See Kim Kardashian's All Black Met Gala Look

Kim Kardashian took masking to a new level at the Met Gala, donning a black dress complete with a full face mask.

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Marlene Cress
Marlene Cress:
If you think about it, she could have hired someone to take her place and she is at home chilling.
moonstruck traveller
moonstruck traveller:
Voldemort would be proud of what his dementors has achieved.
Randy Tompkins
Randy Tompkins:
Hilarious. She couldn't even see where she was walking without help. The whole this is beyond ridiculous
Emelda Augo
Emelda Augo:
She looks like she could literally fly any moment like a bat 🦇
Daniel Tixera
Daniel Tixera:
She took Taliban's orders way too seriously😂😂
M Rodriguez
M Rodriguez:
All those celebrities are ridiculous. They think they’re fashionable, while looking like they are ready to be a part of a circus sideshow.
If a normal person does this people be like : " They're crazy "

When a celebrity does this : " Omg! This is called fashion sense "
Kim really said “I don’t wanna see any of y’all today”😂
SG vevo
SG vevo:
No one can she her face,her curves,her skin but still everyone knows its that is another level of fame that kim has earned..i guess it wall all worth just showed u dont need to dress shimmering,bling,jewellery,fancy makeup like everyone else but still make headlines and the most talked celeb..Kim you are a fuckin genius....
J C:
I actually loved this look. For someone who is always criticized for being overly sexual, she’s showing she can cover every square inch of skin and still find a way to be criticized and ridiculed. THAT is American culture too a T.
HPmirza Chemistry Tutorial⏳
HPmirza Chemistry Tutorial⏳:
She is still in the mood of lockdown she has locked herself in a black cage
Woody Allen
Woody Allen:
The accessories that come with Kim”s “outfit” include padded wall mats exclusively made by the Pescadero mental institute.
merlin hoot
merlin hoot:
the fact that this is the most controversial look of the met gala this year tells me it did it’s job for a MET gala. this was way more interesting and different than a lot of the looks this year.
Richa Duhan
Richa Duhan:
I'm just amazed seeing how confident she is !!
Everyone else-wears a mask.
Kim-Hold my Dementor mode.

P.S-This is the most appropriate dress in covid.
It’s so sweet she’s still promoting Donda with that outfit even tho they’re not together anymore <3
Ri Sharma
Ri Sharma:
Is it just me or someone too liked this look.. it so thoughtful, has meaning and no body has ever executed something like that ever
Carmen Alexis
Carmen Alexis:
I have a feeling she went to her stylist and said “I wanna look Black” and they misunderstood the assignment 😂🤷‍♀️
Faria the Blink
Faria the Blink:
Plot twist: Kim is chilling in her house and this someone else doing this for her..
Ranita Gadling
Ranita Gadling:
This was obviously her best look because finally she covered everything including her if only she would dress like this Everytime she's out in public 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Harikrishnan Chandramohan
Harikrishnan Chandramohan:
Imagine if Daniel Radcliff was in the met gala and got a PTSD seeing her just like Harry Potter when he saw dementors.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
All satanic rituals these people's doing tired and sick of them
Maliha Ariel
Maliha Ariel:
It’s the entourage for me
Kept her flawlessly on point 😩🙏🏾✨💯
Kim didn’t wanna go so she got someone to cover for her? Lol
Sonia S
Sonia S:
She looked absolutely stunning in 2019 camp one and this year is like a total 180 why would she even choose to do this? I had a high expectations for her
Don’t You Dare Snoop on My Channel 😡❌
Don’t You Dare Snoop on My Channel 😡❌:
Conspiracy theorists are definitely going to have a field day with this one. Can you imagine if it was red? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Idk why people are hating on this, like you hate on this too and simple dresses too,what do y'all expect ,I think this was highly unique
Deyse Louvain
Deyse Louvain:
Sugestivo para tempos de pandemia. Amazing 🧙
Vaibhavi Shelar
Vaibhavi Shelar:
She is obeying covid norms in the best way possible.
Tᴀᴇ Lᴏᴠᴇ
Tᴀᴇ Lᴏᴠᴇ:
"She is afraid of the Talibans"
I just love how Kanye was by her side🖤
It appeared to me that she wants this to be called as “The Shadow”
So this is called "FASHION"
Miller B.
Miller B.:
Kim is sitting home watching that innocent lady sweating under that scary thing
Len Melnick
Len Melnick:
So this is where we are now ... ridiculous, humiliating and embarrassing
This is mocking the celebs. They’re all replaceable faceless objects to the industry.
Martín J. González Rojas
Martín J. González Rojas:
Kim should grace the entire world by dressing like this 24/7 365 days - I am sure no one else will miss her!
What's disturbing is that she could be dressed like that and i still expect her to wear heavy makeup underneath that
John Appleseed
John Appleseed:
The fact that we all know it’s Kim.. and she’s completely covered up. She understood the assignment!
k l
k l:
Thank you Kim, thank you! It took me a minute to understand, but know I get it..... Bravo Kim!
Aicha Miss
Aicha Miss:
Thank you for the new memes Kim !!
rose mariya
rose mariya:
I badly need this dress so I can wear them in all my family functions lol
Dawn Dinges
Dawn Dinges:
Iman and your sister Kendall made excellent choices. Beyond gorgeous! Exquisite!
Did u know Kim wore this outfit to show us a new upcoming MARVEL villain chatacter
Harikrishnan Chandramohan
Harikrishnan Chandramohan:
Priyanka Chopra: At last I have a worthy opponent
Amit Sahu
Amit Sahu:
The helpers would be thinking, she is the most evil😂
Indo Sub
Indo Sub:
If I were the ones near Kim, I would laugh so hard
The brown life
The brown life:
From which angle do u call this fashion and boldness!
Jawad Oasis
Jawad Oasis:
this is so weird. It's like when you need to unlock a new character in a game.
Apoorv Dubey
Apoorv Dubey:
don't be shy kim show us the new face u bought. 😂
Harikrishnan Chandramohan
Harikrishnan Chandramohan:
1:00 Let me just turn around and pretend as if I know where the cameras are.
Nadine Cristorum LIFE
Nadine Cristorum LIFE:
Kim K being a fan of American Horror Story
Rachna Guttedar
Rachna Guttedar:
They are representing the Linked in Profile views whose notifications we usually have
Archana Chand
Archana Chand:
She might be watching metgala live by sending someone else at her place to see people's reaction over the attire...😂😂😂😂😂
DR nanah
DR nanah:
Perfect 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤
Imagine being so famous that people recognize you without even showing an inch of your skin
Doris L
Doris L:
This is how dementors would dress to the met
Emma Stone
Emma Stone:
This stage still feels incomplete without her fall smh
Chicago Boy
Chicago Boy:
*She just devalued all of your Lynn Chadwicks out there!*
Loved it. It's more of a performance than a red carpet walk. I just am obsessed with that conformity in that super black dark outfit. This gives me iconic vibes. It's mysterious with widow vibes and its "Kanye on Kim" thing. It has its own authentic glory. We've seen many Marilyn Monroe's over the years in red carpet. Ofc we love them, but this was something unseen literally unseen performance! 🔥😜
Balenciaga 🖤
Zaye Hill
Zaye Hill:
This look is low key ICONIC
Antonia C
Antonia C:
Wow.. perfection of a statement 'Black Widow' ..
𓂀𝕲. 𝕶𝖆𝖑𝖎𓂀
𓂀𝕲. 𝕶𝖆𝖑𝖎𓂀:
Welp... Shadow glamour! I love it! 😃
Kim's Shadow : Do you want me to leave my job?
Dawn Dinges
Dawn Dinges:
Kim - Remember when you wore that gold sequin gown to the met Gala a few years back? Now THAT'S what you call a gown!!!!! Stunning. To the max.
I's the pandemic, who wouldn't want to cover themselves like this. She serving a pandemic look
The BEST!!!! Fantástico!!!!
Riya Chatterjee
Riya Chatterjee:
It is creepy how we know it's Kim even in this's her body and face's a brand in itself.
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas:
I wanted to cry thats genius and beautiful
The Kardashian family rules the world and their wealth and happiness are limitless
Kanye sucked all the colours out of Kim K
Afayshia Roberts
Afayshia Roberts:
This look was different, you rocked it!!
Personally, I really like it!
here goes
here goes:
Press: "Who are you wearing?"
Kim K: "The Taliban"
My anxiety boils from all those hands on her without a minutes rest
I'm died laughing 😂 😂😂
Ghat Heem
Ghat Heem:
Reminds me when I was a kid and I threw my sheet over my body and ran around the house.
Celebrity culture is delusional.
Eric Poirier
Eric Poirier:
I think its cool right on Kim fashion to the next level
Miss Simpatia
Miss Simpatia:
Kim just knows how to be THE subject in all tv shows over the world. She is sick by attention
Ashna Rahman
Ashna Rahman:
she took modesty to a whole nother level
Tom Allen
Tom Allen:
That's how all the Kardashians need to be completely covered up where you can't see them and you can't hear them
Lofi Oasis
Lofi Oasis:
If covid gets more dangerous we would all wear full body mask
When you dont feel like having your makeup done
Man Nahdi
Man Nahdi:
instead of saying "u cant see" me Kim wore it. lol.
asther chophy
asther chophy:
Literally laughing my ass out thinking what will be her facial expression behind that covered face😂😂😂
‘’’..keioka!!’’’.. 🦋
‘’’..keioka!!’’’.. 🦋:
I’m actually scared seeing that- 😭✨
Ryan Roa's World TV
Ryan Roa's World TV:
I love Kim and Kanye's outfit for this year's MET GALA. It gives me the idea that there are times that WE DON'T NEED TO WEAR MAKE UP but still look Gorgeous and beautiful.
Her outfit means we don't need to look or judge a person based on her skin, physical appearance and race,. just knowing the person's personality, is enough to appreciate one's beauty.
Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi Saihara:
I can’t breathe just by looking at that mask 🤣🤣
zulfi malik
zulfi malik:
When a muslim women cover herself that's oppression but when some celeb does its style, trend etc. Hypocrisy at its peak!!
Jane K.
Jane K.:
She says you dont need to see my face, you can recognize me from my back
Fellow Tuber
Fellow Tuber:
I have seen many Introverts in my life, But not like this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
a random handsome man
a random handsome man:
I died when I saw the meme where she has a shikimaru shadow jutsu on her
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson:
Imagine seeing her in room with the light off , What's your reaction 😂😬
Imagine covering yourself from head to toes and people still recognizing you
If that is what it means to be famous or rich, THANK YOU GOD for giving me my normal life
Nimrah Mirza..
Nimrah Mirza..:
She is trying to scare corona😂😅
shaznay thomas
shaznay thomas:
Honestly, I love it. It's so different from everyone else's
Alley K
Alley K:
Kudos to Kim she took "hijab ban" protest to whole new level !
The Fashion Fox
The Fashion Fox:
Amazing Kim.
zulfi malik
zulfi malik:
When a muslim women cover herself that's oppression but when some celeb does its style, trend etc. Hypocrisy at its peak!!