Serena Williams - Elena Rybakina Match Highlights (2021 4th Round)

Watch the Match Highlights from Serena Williams - Elena Rybakina, 06/06/2021
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100+ comentarios:

Mountain Guy
Mountain Guy:
So happy for Rybakina. She truly deserves this. She was one of the most consistent players last year before pandemic and she was beating many big players. Glad she’s doing it again at Biggest stage of Tennis so people will notice her more.
Sweet, shy and humble Elena with a powerful game.
Harry Halloumi
Harry Halloumi:
Great performance from Elena Rybakina.
Great strategy match, especially using her forehand to good effect.
She had Williams all over the place.
That's a great win, this will make a lot of tennis fans feel quite good, time the old guard stepped aside - gracefully
Khánh Nguyễn
Khánh Nguyễn:
Serena has passed her prime, just like Roger. Time spares no one.
Tareq Rawashdeh
Tareq Rawashdeh:
Every era has its heroes and heroines. At the age of 40, it is so difficult to maintain the same strength and energy especially in this kind of sport which needs to be ready mentally and physically.
Congratulations to Elena Rybakina! Great fight, great victory, without shouting or grunting. And so good to see again a young player telling Serena Williams "Time to say goodbye!"
Oan Zyadat
Oan Zyadat:
For the first time I see Serena is outpowered, Rybakina's forehand is something special
Although she's been ( nearly) in the lights for like a couple of years, I really hope this is gonna be her true start in the A class Rybakina 👏🏻👏🏻
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
A lot of grunting, but little results from Serena in this match. Opponents no longer fear her.
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
Wow, Rybakina deserves all the credit. Congrats!
Patricia Bazzi
Patricia Bazzi:
lotta people saying serena hit too many UE not realising Rybakina made her hit them. Rybakina hit 58% of her shots down the line, an unreal stat against someone like serena and even then serena hit only 18% of her shots standing inside the baseline, rybakina played a masterclass and all ppl can talk abt is how serena lost this match with too many UE, rybakina hit the shots serena wasn't going for and hitting the servers serena wasn't hitting. some fans needs just admit it was too good no matter if it was her least favourite surface or not. this isn't rybakinas favourite surface either so it was a pretty even match.
The point where Serena could not get out of the way of the ball was hilarious. Why is that not in the highlights?
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
What the heck? Rybakina plays the ball so quickly, she made Serena’s ground strokes look so weak even though they were pretty hard also. Just amazing
John Giorgione
John Giorgione:
Impressive victory by Elena. Hope she wins the championship.
Soumen Chatterjee
Soumen Chatterjee:
Another rising star on women's circuit after today's amazing performance
Finally some good tennis from rybakina. The last time she played this well was before the lockdown last yr. Hopefully this will continue.
Vincent Causey
Vincent Causey:
I've not seen Rybakina play before. Impressive.
That Cologne Guy
That Cologne Guy:
I love Serena but she really needed to beat Andreescu (2019 US Open)....that was her best chance. At this point, I don't see her winning another one.
No Name
No Name:
When her serve fails, Serena has no Plan B. When her cannon volleys fail, Serena has no Plan B. Her response is to hit the ball harder.
Andre Candela
Andre Candela:
The way Rybakina reacted to the last shot is so respectful and classy!
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
Serena's shots were very short today. Still, she's slowly getting back to it. Props to Rybakina!
Sean Eckhart
Sean Eckhart:
I like her stone cold demeanor. Absolutely no reaction after the biggest win of her career
David Lungu
David Lungu:
I actually had a good feeling for serena in this tournament. Especially that Osaka isn't playing. But. .these new kids on the block are . .relentless
Nalsa Aslan
Nalsa Aslan:
Какая же ты молочина Елена
Удачи тебе и мы ждем тебя в топ 5
Weihan Xingqi
Weihan Xingqi:
BRAVA, BRAVA, Rybakina!
Salman Bakhtiyar
Salman Bakhtiyar:
Rybakina never shows emotions but even she was finding it tough to stay stoic after she won
Lebo Pelesane
Lebo Pelesane:
Rybakina played exceptionally well. She even showed respect to Serena. That big 🙌🏽
I can't explain how happy I am for this win, probably first Kazakhstani player in quarter-final of GS 🇰🇿 She played so well and didn't get nervous in crucial moments! My heart 💓
I love the sound Serena’s racquet makes, I wish I could listen to it while she plays.
Peter Peteru
Peter Peteru:
Impressive display by Elena Rybakina!!! Very well done!!!
Ace Tennis
Ace Tennis:
I looked at the stats of this match and was amazed that it was Rybakina who had higher # of aces and winners than Serena. Most of the losses of the latter is caused by high # of unforced errors not by being outhit and outaced
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
I know everyone is talking about Swiatek it's fair but Rybakina is making a great RG too
Jan dara
Jan dara:
So many very good players these days
at 40! and in the 4th round! we must applaud Serena for her effort!
I'm impressed with Rybakina not screaming or screeching during play. Most impressed by her casual walk to net as if beating Serena " The Titan" Williams is all in a day's job. Well I supposed if you have slain an old retirement age Titan, she has nothing to celebrate about.
Bachata Moreno
Bachata Moreno:
Молодец Елена Рыбакина, Поздравляю с победой над Сиреной, желаю выйграт Roland Gaross, alga Kz🇰🇿
Screaming didn't work I guess😂
Hernan Cano
Hernan Cano:
Move and take her to a third (better just two) set, as simple as that! Bravo Rybakina!
Rudy Z.
Rudy Z.:
Is Serena Williams not playing as well as used to be or everyone hits so hard with so much depth these days?
As a Serena fan....congratulations firstly to Rybakina, she played a good match. Serena, however was woeful 70% of the time and intermittently produced some magic, often when down and instinct took over.
Sad fact is that even post prime 2016 Serena would have straight setted this Rybakina at 70% effort.
Not much encouragement to be drawn from this, yes she made final 16 on her worst surface at almost 40 years old, a feat unimaginable for most, but it will not be enough for Serena. She only wants the title. Sadly the same issues that have plagued her post-maternity form continue -
1) After getting into spectacular shape for the AO, she is carrying excessive weight again. Instead of building on her major progress in OZ she has regressed again and essentially disappeared for 3 months - a losing recipe the entire time. It is as though the team do not have clear vision of the plan - does she need time off to conserve her body or matches to get match tough? Instead a confused mixture of both with an uninspiring journey to Parma...all a bit of a mess honestly. I feel the magic that propelled the moratogalou Serena duo has LONG since dwindled and honestly looking at the training videos of their clay prep???....what's to say...
2) The odd/non-existent/inconsistently employed game plan. What was it precisely? I still can't tell. Every time she injected pace and moved the ball beyond the middle service line she had Rybakina in a panic. She would level then revert to tamely spinning the ball into the service box, especially on the backhand return. Bizarre. She cannot move well enough to rally, so why be so timid?
3) Movement - mainly foot work - remains just poor. Always was a weakness (small steps) but continues to decline. lateral movement can be ok, but reaction times have understandably declined and as a result can be slow to get moving - this had improved to 2017 levels at AO 2021 so sad to see her let it all regress again.
4) Serve - is it the thigh? Who knows, but big first serves AWOL. Has lost consistency on the once favourite slower wide serve in the deuce court and continues to look for it in matches to sadly no avail. Doesn't go for the big T serve in deuce court enough, which seems to be the more consistent stroke.
5) Mentality - once the strongest, now crumbles routinely in every big match - semi against Osaka, finals X 3 (EXCLUDING Kerber Wimbledon was simply too soon). Anguished expression almost crying when losing points rather than the old Serena gritting teeth and relishing the fight.

SAD, in a word. Alas, many things her fans have asked for - change of coaching, addition to coaching - eg other legend consult to help with the mental side, sports psychologist for same....seem they will never be considered. I know Serena has been unique and done things her way but at this rate she DEFINITELY won't win 24 and with all her riches and resources SEEEMS to have barely scrapped the surface of what she may have been able to try.

She is the GOAT no matter what, and always a pleasure to see her compete, but at this point, the memories are more comforting than the current performances. I accepted she would not get 24 after her Wimbledon and ESPECIALLY US 19 performances, but now it feels a long distant dream. I would understand her continued efforts if she was employing something new....
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam:
Well done this lady played very well. Calm and ver beautiful no fuss.
Serena wins 10-15% of her points by her mental games of shouting and her “come on”
Anna Warner
Anna Warner:
CONGRATULATIONS ELENA RYBAKINA!!! GREAT JOB! GREAT GAME! Time for Serena to retire and start teaching tennis to her daughter.
100 percent credit to Rybakina for an amazing game, and I think Serena had a great run for her least successful surface. Excited for wimbledon!
Ron Vadeboncoeur
Ron Vadeboncoeur:
Firstly, Serena is the greatest female tennis player of her generation. Secondly, trying to tie Maggie's 24 Slams is irrelevant; that was another era that cannot be compared. Thirdly, I foresee Serena announcing her retirement after Wimbledon. Better to go out with her head held high and thoroughly respected than dragging on for an elusive goal that could tarnish her truly amazing career, where she dominated pretty much everyone.
Best wishes Serena!
Swulaltunaat sne'
Swulaltunaat sne':
Congratulations Serena! So amazon to watch you! Win or loose it's a honor to watch ya! Love and prayers to ya!
Nali Lu
Nali Lu:
Aww too bad Serena, hoped this would be her chance . Frankly I feel that Serena worked hard to get to where she is and she has every right to decide when she is good and ready to retire from her great and impressive career, with or without the 24th grand slam.
Cyril Jacob
Cyril Jacob:
No other words suits better for this performance from Rybakina than "Relentless"
Marek xyz
Marek xyz:
Serena ! it's hard ! there was no fire! we do not know how much your thigh was teasing you, rest and Wimbledon is ahead of you! mobilize all your strength ! always with you, your fans ! greetings ! M Poland
Doubles partner gonna meet each other in the quarter. Interesting. Im rooting for both, Rybakina and Pavlyuchenkova 😁
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan:
Awesome Elena. So proud of you beating Serena even without yelling. Humble girl, Love you 😍❤️
Łukasz Augustyn
Łukasz Augustyn:
Serena is done. She will not win another grand slam. She is too slow to compete on highest level. It was only Rybakina. Think what Swiatek would do to her.
Anh Bui duc
Anh Bui duc:
Serena had too many unforce errors 😥, She was not on her best level
Agnes Ha
Agnes Ha:
Bravo Elena! 👏
Finnick Junior
Finnick Junior:
she did what she could on her least successful surface
on to the next

congrats Rybakina
Bye Bye.. Sonego, Sabalenka and Serena.. Now let us watch and enjoy tennis in peace
so impressive 👏
Congratulations, Elena Rybakina!
Windwaves Windwaves
Windwaves Windwaves:
I am a bit surprised by US commentators, especially McEnroe, making a bit of a scene with the result of this match. Serena is not what she used to be. Claiming "omg, Rybakina you realize you just defeated Serena ...", ooops, I will say, OMG lolololol John ! She knows very well that today it just is not a big achievement. She ain't stupid.
Joyce Dixon
Joyce Dixon:
At last an opponent not intimidated by Serena!! Well done Rybakina!!! Made Serena seem plodding and awkward, which she was. Time to retire. Age catching up. Nice to see the youngsters coming through at last.
Why did it seem like serena approached this match like it was a hardcourt? She seemed to forget about heavy topspin and just tried to hit flat power shots.
Rybakina has always been super talented. Flies under the radar a lot. She can match anyone with her game.
John Kurtz
John Kurtz:
Well done, Ms. Rybakina
David Turco
David Turco:
It's official, Serena has the worst footwork in woman's tennis. She still has the best serve and is clearly the physically strongest player on tour but loses badly due to sloppy footwork. Another opportunity lost as she was given yet again a dream draw. The was no one ranked in the top 10 left in her half of the draw until after the 2nd round, pitiful.
Donna Fielder
Donna Fielder:
Serena made way too many errors in this match! Serena wasn’t moving in this match as she was in the other matches she had played in! Serena made a good run be proud & move on to your next grass tournament in Wimbledon!
When you watch this, u can see Serena is having trouble to keep up with the young ones.
michael gill
michael gill:
Swiatek and Rybakina for a great final.
James Villa
James Villa:
Looked like Serena was playing against a younger, fierce version of her former rival Sharapova
Serena just looks out of shape. Her sheer power is just not enough.
After every point serena always looks so exhausted and like every step is labored.
Taniesha Russell
Taniesha Russell:
am still surprised she has patrick has a coach, its time for new strategies, her coach teaching her the same old same old, every wta player knows all her move now, they probably even know what she is going to do next before she actually does it
SoundWave 6
SoundWave 6:
It's Alright 💚We Still Love you Serena💚
CONGRATULATIONS Rybakina❤️ Good Luck on your next round✨
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur:
Rybakina's ball striking had sting....really nice to see that. Keen to follow her career.
Rybakina hits 21 winners vs Serena’s 15. Also she hasn’t drop a set yet so far this tournament. Hope Rybakina continues to play well.
Well done!
Eunice Suero
Eunice Suero:
Ribakina niña bella💕👏 hasta la final😘estamos con tigo que Dios te bendiga💛 con salud y grandes exitos😙😘❤🇩🇴
doanh nguyen
doanh nguyen:
Serena, you cannot go against the time. To the current and young players, you are not as fast and accurate as you used to. In other words you are too slow for them. This time you are eliminated too early. The hope to get one more Grand Slam Title to equalize the World Record is probably impossible. Really sorry for you, Serena.
Ravi kumar
Ravi kumar:
Just make serena run...
Akif M
Akif M:
Briang Moh
Briang Moh:
The intimidation didn't work against this young Russian-born (Kazakh national) player. These days, Serena is relying more and more on her disgusting grunts to scare the other players as she is getting more desperate to chase that elusive record.
Serena's open stance backhand is sloppy and is the product of poor position. How her coaches ever let her continue using that form is beyond comprehension. Her athleticism allowed her to get away with it when she was younger and more agile but now she struggles! She needs to drop more weight, get her speed back up, fix that backhand so its an offensive weapon again rather than defensive scratch stroke and maybe, just maybe, she could compete with the younger players. She didn't stand a chance in this match. Good on Elena!
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
I can't believe that is Serena Williams, maybe the best tennis player in WTA
Ilan Plazola
Ilan Plazola:
If she wants to win again RG she needs to get in shape.
It’s becoming pathetic now, she can’t keep up with these younger ladies. She should have long ago shedded some of that bulk. Maybe then, she’ll have a better chance of winning.She looks sad trying to run around the court😂😂
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather:
I can't wait to hear the list of excuses from Serena as to why she lost. Coco, Sloane, and Sofia all have the chance to raise the trophy. Wish them the best of luck!!
Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising:
Time has caught up with the truly great Serena. She seems slow, heavy , cumbersome and clueless against this new young talented and consistent automatums. Serena's game is in regression and I'm sorry to say it is unlikely she will beat Margaret Courts record and reach her 24th Grand Slam Title. Sad but Time waits for no one, not even the truly great Serena Williams.
Nil Sensei
Nil Sensei:
Congrats Elena 👏👏👏💪❤
💙💙💙 Beauty Elena! 😎💪
Ric Ind
Ric Ind:
Another player, who plays tennis and doesn't make it look like a war.
I would love to see this 21 year to join Iga, Barty and Naomi as a grandslam champion.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
If I'm Rybakina, I'll make Serena stand in the net for more seconds as I talk about "oh you're a very great player, that was a great game, I'll wish you the best of luck, blablabla" the way Serena forced other player to listen to her pep talk in the net while grabbing their hand and don't let it go after she beat them
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
Serena ought to PRACTICE harder, MUCH harder!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Oh dear, poor Herena! Hopefully she does better at Wimbledon!
Rybakina just our played Serena today it happens but I am now convinced that Serena still has the game to win Wimbledon. Also if Serena do chooses to, she should be afforded the opportunity to play in Tokyo if the summer games do indeed occur. The 2021 US Open isn’t out of her reach either. Get ready for grass season 👑Serena!
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Congrats Elena.

Go for Wimbledon Serena, never give up.
Good luck and God Bless.
Rohit Kumar Reddy Reddy
Rohit Kumar Reddy Reddy:
though she didn't win it.. making to fourth round is a decent effort and good money too... i don't think one wants to quit when there can still be a chance... but I don't know why her sister is still playing though or at least she may just concentrate on doubles.. where she can pull off some round of wins
from the start, If you watching Serena makes many unforced error, u should know that she'll lost. She need a new COUCH. Patrick doesnt help her to minimize her error. She is the Queen of error. LOL 😋
ach nix
ach nix:
Serena never looked like she was really in this match
from the start, If you watching Serena makes many unforced error, u should know that she'll lost. She need a new COUCH. Patrick doesnt help her to minimize her error. She is the Queen of error. LOL 😋
222light Atoms
222light Atoms:
Powerhouse Naomi will be back next 2 slams.
Suddenly I'm a Rybakina fan!
Osmania News
Osmania News:
Rybakina backhand was on fire.