽ vamos Barça ⚽ 💙❤️
Thanksssssssssssss so much man you have been providing full ma!tches for those who are not able to stream. god bless you man!!!!!!!
Fahad Anis Shaikh
Fahad Anis Shaikh:
Thanks bro! Was waiting for it.
Harsh Munagekar
Harsh Munagekar:
Thanks for the full match bro.
Kempegowda 1486
Kempegowda 1486:
thanks bro❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanks brother
Maricel Ayson
Maricel Ayson:
Congratz fc barcelona❤💋
Nanta Vermansyah
Nanta Vermansyah:
Alhamdulillah juara CDR
After long 2 year

Barca win a trophy...🥳🥳
Maricel Ayson
Maricel Ayson:
Congratz❤congratz❤congratz barca team❤💋💋
Richard L. Ndalu
Richard L. Ndalu:
Hey bro where do you get the matches you upload?
Thanks 😊🙏😊🙏
Axel Hernández
Axel Hernández:
Un excelente BARCA 💙❤️ Y LO VUELVO A VER 🍾
El Mago sin magia
El Mago sin magia:
Muchas gracias me lo perdí 😊
souleymane joseph dieng
souleymane joseph dieng:
Merci pour le match
Kymani Williams
Kymani Williams:
Hey can you please upload the full match video for every barca games
Саша Веренчук
Саша Веренчук:
syaiful irvan
syaiful irvan:
Good Team Work "
Visca El Barca !!
Naysa Nur raya
Naysa Nur raya:
permainan yg sangat menghibur...bravo barca
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar:
38:24 that's where we won the match
Christian Sánchez
Christian Sánchez:
DevPlays 37
DevPlays 37:
Thank you brother ❤️
Akash Akz
Akash Akz:
Please add Barca ve getafe 5-2 match
calvin minthang kipgen
calvin minthang kipgen:
Hoping La Liga title also.......
Visca El Barca 🔴🔵
Said Ait El harouach
Said Ait El harouach:
Wahid 22
Wahid 22:
Abah Ajid
Abah Ajid:
Walaupun Barcelona meraih juara Copa Del Rey, tapi saya masih mengharapkan Messi pindah ke liga Inggris atau liga italia
M Alan Firdaus
M Alan Firdaus:
Barca Barca Barca😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍