Serena Williams: "I'm always going to be intense on the court!" | US Open 2020 Press Conference

Serena Williams's press conference following her Round 2 victory over Margarita Gasparyan at the US Open 2020.

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Was a much better performance from Serena. Although she had me worried in the second set when holding serve became a bit of a struggle. I can't deal with the anxiety Serena gives me in matches these days. 😂🤣
Malik He Blogs
Malik He Blogs:
They keep asking Serena the same repetitive questions 🤦🏽‍♂️ and she already said how she felt about the fans a million times 🤦🏽‍♂️😫
Marco Hui
Marco Hui:
Look at all these dislikes.... Why are you watching the GOAT when you dislike her? Smh
Lisa JMichalski
Lisa JMichalski:
Papa ibrahima Kone
Papa ibrahima Kone:
I love yu serena for ever🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
At the stadium or digitally, we continue to be supportive of your determined efforts as the elite athlete you are. You can do this - one more time! Truly deserving of the name GOAT. Glad to hear Mr. Williams shared his thoughts/tips with Serena.
Jason toby
Jason toby:
It's getting tiring to keep hearing those "how do you feel about playing the tournament with no fans?" questions over and over and over and over again.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa:
I hope she makes it to the finals
Kay Cam
Kay Cam:
Love you Serena. Wishing you the best always 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Raphael Juniel
Raphael Juniel:
She has a tired mom face. This press conference is the last thing she wants to do
Jermano Mayfield
Jermano Mayfield:
Why is Dr. Anthony Fauci interviewing her?
Ergi Hoxha
Ergi Hoxha:
I love you Serena 💗, you are in sky. Osaka in earth...
Timothy Chow
Timothy Chow:
Just tell Olympia A B C easy as 1 2 3!?
Jermano Mayfield
Jermano Mayfield:
Only Jesus was perfect. Great answer Serena💛💚💙
tony hayes
tony hayes:
She’s always gonna be vulgar on court,poor loser
Green Orchid
Green Orchid:
SERENA happy and healthy and winning 2020🍎⏰🌅🦁
Jonathan Fowlkes
Jonathan Fowlkes:
Cynthia Henry
Cynthia Henry:
Marq Coleman
Marq Coleman:
As a true Serena fan, this was honestly of her best press conferences she’s had. She genuinely looks happy and she even talked about her childhood. Usually her attitude is like yeah.... ok.... whatever and she wants to be done with it. But she smiled a lot and she lit up when the guy asked about her dad. That was great. Lets go Serena. On to 24.
ASMR Dude:
Jeez the moderators voice is like nails on a chalkboard someone shut him up
You should have spent much more time in the gym last season, regarding your fitness, though.
Clara Davis
Clara Davis:
Cendrillon Daniela
Cendrillon Daniela:
You are very sweet Serena 😍❤️🎉❤️ You are like a doll ! Nobody is like You! 🤗💓🔥That's why the fans adore You ! Not because You have won so many titles ! You are a joy to watch and hear ! 🥰
These long-winded questions are horrible. 😒Journalists need to do better ‼️
Why do they ask her so much dumb questions 🙄 smh how about ask about what your fitness routine how have u delt with your major final losses ect
winnie thomas
winnie thomas:
Awesome athlete....phenomenal one is perfect....she is right about that. But Serena has been an inspiration to many people for many years. Those who themselves have accomplished nothing always hate on those who have; it's expected. We know that Venus and Serena are both nearing the end of their careers. Say what you may, what they gave to tennis has forever changed the sport and many of the athletes we enjoy watching now IS because of what THEY brought to the game. Wishing Serena every success as she pursues HER goal because she ALREADY has G.O.A.T. status. God bless you Serena Williams!!!
Doreen Jemmott
Doreen Jemmott:
Serena I know you can do it just don't let your mental emotions take the better of you.
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Dragon:
She’s starting to age
Faustina Nkrumah
Faustina Nkrumah:
Well done lady! I pray you win.
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Vintage tennis
I really hope she can hold her game on this next one. I really want Serena Williams to win this. Yeah I want her take the title from Mags Court. Go Serena
Annmarie Darby
Annmarie Darby:
We love u serena I never stop watching u on court off court ur an inspiration tennis wasn't my thing until I saw u play and then I couldn't stop watching now am a proper tennis fan😊😊 love u
Marisa Hart
Marisa Hart:
Only Jesus is perfect. .........
You have amazing wisdom.
I adore you.
lets hope she doesnt do that naomi drama queen thing again.
Miriam Peris Hassler
Miriam Peris Hassler:
Serena I really love to watch your Matches no matter how late it is and I pray for you that you will win!
Andre Williams
Andre Williams:
Why are these “journalists” never prepared?
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
May God bless you may God make his face shine upon you and give peace
Neil Coogan
Neil Coogan:
The GOAT. My favourite athlete of all time. Watched every match since the French semi 2002 against Jennifer.
Sadly though, I feel Serena is saying the correct things - re mentality, her getting flustered, mental frailty etc, but I just do NOT BELIEVE her.
It is as though she repeats the mantra in the hopes it will stick.
That second set with Gasparyan was fraught with unnecessary tension and anxiety. THIS is what has held her back the most.
The all consuming pressure to achieve with the clock counting down.
It is a toss up against Sloane, who has been garbage all year and will inevitably bring her best performance against Serena.
I'd rather Serena lose to Sloane in RD3 than another collapse in a final though.

I just wish Serena could ACTUALLY relax and ACTUALLY have fun. If she could she DOES have 1-2 slams left in her.
In this anxiety riddled state though, I just don't see it.

She is still the GOAT.
nikki nikki
nikki nikki:
Anything else lol girl I love me some Serena she is amazing
Merly Condes
Merly Condes:
you are my idol serena i wish always win ❤❤❤
Bruce Emond
Bruce Emond:
Wish the journalists would actually ask her about how she felt in the match, and what she thought of Gasparyan's play.
Cortez Brown
Cortez Brown:
Keep going Serena! Keep your positive mindset & intensity and you will make it!
kathy blackwood
kathy blackwood:
Wow!!!! Where did they find those people asking those dumb stupid questions.??? Asking the same things over and over and over again.
I Dillard
I Dillard:
Serena you are a true athlete with grace and power. A true inspiration to all the young girls/women on the circuit. You and Venus open the tennis doors wide for our young, gifted and black girls/women. Thank you. Keep playing and keep being happy. I love watching you play the game I love so much. Peace, love and prayers
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Hey Serena at the end of the day did I do my very best leave it all on the tennis field
Lady G
Lady G:
Queen Serena forever!!
Let’s go serena!!! Love you!! 💗
Dubble D
Dubble D:
I cant wastch this...the arrogance!! 👎🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️👎
Serena queen <33
Lou Adams
Lou Adams:
You represent me well!
Finally Serena talk about her father so she will win 2020 grand slam title I am sure...this tournament coaching by Richard Williams not Partick... Partick time come devid.. Venus coach.. Venus fan..
Fine Girl
Fine Girl:
Hate all you want, this woman is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Novy B
Novy B:
Bonne chance, Serena! Allons-y !!
Diane Washington
Diane Washington:
Vic Mwansa
Vic Mwansa:
Best love Serena! Have fun out there baby 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾
Fay Severin
Fay Severin:
Go Serena!! You will win.
Geneva Crawford
Geneva Crawford:
Raul Tomaylla Leguia
Raul Tomaylla Leguia:
Naomi will easely crash you Williams again, you should be playing tennis table.
Retired & Restless
Retired & Restless:
Always so much long as she wins.
nikki nikki
nikki nikki:
Serena you are the greatest not just on the court but also you shade the greatest with that question about fans watching two American players lol
Recas Carrib
Recas Carrib:
¡Wow! Just Look at the Shadows on her Eyes. COKE 'A COLA!.
Gil Das
Gil Das:
She just does not give a damn about fans 😂
Alpine iBex
Alpine iBex:
Time to retire. Thanks.
Buffalo 66
Buffalo 66:
People who think Serena is beautiful need to see a optician. Venus to me is is stunningly beautiful and has grace .