Serena Williams: "Victoria and I always have really good battles!" | US Open 2020

Serena Williams' press conference following her semifinal defeat to Victoria Azarenka at the US Open 2020.

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Rashawn Campbell
Rashawn Campbell:
When people say she lost 4 finals in a row.... but who has made 4 finals in a row? She still the most consistent player on tour. Smh
Wow, the fact that she stood there and took all those negative questions alluding to her "disappointing" performance. This woman has over 20+ titles. She is a legend. But the 2nd she falls short by living her life and starting a family, everyone wants to kick her while she down. I expected better questions for a Queen.
Honestly tho press doesn’t necessarily need to remind her of the “disappointing” match, she knows it, we all know it
Чилаут Мэн
Чилаут Мэн:
Жыве Беларусь 🤘😃 братья в финале, Викуоя молодец.
Elaine James
Elaine James:
24 will come when we least expect it. Stop putting pressure on yourself Serena relax.
kevin c
kevin c:
aw i LOVE her, and i don't really care if she ever reaches 24 or 25, just enjoy the privilege of watching her play for so many years and counting, the more the merrier, win or lose, can't wait for the French!
George Marquis
George Marquis:
OK. I will say it. 10 years ago when she was down, she would find another level because she would refuse to lose. Now, she looks up in the stands and sees her loving husband and adorable daughter and thinks, life off court isn't so bad!
martin cvetkov
martin cvetkov:
I wonder how come no one said "congrats, Serena, even though you lost today, 1/2 final is still a great result". After all she is almost 40 and still capable of beating anyone out there. Respect!
I’m always happy to watch Serena play. She’s an inspiration 🙌🏾 Looking forward to watching her at the French Open
Margaret L
Margaret L:
For all you guys calling for Serena to retire or go sit down somewhere do realize that in the last two years, Serena has made 4 slam finals. The same reason Serena plays is the same reason why Federer is still playing. Serena is the MOST consistent Slam player of the current batch of women’s players. Serena’s bad day is most of these women’s best day, periodt! Clearly, Serena and Federer still have what it takes as they have both consistently clocked semi and finals in majority of the slams they’ve played in the past two years. #24 is proving to be a struggle but I think it’ll only make winning #24 even sweeter when it happens. Serena doesn’t have a lot of years left to play, I’m guessing 2 more at most. I have no doubt and I think Serena has no doubt that 24 (and 25) will be won. Onto the French!!! 💪🏾
I really don't understand what she has to prove....She's literally in a league of her own with the Open Era Record of 23 Championships. She's playing at an unbelievable level for her age and when she gets the mental together she will get 24. You don't win the first set like that and go on to lose without having some mental blockage. You are so fit and that first set with the court speed hasn't been seen in a long while. I can't wait for the French and 2021!
JC Lewis
JC Lewis:
I mean you guys she made it to the semis. She just got in her head she needs to get the mental part down. There are players on tour who dreammmmmm of making it to a semifinal and by far she had the toughest draw in the tournament. I love how everyone is a tennis pro and dosent know anything about tennis. The movement was great she relies heavily on her first serve and when that isn’t clicking the rest of her game stumbles. Did anyone notice she hit more aces in this tournament since she was 17??????? Give these other players their dues Vika played amazing she elevated her game to an entirely new level. She just got outplayed towards the end if a player steps up and delivers then celebrate that. It’s not always about her winning every tournament that doesn’t make her a champion. She will be back in winning form soon. I mean pliskova didn’t even make it to the 4th round and she was the #1 seed. Celebrate this woman going out and playing at almost 40 years of age making it to the semifinals of a MAJORRRRR
Trina Williams
Trina Williams:
I was cheering so loud for you Serena! I cheered from the beginning until it ended. Let's look to 25 and forget 24. Only you know what you want. Remember your WHY and enjoy yourself. You have nothing to prove. That has already been done. Peace & Blessings
elvira patiño
elvira patiño:
Serena should think that her oponent is Maria so she can win. Hahahha...
King Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun:
23 Jordan
23 Lebron James
23 is a legendary number
No one on Earth would say that Margaret Court is greater than Serena Williams.
Karate Kid Eye Of Tiger
Karate Kid Eye Of Tiger:
I want Serena to start to feel proud that she came so far, as a mother and as a female of the sport. I feel that the 24 title is getting to her. She's been doing this for quite sometime and a loss doesn't change the fact that she's one of the best in the history of tennis. Still I don't want her to feel defeated, some women may never make it to the grand slams if Serena's on the court.😂 She'll be back, she's basically the wizard of tennis and every opponents tumor.😊😊 Love you Serena.❤
Raphael Basile
Raphael Basile:
I’m disappointed Serena lost, of course. But if it had to be to anyone, I’m happy it was Azarenka. Who do you all think will win the final?
Jeremy Redding
Jeremy Redding:
She didn't take her foot off the gas pedal. She ran out of gas.
Peppino Acrivulis
Peppino Acrivulis:
Victoria won with the brain
Tadiwa N
Tadiwa N:
Patrick needs to go, she needs a new coach and a new team. Everyone is too comfortable
MissMs Mrs.
MissMs Mrs.:
I can't even bear to watch! I am hurt that Serena is out.
I kinda feel bad everyone keeps asking about number 24 lol, every press conference. I guess this is what comes with being such a champion and legend.
Suraj Parmekar
Suraj Parmekar:
She seems to not carry the momentum into the 2nd set when she starts well. Saw it against Sakkari in both those matches and again today.
Henrietta Okonkwo
Henrietta Okonkwo:
You did a great job. You should be so proud of your self. Am really so proud of you going so far every year. Pls don't be so sad.
Ruben Woodd
Ruben Woodd:
I think it is time for Serena to change her coach now. Serena is playing the same game now. And need a more finesse game plan
Pauline Wangombe
Pauline Wangombe:
I love and respect Serena. It breaks my heart thrice to see her so downcast but l still think she will hit the target.
Renee Horton
Renee Horton:
You win some, lose some. Next!
mary kioko
mary kioko:
Yes, Serena needs to work on her first serve...that has always been her power tool on the Tennis court🎾 the serena Serve. But I believe #24 is coming.
I'm sad for Serena because I want her to win 25 grand slams or 30. Yet, I'm glad for Azarenka, she is a veteran in the sport.
Charles Gamble
Charles Gamble:
She could take a page out of Roger Federer's book. He was stuck at 17 slams for years. Everyone counted him out but Roger. He took a long rest during an injury....worked on his game and tactics against Rafa, changend rackets...said he would return with an attacking style and he did just that. Roger hit the reset button and won 3 more slams. The field has caught up to Serena and her game hasnt changed or made adjustments. She isnt improving and although her serve os still a weapon...its not consistent. She lost 4 finals in a row. Atleast one was winnable. I dont know what she works on in practice but nothing new translates in her matches now after 3 years.
Glinda Conard
Glinda Conard:
Sometimes Serena you do take your foot off the pedal at the end sometimes. Yes, don’t be sorry you can’t win every match, just keep trying, that means we get to see you all play for a few more years 😉💃🏽💃🏽❤️❤️
Ming Wu
Ming Wu:
I can't watch the entire interview. Why were they asking Serena how disappointed she felt and even asked her to describe it???
Mirena adams
Mirena adams:
Don't belittle her successes. The semi-final, the GS final are great results. More than one athlete accomplishes this only once in their career. Serena has a great achievement, a great career, in 10 years we will be comparing the next players to see if they can get up to 10 GS wins. Serena, always be proud of your achievements. Today, at 39, you were in the GS semi-finals, a great result that deserves respect. DO NOT EXPECT HE WILL WIN 24 TIMES, WATCH TENNIS, BEAUTIFUL GAMES AND WE ARE HAPPY THAT THIS LEGEND STILL FIGHT ALSO WITH THE BEST GIRLS.
Anthony C
Anthony C:
“Hopes Vica keeps living her dream”. What kind of answer is that? lol
A I:
What the interviewer at 3:50 really wanted to say.. "Serena, I know you were totally faking that injury..."
Monika Lipanovich
Monika Lipanovich:
Rosita Alsaybar
Rosita Alsaybar:
It doesn't matter Still huge fan whether she lost today.
Kimberly Gila
Kimberly Gila:
It was great watching you play against the mothers, power to the mom's get that mental toughness back serena
Young Today
Young Today:
Serena could give credit to her opponent in every way!!

Her haters: She's a sore loser 😂🤣🤣
That match was amazing match, Azarenka out smarter her honestly especially to end the match… she was throwing 75 mph first serves towards the end of the third set. Then boom two aces to end the match. Im proud of both honestly.
Don’t give up Serena you still have it! Just get something new on your team when it comes to fitness that’s all it takes
In Joy
In Joy:
Seems to me, Azarenka was playing the "infinite game" and Williams was playing the "finite game." Azarenka had a smile on her face while Williams had 24 in mind.
Lessio Rodrigues de Melo
Lessio Rodrigues de Melo:
Serena is the Queen, Serena the Best!!!
Charlotte Colon
Charlotte Colon:
Love watching Serena since the beginning. GOAT. At this point, I’m not sure she could beat Osaka when she is at her best. Ah, youth...
Mz Kelz
Mz Kelz:
Who cares about Naomi in the box watching her? They ask dumb questions. They're looking at their competition not in awe. Serena will always be my favorite. Vika simply out played her today and I hope Vika beats Naomi too.
Bippa Black
Bippa Black:
Sorry greatest, you did ur best and thats all that matters ❤
Maria Winton
Maria Winton:
Sepherina Allard
Sepherina Allard:
ron macdonald
ron macdonald:
4:45 ??? Asked about Azarenka's Serena says Azarenka has had a lot more downs(?)
Welshy King
Welshy King:
Serena is my fav and the Queen but she has to start getting out her head with this "the opponent stepped up beyond their usual level and played lights out like never before". It doesn't need to be said & as a 23x grand slam champion you can only expect your opponent to have a determination to want to win and not fold over. Think the disappointment just leads her to say it but I know this ultimate champ will go back, work on her OWN things & go again 👑👑.
It's a tough road especially at this age but she generally goes very deep into slams tournaments so just needs to find those extra small percentages to get over the line.
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen:
Don’t give up.. I see you play much better this year since your comeback
Hoping Heart
Hoping Heart:
I personally feel she's the GOAT of women's tennis 39yrs and still making it to finals/semi's. Just think it's more of a mental battle for her, trying to get 24, believe it will happen tho
david pouncy
david pouncy:
With that being said let's start giving her her Roses!! ⚘⚘⚘
Constance Adolphus
Constance Adolphus:
Girl, you played a heck of a job!!! And remember your fans will always be here..... don’t beat up on yourself!!!! Please take care of your feet!!!
Salsa Dancer
Salsa Dancer:
At 39 you remain with power but athleticism and fitness are a challenge. She has to decide if to lose weight and sacrifice some power. She will also need a little luck. Now motherhood affects persons differently. And this could also be a factor. But definitely her fitness and athleticism is not what it's use to be. She has to rely on her experience.
Jasmyn Jade'
Jasmyn Jade':
I want her to get one more title so bad‼️😩
Mercedes Bayne
Mercedes Bayne:
She'll get that 24th grand'll see
Ashley Offutt
Ashley Offutt:
Girl!!!sit back, Straight..tend to your kids and man😘great mother/wife 2020!!!your just like mike
It is always entertaining to watch you play, Serena. You are the best
Xmv 1
Xmv 1:
7:28 obviously Osaka was there to watch you
Raiqa Rawdah
Raiqa Rawdah:
the reporters were rubbing her loss in her face; that wasn't very nice.
Richard Polachek
Richard Polachek:
Sorry Serena meant to finals!! The song represents you! Your courage,strength compassion and heart of a champion!!! Listen to the words and like Whitney says you’ll be free when it said and done!!! Go SERENA!!!
Is her husband a distraction on the road with her ?
JT oDaO:
She needs to lose that crybaby face she puts on during the match.
L Ll
L Ll:
I don’t know, Naomi was probably watching Vika! - Serena Williams, US Open 2020 semi finalist.
Betty Crawford
Betty Crawford:
Serena it's time to get a new coach. It's been 3 year's now. Move on.
Stefan Niculae
Stefan Niculae:
Serena suppose to say thank you for playing de semifinal! She can serve very well but running no! I don’t understand why she is so upset?
Alieu kamara
Alieu kamara:
Wow really Will dis Serena 24 ever come to light? still dreaming!
diane brawley
diane brawley:
I wonder when it will set in that she may have to settle for 23. And that is okay. The doubles circuit with her sister would be such a great place for them both. She has to decide what is more important chasing a title she may never obtain or being happy with all she has accomplished so far.
Vic Mwansa
Vic Mwansa:
U did well Serena! Keep moving forward 🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🥎🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🥎🎾🎾🥎🥎🥎🥎🎾🎾🎾🎾💯❤
Richard Polachek
Richard Polachek:
Serena I would like you to watch Whitney Houston 1989 Grammy show singing One Moment in times! Use the song to inspire you when you get o the finals!!!
Invision Hope Healthy Living
Invision Hope Healthy Living:
Congrats for serving us a great match. Love the smile and respect you both exchanged at the end.
Tony Rich
Tony Rich:
She played four three set matches in a row.  Once she get match fit she will start winning again.  Steffi, Pete, Roger, and Martina all experienced that in their careers before retiring.  She has won 23 majors.  Go Serena!
She talks with such entitlement... I don't get it...
Progya Saha
Progya Saha:
I no longer need my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa:
I will always root for Serena but until I see results I'm not placing favorites on her winning the French. She needs to stop worrying about 24 and just on winning the media is always going to be messy asf. Just play and compete.
Sherri Grant
Sherri Grant:
There will not be a #24😩. I'm sad for Serena but happy for Vika
A. Sawa
A. Sawa:
Serena Williams is a Huge tennis player, I love her tennis! I think she should play for the passion of the game..being humble, positive can achieve her dream the 24th! 👑🎾🏆
Gomathi Gopinath
Gomathi Gopinath:
Cindy From NYTimes - Cant phrase a decent question - Cant treat a human the way she should have.
Media People need to be called out for their disrespectful questions.
ashley nyange
ashley nyange:
Can't believe she lost this ooooh no she really started on fire too bad
The press conferences are more stressful themselves. This made me cringe ☹️
Thana Ndlovu
Thana Ndlovu:
I'm a big fan of Serena ..I would literally drop everything just to defend her from haters 😂
I think people have it all wrong with Serena Williams she is a 23 Time grand slam champion many players will never win a third of that in their careers. I think she plays now out of the love for the game and anything else that she wins it’s simply a bonus she has already made history
Black Spectrum
Black Spectrum:
Serena . . You and you daughter
ain't them . . Get over it and play
to win not to PLEASE !
Giovanni Tondo
Giovanni Tondo:
Serena you said,Azarenka,played well and that she knows your game,thats the key point,dont let any player be comfortable with your game,change the tackties,make use of drop shots,otherwise you too played amazingly well expecialy the first set,its unfortunate it ended the otherway round,but like you had earlier said,the game is never over until you'll retire, keep the positive mind and energy on,otherwise what your doing in the world of tenis at your age,is only champions can do and yes you are the champ Serena
Eseta Powell
Eseta Powell:
Done Serena, Bless you. Thank you for entertaining match.💜
Olivia Francois
Olivia Francois:
Will keep on sending love and determination to continue! Love you!
Nia Epperson
Nia Epperson:
Incoming Serena rant....I think Serena needs to lose weight to help with movement and take pressure off her knees and ankles, get a new coach and maybe a sports psychologist. She says all the right things about feeling like she can win but the belief doesn't show when she plays. Serena definitely has the game to win Grand Slams but her mental fortitude and lack of confidence in my opinion is what is holding her back. For everyone saying these players are just better than Serena is just not true...only Osaka has shown consistency at the high level. I mean look at Kvitova, Kenin and Sloan lol even Azarenka has been playing horribly and recently lost to Venus. The other slam champions are a revolving door and there is no reason Serena can't be one of them. I think she needs to rewatch her old self and remind herself of who she is. And I hate how she always talks about players playing there best against her and giving there all.. then let off the gas as she says...especially against Azarenka who she knew wasn't going to go anywhere. As soon as I didn't see her go for the jugular on Azarenkas early service games in second set I knew she was going to lose the match even before she was broken. Still love her tho #24 at the French
Ilya Kuryakin
Ilya Kuryakin:
I know why Serena so desperately thinks she has to break Court's record.
Because otherwise no one will consider her to be the GOAT in the long term. All current (U.S.) propaganda notwithstanding.
Seems like after she got married, she lost her edge, just an observation.
Jace Woods
Jace Woods:
The aura of invincibility is over as well as the intimidating of opponents This match should've been over in 2 sets and 24 much more likely now I have my doubts🤔🤨😠😎😷
Catorsia Rogers
Catorsia Rogers:
Great battle Serena rematch please! Both ladies should be proud
Jeff K
Jeff K:
My sere❤️❤️🔥
Nik Reynolds
Nik Reynolds:
😂😂🤣 Great loser
Matthew Whitefield
Matthew Whitefield:
“When she plays ME, she lifts her level to UNSEEN levels.” 🙄
Jayesh Pawar
Jayesh Pawar:
Doesnt matter 23 or 24/ she is legend. In margaret court era their is less competition. She is now 38 , a mother , and still play s killer games against the younsters. No current player will able to play when they are 38
Doctor MindBenDa
Doctor MindBenDa:
She's big and powerful at this stage of her career!! Less quickness and mobility....
shikha b
shikha b:
The pressure is way too much on her reaching the 24th I feel if she could just somehow not think about that she will actually win !! And while I am disappointed that she has been losing after getting so close I also love the fact that Vika kept fighting and reached the finals.. both played very well and then better player won!!