Serena Williams: "I'm always going to bring that fire, that passion and that Serena to the court!"

Serena Williams’s press conference following her Round 4 victory over Maria Sakkari at the US Open 2020.

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Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson:
I think that "I'm not going to touch that" is a very direct and respectable way to refuse to answer a question. I appreciate that
She was not touching that Djokovic mess.
What has Novak got to do with this match.... 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
1 2
1 2:
Either way it goes Serena is still getting deep into tournaments showing that she can win another grand slam! Almost there! GOAT ❤️
Godfrey Karuhanga
Godfrey Karuhanga:
Congratulations my queen serena. Too wise and classy of you avoiding that Novak question...
Kenny 808Kine
Kenny 808Kine:
Perfect response! We touching quarters and semis lol.
Coin Collecting With Tyler
Coin Collecting With Tyler:
Serena is the GOAT
Amira Gray
Amira Gray:
"If there's fans, then we should be able to stay elsewhere!" 💯😏
Sonia Ramos
Sonia Ramos:
Yes, very smart Serena for not getting involved on that Novak nonsense!. Privately, I think she shares my sentiment. Congratulations Serena. 24th is around the corner.
Ali Babar
Ali Babar:
Serena Williams is beautiful!
MissMs Mrs.
MissMs Mrs.:
HELLO! That's why I LOVE you my Sister: FIRE! You "ALWAYS" bring the FIRE!
zoe lifecoach
zoe lifecoach: answereddddd every question in utter representation/ professionalism of YOUR craft 🌻
Robin Scott
Robin Scott:
These guys that ask a question about Novak should be banned from next press conference! Waste of time asking a question the she’s never going to answer!!
KC Nwokoye
KC Nwokoye:
Great job today, glad your second serve is back and your focus is coming back. Your opponent played amazing and served amazing today!
Clara Davis
Clara Davis:
Toto Silaban
Toto Silaban:
Bravo Serena..... move ahead please....only three matches to go to get the trophy. Greeting from Indonesia.
A.S.F Nam
A.S.F Nam:
These reporters r NOT listening at all!!! Serena said not gonna touch the default issue💀💀💀 jeeez
Swulaltunaat sne'
Swulaltunaat sne':
Super proud of you Serena! Such a awesome game! Best luck to your next win! 😁
Joseph Bishop
Joseph Bishop:
Ask our Serena Williams questions related to Serena Williams but not about what happened with other players. Do not try to set any traps for Serena Williams, because she's always smarter, Okay! This is a very important advice I'm giving to all of you Journalists out there.
Michelle Isabell
Michelle Isabell:
Congratulations again match at a time....The time is now 💯💯💯
Kenny CFC
Kenny CFC:
Some of these questions seriously? Serena has just been involved in a brilliant match I know let's ask a question about djokovic? how some of these reporters have jobs is beyond me
Ronald Bowser
Ronald Bowser:
Me to I'm glad she didn't touch it neither, he tried though 😥😥😥 SMH...
Samuel Crenshaw
Samuel Crenshaw:
Let’s go Serena!!!!!
Joffrey Salme
Joffrey Salme:
i enjoy serena on interviews as i enjoy her playing.... such a classy lady
Martin Hodgkins
Martin Hodgkins:
A formidable champion who will give her all to win Grand Slams 24 and 25 , she has nothing left to prove she is unquestionably the greatest tennis player of all time.
Ayden Anthony
Ayden Anthony:
OF COURSE Serena doesn't agree with the whole novak situation, but she got better things to focus on.
Kai Takagi
Kai Takagi:
I love watching her play, I really want to meet her😌 talk about life and tennis
She the GOAT!
In other words, Serena will not be attending the French Open. As she shouldn't!! It's not worth it, boo. Safety first. You have your health and that of your family to consider.
go figure wow
go figure wow:
CONGRATS !!!!!! WAY TO GO BABY GIRL !!!!!!! THE GOAT !!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Addoco
Elizabeth Addoco:
I LOVE you Serena CONGRATULATIONS you are almost there keep the 🔥🔥🔥up
Ryan Mobley
Ryan Mobley:
She gave a silent warning to the French Open. "There's fans but there's no private housing....That's interesting.."
Very smart lady! I don’t touch that Novak Mess...
Julian Glickman
Julian Glickman:
"Nice try tho" hahaha
We finally get to know the name of that character asking outlandish questions for every tournament - except this one: Ubaldo...
33Lady RAM
33Lady RAM:
These guy came right back and asked about the Novac mess...these guys are a hot mess!
Maya S
Maya S:
O how i love her, my queen!
Dale Francis
Dale Francis:
Serena I am so proud of you and praying all your hard work payoff and you take the trophy hone👏🙏
Vic Mwansa
Vic Mwansa:
Congratulations Serena! Great match! 🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Go Serena!!!
i feel like if serena gets her 24th here she will definitely pull out from the clay court season
Codra Gavi
Codra Gavi:
She still has to work though.
Anrae Norman
Anrae Norman:
Do these people asking questions not get that no one wants to talk about another person's shortcomings? Jesus Christ they keep bringing up Novak to high level tennis athletes with sportsmanship and expect them to start gossiping? Where's the respect here?
suzi Manipur
suzi Manipur:
Legend 😍🙏
Sandy bee
Sandy bee:
Serena You handled this interview with such Great energy and positivity.  I loved that you didn't let them annoy you with the question that you clearly were on not touching that.  It was classy and not rude!
Marius Jackson
Marius Jackson:
“I was hoping to stay at my apartment in Paris” 💅🏾
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Serena got rid of her old record like a Canadian ex. Ha!
Monica Fuson Fuson
Monica Fuson Fuson:
I love you Serena!!! I told you to reach for the stars and you did girl!!! I want to meet you so much
Emmanuel Peni
Emmanuel Peni:
Yes yes Serena, Continue to bring the fire and passion. Add flames and go get the cup and hoist it up. love you
Светлозар Йотов
Светлозар Йотов:
It is gonna be an interesting match against Pironkova!
Sepp Forcher
Sepp Forcher:
She will always bring that sweet old cheating.😂
Thana Ndlovu
Thana Ndlovu:
I'm happy with her response "I'm not gonna touch on that"
Jace Woods
Jace Woods:
And that Smoke crowd or not😤🌬🤗😁😎😷
Love you Serena the GOAT! Keep up the great work!
Anyone want to ask a question about the match she just won, or the tournament at all?
Rose Santyy
Rose Santyy:
Henri Laporte
Henri Laporte:
So few questions about their great game. What a shame!
Ugh I just Want to See her win If I could just my extra strength and endurance I would I just want to see her win badly BWHAHAHHAAHHAHA!!
Linda Masso
Linda Masso:
Serena I’m so glad that your darker skin tone has come back. Just because you married a white man didn’t mean you had to lighten your skin. Your husband loves you no matter the shade. Loving the dark skin that you are. Go girl
Gerry X
Gerry X:
I dont understand why they would ask a question so irrelevant 😅
Roger Hills
Roger Hills:
Well she of all knows about misbehavior at the US Open!
Mally U
Mally U:
To continuously try inveigling anyone into controversy they expressed a desire to NOT become embroiled in, goes beyond Reporting to Maliciousness.
Anon yMous
Anon yMous:
Unless she doesn't.. lol She didn't last week against MS...
David Mateos
David Mateos:
Never mind Novak, the reporter's are a mess themselves, press conferences need to be better organized and if youre asking a question pay attention and dont be late
Paulette Billy
Paulette Billy:
Such a lady...lots of love going too Novak. He is a gentleman, would not have hurt her intentionally!! Not the bad boy of tennis!!
Kim thetruthofit
Kim thetruthofit:
That one heck of a 5oclick shadow !
WorldPeace Famie
WorldPeace Famie:
Classy ! I will not dapple in the mess💖😀
Henri Laporte
Henri Laporte:
What is the story mentioned at 1:30?
labutis 12 ツ
labutis 12 ツ:
They talk about the time past the US Open, but it would be better to focus on this tournament here. Especially at this point where Serena gets closer to glory, they ask about Rome and Paris. Not sure if Serena really cares about that for now in her position. Also the Djokovic question twice in here is ridiculous
Arman K
Arman K:
Euwww the host's voice looklike he is suffering with corona.
it's not fire, it's screaming loudlly to try and intimidate your oponent, be honest.
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android:
Naomi is Serena, Coco is Venus, Sharapova then Pliskova.
Kadesa McGowen
Kadesa McGowen:
This interview exposed how many people in general don't listen because they're too busy trying to get out what they want to say...smh
G. O. A. T... #24 is beckoning girl 👌🏆🥇
Gilda Baham
Gilda Baham:
Α Τ:
Serena🎾 🐢🆘
Paul Atling
Paul Atling:
She tries hard off court to seem nice and fair however the masks slips here and there. I like the way she threatened the French Open organisers about not playing if she doesn't get her own special way. Bottom line is after she loses in the US Open she will play in Paris she is so desperate to win another Slam and she has her best chance now with all the inform top players not playing
Every time I see her get into the Serena return position or getting ready to serve I want to cry because I see the young Serena at 17 in 99 at the US Open that I was rooting for, glued to the TV and here we are a few years apart and I’m doing the same thing!!! 😩😩 I’m praying for that record! It’s like I’m trying to get it Lolol!!!
mitch dupre
mitch dupre:
She's so pompous. Can barely be bothered to receive congratulatory greetings by the press. Almost rolling her eyes . Class cannot be fabricated , as ahe tries to do. But its so transparent that its not genuine. Concersely, Rogers class is so natural and unforced and that's why ppl love him so much .
Katrinah Kaz
Katrinah Kaz:
the road to 24 is very much alive
Sabrina Graham
Sabrina Graham:
Congrats Serena, for bringing that 🔥 🔥 🔥 She won!!! 🏆 Aye...🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
I love how Serena just slams irrelevant questions down. She isn't touching any of that.
Pincode Chuks
Pincode Chuks:
Everyone is talking about four mothers in the tournament but not considering how long this queen have been trying all her life and also her age. Infact im so disappointing in all the question they are asking🤯
eric henderson
eric henderson:
Ok no lie you got it Serena ok don't never stop
Simon Saragih
Simon Saragih:
I can't let you go, Serena. Keep on holding the serves.... I 've been wathing you since 1999, that time I was in NYC.
From Jakarta, Indonesia
Can we get Sakkaris's presser too pls?
Deborah Blackshear
Deborah Blackshear:
My Girl, keep focusing on her. Not on someone else.
Esther Bueso Avila
Esther Bueso Avila:
Well done!! Serena!! The Queen 😍
Oms tennis
Oms tennis:
as an American, I support Serena, as Sportamship of Tennis I felt the shame when Serena represents American Tennis player!
Toffe Loffe
Toffe Loffe:
3:15 , Knowing how much star power Serena has , I won’t be surprised if the French open officials allow only Serena to stay in private accommodation lol
Nacho Average Vlog
Nacho Average Vlog:
Yeah like how you treated Naomi
Jinkai Huang
Jinkai Huang:
Ohmg pls don’t tell me she’s got it..... (the coughing)😬
yaya nyouksa
yaya nyouksa:
Serena please don't go to Paris
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
Why is George always asking Serena about Novak.
Serena is gonna skip the French
Patricia Green
Patricia Green:
You go Serena you bad girl.stay safe love yeah. 😎😎
Aren Mkrtchyan
Aren Mkrtchyan:
So shame that Pironkova's limit has ended.would be a great match if she was ok
Blah Blah
Blah Blah:
Hope classy Serena defeats the “activist” Naomi. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
King Kumkazi The 2nd
King Kumkazi The 2nd:
Your royal Sereness,,ducked that Djokovic situation majestically 👑