‘Seinfeld’s’ Estelle Harris Dies At 93

Comedian and actress Estelle Harris died on Saturday of natural causes at 93 years old. She is best known for playing mom to George Costanza on “Seinfeld” and was the voice of Mrs. Potato Head in the “Toy Story” franchise. 

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67 comentarios:

Edna Ellis
Edna Ellis:
Loved her in Seinfeld. May she rest in peace
Cham 176
Cham 176:
No way, I just finished watching all 9 seasons of Seinfeld for the first time an hour ago😳. Deepest of condolences to her family
Jay Rodz
Jay Rodz:
May she rest in peace time fly's enjoy your life to the fullest Mrs Patoto head and George's mom is what I will remember her by 😔
Oh my! I always admired her talent! My condolences to family and friends, RIP
X X:
She was also the maid from Suite life of Zack and Cody.

King Afro
King Afro:
Her voice was legendary!
Kimbo K
Kimbo K:
Thanks for all the laughs, Estelle, you were wonderful. My sympathies to the family and friends of this talented performer.
My Condolences To The Harris Family.
The Disney Bro Entertainment
The Disney Bro Entertainment:
Rest In Peace Estelle Harris 1928-2022
She was a part of my childhood by being the voice of Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story 2, 3, and 4.
Rest In Peace Estelle!
Adele Ballard
Adele Ballard:
She was so funny and talented. RiP 🙏
Chester Lane
Chester Lane:
It's so sad that we lost her at 93 years old this past weekend and she was so talented in my own opinion of her and RIP Estelle "mrs. Potato Head " Harris 1928-2022
Kathleen Weinberg
Kathleen Weinberg:
Sorry to hear about Miss Harris made her so rest in peace and prayers to the family
most of us younger ones knew her from suite life of zack and cody, she was part of our childhood and we're grateful. may she rest in peace
Hartub Moses
Hartub Moses:
Bless her heart, she was a very funny and talented woman, I will miss her.
Iamsexy Andiknow
Iamsexy Andiknow:
I mean if I get to my 70s will be a blessing, let alone 90 something. Rest in peace!
Estelle was the best thing about Seinfeld. I anxiously waited for episodes with her character. How many of you had relatives exactly like her?
buggie Love
buggie Love:
R.I.P. beautiful 😇 👼 Now you can make others laugh in heaven!!! 🙏❤
Darcy Gagnon
Darcy Gagnon:
Miss Potato Head has finally arrived in Heaven, and she has reunited with her husband

Miss Potato Head: "Sweetheart!" as she reunites with him
Mr. Potato Head: "My sweet Potato!" as they both embraced and they're together again and this time forever.

Estelle Harris will be missed.
Nigel Corney
Nigel Corney:
Damn…R.I.P Ms Costanza💔🙏🏻🕊
Rest in love.
R.I.P our dear great Mrs. Potato Head.🙏🥔
David Taylor-Garcia
David Taylor-Garcia:
Her decades long career and the Today show dwindled it all down to a mere 45 seconds. That's sad.
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Pat glasscock
Pat glasscock:
Prayers for her family.......
Teeny Verse
Teeny Verse:
"Georgie, what are you doing to yourself?!?"
johnny ngo
johnny ngo:
R.I.P. Estelle Harris 1928-2022 =(
Zaire Haylock
Zaire Haylock:
I know her from Toy Story. RIP Estelle Harris.
Travis Crumedy
Travis Crumedy:
Oh heck no sh-sh-she was old I dunno what to do 😇😇😇😇
Melissa Werth
Melissa Werth:
Farewell Mrs Potato Head!
My kitties Murphy ❤️ and Lana ❤️
My kitties Murphy ❤️ and Lana ❤️:
God Bless
George is finally getting the house
Jocelyn michaca
Jocelyn michaca:
Josh Ridgway
Josh Ridgway:
The Potato Heads are together again in heaven
Lamar Brown
Lamar Brown:
RIP mrs potato head
Kent Leung
Kent Leung:
Loved her be in Mrs. Potato head in the toy story franchise April 3, 2022!
Travis Crumedy
Travis Crumedy:
Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock:
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
We can only wish to get that old
Justina Pellot
Justina Pellot:
julio ignacio cueto pizarro
julio ignacio cueto pizarro:
Que triste noticia, fue la voz de la Sra. Cara de Papa en Toy Story.
Koral Davis
Koral Davis:
She was such a hilarious nag
Tony parra
Tony parra:
George's parents have reunited and are still bickering. Also Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead have reunited.
Liger Angry
Liger Angry:
93 years old??😲.... for sure that she squeezed the best last drop of life. ...... nothing left.😂🤣😅
cindy  Cindy Cynthia
cindy Cindy Cynthia:
Rip rip
Annie Mcdaniel
Annie Mcdaniel:
RIH 🙏🏿💗
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim:
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He is coming back soon😊☺...
cindy  Cindy Cynthia
cindy Cindy Cynthia:
My Mom mom's
BraxTheSouthParkGuy2001🇺🇦 (DO NOT HACK)
BraxTheSouthParkGuy2001🇺🇦 (DO NOT HACK):
I think 93 Is A Young age to die at.
Josh Park
Josh Park:
😕 Oh, that’s too bad.
Romulo Garcia
Romulo Garcia:
Hey Guss What Today Is Elsie Fisher's Birthday Eddie Murphy's Birthday And Alec Baldwin's Birthday Yes
Christopher Westerberg
Christopher Westerberg:
° Lali Gag °
° Lali Gag °:
No more Mr or Mrs Potato head just general neutral spuds.
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Ryan Mckim
Ryan Mckim:
She died on my mom’s birthday
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Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon:
Even in death I bet Mrs. Potato Head's mind world better than President Potato's does.
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Salvatore Cangialosi
Salvatore Cangialosi: