Serena Williams advances to third round after win over Margarita Gasparyan | 2020 US Open Highlights

In the second round of the 2020 US Open, Serena Williams defeats Margarita Gasparyan in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, to advance to the third round where she'll face off against Sloane Stephens.

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61 comentarios:

Prince Riku
Prince Riku:
She is the GOAT, by and away. No matter when and how, Serena proves her strength time and time again. She plays with power unmatched in the sport.
Professional Watcher
Professional Watcher:
If you can’t respect this woman, you MUST respect her game. I mean, year after year she is still hungry and still has the athleticism to see this Open all the way. I’m always rooting for her. Always.
She still going black is beautiful 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Keegan Peterson
Keegan Peterson:
What a legend. We have to stan.
fang. Clarke c
fang. Clarke c:
Looking at the draw looks like a Williams vs Osaka final. Maybe not but im hoping it is
stoic romulan
stoic romulan:
Appreciation of beauty and skill.
watchful news
watchful news:
She is top athlete of the century
Chansook Saechao
Chansook Saechao:
My favorite Tennis Queen was holding back to make it competitive.
Mervin Chibayiramagora
Mervin Chibayiramagora:
she seems really hungry for this one! so lets see hope she keeps fighting for every point with no nerves that's when she is dangerous..
Patricia Tuvalu
Patricia Tuvalu:
Serena is that Woman, We all strive to be.. Fearless! 🙌🏼
Stephen As Unnamed Source
Stephen As Unnamed Source:
This is like Zion playing in highschool all over again. Serena is just built different
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
88th comment Serena looks hot in that outfit wow
King Bouleé
King Bouleé:
Truly inspiring! Every year she comes back and tries even harder no matter the circumstances!
Fresh & Clean
Fresh & Clean:
Serena go ahead and match that championship title. "You can do it"
she is so freaking inspirational!!! Black queen you are a powerful and courageous!!!
Nice to see serena playing points and planning with strategy! Makes her feel so much more confident!! Watching her work points is beautiful!
Carlos Daniel Rueda Martinez
Carlos Daniel Rueda Martinez:
5:33 brought me back in time. That's just mean.
Mary Bailey
Mary Bailey:
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself:
I wish they would let her wear that black attire again,
serena was just eating up margarita's backhand
Joy Leach
Joy Leach:
I love you so much queen serena.
Jayla Buzov
Jayla Buzov:
What did she say? Miloslav Mečíř? haha She has a good memory. I like the comparison too for Sloane.
Keith Pugh
Keith Pugh:
Better footwork in this match for Serena
Serena gets me pump up. Let goo
Cynthia Howell
Cynthia Howell:
You are great player.
Angie S
Angie S:
Congratulations Serena
Immaculee Light Access
Immaculee Light Access:
Serena is going nowhere soon!
Secret Bears sugar
Secret Bears sugar:
My first love
King's Sports Konversation
King's Sports Konversation:
Atua Tofaeono
Atua Tofaeono:
Serena is the Greatest of All Times❤️💕❤️ Watched you and sister Venus since you started playing tennis! Loyal fan!
You got this Queen Serena! No Pressure 🙏💪🙏👏🤛🥰
Show them who the Queen of Tennis is 💪💪❤️💕❤️
Renee Horton
Renee Horton:
Serena, what a legacy too leave for your daughter, nieces and nephews.
Immaculee Light Access
Immaculee Light Access:
A quickly
Melva Burke
Melva Burke:
💋 Serena ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ ..😎
Begreat 7
Begreat 7:
👸 🐐
Irie Vybz
Irie Vybz:
Elisha Mustafa
Elisha Mustafa:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Kevin Amador
Kevin Amador:
Josh Randall
Josh Randall:
Frank Heidereich
Frank Heidereich:
Anrae Norman
Anrae Norman:
can someone explain to me what she means when she says she has no time? Is she talking about the crowd?
fang. Clarke c
fang. Clarke c:
Moving alot better all of the sudden
Jenna McNellage
Jenna McNellage:
Love her!!
She has no peer.
Corey Dawg
Corey Dawg:
She still demands her apology
Serena really the goat 🐐 👑
Jonathan Dee The One And Only
Jonathan Dee The One And Only:
andrienne djiki
andrienne djiki:
The GOAT is getting closer and closer to #24. Well done Queen.
Shyne Washington
Shyne Washington:
Serena got her strength back, it’s over for them!
mz.Bossy C
mz.Bossy C:
Compton California stand up West coast stand up the Queen 👑 is handling the business she ain't going nowhere till she get good and ready Queen Serena Williams 📣📣 he run the sport 📣📣📣📣🤎🤎🤎💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Joe Hanna
Joe Hanna:
ESPN - Can you please stop giving away the match results in the video title?
o b a m a
This year US Open should never been play. So much respect to Wimbledon
Russian with a one handed backhand and can hit a proper slice? What world are we living in lol
Sydney Spice
Sydney Spice:
I was wondering how come they're twice as many caucasians than Africans and the organisers managed to get two Africans to play each other in the third round. Now I don't anything about how players are drawn but it seem dodgy to me. I am sceptical and will always be when caucasians are in charge of anything to do with Africans.
She’s really not playing well this should have been 6-2 6-1, the old Serena wouldn’t have let her catch to 4-4 (Adv/40) break point in the second
Joseph Bishop
Joseph Bishop:
I think Serena Williams is playing fantastically well in this very U.S Opens! She's playing like the real world Number Serena of that day! But having said that, This our own and only Serena Williams returns here with a hidden agenda and you will all findout when she makes her 24 by the end of this very U.S Open. I don't think anything can stop this model of Serena Williams from winning this tournament here. Congratulations and and goodluck for the next! I want you to win Serena Williams and no apologizes. God bless you and remain blessed.
Tashinga Muchena
Tashinga Muchena:
Would one put an asterisk on a slam won in these conditions?
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Tub of roids
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Biggest drug cheat in history
Serena will not beat the next hungry, strong competitor. Serena will not beat Courts record.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles and so should SW.