Serena Williams vs Victoria Azarenka | Best points at the US Open!

We look back at the classic 2012 & 2013 US Open finals between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka ahead of their mouth-watering US Open 2020 semifinal clash!

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Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson:
That 2012 final was one of the most entertaining matches I can recall watching in the last 10 years. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire third set! These two bring the best out in eachother.
Lower the volume and enjoy!
i Can
i Can:
Young Williams was hella fast
Mario OB
Mario OB:
Guys don’t forget since they gave birth they played each other already! I believe it was Indian Wells last year. Serena won in 2 sets and it was as entertaining as this! They bring out the best of one an other.
Rohan Kommuri
Rohan Kommuri:
Everytime azarenka hits the ball:

me: "the cookies are ready"
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
Serena needs to start moving this fluently again. I fear she won't get to the final if she doesn't
Bridgid McGuire
Bridgid McGuire:
Love these videos you are producing! Great way for people new to tennis to see the history and amazing quality matches of the past!
Watching the downfall of serena williams, crumbling to the ground
julia gonzalez
julia gonzalez:
Azarenka doesnt stop "UUUU" before every shot she makes, and serena is almost on complete silence
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
" Home " advantage and still lost,time to call it quits.
That was certainly the fastest I saw Serena move since like forever.
I Purple You!!!
I Purple You!!!:
US Open, can you please put longer highlights, if only for this match...? ;( It clearly deserves it...
Mike Lyn
Mike Lyn:
I love the mutual respect they have for one another
I love it when they play each other!!
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee:
0:58 The white mark from Azarenka's skidding shoes remains there for a while.
Azarenka's yelling was bothersome, I had to watch in mute.
I love to see these two women play each other. They always bring their A game.
Abdo 07
Abdo 07:
Williams 😍
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
screaming vs screaming louder & louder but really this is one of the most attractive match of the women's sf ever, amazing vika azarenka
suzi Manipur
suzi Manipur:
Saurav Ghosh
Saurav Ghosh:
I am just watching for the sake of watching a crowded stadium ffs
Catherine Little
Catherine Little:
Great 🎾
I respect respect and enjoy watching Azarenka's game but I absolutely cannot stand listening to her squeal every single point! I hope she wins but I'll have to have the sound down to watch it without going berserk from the squeals . ;-)
Kupo Stiltzkin
Kupo Stiltzkin:
I’m hyped af for tonight’s matches
Uygar Herif
Uygar Herif:
Azarenka viktory :)
Ronda Cureton
Ronda Cureton:
Her goatness , is in no thought zone...
chicago-knin boy
chicago-knin boy:
Serena Serena Lutko love you just go go 💜😉
nicholas schroeder
nicholas schroeder:
It was nice to hear how gracious Serena was after the match. Those howls of Az's are ...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
L2 Sunshine
L2 Sunshine:
Kathy Clark
Kathy Clark:
MrīMʌʀsʜaL Gaming
MrīMʌʀsʜaL Gaming:
I love Flybuys...
Steven H
Steven H:
Best match of the entire tournament so far
JF E 7757556hs de 788
JF E 7757556hs de 788:
Who is the .... that put this OLD match 1 day ago!!! After a recent match
How about some highlights from the 2020 US Open?
Darui J
Darui J:
Wedze Chiyoka
Wedze Chiyoka:
Top notch tennis right here!!
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles:
Throwback Thursday today @US Open 2020! I can't wait...😊👍🏽
Muhamad Alfrian
Muhamad Alfrian:
I hope serena williams still like this for tommorow 😘
CJ Ever
CJ Ever:
Ping pong tennis such a joy to watch how they hit the ball so cleanly but with immense power
andres venegas cortes
andres venegas cortes:
She sounds like a peacock
robin vendrone
robin vendrone:
Azarenka has a great shot to win us open 2020
Zodwa ngwenya
Zodwa ngwenya:
Always my best tennis player
- this Serena would expose all of all of Naomi weaknesses
Chaz *
Chaz *:
Serena is an icon.
Prime Serena is just different
George U
George U:
Watching this ahead of match tonight and the biggest difference today is Serena’s movement. She doesn’t move nearly as well (as expected for a 39 year old) and she isn’t in great form. It’s 50/50.
Serena has been my favorite for 20 years but I’m getting sick of her. She either starts out slow and finishes big, or starts out big and finishes slow. If she’s not going to do what she supposed to do I’m not going to keep investing my time in her. It’s not that she has to win all the time because nobody wins all the time but this hot and cold streak and every match is ridiculous. Congratulations to Azarenka, Serena deserved to lose. I’m getting to the point where I don’t care anymore if she wins another grand slam she probably should think about retiring. And another thing, nobody wants to hear about their kids every five minutes. That’s all the commentators talk about how they love their kids, they hate being away from their kids, they love being mothers blah blah blah blah blah. NOBODY CARES! These women are there to play tennis not to talk about their private life every five minutes. The commentators won’t shut up about it during the match and then when I interview them we have to hear about it again!! Jesus! They are there to play tennis not to talk about their private lives. If they love being mothers that badly then retire and become full-time mothers.
If Serena can move like this again... ...
Артур Пирожков
Артур Пирожков:
Пусть победит сильнейшая .
Kris Ryan
Kris Ryan:
People say young Serena but she was in her 30s
Susan Cortel
Susan Cortel:
Ah serena is silent before
jeff caselles
jeff caselles:
Faut qu'elle arrête de couiner comme ça la Azarenka, on dirait qu'elle jouit,mdr
Wayne Batson
Wayne Batson:
What the heck is that whiny sobbing grunt?
SH Videography
SH Videography:
The difference between this Serena and the current one is obvious: weight and movement.
Leonardo Zepeda
Leonardo Zepeda:
Such an amazing level of performance! Quick question why do tennis players scream when hitting the ball? I am new to tennis so I wanted to know
This is going to be a war!!

May the best player win!!
Stanislav Snajberg
Stanislav Snajberg:
Is Azarenka singing or what?
T Clipse
T Clipse:
I absolutely love Azarenkas grunt. I used to mimic it in high school to joke around lol... I can honestly say my shots were better. Might use her grunt in matches.. hehe
Smoky O
Smoky O:
Unfortunately, Serena’s doesn’t move like this currently, though I hope she will
Dare Emmanuel
Dare Emmanuel:
Can't she hit the ball with squealing?
Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar:
xkx mud
xkx mud:
Unbelievable Williams
Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy:
This rivalry is so much better than the Sharapova one. It’s an actual tennis rivalry as azarenkas won matches against Serena
Azarenka shrieks like a car alarm ...
I don't know how this is going to work out today because Serena is much heavier now. I wish Serena would lose about 20 lbs and eat these girls alive because the only thing that's stopping her is her mental state and usually her mental state isn't the best when she knows she's not in the best physical shape.
What's Serena's excuse this time!!!!??????
SERENA Williams is really SKILLED.
Joshua Moses
Joshua Moses:
You can really see the difference in 2012 Serena and 2020 Serena. So much has changed in those 8 years, including visibly her body, yet its incredible she's still playing at such an elite level. Unbelievable!
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
If this is anything to go by Serena wins in 3.
Dougie Barnard
Dougie Barnard:
Azarenka needs to chill out with the grunting.
Ashventures Iii
Ashventures Iii:
2 queens!
Rainbow Man
Rainbow Man:
Two slow ladies
Two slow walk ladies
Two old ladies
Two old Face
This two ladies past great champions.
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi:
Serena in this video was moving 10x better than she is now.
Lesane Parish crookz
Lesane Parish crookz:
Azarenka will destroy Williams tonight
itsme 804va
itsme 804va:
If Serena did what Novak did it would be racist that she got sent home.
I just can't listen to that annoying scream of Azarenka, I just can't....
Post James Franco
Post James Franco:
I thought the match doesn’t come on until tonight? Is this old?
Eston Zera
Eston Zera:
Im afraid serena is not in shape as she used to be. Her speed is getting slower and slower, and many more about her degrading performance. I hope she would make it to 24.
Javier T.
Javier T.:
I must say I don't very much like Serena, but I think she's got more chances to win that semi. Even though I think she might be moving slower
than in the past, her serve is maybe more powerful than ever. On her way to the semis she is made at least 12 aces in all her matches, except
the first round. In her last match she made 20 aces!!! Very unusual in woman tennis.
Daniela Arantes
Daniela Arantes:
THE BEST 👏👏❤️❤️ SERENA🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Carl Frederick Coupet
Carl Frederick Coupet:
This version of Serena is just unbelievably constant, accurate, powerful, smart. Power from all sides. GOAT woman's player.
Aaron Holmström
Aaron Holmström:
Serena didnt scream in the past and now she screams at every point lol
Ronny D
Ronny D:
Serena is such a LEGEND. My goodness her power, speed and defensive play breathtaking! So excited for this match today and I will be cheering her on!
Ahmed Zizo
Ahmed Zizo:
Azarenka is screaming like a rooster. It's very annoying.
Minaketan Samal
Minaketan Samal:
But, can Serena beat Vika today? Tough but not impossible.
Eric Hetherington
Eric Hetherington:
If they can disqualify Djokovich for damaging a lines person's throat, they should disqualify Azarenka for damaging my ear drums with her incessant annoying squeaky whoop with EVERY shot. Do players really have to make those noises every time they hit? Does it somehow give them the advantage? Drives me crazy.
J R:
It's probably better there aren't crowds to cheer for them because it would only be for Serena, she's a goat but come one Belarus!
I'm rooting for Azarenka..she deserves this year's title.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
I love Victorias squealing. I dont imagine if she did not do it. People who write they hate it, that its unbearable for them, im my opinion most of them Just dont like Victoria.
David David
David David:
I don't like Serena in general but that whooo voice from the other one is unbearable to me.
Jim Churchill
Jim Churchill:
Serena ran out of time. Serena Williams the greatest player.
Mister Williams was sure fast back in his day.
Sebastian Josefsson
Sebastian Josefsson:
Gavin F.
Gavin F.:
Man I hope Azarenka beats her... if not then I hope Osaka takes the championship
Kampu Put
Kampu Put:
These two reached the semis because Halep and Andreescu are not around lol.
Nurul Indonesia
Nurul Indonesia:
annoying sound from azarenka's mouth...... :-|
Sunny Parikh
Sunny Parikh:
no worries this time vica will destroy the beast in the semi finals....and if not than osaka will destroy the beast....but vica wants revenge...and the beast is way to ffffaaaatttt to play against the superior player like vika!
Момчило Војводо
Момчило Војводо:
Yes i understand shes black and u have to give her more space because of that, but this is too much, 80/20 points shown are for serena.