Serena Williams loses to Victoria Azarenka in the semifinals | 2020 US Open Highlights

Victoria Azarenka comes back to defeat Serena Williams, 1-6, 6-3, 6-3, and advance to the US Open final to face Naomi Osaka.
#USOpen #Tennis

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100+ comentarios:

Mohsen Maqsoodi
Mohsen Maqsoodi:
She always makes an injury excuse or cause a scene when being outplayed
Did anyone else notice how ESPN barely played any of Azarenka’s winners.
J J:
Serena quit because she's out of gas and old, she didn't injury herself.
Og maco Sheesh
Og maco Sheesh:
Crybaby lost again.
Sinned Edifacs
Sinned Edifacs:
This doesn't fit ESPN's woke agenda.
Jay K03
Jay K03:
I'm tired of Serena faking an injury every time she starts losing a match. Always trying to take credit away from her opponents
Marvin Flores
Marvin Flores:
So the video title is that Serena lost , not that Azarenka won ?? Biased
Serena pulling out the fake injury card again. She always does this when she's losing. If she wins the media will say she won because of "will" and battle, if she loses, it's because of the injury.
Congrats on the win Azarenka!
Molon Lave 2004
Molon Lave 2004:
Bye bye drama queen
Rudens Sinjari
Rudens Sinjari:
So happy this dude lost the match today. What is his excuse this time around since judging wasnt this year?
Titus Tucan
Titus Tucan:
Exactly like last year in the US Open final where Serena lost against Bianca, ESPN’s highlights are portraying Serena as a winner not as a loser. Really pathetic ESPN.
Your selection of points in this 10 min highlights is giving someone who doesn’t know the score the impression that Serena was the big winner. Where are Azarenka’s best shots....? ESPN stop being biased
Serena always plays injured when she is in trouble , and she always looses when she does that , way to go Azarenka
I Am King
I Am King:
Serena Williams is the LeBron James of tennis... They have built-in excuses for when they lose... Fake injuries!!!
Legion DC
Legion DC:
getting old
its time
Dragzilla 66
Dragzilla 66:
Careful now, Serena Williams might freak out again.
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
Thankfully Azrenka was able to eliminate Williams the steroid cheat
It’s always a great day in tennis when Serena looses!
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Also let’s be real, she wasn’t going to beat Osaka in the finals anyway.
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Way to go Victoria! She looks like she's enjoying herself.
Ever noticed how Serena only has her meltdowns threatening line judges & chair umpires at the US. Open? That's because they wouldn't tolerate it at any other major & never invite her back
Todd Otterson
Todd Otterson:
Good for Azarenka. I'm tired of Serena Williams and her attitude. Time to retire her for good.
Pretty messed up on ESPN's part that this is a Serena highlight video for a match she lost. The video they should've made is "Victoria Azarenka defeats Serena Williams to advance to the final". Then at least show a balance of highlights from both players, not 10-1 for the loser. If Serena had won with the scoring that Victoria had, ESPN's title would've been "Serena crushes/dominates Victoria in victory to advance to the final". ESPN needs no have some respect for other athletes, not just the stars.
T V:
Great match! A shame about ESPN's coverage as they once again were very transparent on who they wanted to win! Just like every year!
I’m surprised her loss wasn’t blamed on white supremacy 😂
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
Serena's yell sounds like she's punching someone...azarenka's yell sounds like she's sneezing.
Mario Vercillo
Mario Vercillo:
So happy the drama queen is out!

Also, the narrative over and over in this match, and in tennis generally, was "the mothers, the mothers" I understand its difficult to return to form after having a baby, but how come you only hear about this narrative in women's tennis, and you never hear about it in other women's pro sports? Maybe not a lot, but I'm sure there are mothers in other women's pro sports?
The drama queen needs to retire. Everytime I watch, she loses
gil wood
gil wood:
How long til she claims RACISM , SEXISM ...Something about her daughter ...ETC
Kanard Mauk Jr.
Kanard Mauk Jr.:
[email protected]🤘🤘🤘🤘
Carl For President Anthony
Carl For President Anthony:
I feel like serenas just playing for money now like an old boxer.
Nemesis Enforcer
Nemesis Enforcer:
"Victoria BEATS serena in semifinals" how the title should be.
Martin lopez
Martin lopez:
Omfg ESPN fire the commentator Chris Fowler! Has zero idea what he's talking about and never shuts up.
john anderson
john anderson:
Serena needs to take acting classes from the lineswoman from the novak match.
Looking for excuses when she knew she was losing.
Flying Spacerock
Flying Spacerock:
Serena Looking to get Sympathy for her quest for 24 Slams. Not gonna happen. She better be careful. Old folks get injured easily.
King Davad
King Davad:
Azarenka played the match of her life, Serena didn’t play bad it’s just azarenka was making no errors and was getting every single ball back...kudos to Vika. If vika continues like this against Osaka she will win for sure!
Minority Report II
Minority Report II:
I'm so happy Serena lost, I hope she never wins another major after how she behaved a couple of years back during the U.S. Open, blaming the Chair Umpire for doing his job, that she was a mother, men do much worse without penalties, when her coach admitted that he was coaching from the stands. And to this day she has never apologized for her behavior.
Even though Azarenka won this video is like 90% Serena highlights.
Williams ran out of gas in the second set, Azarenka still had plenty in the tank.
Alec Aquino
Alec Aquino:
Can't wait to hear Serena's tantrum about this later.
Ban Ban
Ban Ban:
Serena cannot run anymore expecially to the third game , she was out of legs .
B Lee
B Lee:
So happy for Vika. Great job!
Also, can't believe my eyes how HUGE Serena's body has become. I mean she was already very muscular when she was young, but now, wow.... TBH, I was thinking ... she might need breast reduction in order for her to move better as a professional athlete, and of course need to lose like 20 lbs.
It's time for Serena to leave this sport and make room for athletes with better attitudes and sportsmanship values.
American Paisa
American Paisa:
“Code violation verbal abuse.”
- Carlos Ramos on Serena Williams🤣
August Black
August Black:
Serena Williams is a loser.... The way she threw a tantrum on a court and then blamed the referee, what a sore loser!!
Cajun Swamp Fox
Cajun Swamp Fox:
If Serena Williams was any more of a man, Barack Obama would marry her...him...whatever.
ron macdonald
ron macdonald:
Great match..Azarenka has been on a tear, and I was not at all surprised by the result. Her biggest edge I thought was conditioning....she is in such great shape!
buildermarsh -
buildermarsh -:
Cant cry womens rights and call the umpire a sexist to get out of this one.
You Tube
You Tube:
Is Serena still fighting for equality? The issue seems to come up only when she loses and seems to be forgotten when she gets over her loss.
Yessss so happy the bully lost! Go Azarenka!
Bill DeSmet
Bill DeSmet:
She needs to be HUMBLED...
Get woke; Get broke!
Andrew Ma
Andrew Ma:
So Happ for azarenka. She looks mad cool
Casual Observer
Casual Observer:
When the BULLY gets BULLIED !!!
Man Azarenka thought about retiring before this tournament. What a turnaround, I hope she doesn’t retire soon
Ken Ward
Ken Ward:
I want to see the entire match now, love it so much when Queen Kong Loses big to a human because she is naturally Lazy, and of course angry because of white supremacy, LOL
Serena did not lose, Azarenka straight up beat her.
Isabella Hurley
Isabella Hurley:
So proud of Vika, she’s been through so much these past through years and is so talented and deserving. Great match by both players but I’m crossing my fingers for Vika in the final!
The King OfVirginia
The King OfVirginia:
😂😂😂 so glad she lost!💩
Mani DeBest
Mani DeBest:
It looked like a fake injury just to catch some air. She moved much better after.
even though serenas tennis career is over i think she has a good chance to be a linebacker in the NFL!
Azarenka has always been the woman who could challenge Serena. Not Halep, not Sharapova, not Radwanska. Azarenka has that toughness and hustle that the others dont. Hats off to Azarenka
Musta been another "racist" lineman.....
Connor Files
Connor Files:
Serena’s entire body language and how the supposed injury went down looks totally fake. Imagine faking an ankle sprain in an attempt to slow your opponents momentum and take a rest. This does nothing but slow down the game and take credit away from Azeranka. Serena has a reputation for this, her supposed injury is not an excuse for her loss. Unsportsmanlike.
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins:
Serena to old even the steroids aren't working anymore
Steve Podraza
Steve Podraza:
Yes!! So glad she is out!!
Johnny Jack
Johnny Jack:
Serena could lose some weight
Blue In red
Blue In red:
Better luck next time steroid Serena!!!
TheMissing Lynx
TheMissing Lynx:
You can put a pink dress on it, but it is still a dude.
Club Astro Transcendental Motor
Club Astro Transcendental Motor:
Yeah, that "injury" does look like it was faked due to the opponent gaining momentum.
Why do they make such stupid noises?
Shawn E
Shawn E:
Azarenka wins the match , 90% of the Highlight points Williams wins. Agenda much, espn?
galen stone
galen stone:
Bye Serena. You should retire already.
Whooooo hah whooooo hah whoooooo hahhh
Ri KP:
Bye bye Serena!
Kanye West
Kanye West:
surprised she didnt threw a tantrum after losing 😂
Joel MSimental
Joel MSimental:
I thought Azarenka deserved the win, Williams is overhyped, extremely loud and out of shape! Still battle of the mamas! Go Azarenka!
Elias RA
Elias RA:
Lol Thats more of a MOANING MATCH than a tenis match lol 😄
I never realized how much grunting is involved in tennis lol.
Joey Convery
Joey Convery:
Too bad both Serena and Victoria didn't wear masks...if they did, you wouldn't hear them scream. 😆😆
darin H
darin H:
BYEEEE...spared us drama in the final. Time to hang the raquet up. No shame, stellar career...time to age gracefully
American Carrion
American Carrion:
Best news all day. Maybe she can go yell at some judges and blame everyone but herself.
I always enjoy seeing this guy get beat
Jason Smiley
Jason Smiley:
K Serena go ahead and crip walk your way tf outta here!
It seems like people have forget that Serena is literally a karen

Good that she lost
America's Choice
America's Choice:
He needs to retire.
Firion Al'Hade
Firion Al'Hade:
Is Serena going to throw her racket and call the judge a racist and a thief again?
Bjmw Kids
Bjmw Kids:
Any know how much Serena weigh cause that looks like a lot of weights to move around
SO much hype and she didn't even make it to the final.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln:
Wow, you mean to tell me she didn’t throw the match to prove her wokeness?
S Chronicle
S Chronicle:
Williams just looks old and tired now.
Jeremiah Vaughns
Jeremiah Vaughns:
Even Jordan had to retire no one can be great forever.
Juan S
Juan S:
C'mon Vika ❣
Phil Lashio
Phil Lashio:
Are transgender women allowed to compete in this division?
James Cashin
James Cashin:
I think a pack of Marlboro cigs fell out of her bag as she exited the court. Look at the reply and you will see. I hope that I am wrong on this, but it looked like a pack of smokes.
House Or home
House Or home:
This is looking like Jordan on the wizards
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
Let's thank Victoria for eliminating this doper Steroidal Williams
When do the protests start…?
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
There goes her Sponsors