Serena Williams fights off Tamara Zidansek in straight sets | 2020 Australian Open Highlights

Watch the highlights of Serena Williams beating Tamara Zidansek 6-2, 6-3 in the second round of the 2020 Australian Open at Rod Laver Arena.
#2020AustralianOpen #Sports

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100+ comentarios:

The Haitian Way
The Haitian Way:
She’s a living legend and still playing like there’s no food in the fridge💪🏿👸🏿👏🏿
Faith Monique
Faith Monique:
I love how she plays every match like it's the final
A C:
Serena’s screams scared the seagulls off the roof 🤣😂🤣
I love Serena Energy and passion. She is amping herself up because it is hard for you to pop back after having a baby. So everybody is hating and getting annoyed just don't watch how bout that!
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark:
I need her to go ahead and break the Record this year, and then she can walk away if she chooses, or play until it's no longer fun for her.
Jacqueline Otto
Jacqueline Otto:
Everyone is yelling now so the Queen, the Legend and the GOAT, has to get louder than the rest of them.
Go!!!! Serena.
Your name is and will be remember for this beautiful sport. Thank you so much for fighting your way up. people thought only the others could play tennis but you and Venus proof them wrong.
Lasonja Balfour
Lasonja Balfour:
Serena is playing as though someone is threatening to take her daughter away. Life is Tennis and Tennis is Life.
Connie B
Connie B:
Serena was struggling with herself in addition to opponent. She had to yell at and to herself just to get going.
Nate P
Nate P:
If you really know Serena, you know her yells are frustrations because she’s making too many mistakes. The male tennis players do it ALL THE TIME!
Hamster En ligne
Hamster En ligne:
With every scream of "come on" I can tell Serena is unhappy with her performance despite dominating. Hopefully she wins this thing.
Koblavi Mensah
Koblavi Mensah:
Woooo my goodness Serena!! What else can I say??? Listen to her passion determination energy to win this game. It's just awesome to watch a living LEGEND playing this game. There is no one at this moment to do what she has done.
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself:
I love her passion.
June Faleafine
June Faleafine:
Everything is coming back. I said it before, when Serena movement returns so will the rest of her game. She'll definitely win 2 before this year is over. Good luck Serena.
kjon devenish
kjon devenish:
serena the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Franklin NJ
Franklin NJ:
Serena is really pushing herself and you can hear it clearly, no doubt she has the will
but her 38 year old body is not responding if she has to scream her way just to get past
the 2nd round. If she can make it to the Finals or even Semis' it will be amazing if not a miracle.
s o
s o:
that look Serena made at the end said it all lol
Soul Powerful
Soul Powerful:
She was really pissed at herself in this match. Compton 4/14 break points....can not blame her.
Serena is gonna be pissed with this performance.
Williams LIMON
Williams LIMON:
03:14 Whaouh it's soooo rare to see Oracene emotions ... this is just epic 😁
Here's where Serena is different from the last 2 years - she's ACTUALLY fit, moving well, and serving well. She hasn't been in this form since I would say 2015.
Eddie Barnum
Eddie Barnum:
Never ever underestimate a heart of a Champion!! 👍👍😁😁
JayMike Willingham
JayMike Willingham:
2:16 "Scared the seagulls off the roof" lol epic Serena scream
Travis Gomez
Travis Gomez:
She’s a legend
Tori The Food Goddess
Tori The Food Goddess:
The goat! She is everything! The passion assassin! Love to see her play!
Gloria A. Garcia
Gloria A. Garcia:
Serena u r working & fighting so hard. That determination to win every point love, love it!!! Go ahead let your emotions out love that too.
Alberto Padilla
Alberto Padilla:
I love this amazing woman !! The passion and the screams are everything that comes from the best.❤️
Larry Branch
Larry Branch:
THE QUEEN! Greatest ever.
Julie Shepard
Julie Shepard:
Well played, if I do say so myself it really was a good game. Congratulation!🖐🏾
Slayrena is taking over 2020! I love it!!!
That was too funny, the commentator said Serena's scream scared the sea gulls off the roof! GOAT....
Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter:
Love Serena!!!
Sexy Williams
Sexy Williams:
Let's go Serena u got this #24
Dennis Gerald
Dennis Gerald:
*_COMPTON!_* 💪💪💪
Ebony J
Ebony J:
That comment though: Serena “scared the seagulls off the roof”. I’m done 🤣🤣🤣😂
Mike Morris
Mike Morris:
Serena's fired up! Let's go
Diahann Gill
Diahann Gill:
Wins or losses, I love Serena Williams!
Finnick Junior
Finnick Junior:
2:12 sounded so emotional Idk why
She is really fighting
Go Rena Goooo!
Was serena always this insufferable?
nikki nikki
nikki nikki:
Where can I write to the commentators of the Australian open what’s the email
We are here we can here u we do not like you disrespecting the goat please be more fair in your reporting on the matches too
She the Goat 🐐 but what up with all the yelling 😂😂😂
Conscious Zone
Conscious Zone:
How can she keep up with these young girls .
A Dude
A Dude:
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! And shes out and I hope she never shows-up again! Next out the fraud Cori!
Angie S
Angie S:
That’s the queen 👑Serena Williams ☝️bravo 👏🏼congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 She is a bad queen 👸
JayMike Willingham
JayMike Willingham:
Playback 2:25 at 0.25 speed, tell me she ain't going Super Saiyan 10!
Bessie Johnson
Bessie Johnson:
I don't think fought her off is the right word...what I call fighting off when the scores are 7 5 7 might hve took longer but Serena do what she does best...that's win.
Lindsey Dia
Lindsey Dia:
0:33 Lovely approach shot
Serena is playing great. Her outfits are quite nice as well 😍
Diane Washington
Diane Washington:
Yessssss 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
J/ Banks
J/ Banks:
What an amazing Woman/LEGACY 🤔
Sister Catrina
Sister Catrina:
1:47 mood
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson:
With out a fight, what match you looking at lol.
Ashley Richard
Ashley Richard:
That's my OG! 😥
Joe Palmer
Joe Palmer:
If I hear Serena yell like that, I'm running 😂😂😅
Shirley Savage
Shirley Savage:
I want to go and see the finals
Karah D.
Karah D.:
Great job Serena!!
Barbara Reynolds
Barbara Reynolds:
So happy to see that Serena is wearing colorful clothes again seems to improve her winning spirit. Go all the way girl! You got this!
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman:
Yes very powerful fam💕
Jacqueline Acosta
Jacqueline Acosta:
Alpha FCB
Alpha FCB:
SHRECK fat kid-“ Roar for me “ 2:13
Mitts Ty
Mitts Ty:
She plays with so much fight!
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W.:
U go gurl! 😎
You are a living legend, Serena.
Devon Jones
Devon Jones:
The Serena Stare after match point #👀
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch:
God Bless Serena Williams
Jesus Christ Serena needs to work on her volleys
Tamara who?
SueSage ASMR
SueSage ASMR:
I have a question if anyone knows, I watching the Svitolina/Davis match on the ESPN app. Does anyone know who the male and female commentators are? I especially like the female she’s very knowledgeable.
Noremac Demar
Noremac Demar:
In retrospect, with how easily agitated Serena became in her 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds, it is surprising she wasn't taken to 3 sets in her first 2 matches. She was trying to get her game together in all 3 rounds honestly.
Andrei Scholz
Andrei Scholz:
To much pressure on herself causes simple errors and pent up emotions. You got this GOAT.
Royman Gorgona
Royman Gorgona:
Serena game is one of the best, but She is so anxious and so nervous that it is yo co quer
Tyler Rainey
Tyler Rainey:
Im just getting into tennis and Serena Williams is living motivation OUT HERE DESTROYING PEOPLE!!!
Ocean Of Success
Ocean Of Success:
Serena winning 24 grand slams will tie the record with Margaret Court. 25 wins will break the record. There's a difference. Don't get me wrong, 24 wins would be an honor.
GO Serena!!
Isnarde Nesturne
Isnarde Nesturne:
Serena is a Beast wit it. I 💛 Serena and Venus.💪😎🎾🎾💥💥💥🔥🔥
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava:
The first shot they show for the other girl
The ball is out .
Shirley Beal
Shirley Beal:
Quiero ser como ella algún día. Es increíblee
#1 "Listen to this." Is something i dont hear from commentators on men matches. #2 she is so critical on her game cuz to her, if she is miss firing this early she wont stand a chance later in the tourney.
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta:
I can understand the grunting noises players make, but the screaming was odd. And this is just the shortened version, she yelled alot in the longer highlight. Kind of a put off
Larvancio Ramos
Larvancio Ramos:
SHEMALE williams
Elijahwan Monifa
Elijahwan Monifa:
Let's go Queen
desmondjr johnston
desmondjr johnston:
no-more-Fooling Serena-laura-segiemund-and-tamara-and-Quiang-Wang are-tenis-sparring-wosniacki up Ward in draw can leave you high and dry at 23
Theoriginal thinker
Theoriginal thinker:
1:17 i hope this doesn't develop into some sort of trend among the women players. Hit a winning shot, then SCREAM!
When Serena wears her emotions on her sleeve it makes me love her even more. The GOAT can do whatever she wants. Go Serena!
Teran Icer
Teran Icer:
I just hope she doesn't over-pressurize herself at the Finals, if she makes it there.
G O'Rourke
G O'Rourke:
Best tennis player ever
i feel bad for her opponents, they have to put up with that....its really disrespectful more than anything...
Kevin Porter
Kevin Porter:
That screaming is very unappealing and not at all ladylike. A huge turnoff!
Granville Walker Jr.
Granville Walker Jr.:
Whether you're amateur, prep school or collegiate athlete, if you're one of the very best at whatever competitive undertaking you're involved in, it is a guarantee that your opponent will be psyched beforehand to give maximum effort to defeat the best. It stands to reason that at the professional ranks such motivation and pressure is even greater still. Serena has served as a focal point of excellence in women's international tennis for over 20 years (elder sister Venus no longer shares that level of dominance with Serena). That is a long time to stay at or near the top of your sport.
she needs to chill the f out.
Clile Hall
Clile Hall:
Serena is in great shape. She is back to her normal size
B D:
60th comment 🚙🚓🚑
marcia mathieu
marcia mathieu:
My girl is back no intimidation no fear, THERE IS NONE LIKE U OUT THERE!!!!!!!
Sports Coat Junior
Sports Coat Junior:
Good game Serena